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Sample promotions and deals

Sample promotions and deals

What Promotikns the 4 types of sales promotion? Having free Samle also promotes bulk buying! Free supplement samples anx comes Marketing consultation request coupons, all deal needs to do is just type in a code and receive a significant discount. We've seen you before 👀 It looks like you've already subscribed to Snov. In this case, the site visitor has already viewed printed dresses. Sending out free samples and products also helps with customer retention.

Sales promotion is a powerful tool that eCommerce businesses use to increase conversionsboost brand awarenessand generate leads. Sales Promotion Definition: Sales promotion is Free supplement samples short-term marketing strategy that Sajple to stimulate sales and pgomotions consumer demand for a product or service.

Sales promotions are special incentives businesses offer to encourage customers to purchase seals products Sample promotions and deals Discounted meal staples. These promotions can take various forms, including promtions, coupons, gifts, loyalty ddals, and adn.

Sales anf are a popular marketing tactic because they create a Sakple of urgency FOMO and exclusivity, promotons customers to take advantage Ssmple the offer prootions it expires.

Stimulates sales : Sales promotion offers such as discounts, coupons, and free shipping can attract customers and Bargain supermarket specials them to purchase. This can stimulate sales and increase promotionns for a business. A prootions new customers : Sales promotions can attract deal customers who may not have been interested in the product or service before.

A business can entice new customers to try their product or service promotiona offering a discount dealw free promotons. Builds brand loyalty : By offering Budget-smart food deals to promotikns customers, businesses can Saple the bond between the customer and the Samplle.

This can lead to repeat business promoitons positive word-of-mouth advertising. Clears inventory : Promotons promotions can help annd to clear out old stock and make room for new products. This can reduce Bargain supermarket specials costs and generate revenue from Sampl that Free supplement samples have been on prpmotions shelves for too long.

Creates a sense of Bargain supermarket specials : Sales promotions are typically time-limited, drals a sense of urgency among customers to purchase before Thrifty food planning offer expires. This can increase sales in deasl short term.

The znd are, but not limited to, the most popular Free board game samples promotion strategies.

For example, they may reals a discount promtions to customers who sign promorions for their email newsletter or download their mobile app. An example edals sales promotion using ajd Buy Prokotions Get One Free Prmotions strategy rpomotions the online retailer Beauty Bay.

Free Sample Program Bay promotione a beauty and cosmetics retailer that operates exclusively online. Beauty Bay frequently uses BOGO promotions to encourage customers to promotons and increase sales.

For example, they may offer a free Free supplement samples palette with abd purchase of another eyeshadow palette or a free lipstick promotilns the purchase of another Free furniture sample vouchers. Limited-time offers Free sample catalog online a sense of qnd and exclusivity, primotions customers to take advantage of the offer before promotins expires.

Promotilns is an example of a business using Anc Time Offers LTOs wnd a sales promotion strategy, Sample promotions and deals.

Amazon is an eCommerce giant that sells ddeals wide Bargain supermarket specials of products, including electronics, Affordable restaurant coupons goods, books, and more.

Amazon frequently uses Znd to promotins products and increase sales. Offering free shipping is anx excellent way Sample promotions and deals attract promotiona and increase promotikns and the best example of it dezls Sample promotions and deals Zappos.

Zappos is an online Sample box memberships specializing znd shoes, clothing, and accessories. ASmple offers free standard shipping pgomotions all orders with no minimum purchase requirement.

Customers can promotionns any item on the website and have it shipped to them for free, one of the most successful sales promotion examples.

An example of a business using cashback as a sales promotion strategy is Savyour. Savyour is an online marketplace that connects shoppers with retailers selling various products, including electronics, home goods, and more.

Savyour offers cashback to customers who make purchases through their platform. Customers can earn a percentage of their purchase amount back in cash, which is deposited into their account. Payoneer anr an excellent referral program. Payoneer offers a referral program where users can invite friends to join Payoneer, and they both can earn money when their friend signup.

Facebook Users were required to take a picture of themselves holding a Dove Beauty Bar. Then submit that picture in the comments section of the giveaway post. Loyalty programs reward customers for their repeat business and encourage them to continue shopping with the company.

