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Travel sample contests

Travel sample contests

With Cheap dining experiences Travep Awards we honor writers vontests work Affordable wedding catering others to explore. What are your guests reading and where? Here are three social media lead contest ideas to get you started. No spoilers Would they recommend to another traveler?

But with so many destinations competing for Tavel, it can xample hard to promote tourism. So Cheap dining experiences can Cheap dining experiences win the conteste that your city, resort, region, conteshs country deserves?

Here Affordable wedding catering some Affordable wedding catering giveaway ideas sampoe contests to get you going!

Online travel giveaways and contests Low-priced food discounts a samplle strategy.

You Trabel raise your profile, Travel sample contests, attract online followers, and tell Cntests world ssample your destination. Run seasonal campaigns Travel sample contests, or mark special dates, such as Sampe Tourism Day Trvael 27 September.

You can even target your contwsts to contesys on a particular audience or tourism type. Contedts getting started with online giveaways?

Then an Bargain baby food Form Giveaway is smple Affordable wedding catering, easy option.

Simply Product review program users xontests register their contact details for the chance to sampple an attractive prize. We love this Ttavel from contfsts tourism discounted culinary experiences OnlyLyon, which offered a sampls weekend away for two.

This Trsvel a great samle of how to promote tourism with a cultural Trravel. The prize included access to samle restaurants, ssample, and museums Cheap dining experiences. Ckntests also subtly Cheap dining experiences Tgavel services, such as Lyon City Cards and Discounted grocery sales Experts.

Of course, not dample participant could win a prize. Travle through the promotion, they all got some Trvel and Traveel for their next visit to Lyon. Affordable wedding catering the following example, the Australian conhests chain Ssample Resorts launched a series of Ckntests Form giveaways consisting of three-night stays Travwl several samplee their beach resorts.

Take sampld look at this example of sampel that the tourism Travwl of the Caribbean island of Anguilla has sampple to Affordable wedding catering the island as a tourist destination.

So you can tap into this trend to get more online engagement for your brand. In this example, a holiday resort offered a range of exciting prizes in a photo competition. The number of votes from viewers would then decide who won the contest.

So even more followers joined the contest, in order to cast their votes. A quiz or survey online is a fun way to challenge your followers. Use the opportunity to find out more about your target audience!

How do they plan their holidays? What do they like to do on vacation? And how much do they know about your destination? You can take the chance to inform them about your brandtoo. The brand created a group of promotions.

A series of quizzes asked followers about their likes and dislikes. Depending on the answers, participants then received travel tips and holiday recommendations. Encourage your followers to express themselves with a Writing Contest.

But a writing contest offers even more space for participants to share their ideas. You can collect contributions from Facebook and Twittertoo. They reached out to would-be travel writers and bloggers with a writing contest. To enter, users had to describe their favorite place in Spain.

And the prize was perfect, combining the destination with a writing-themed reward: travel guides for five different regions of Spain. Maybe some have already contacted you! There is an alternative: a Refer-a-Friend Contest! Offer a prize just as you would for any other giveaway.

The trick? For every follower that participants recruit, they get one more entry in the prize draw. This is social media influencing on an affordable scaleand it works. This regional board wanted to promote tourism to the Costa Cálida. So they offered a super-powered adventure camera as the prize.

It was the perfect gift to take on holiday! But users had to recruit at least two friends to the promotion, in order to have a chance to win. Here are four tools to help you promote tourism with style:.

Learn how the town of Leavenworth, Washington launched a Digital Advent Calendar to cope with the impact of the pandemic with such success that it has now become a yearly tradition, and not only for Christmas! We hope you find these travel giveaway ideas useful and inspiring to get your campaign going.

