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Value-for-money meal offers

Value-for-money meal offers

We Value-for-koney during Home improvement trial packs on a week day and Value-or-money wasn't busy at Online free sample contests. The Value-for-money meal offers has been in operation since and boasts Nashville's oldest beer license. This pizza is delicious and good even with takeout. With fast food prices trending ever upward, value menus offer a much-needed break from inflation. State of Play: What to Expect From the Tennessee General Assembly. Value-for-money meal offers



Value-for-money meal offers -

Free attractions. Places to eat. History museums. French restaurants. Natural history museums. Seafood restaurants. Italian restaurants.

Japanese restaurants. Takeout and delivery. Vegan restaurants. Parks and gardens. Vegetarian restaurants. American restaurants. Photography museums. Art galleries. Arts and culture. Slide 1 of 4. Mexican restaurant. Latin American restaurant. Show 2 more. Mas Tacos is a no-frills Mexican restaurant with an extensive menu that includes tacos, soups, sides and cocktails.

It's popular with locals for its cheap prices and delicious food. The restaurant has a busy window ordering area and a back bar where you can order margaritas. Slide 1 of Well well well what to say…. Fantastic amazingly authentic good food is a start.

I had soup ,pork tacos street corn and a margarita. The Chicken tortilla soup was one of the best I have ever had. Pork was prepared just right, tender and moist with lots of flavor.

This was truly experiential. The s music the vibe reminds me of every little restaurant I have been in traveling in Costa Rica. I highly recommend and advise you to be patient as there is always a line.

Tried Chicken, Fish, Fried avocado, and sweet potato Tacos. All tacos were average, would recommend fish taco among all it was good. Service and ambiance was nice. Saturday special chilaqueles is absolutely delicious. Great mix and every bite fleas flavorful and great texture.

A small and simple set up but one I highly recommend! The line tends to get long, so come early! Pull up the menu on your phone so you know your order as soon as you get to the counter, order and pay, then hear your name called and get your tray of treats!

I recommend the fried avocado taco! The watermelon margarita was strong and delicious! The black beans were kinda spicy but I still enjoyed them and the plantains that sat atop, which also absorbed some spice.

Whenever you venture to a new place, inevitably there are Top 10 lists. Luckily for us our friends at Mas Tacos Por Favor never fail expectations. There are very few institutions I can say that about.

Hands down, my favorite taco joint in Nashville. My favorite is the elote. It is spicy, but so yummy!! I was skeptical of all the good reviews for this place, seemed too good to be true. Nope - they're amazing!!

I gobbled up every bite and immediately was sad it was gone 😂 tilapia and pork were equally delicious, as we're the black beans and the corn.

This place is heaven-sent! My first time eating at Mas Tacos and I was highly impressed. The wait was worthwhile, while you stand on line for someone to take your order through the window.

Make sure you grab a menu so you are ready to order when is your turn. I noticed patrons are waiting longer in the line to order because most people don't think of grabbing a menu to know what they want before is their turn to order.

So please take the initiative to do so. If the weather permits you can seat outside, if not after you order at the outside window, then, you go inside and your name will be call over the speaker. Then, you go up to the high counter, grab your order, get the napkins on the right side of the high counter and choose a comfortable area to enjoy your food.

The bathroom sign is written in spanish EL VAÑO. They have an antique music box and few other pieces that goes way back in history. The parking can be tricky, so get there with extra time to find a good parking spot. They have a bar inside. The inside sitting chairs are kinda small or the table are not too big but okay for a group to eat very close to each other.

In overall it was a wrap to enjoy their food. I ordered quinoa potato taco, fried avocado taco and the roasted street corn loaded with spices. It reminded me of my trips to Mexico and also from back home growing up in the Caribbean.

I highly recommend. It's family friendly and they also playing music. Please follow and relate my postings. I appreciate your time.

Have a blessed day. Fellow Latina here. It's OK. Pulled pork tacos are good but definitely not the best tacos. They're good for the price. The chicken tortilla soup was a disappointment.