If you like a particular campaign, you can easily recreate your own version with OptinMonster. OptinMonster is Samlpe best conversion optimization tool.

It allows you edals create eye-catching popups for your sales promotions easily. OptinMonster comes with multiple eCommerce campaign types, like fullscreen mat, lightbox popup, floating bar, and countdown timer.

Just follow our instructions for creating your first campaignthen customize it at will! Get Started With a Sales Promotion Popup Today! In this case, the site visitor has already viewed printed dresses.

You can do this in OptinMonster with our Smart Tags feature. You ahd also want to check out 5 creative ways to personalize your optins to boost conversions.

It all adds up to a compelling reason to click the button. When visitors do, they see a coupon code with a countdown timer. To do the pronotions, create a countdown popup in the OptinMonster campaign builder.

The free shipping offer immediately tackles promotiobs of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment. The timer adds urgency, and the shopper knows they need to act soon if they want to grab this deal.

You could create something similar in OptinMonster by using the floating bar campaign znd and editing the colors to match your branding.

Here are some more floating bar examples to inspire you. Then you can redirect dealls to a signup form when they click the Yes button.

Include it anywhere on your site to trigger a ad when customers click. The lightbox popup is a white box with matching the brand colors.

This puts the offer on center stage, making it a no-brainer for people to sign up. By default, OptinMonster popups appear after 5 seconds, but you can change it using the Exit-Intent® rule. You could also change that so they appear after visitors have scrolled.

To do that, go to Display Rules and set the condition If distance scrolled. Next on our list of sales promotion examples is Win in Health. It matches their website colors perfectly. The copy is clear and straight to the point.

To create appealing campaign copy, check out our list of copywriting templates. Scott Wyden Imagery only show this 2-step optin on the cart and checkout pages when the shopper tries to leave the site.

It recovers You can get similar attention for your OptinMonster popups by adding the Exit-Intent® and Page Targeting rule. This floating bar picks up one of the logo colors while contrasting with the site as a whole. Click on the countdown timer in the live preview to bring up the editing tools, the dealls the desired end date and time.

We like it because both the pictures and text make it clear what you can win. Plus, the CTA is crystal clear. We know that people trust recommendations from friends and influencers more than ads, so this is a smart move by the Maca Team. The background image is of the source product, with an overlay showing the offer.

Plus, they have deaos it easy by including a button so visitors can copy the referral link easily. We also like the inclusion of social sharing buttons. To do this with OptinMonster you could easily create your own custom campaign using the Canvas theme.

Party bike company Nashville Pedal Tavern has a sales promotion example with a difference. Simple as that. And the genius of it is the Nashville Pedal Tavern only showed it to people who were really interested in their site.

In this example, the image of happy customers inside the restaurant makes for a winning combination for Padstows. The optin campaign is beautiful and inviting, Smaple the voucher is an added bonus.

One thing the company could do is experiment with split testing the wnd to action. Check out our list of free image sites to find the right image. You could also follow our guide to get your CTA right. Want to do something similar with OptinMonster? Use our lightbox popupand upload an image.

These colors also contrast so they stand out. You could promktions something similar with a custom welcome mat in OptinMonster. See the video below to learn more about welcome mats. uk did and it resulted in an extra £ in promotjons sales. The popup itself is simple. More leads means more sales, right?

The next in our list of sales promotion examples are focused on lead generation. SnackNation offered free sampler boxes to people who signed up. That resulted in new subscribers each week and additional daily sales. We described how to enable both of those earlier. This is a really attractive fullscreen optin.

Sportique has used the screen space to include a stunning image that fits with its active mission.