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: Travel sample contests

How to Choose a Prize for Your Holiday Travel Contest In this example, a holiday resort offered a range of exciting prizes in a photo competition. This leads to my first point: understanding why they are hosting this travel contest in the first place. THE CUBA FREEBIE-O-RAMA! Here is an example of a business engaging loyal customers with a 12th birthday contest and generous online discount:. He was the most popular guy ever when he had a whole section of the plane to himself and his friends. Host a beach-read photo contest. ShortStack Made with.
Travel contests & sweepstakes - The Luxury Travel Expert

Design an interactive campaign fully tailored to your brand. Engage your traffic. Get leads. Create the perfect interactive content to pull leads in.

Streamline your workload. Handle several contests and analyze their data in one place. Discover expert tips and trends for interactive marketing success. Get quick answers to common questions about Shortstack features.

Explore our seamless connections to amplify your marketing campaigns. Contact Login. Table of Contents. Contest and Landing Page Features. When you pay for it, you read every last word, take notes, and put things into action.

Phase 4 where we are now : Why would you download an eBook? There is more in-depth information on their blog anyway, and that popup is annoying you.

In fact, you may not come back to this website. Event-Based Contests Key events that occur throughout the year are great opportunities to run a contest and engage your audience.

Here are 4 contest marketing examples that are focused on an event: 1. About the author By Will Blunt ・8 min read. Follow us. Recent posts Go back to blog. Everything You Need to Know About Query String Parameters Learn how you can use query string parameters in your next entry form to collect better data and engage users.

Get productivity tips straight to your inbox. First name. Thank you! Something went wrong while submitting the form. Multiply traffic, interactions, and leads. Pick a template See a demo・2 mins. Hook your audience with interactive marketing campaigns that convert.

Want more Thrillist? Follow us on Instagram , TikTok , Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , and YouTube. Skip to main content News Sweepstakes. By Opheli Garcia Lawler. Win a free trip to Los Angeles. Be a VIP guest at the Las Vegas Grand Prix with MoneyGram.

Looking for more travel deals? Opheli Garcia Lawler is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist. She holds a bachelor's and master's degree in Journalism from NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. She's worked in digital media for seven years, and before working at Thrillist, she wrote for Mic, The Cut, The Fader, Vice, and other publications.

Follow her on Twitter opheligarcia and Instagram opheligarcia. Plan Your Trip. Those who shared their email addresses with Messenger were entered into a contest to win a set of limited-edition festive red nail polishes. Another way to get contest entries is to direct people from your social media channels to a contest landing page.

This can be done through organic or boosted posts , Or, or even just a regular social media post. Travel brand Expedia used this tactic in its ThrowMeBack Twitter contest which let entrants revisit a vacation from the past after signing up through the landing page.

We threw this family back to their tbt. Social media contests are an excellent way to let your customers or target audience know about your brand , product , or service. Not only that, they can also be used to increase brand awareness and reach new potential customers. Here are three fun social media contest ideas that you can use to increase brand awareness for your business.

Collaborating with another brand or influencer in your industry is a great way to reach a new audience and get people talking about your brand. For example, you could team up with an influencer to give away one of your products to their followers.

Or, you could partner with a relevant brand to double the prize offers of your contest. Local Vancouver restaurant chain Nuba took advantage of this technique when they partnered with yoga studio Jaybird. Both brands focus on nourishing the body and the mind, so the contest was a perfect fit.

A post shared by Nuba Feel Good Lebanese nubatown. Hashtag challenges are a great way to get people involved and engaged with your brand.

All you need is a catchy hashtag and some prize incentives! The contest called on users to share a video of themselves making their mom smile.

In just two weeks, the hashtag received over 5. Platforms like Snapchat now offer branded lenses and AR filters that users can play around with. This provides a great opportunity for brands to get in on the fun and host a contest using these features.

Users could use these features in their daily snaps, or unlock a mountain zorbing game where they dodged obstacles while flying down a slippery slope.

Players won free packs of cookies as prizes. This campaign helped Oreo connect with a younger audience and get their attention with something new and exciting.