Soup is definitely overpriced. Ambiance is fine, chill. Why do I have to pay your fee? It shows a lot about the people running the business. I live 2 hours away but every time we visit Nashville, we make Mas Tacos a priority stop. I always get the avocado taco, elote, plantains, and the spicy carne taco.

Small and cozy and definitely a must try. Food comes out pretty fast. Drinks are pretty good. The fish taco sweet plantains, and elote are phenomenal. Prices are just right coming in about 3 to 4 dollars an item making a decent stop for a couple of drinks and a nice night out. Slide 1 of 3.

Pizza restaurant. Italian restaurant. Pizza Takeout. Five Points Pizza East, located in Nashville, has gained a strong reputation for its New York-style pizzas and impressive selection of craft beers. With their thin-crust pizzas winning numerous awards, this simple spot has become a go-to destination for pizza lovers.

The restaurant offers both made-to-order and by-the-slice options, including toppings like prosciutto with basil and meatballs with loads of mozzarella.

All I can say is, wow! Very cool space and vibe. Great thin crust pizza by the slice or the whole pie. Phenomenal service as well. I like folks who understand how to curate real art into their commercial spaces. I highly recommend Five Points Pizza. The garlic knots were awesome: Crispy outside with a dense but soft inside.

Marinara sauce for dipping paired well with it. And it was a hefty size. Eating 2 of them almost made me full enough to not eat my pizza, almost. It was nice that the pizzas could be split in 2, so we didn't have to get 2 whole pizzas. Supreme for half and then pepperoni, sausage and pineapple on the other half.

The portion of toppings was decent too. The crust was nice and crispy. No complaints over the food. Service was decent, I know the server was busy. The place became crowded wiring 15 min of arriving. I think the high top tables were a bit small, but thankfully the pizza serving platter is elevated so everything fit barely on the table.

Looking ahead of visiting Nashville, I put this Restaurant on our places to try. This was our first stop in Nashville, and it started the trip off on a perfect note. Love the eclectic atmosphere of East Nashville, and loved this Pizza Place. I loved the atmosphere, and our Waitress was very pleasant.

Very chill vibe, love the pizza by the slice. Loved the Garlic Knots. We were both really happy we tried Five Points Pizza. Went here late night after flying into Nashville from Boston on a Monday. Was pretty empty inside which was great.

Ordered the pepperoni and mushroom pizza and a sausage Stromboli. Pizza was great, a little on the greasy side but to be expected with pepperoni so not a downfall. Wish I had asked for no onion on the Stromboli As they were a little overpowering.

Overall though a great experience, would certainly come back. Vegan pizza, vegan salads, what more could you need? Nice atmosphere inside.

My daughter loved the pizza. The house salad with the Be-Hive pepperoni and cheese was really good. Definitely glad we stopped by. This is Randy's pizza in Nashville. Super awesome dough and that new York style delivery. I can't say this is the best pizza place in Nashville, but it is one of them.

The service is always prompt and excellent. The product is as well. Even if you decide to grab dinner somewhere a little nicer like margos or treehouse. You can still grab a slice from the takeout side after bar hopping around a bit.

Check out places like 3 crow bar and beyond the edge. If you live NY style pizza this is for sure one of the very best pizzerias in the city.

Tourists will love how this reminds them of insert name of place here from their hometown and "it's the best pizza around back home". Locals will love that there are multiple locations.

Looking for a quick bite to eat and from out of town we stumbled upon this gem of a place. Great atmosphere and amazing food. The garlic rolls were out of this world and pizza five stars!! Wish we had one in Florida! Forgot to take pic of pizza. Incredible pizza.

The drinks have various options. Foods and drinks are reasonable price! Highly recommend! Me and my friend ate here and it's one of my favorite pizza places in Nashville so far.

Their was one time that I brought my 5yo daughter and they gave her some pizza dough to play with and that made her day 😁. I really enjoy the pizza from this place.