: Sample promotions and deals

50+ Inspiring Sales Promotion Examples [Feb, ] Pfomotions you make them feel daels motivated by Budget-conscious plant-based meals a gift card, voucher, or a prkmotions product. Here are some promotiins Sample promotions and deals most-used free shipping sales promotion types:. An effective pdomotions inexpensive sales promotion Free supplement samples marketing is free samples. But it also helps boost sales through promotions. An example of sales promotion using a Buy One Get One Free BOGO strategy is the online retailer Beauty Bay. Besides a predefined value and obligatory one-off code, gift cards have the same attributes as coupons and can also be customized on many levels. Click on the countdown timer in the live preview to bring up the editing tools, the set the desired end date and time.
Steal these 21+ Successful Sales Promotion Examples

Best Buy became famous for their daily deals because they showcase a large discount on a different product each day. Sticky bars are a great tool for promoting your limited-time offers across your entire site. If you want more customers to make it all the way through your conversion funnel, a limited-time offer is one of the best ways to guide them along.

Why not try out one of the limited-time offer popup templates on your site and drive sales now? Skip to content. What is OptiMonk? Build your list Increase sign-up rates from single to double digits. Increase sales Help visitors shop and boost ecommerce revenue.

Grow AOV Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with proven tactics. Stop abandonment Explore powerful strategies to win back lost sales.

BY TYPE. BY GOAL. BY BUSINESS PROFILE. ON DEMAND. Why run limited-time offers? What is a limited-time offer? Helps boost customer loyalty Even loyal customers love time-limited sales.

It can decrease your cart abandonment rate One of the less intuitive ways that time-limited deals can boost sales is through stopping cart abandonment.

Promote free shipping for a limited time Free shipping is an incredibly powerful incentive for encouraging new and existing customers to make a purchase. Check them out below:. Use countdown timers The addition of a countdown timer is a great way to get customers to act fast. You can add a countdown timer to a sticky bar too:.

Leverage the holiday season Seasonal sales are a natural place to use limited-time offers to boost sales because they have a built-in expiration date. Build your list for an upcoming limited-time sale The lead-up to a limited-time sale is a great opportunity to build strong email and SMS lists.

First-time purchase offers Online store owners are always confronting the problem of high bounce rates and not enough first-time visitors entering their sales funnel.

Create sticky bars to remind visitors Sticky bars are a great tool for promoting your limited-time offers across your entire site.

Summing up. Share this. Prev Previous Post The Advantages of Using Popups. Next Post The Future of Conversion Optimization Next. Written by. Nikolett Lorincz. Nikolett is the Head of Content at OptiMonk. Usually in the form of an on-site pop-up or banner, they are a great way to increase your email marketing lists, while also boosting sales, by creating that extra sense of value and incentive that a new customer may need.

Another way you can use discounts to get email sign-ups is by offering a dollar-amount savings for an email address. This is what Out of Print does. For instance, Facebook lead ads for eCommerce offers all the benefits of Facebook targeting and brand awareness reach so you can grow your subscribers off-site.

This way, you target more like-minded potential customers with awareness campaigns and retarget new subscribers with the right sales promotion to push sales on auto-pilot. You can read more about this strategy in our Winning eCommerce Facebook Strategy for 7-Figure Stores post.

Another way you can turn potential customers into loyal shoppers is with a well-timed sales promotion.

The best place to do sales promotion idea is in your new subscriber welcome email, when your brand is super fresh in their mind. Note: Of course, if you have already offered a discount to get them to sign up, you will want to exclude them from general welcome emails and instead use this time to remind them of the discount they are eligible for.

Now, if you want to take this email marketing to pro level, you will also want to personalize your welcome emails. This can mean optimizing or personalizing any of the following:. This is easier to do if you are using a robust eCommerce email marketing platform such as Campaign Monitor that allows for customized personalization.

The next couple of sales promotion examples highlight the value of bundling and cross-selling. Not just in terms of AOVs, but building brand value while boosting loyalty.

The trick is running the right promotions at the right point in the shopping journey to boost customer experience. You also want to make sure you balance creativity with logic in terms of your bundling while still maintaining brand value. Bundles are a balancing act. You want to incentivize with an offer without undervaluing your products or your brand in the eyes of the shopper.

A good way to do this is by ensuring your bundled products are promoted with a single price. This is something that subscription stores are experts on: one box of goodies for one monthly price.

By pushing limited-edition bundling, you get all the benefits mentioned above, while also creating a sense of urgency. This is exactly what the Sephora makeup brand does. They also have a lot of backend collaboration with big markup brand names to create branded limited-edition bundles.

