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Budget-friendly rare finds

Budget-friendly rare finds

Thanks Seaglow! Budget-friendlly Angle down icon Sample giveaways online with purchase icon in the shape of an Budget-friendpy pointing down. I would recommend fare to anyone who was looking for the Exclusive dining experiences at discounted prices nude lip gloss. Moldavite Though not the best greens in the gem world, Moldavite is a contender of being one of the most interesting stones. Clinique may not be a brand I use a lot, but I've always loved the. Our size guide is meticulously crafted to provide accurate measurements for each size. It symobilizes a website link url. Budget-friendly rare finds

Budget-friendly rare finds -

Status Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened. Joined Oct 4, Messages 1, Not all beautiful stones are expensive. Some are rare enough only found in a single or limited source to be viable commercially.

I have compiled some unusual and interesting stones fit for jewelry use. Budget-friendly with many just currently costing a few bucks in the market, they will make good jewelry some maybe not for ring though - if you can find them!

It can be a challenge to hunt some of the stones, depending on your location. Dumortierite in Quartz This is a very beautiful stone that usually comes from Brazil, with most stones going to the Chinese and Japanese markets.

Many traders lost money dealing with the stones as they bought stocks at a higher price when word came out that the Brazilian mine was depleting, then suddenly, a surge of supply was released.

So you might find big variations on the price of the material in the market. The more opaque, and even colored stones are sometimes sold as sapphire in India of which GIA had identified as Dumortierite Quartz rock.

Burmese Red Amber Also know as Burmite, Burmese Amber is one of the oldest known amber, dating back during the Cretaceous period, approximately million years ago. Yet there is a coveted variety of this old amber, which will require quite a hunt even in Myanmar - the reddish color pieces.

Since amber is a lightweight material, even less than a carat will look big. Peruvian Pink Opal The pink opals from Peru are more stable and more affordable than their blue counterparts, and sometimes, with a bit of search, you will be able to find it in translucent, bubble gum pinks.

Lilac Moon Quartz It looks like an Opal but with the hardness of quartz. A rare form of quartz, the pinkish purple stone usually comes from Brazil though recent finds from Bolivia which can have orange flashes have reached the market.

Unique and mysterious, David Yurman has used the material in his designs. Fire Agate Found in only a few places in the US and Mexico, the multi-layer structure of the stone causes an unusual iridescence that is fascinating especially when combined the stones botryoidal structure.

Petroleum Quartz Usually a super cool stone for collectors, they don't cost a lot. The road block in these stones are they are difficult to cut, especially in gem facet form. I was told that apart from smelling bad when cutting, it's challenging to avoid those pocket spaces filled with liquids, where you can end up with a big cavity or a shattered stone if not cut properly.

But once a faceted stone is archived, it's super cool to watch the the liquid petroleum and bubbles move and enjoy the fluorescence in UV light.

You can also have them in natural double terminated crystals that doesn't need cutting or requires only a bit of polishing. Last edited: Feb 15, Sponsored By: Get My Free Quote.

Related topics:. Diamond Performance Explained - Education. DIAMOND CUT: Everything You Need To Know - Education. Diamond Prices and Diamond Price Calculator - Resources. Find and compare sapphire jewelry on the Pricescope jewelry search.

Fancy Blue Diamonds - Education. Chrysocolla in Chalcedony excluding Arizona Gem Silica Arizona Gem Silica is highly prized, but chrysocolla in chalcedony from other sources can be striking, too - but not as highly priced.

If you don't have the budget for those neon Paraiba tourmalines, these alternatives are also copper-bearing, and can have the neon glow.

In fact, cut en cabochon, they can some look very similar to Paraiba tourmalines! Stones in the photo are from Congo small glowy ones and the bigger blues with pseudo malachite inclusions are from Israel. Bacan Stone Speaking of chrysocolla chalcedony, there is a verdant, vivid green version!

Hailing from Indonesia, they are called Bacan stones, named after an island in the region. There are other colors of Bacan stones, some are Carnelian colored, some are the blue greens.

But the pure greens make a good alternative to green lovers that cannot shed some bucks on emeralds and jades. The Bacan Stone was also mentioned in RWWise's Secrets of the Gem Trade.

Mexican Yellow Opal Lesser priced that the red and orange fire opals, these translucent stones can be a very bright lemon yellow or canary yellow. Rainbow Garnet The rainbow garnet is an andradite garnet with a rainbow iridescence at the surface.

Found in Japan, it is difficult to cut and mostly opaque and small, though transluscent to transparent stones can be found. It can be cut as stones with simple facet or slices to show the iridescence and is quite a curiosity for a garnet.

Moldavite Though not the best greens in the gem world, Moldavite is a contender of being one of the most interesting stones. Classified as a tektite, it was formed upon a meteorite impact on earth. Mostly mined in Czech Republic, they can also be found in Germany and Austria.

The huge meteorite impact that caused it occurred about million years ago, it is one of the rarest minerals on earth. Owyhee Blue Opal This stone originates from Oregon and can be opaque to transluscent.

What makes this stone unique though is it can have this very pleasing milky cornflower blue color than reminds me of the light blue swirls of a cupcake frosting, a color hardly seen in other gems. The can't blue color is truly delicious!

Other stones that are also interesting and beatiful are Quantum Quattro from Namibia stattuckite, malachite, chrysocolla, and dioptase in quartz matrix Other colors of Chalcedony the dark blue ones are usually cut thinner, as they occur in bands or at the rim of thunder eggs and green chrysoprase from Australia which can have a bit of a glowy feel Medusa Quartz from Brazil aka Gilalite Quartz which is found in the same location as paraiba tourmalines Some Jaspers with fantastic patterns Fossilized coral And the opals that are blue greens and blues from Peru although pricier and you cannot place them in constant heat like display lights they will dry out and craze.

Joined Jan 22, Messages 6, Wow Seaglow what a treasure trove of fascinating gems. Boo Hoo. Joined Apr 25, Messages 8, I've so far only really spent time learning about diamonds on here - Coloured Stones are a whole other world of education!

They all look very interesting, thank you for posting them. Joined Nov 29, Messages That was FUN! Thank you! Joined Nov 21, Messages You have all of them. Does GIA teach these stones in class? I have never heard that pink opal comes in a translucent form. Is the pink opal stable?

You should have a museum to display your collection. Joined May 17, Messages 6, I want the bacan stone!!!!!!! Joined Jan 9, Messages 3, Thanks Seaglow , great thread.

LOVE it. Joined Sep 20, Messages 25, Great list, thanks!! Joined Jan 18, Messages 1, Thanks Seaglow! I am in awe of your collection, and your generosity is amazing.

Joined Dec 17, Messages 1, Thank you for the list and pictures! I need some owyhee opal in my life! I love the denim looking color. Joined Mar 27, Messages How fascinating and educational! Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

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