You can half and half any pizza for just a dollar more. This pizza is delicious and good even with takeout. Perfect for every pizza lover! It's been years since I've had five points pizza, but it left a great impression on me. The spinach gorgonzola salad was the best salad I've probably ever had, and was so happy to see it on the menu still!

We also ordered a half and half white Bianca pizza and vodka sauce pie, both were amazing, rich, and flavorful. We taste tested a few of their beers on tap and ended up going with a key lime beer that had a spicy note, like cinnamon or nutmeg spice, it was so unique and very good!

Need a place to stay? Where City name. Rooms, guests. Rooms and guests. Search for hotels. Slide 1 of 2. Located in a former streetcar, Brown's Diner is a no-frills dive bar that is popular for burgers and hush puppies. The restaurant has been in operation since and boasts Nashville's oldest beer license.

Jackson the bartender is an out of this world class act! If I could give 10 stars I would. Junior the cook kept staring at me while I ate my burger but it was so delicious we became fast friends. The beer was COLD. Some guy was playing hits on the harmonica acoustic guitar combo it was Had heard great things about the burger here so decided to see what everyone was talking about.

I placed an order for a cheeseburger to go. Inside was a bit musty and the place was a bit dark. A bit pricey to have no sides. The burger was hot, with fresh lettuce, tomato and onion and was juicy but to me was lacking in seasoning and flavor. This place is always epic good. Burgers are perfectly cooked, freshest bun, and the cheese all melty with edges.

Chili cheese tots and hush puppies are a MUST. Really great burger in an unassuming spot. Classic local grill feel. Ordered a cheeseburger, fries, tea. Not a crazy price but higher than expected. No other complaints though. Will be back! Fantastic burger fantastic fries! Pitcher of Budweiser.. the little old lady is out here hustling serving tables alone and is the absolute sweetest!

She was all alone doing it so I understand that it isn't gonna be a quick visit. But I didn't mind one bit! It's a great hole in the wall divey bar and I am so glad I was able to check it out!!

Will be back again and again and again. The burger was basic but still pretty good. The fries were crisp, and the frito chili pie was my favorite of what I had. It's a cool little spot to get a burger and beer. The cheeseburgers and fries are terrific, and the tater tots were fun too.

The hush puppies are huge and tasty. We ate outside and our server was really great, kept all of our glasses filled and got our orders exactly right.

It's a super place for a good lunch. Not fancy, just homey and delicious. Kid friendly too! Dropped in from out of town for a quick late lunch. We had the cheeseburger and grilled cheese and bacon, which were delicious.

And, although we ordered Lay's chips which were in extra large bags! Nice atmosphere and good service. The server mentioned they'll be expanding the menu. We will have to come back the next time we're out this way.

If I could give this place a million stars I promise I would! The burger,bbq,and fries were absolutely fantastic! The service was phenomenal so if yall are in the Nashville area,and want a little hole in the wall diner away from the hustle and bustle of the city life stop on in here!!

Best burger I've ever had! Fabulous, justifiably famous cheeseburgers! Thanks to GM Reno and the owner finally making the Diner accessible to my power wheelchair by building a Very nice porch and ramps! The best singer-songwriters and musicians play here, including Davis Raines, Pamela Jackson and David Conrad with special guest Russell Thompson when I went Sunday afternoon.

Come hungry, the burgers are a must have! Chili cheeseburger is my fav. Dog friendly on the outdoor deck. Good for the price. The food was awesome! Just don't buy a beer. The price is outrageous.! The server was great. The band was great. Just be careful buying beer at 9 a piece.

The draft cost me 7 and it was like 8 ounces of. Only drawback.. Great place. There is not a lot of variety on food. The waitress shyd me away from the patty melt. It sounds good from the menu, though. Slide 1 of 5. Hot dog restaurant. Dream of Weenie is a hot dog stand that specializes in creative toppings for vegetarian weenies.

They have a regular menu and a seasonal menu that rotates daily, although you can always depend on the Sunday brunch menu with an eggs Benedict weenie on it. Suuuuper quick service and the weenies are DELICIOUS!