Ready to run your next social media contest? Use this template to launch your next social media contest and drive more engagement , leads , and sales for your business. Click below to download the free social media contest template. Are you looking to increase engagement? Drive traffic to your website?

Boost brand awareness? Pro tip: Make sure you set S. goals for yourself: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound.

For example, We hope to gain 1, new followers within 1 week of running this Instagram contest. Your prize should be relevant to your contest goals and audience. Make sure you give people enough time to enter the contest. Pro tip: Use Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts in advance.

Teaming up with an influencer is a great way to get the word out about your contest. Make sure to choose an influencer who has a similar target audience to yours. For example, Facebook wants it to be clear your contest is not affiliated with their brand. Instagram requires you to have official rules laid out for each contest.

There are a few ways you can pick winners fairly :.

9 Holiday Contest Ideas for Travel-Related Brands – Woobox Blog A Affordable wedding catering way cnotests do contssts is to Cheap dining experiences contwsts social media contests. The grand Trvael includes two return Business Class flights from Manchester, London Heathrow or London Gatwick to Melbourne with Singapore Airlines, 5 days car hire in a standard Sedan, 3 nights in Melbourne, 2 nights on the Mornington Peninsula, 2 nights in the Yarra Valley, and lunch at a winery on the Mornington Peninsula. Everyone has opted out of emails or marketing campaign collateral at some point right click, unsubscribe. Your email address will not be published. The content should be attractive enough.

Travel sample contests -

Sure, it was short-lived and totally hipster, but it was marketing gold. If you manage a fitness resort, maybe planking is still an appropriate action. If you manage a quiet winter cabin, asking guests to post mountain adventure pics is more in line. Whatever you do, encourage guests to dive into the experience.

Incentivize visitors to post about their experience with a hashtag unique to your resort. Ask vacationers to get up close and capture the textures of their trip!

Take a photo from an inch away from a condensing water glass or get right up next to that red rock formation. Capture the texture of the sand or take the GoPro underwater to see those striped Nemos eye-to-eye or lucky fin to lucky fin.

Guests can submit their photos, and you can choose the best and most obscure in the collection. Then ask people to guess what the objects are. Give prizes for those who guess correctly.

To promote tourism in your area, encourage visitors to stay local to eat and drink. Create a hashtag and a map with an area flavor. For example, ask tourists to use edibleutah or lafoodscene when they go out on the town for the night.

Ask them to take photos of everything from their beer flights to their charcuterie boards and tag them with the appropriate hashtags. They can digitally pin the photos wherever they were on the map. Soon guests will see just how much there is to do, eat and drink in such a concentrated area.

Tiny hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants with their infamous burrito walls had this down to a science way before social media came to the scene. And so polaroids of all who survive — without barfing — plaster the wall by the restrooms.

Transfer this challenge to social and amp up the camaraderie. On a cruise, host a pool Olympics. In a beautiful resort, create a stamp card where the winner gets a prize for eating at all the restaurants on the card.

Document and celebrate the winners both online and maybe on something equivalent to the burrito wall. Everyone has a little extra time to waste on vacation.

Then, give away tickets to the winner. Say a casino is hosting the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a night on stage. Those staying at the venue can draw, paint or sketch their album cover and enter it into a contest for best artwork.

Everyone is familiar with travel-related prizes. Marketers have been using holidays to entice contest entries for decades.

Unless, of course, you are in the travel industry like the contest example below for a trip to Europe, sponsored by Topdeck, Etihad, Busabout, Travel Money, and Student Flights.

Another tried and tested contest giveaway prize is a dinner voucher. UK activewear company Long Tall Sally used the concept of a complementary contest prize by giving away a gym membership, rather than the easy-win of giving away free products.

This example is unique because they have embedded the contest entry form on their eCommerce website, rather than using a standalone landing page. And that price is worth every cent for the supermarket because now they can send you deals and offers via text, an extremely powerful marketing channel.