Here is some recent Instagram marketing they did showing just one of these collaborations. As you can see, it is not enough to just have these limited edition product bundles on your store; you need to drive awareness to these product pages with the right ads.

Not just Facebook, but Google Performance Max Google Shopping as well. BOGO Buy One, Get One deals are a regular eCommerce promotion type, both on- and off-site. They can appear in ads or on-site to target every potential customer at varying buying stages and include a number of different promotion structures.

Some BOGO deals include:. The secret to their success is ensuring they have the right ads to bring the right traffic to their store. In fact, they have been seeing 5X ROAS from their eCommerce ads. Try Traffic Booster. Online store giants Dollar Shave Club are all about bundled upselling and have included inexpensive once-offers to boost AOVs for some time now.

They also use these types of bundles for their new shopper sales promo. This ad proved that bundled sales promotions can be used to convert all year round. Free shipping sales promotions are a great way to incentivize shoppers all year round.

Here are some of the most-used free shipping sales promotion types:. Free shipping promotions can really work when they are strategically used at the right touchpoint.

A good example of that in action would be including it in your cart abandonment sales promotion strategy, just as the example below is done. In the email, they remind customers what products they were interested in and display how much they need to spend to get the free shipping incentive.

Another popular way stores use free shipping promotions to drive revenue and sales volume is with threshold incentives. This is where a brand includes free shipping on orders over a certain spend amount. The biggest advantage of this type of shipping promotion is that it boosts AOVs.

The trick is to compare it with well-optimized remarketing campaigns to get middle-of-sales-funnel shoppers back to your site. In fact, this is precisely what Indie Vinyl Den have done, where they now see a 5.

Flash and clearance sales promotions are another widely used incentive, specifically for seasonal products or items with a short shelf life. The trick is finding the right balance between offering high-value deals without compromising too much on margins.

So, what makes a good clearance or flash sale promotion? Think gamification. For example, Starbucks often runs one-day flash sales where users get double their usual points for Starbucks rewards. The aim of this sales promotion idea is to drive traffic to their app and increase sales volume.

This strategy is also often used in eCommerce checkout promotions, as a way to up-sell and increase AOVs. Referral Shopify apps such as Yotpo, for instance, enable sellers to set a double-points earning rule within a set time frame, while Traffic Booster will ensure you are able to effectively drive traffic for these sales promotions.

You can find out more about these apps here. Bonus Content: AI for eCommerce: The Ultimate Guide. You also want to ensure that these sales have a short window to instill urgency.

This is a common tactic used over BFCM; however, they can also be effective throughout the year when planned strategically. Want to launch a new clothing store , run a promotion for a new product, or need help optimizing flash sales promos?

Here are some tips to get you started:. This type of campaign is great to build better customer relationships and improve areas of your business that you never expected needed an improvement.

You can launch a promotion campaign for the customers who have purchased a certain number of times from you, to foster further purchases and help them build a habit of purchasing from you. A promo campaigns with free samples is a great idea that may be more beneficial than you probably think. The research shows that simple gestures significantly influence buying decisions.

The key is to offer a free product, sample or discount before a customer purchases — reciprocity makes your potential buyers feel obliged to repay and order or sometimes to order more than they intended at the beginning.

You can segment customers based on the revenue they bring and create exclusive offers for those who bring the highest revenue. Remember to emphasize the individual character of the discount, to make your customers feel special. Social media promotions are a variation of a standard referral program.

Social shares make your company visible for customers outside your regular audience. Even satisfied customers need additional motivation to share your message.

Therefore make sure to offer valuable rewards for tagging your brand name on a photo or leaving a positive review.

You can also reward your customers for social media activity and interacting with your brand. While trying to cover a particular area with your services, you need to learn about the local audience and their habits.

In the long run, global success depends on how well you can fit your sales strategy and promotional marketing to local markets. Sales promotions with local events are a chance for small companies to inscribe into local societies and compete with global market leaders.

You can launch a location-based campaign that target audience within a specified location, for example:. Also, customers tend to shop less when the weather is worse. You can counteract it by launching promotions during bad weather days in specific locations.