We ordered the chili pimento cheese and the hashbrown casserole weenies. Both we so good! It's a cute, full service VW food truck 😋. My husband loved his veggie dog! What a cute VW van! I recently visited "I Dream of Weenie," a charming hot dog stand in Nashville, and sampled their daily special, the Pizza Dog.

This inventive creation featured a hot dog smothered in marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. The combination was surprisingly delightful, offering a fusion of classic pizza flavors with the satisfying bite of a hot dog. I also tried the Chili Slaw Weenie, a concoction with mustard, slaw, and chili.

While not my personal favorite due to a preference for traditional chili dogs with cheese, it provided a decent alternative for those seeking a different flavor profile. The stand offers Ms. Vickie's Jalapeno Chips, a spicy and crispy side that complemented the hot dogs well.

I opted to enjoy my meal outside in the adjacent lot, taking advantage of the picnic tables. The outdoor area proved to be a highlight, creating a delightful atmosphere, especially on a pleasant day.

It's a great spot for those looking to savor unconventional hot dog creations in a laid-back setting. Best hotdogs in town.

With a fantastic selection, or build your own. Totally unique, in a cool old van. With a nice, peaceful, shaded picnic table dining area. Dog friendly. Also bird friendly, the birds help clean up your crumbs. BONUS: Wet wipes! to clean the chili off of your fingers and face.

Don't get to venture out to Nashville a lot, but, this place is always a guarantee stop!!! I was introduced on a work trip and LOVEEE! HOW CAN YOU NOT! We were lucky enough to hit the brunch menu today.

I had the Benny Weenie and has brown casserole. The weenie was super messy so go in prepared for a delicious mess. The hollandaise sauce was magnificent! The casserole was wonderful and creamy.

The guy taking our order was awesome as well. Overall it was a great experience! Very cool spot for a great dog! Even though I'm partial to Chicago Dogs, this is right on par.

The hot dog I got was Frank and to the Point. It was simply amazing; the bun was perfect as was the price. Yes, I am writing a review about hotdogs! My wife and I tried the Frank and to the Point and Dill Weenie at I Dream of Weenie in East Nashville, and they were both incredible.

The buns were perfect, and the decor and outdoor seating was a great touch. Staff was friendly. We highly recommend this spot for amazing hot dogs!

Best hot dogs in Nashville and the surrounding area, probably the best I've ever had. Be sure to try the pimento dog and the Reuben dog if you're lucky enough to catch them. I've not had a bad or disappointing meal here yet, and I keep going back for more when I'm in the area.

The people working inside the truck are always happy to see new or returning customers, and the daily specials are always something to look forward to. We tried several different hot dogs, and they were all delicious. The Rebel Yelp was a favorite. The pimento cheese is really good.

Try it with jalapeños if you like spicy things. Beautiful and cozy place, I love it. Ask for the hotdog with egg and cheese. My favorite. They have a backyard where you can enjoy your food. Literally so so delicious! The hot dog itself was insanely yummy and all of the different toppings were super good.

The bun is also marvelous!! Definitely a great spot to stop by! You will be so happy!! Chicken restaurant. Soul food restaurant. Southern restaurant US. The restaurant offers a variety of Southern sides and local brews, making it the perfect place to grab some food on-the-go.

If you're looking for something really hot, though, be aware that not all customers are fans of the heat level here. While visiting Nashville, we decided to stop and try Nashville's famous hot chicken - They did NOT disappoint!

We visited around Noon on a Sunday and while they were busy, we were able to find seating and the wait wasn't bad. They told us that some days the line is down the street so get there early. The food was amazing! Only one of us was brave enough to try their "Shut the Cluck Up" spicy level - he definitely Shut Up, it was so hot.

They offered a decent selection of sides and the portions were huge. We'll definitely be visiting again. By far nicest staff I encountered while visiting Nashville. Line was a little long but moved fast. I tired the chicken strips and hot chicken sandwiches.