Sweepstakes and giveaways are known for giving away products, gift cards, or free services, but how about authorship? Hay House Australia got creative with their contest prize by offering an author scholarship to the winner.

Quizzes and trivia contests are a great way to create a personal connection with your customers. Participants get to choose their own journey, show off their personality, and then share their answers with friends and family. They have built-in virality when it comes to sharing!

Here are 6 contest marketing examples that take participants on a journey by using quizzes and trivia questions:. For this quiz , Sebago Brewing Company partnered with Planet Dog to ask targeted questions to dog owners in Maine about their lifestyle. The quiz is visual and really easy to finish, plus it captures lots of valuable information about prospective customers.

Below you will see that KitchenAid has taken a quirky approach to their contest about cottage cheese. It taps into the innate desire of human beings to associate themselves with others who have similar likes and dislikes. The next contest from Rasmussen College offers an Amazon gift card, which may as well be a monetary prize!

They have erred on the side of simplicity with this quiz, but the content is very specific and tailored to their target audience.

This quiz example by Holiday Parks New Zealand does a great job of qualifying participants by asking specific and targeted questions that only a certain type of person would be able to answer.

Jarlsberg uses a short and sharp picture-quiz for their contest below. In a similar way to the KitchenAid cottage cheese quiz, this one is tapping into the human psychology of association.

Not to mention it looks visually stunning as well. Contests provide an interactive way of engaging your audience, collecting leads, and increasing your digital presence. They are a significant upgrade on outdated lead-generation tactics such as eBook downloads.

Instead, use them as inspiration to find the type of contest that will connect with your audience. Which contest marketing example caught your attention?

Get Started Today. No credit card required. Holiday Contest Ideas for Travel-Related Brands in Contests are an effective marketing strategy for a variety of travel-related brands, including big brands like airlines, but also independent travel agents, travel accessory brands think REI , luggage companies, travel books, apps, and more.

A few ideas to inspire your holiday contest. Where should you go next quiz: Use a holiday-themed quiz to help travelers decide where to go for their next getaway. You can introduce audience members to new destinations or share your favorites. My favorite holiday travel memory: One of the best parts about traveling is the memories.

Ask your audience to share a snapshot of their favorite holiday travel memory and the story behind it. Share your most unique trip : Host a photo contest and ask users to share a photo of their most memorable or exotic location.

You could also partner with another brand to increase your reach and prize budget : Win a travel-related basket : Why give away one gift when you can give away several? Create a brand-appropriate travel basket.

Share your best travel hacks : Everyone loves a good travel hack. Ask your audience to share their favorite travel hacks and choose the winner by vote.

This encourages your audience to share your contest with their friends and family. Bonus points if you gather the best hacks together to create an Instagram Guide or Story about travel hacks! Recreate iconic travel photos: Ask your audience to get creative and recreate iconic travel photos in their own home or yard.

The Follow Me To and National Geographic are both great sources for iconic images. Share your why video contest : Everyone has a different reason why they travel. Ask your audience to share why they travel in a video and choose the winner based on votes.

But with so many destinations Limited Time Deals for visitors, it can Travel sample contests hard to promote sampple. So clntests can you Affordable wedding catering the attention that your city, resort, region, or country deserves? Here are some travel giveaway ideas and contests to get you going! Online travel giveaways and contests are a game-changing strategy. You can raise your profile, attract online followers, and tell the world about your destination. If you sapmle what to look Cheap dining experiences samplee win a free trip, and which ones to low-cost food promotions, you stand a samle Cheap dining experiences chance of Travel sample contests the thing. Comtests are my top contess for how to win travel competitions, and bag a free trip. I was earning £19k a year, living in London and going out every weekend. I decided to start entering free holiday competitions. Part of my job at the travel company I worked at was coming up with ideas for competitions to win holidays, and making them stand out so people wanted to enter them.


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