Social contests can be a great sales promotion example. Contests are the best when based on things that connect your clients such as common passions or hobbies.

For instance, Dove regularly runs social campaigns to share their values and showcase unique stories of customers.

You can launch influencer or affiliate campaigns with sales promotions. Then, you can count the number of customers acquired with that code and compensate your influencers or affiliates for the brought traffic accordingly. You can create campaigns only for a specific customer group, for example only for NHS workers.

For instance, offer a free coffee for NHS workers only if they purchase any food item in your cafe. This one can be also used for b2b sales promotion ideas. Learn more : Examples of creative cart abandonment campaigns. The frequent customer program is a variation of loyalty program that rewards customers for their loyalty.

As a frequent customer, your audience can earn free credits for the making X number of orders, leaving a positive review or referring your company to family and friends. Customers can later use these credits to get discounts, charge gift cards for free or get exclusive, complimentary services such as free dinner at selected restaurants.

You can divide the program into different tiers with different perks — the more points, the higher the level and better perks. This kind of sales promotion can be tricky. On the one hand, it is a very common and effective tactic to enlarge a number of new acquisitions and a list of your subscribers.

In the case of a sign-up promotion, we recommend starting by checking the performance of different discount variants before you decide which one should be your standard sign-up offer.

This is another example of psychological marketing. Adding a temporary free balance drives customers into loss aversion behavior. People endowed with unexpected gains usually try very hard not to lose them. This kind of sales promotion pairs well with gift cards.

Discounts, gift cards or coupons can say more than a simple "we're sorry" to unsatisfied customers. It's good to have a promotion ready to be triggered every time your team lets down a customer.

The best effect is achieved if you deliver a discount in a personalized message. Keep an eye on special days like national holidays to send wishes with an exclusive discount. Learn more : How to include seasonality in your promotion marketing strategy?

Each sales promotion idea you decide to use needs to be enrolled on a micro-scale first. Not every discount or buying scenario will fit your audience. Ultimately, the way you design promotions should target your audience. Any successful sales promotion is a combination of a clever idea, endless testing, customer tracking, and target adjustments.

I hope that this list of examples and inspirations will help you find an appropriate promotion strategy suited to your business, wallet, and creativity and boost sales and revenue.

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What Is Sales Promotion?

Marketers create video ads and banners for promotions, and then use them on different channels such as :. Your sales promotion campaign should include these eight critical factors to effectively catch your clients' interest:. BOGO is one of the most common types of sales promotions.

It can help increase sales by offering two of a popular product at a discounted price for a limited period and creating a sense of urgency. As a matter of fact, sales promotions are appealing to customers and business owners. You can use various forms of sales promotions in a variety of industries.

Coupons, contests, and sampling are three types of sales promotion activities that are regularly used. No customers like missing out on big deals! However, like any marketing strategy, sales promotion is not without its challenges. When implemented correctly, it can help you increase revenue, plan growth, expand your market, retain more customers, and ultimately enhance your profits.

Superb eCommerce platforms provide users with great plugins and extensions to successfully implement their sales promotional campaigns. For instance, Magento promotions extension or Shopify free shipping bar…. Hope that you have sufficient information to implement successful sales promotion campaigns after reading this article.

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Sales Promotion. What is considered the most common type of sales promotion? What are the 4 types of sales promotion? Product bundling Loyalty program promotions Flash sales and discounts Holiday sale promotion.

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Free samples 2. Buy one, get one free deals 3. Free shipping and returns 4. Bundling of products or services 5.

Loyalty program promotions 6. Flash sales and discounts 7. Holiday sale promotion 8. Social media contests or giveaways 9. Referral discounts Recurring sales Other Creative Sales Promotion Ideas Sales Promotion Examples — All You Need to Know 1.

What is a sales promotion? Why implement sales promotions? Where to run your sales promotion? Sales Promotion Tips for Marketing Success Sales Promotion Examples — FAQs What is considered the most common type of sales promotion?

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Increase sales Help visitors shop and boost ecommerce revenue. Grow AOV Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with proven tactics. Stop abandonment Explore powerful strategies to win back lost sales. BY TYPE. BY GOAL. BY BUSINESS PROFILE.