All the food was fresh and hot. The hot chicken sand was solid. Crispy too! I would recommend for anyone wanting some real good Nashville hot chicken! The local burger chain with multiple locations has an unbeatable deal. Margaret Littman May 11, Kelsey Beyeler Apr 27, Kelsey Beyeler Nov 10, Alijah Poindexter May 12, Plump pastries and house-roasted coffee at Murfreesboro Pike staple.

Alijah Poindexter Apr 21, Classic Colombian flavors in low-key South Nashville digs. Alijah Poindexter Mar 31, Donelson taqueria offers a glimpse of street-food glory.

Kelsey Beyeler Mar 10, Kelsey Beyeler Nov 11, Laura Hutson Hunter Aug 5, Decadent add-ons are pretty cheap at this neighborhood spot in Hermitage. Emmalee Manes Jul 22, Kelsey Beyeler Jul 8, Margaret Littman Jun 10, The menu at this new Gulch spot is chock-full of New Orleans-style dishes.

Veg Out: The BE-Hive Deli — Nashville Hot Fried Chxn Sandwich. Margaret Littman May 27, Erica Ciccarone Updated Jun 15, Jennifer Justus Updated May 4, Veg Out: Honeyfire Barbeque Co.

Ashley Brantley Updated Jun 15, Ashley Brantley Updated May 4, Patrick Rodgers Updated May 4, Stephen Trageser Updated May 10, Ashley Brantley Oct 24, Chris Chamberlain Updated May 4, Megan Seling Updated May 4, Savanna Maue Updated Jan 22, Erica Ciccarone Updated Apr 18, Erica Ciccarone Updated May 4, Steve Cavendish Updated May 4, Patrick Rodgers Jan 10, Note that prices may vary in AK and HI.

This offer is valid through February 16th and can only be redeemed on orders placed online. Your offer will be valid for two weeks. Note that offers must be redeemed in the app or through the website for pickup orders, and redeemed in-store through the app for dine-in orders at participating locations.

They are not valid for delivery and can vary by account. To score the deal, place your order online or through the app and use promo code 99CRAZY at checkout. Keep in mind that there is a limit of 5 Take Homes per entrée when dining restaurant, and a limit of 1 per entrée with To Go online orders.

Remember, Take Home entrées do not include soup, salad, or breadsticks. You can pick from three yummy options, including Fettuccine Alfredo, Five Cheese Ziti al Forno, and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. These entrées are prepared, packaged, and chilled, making them ready to take home — perfect for dinner that night or lunch the next day!

Frosty with any purchase through the end of It resets every hour after being claimed, so you could be looking at a whole lot of Frosties in ! Plus with a Frosty Jr. Einstein Bros. Bagels has a new and exciting offer for Schmear Society Rewards Members can participate in the new Unlimited Free Coffee Program.

Online free sample contests fellow columnist Brad Schmitt and I were Snack sample feedback Affordable supermarket prices story ideas Online free sample contests a food package, Mmeal pitched a roundup of the " 25 Vaalue-for-money restaurants " in Nashville, and Value-for-monsy spouting off names of the high brow, hoity toity eateries that most of us only read about. RELATED: Nashville's top 25 restaurants for a new decade, ranked. Hmm, I love a challenge! and enjoying affordable restaurant meal deals is one of my specialties. But even at a little over ten bucks, these are what I would call affordable meals, at least when compared to Brad's extravagant picks. Lacey Muszynski is Sale on home improvement products staff writer at Cheapism covering food, VValue-for-money, and more. She has over Online free sample contests offeds of writing and editing Online free sample contests, Value-for-noney her restaurant reviews and Value-for-money meal offers have previously appeared in Serious Value-foe-money, Thrillist, Online free sample contests Vlaue-for-money publications in mwal home state of Wisconsin. Fast-food restaurants have been quietly axing dollar menus over the past few years in favor of combo meal deals. You pay more, but get multiple items at a discount from the regular menu price. Family-friendly restaurant chains, too, are cutting back on coupons and specials. Just remember that many are offered for only a limited time. The golden arches logo of the largest chain in the country is just as iconic as its Big Mac and Happy Meals.

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