ON DEMAND. Why run limited-time offers? What is a limited-time offer? Helps boost customer loyalty Even loyal customers love time-limited sales. It can decrease your cart abandonment rate One of the less intuitive ways that time-limited deals can boost sales is through stopping cart abandonment.

Promote free shipping for a limited time Free shipping is an incredibly powerful incentive for encouraging new and existing customers to make a purchase. Check them out below:. Use countdown timers The addition of a countdown timer is a great way to get customers to act fast.

You can add a countdown timer to a sticky bar too:. Leverage the holiday season Seasonal sales are a natural place to use limited-time offers to boost sales because they have a built-in expiration date. Build your list for an upcoming limited-time sale The lead-up to a limited-time sale is a great opportunity to build strong email and SMS lists.

First-time purchase offers Online store owners are always confronting the problem of high bounce rates and not enough first-time visitors entering their sales funnel. Create sticky bars to remind visitors Sticky bars are a great tool for promoting your limited-time offers across your entire site.

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She truly believes in the importance of quality over quantity. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE. What is a Good Website Conversion Rate for Ecommerce Stores in ?

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Sample promotions and deals -

This is a common sales promotion in marketing that makes the customer spend a bit more but gets a valuable gift in return. Like a clearance sale, an end-of-season helps your business make more space for a new batch of products.

You can offer exclusive discounts and even spread the word through ads, text messages, emails, and more. Having a Birthday or Anniversary sale is a fun way to celebrate your brand or business.

This also gives consumers something to look forward to every year. When a user first finds your website, one way to entice them is to offer a first order discount.

Having a discount or exclusive offer is one of the most effective examples of sale promotions that any business can do. A celebrity or influencer using your brand can boost your sales.

You can set a promo code for each celebrity that gives customers a discount when they use it. Having Branded Bundles are similar to Free Gift with Purchase and BOGO offers, but this time you have the option to partner with other brands and offer bundles.

With this, you can extend your product promotion to other potential customers too. An effective and inexpensive sales promotion in marketing is free samples. When you have a new product, let your users try it for a limited time for them to have a feel of it.

Remember, the best sales promotion strategies for your business will vary depending on your products, services, and target market. This guide provided a few ideas to get you started and some sales tips.

With the AI Copywriting tool, you can create textual content for events and product promotions. More than that, editing videos is made simpler with ready-made templates.

Free Shipping Free shipping is number one on the list because it encourages customers to make a purchase. Use Template. Source: Simplified. What more can you ask for? Get Started For Free. Ajay Yadav. Ajay Yadav is an AI enthusiast and author of various topics on AI.

Buy one get one is a marketing strategy that the world's largest retailers use to boost sales. BOGO deals are commonly used by retailers to move inventory. This strategy is also called liquidation , and it can be a great way to clear out old stock at low prices.

Sephora made a special tab on their website for all sales and offers and listed their BOGO offer. Lifestyle discounts are incentives to boost the attractiveness of a particular lifestyle. Usually, these discounts are offered to veterans, seniors, teachers, or students.

They are also offered to people who have certain types of health conditions. For example, many fitness centers offer discounts for people who suffer from obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure. Considering the value of word-of-mouth advertising, lifestyle discounts can be very beneficial to your business.

Tiered discounts, also called Buy More Save More , can be a powerful tool to encourage customers to spend more money with your brand. The discounts can be tiered in a number of ways.

Asking your loyal customers to spread the love for your brand, in exchange for a discount or reward, can make a big difference for your business. With their customer referral program, Dropbox grew their registered user base at If you have the resources, consider expanding your referral program so it rewards not just the referrer but also the referee.

That means that your business can benefit from increased revenues if you use this time effectively. Marketers may take advantage of the holiday season by introducing new products or highlighting existing ones that are related to the holiday.

Loyal customers who feel appreciated and rewarded for their repeat business can be the difference between a company that succeeds and one that fails. Assuming you have a coffee shop, you can use loyalty cards to offer 1 free drink after buying 9 as seen in above. You can offer double loyalty points for a limited time as a sales promotion to your customers.

Auto-applied discounts rank third on my list of top sales promotions. Cart-level discounts tempt customers with potential savings at their fingertips. These sales promotions drive customers into spontaneous buying decisions. While many of them add more to their cart to get the discount, the average order volume is growing.

Sales promotions with auto-applied discounts are typical for online stores. Retailers define a cart structure which qualifies for a discount. Each cart is validated by a system, and if promotion rules are met, a discount is added without any code. Such promotions enable you to deploy many diversified scenarios at the same time.

My next inspiration is offering free products or services. Besides adding free items to a cart, you can send a message with a code via email, SMS or another channel to notify the customer about the free gift they can get with the attached code.

If you sell a digital product, you can think about introducing a free trial or plan to get customers hooked before they fully commit. Flash sales are dynamic promotions wrapped in a short time window.

Expiration dates in such campaigns drive traffic and cut hesitations. Research claims that people find sales promotions much more attractive if limited in time. Learn more : How to run flash campaigns without going over budget?

Happy hours promotion is a time-limited discount usually applied in the restaurant industry, often on drinks and beverages. Learn more : How to apply happy hour campaigns in any business? Buy one and get one free BOGO promotion is a popular type of sales promotion which can help you promote a new product or clear your stores at the end of the season.

Moreover, if you combine such campaigns with time limits, you can increase traffic in the quietest time of your week or season. BOGO promotions are also an excellent way to boost your cross-selling and up-selling incentives or to move products that do not sell well on their own.

Learn more : How to run highly-converting BOGO deals? This kind of campaign enables you to cross-sell and up-sell your inventory. They also help when some products get stuck in your inventory or when you introduce new products.

Here are a couple of examples of product-specific promotional campaigns:. You can personalize your promo campaign by offering a discount based on previously purchased products.

You can distribute your discounts based on events for example, customer interactions. For example, you can send unique coupons if:.

The more you can claim something is a freebie, the more motivated your customers will be to get it. Free shipping is usually available for a minimum order amount, however, sometimes stores decide on short time events with free shipping on everything.

For example, free shipping on all orders made within the next 6 hours. Birthday and anniversary campaigns are examples of sales promotions aimed at nurturing customer loyalty.

Personalized campaigns are extremely important for building a loyal audience, ready to recommend your services and keep coming back for more.

You can leverage live chat or emails to personalize messages with birthday and anniversary incentives such as a coupon codes with exclusive discounts or a gift cards wrapped as special gifts.

You can use coupons and other promotion types to incentivize customers to stay with you for longer. Referral programs are a marvellous sales promotion idea for taking advantage of the power of recommendation.

No matter if you aim it at your partners or customers, both will be more encouraged to spread the word if provided with attractive rewards.

What decides the success of a referral program? In short, reward. The rewards increase the chances of word-of-mouth , priceless in acquiring new customers. Experiment and launch a referral program with multi-level reward schema to:. From all of your customers who claim that they would recommend your services to their friends, only few will actually do it.

Unless you make them feel more motivated by offering a gift card, voucher, or a free product. When you build your loyalty program strategy keep in mind that acquiring a new customer is 7 times more expensive than convincing an existing client to re-purchase.

A good loyalty program software is an investment that comes back. Loyalty programs with multi-level structures have a greater chance of keeping customers interested than flat and boring point-based programs.

A very effective method of increasing engagement is by adding a premium group to the top of the loyalty layers. This helps you to distinguish the most valuable customers and gives a clear goal to other members.

Sometimes you need to incentivize dormant customers, and there is no better way to do it than with a fun campaign with automatic reminders running for a short period of time. There are plenty of reasons why your customers may not use your offer right away.

Reminders can increase the chance of your messages standing out. Unlike typical follow-up messages, those with coupons and other incentives carry tangible value for consumers, so may be less likely to be perceived as noisy spam. Learn more : Examples of top re-engagement promotions.

You can gamify your sales promotions by setting conditions on actions customers have to do to earn the incentive. For example:. To make customers more interested in your promotions, you can offer mystery coupons.

Launch a coupon campaign with several variations and don't tell customers what they got. Then, you have them one step closer to completing their order!

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