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Discount dining promotions

Discount dining promotions

Just Didcount marketers, journalists are always looking for a good story. Brand Building. Regularly offering limited run items also opens the doors for additional promotions down the road.


Drive Restaurant Traffic with Coupons and no Discount - Restaurant Marketing Help #restaurantsales

Discount dining promotions -

My name is Adam Guild and I'm the founder of Owner. Our software is simple, easy to use, and proven to raise your restaurant's bottom line. You can learn more about us here. But enough about us! Here are 60 restaurant promotion ideas that ACTUALLY WORK check out the video below for our three favorite ideas!

This one is for the adventurous only! Tongue blistering, one slice of that pizza would be doused with a chilli sauce they claimed to be as hot as police pepper spray. coffee card and offer to trade it in for a free coffee at your restaurant.

You may see your restaurant as just a normal business, but to a diner, there is always a little bit of intrigue about what happens behind the scenes.

If you get a new staff member, proudly introduce them to your customers. The U. There are companies like BuffetGo and Food For All, that allow customers to buy your leftover meals at discounted prices.

Craft festivals, food markets, or music events are all great places to have a small pop-up restaurant. Head over to Google My Business and set up your restaurant for free, and make sure your customers have everything they need to find you. Google is so important to your restaurant that we created this guide on restaurant SEO.

People love a bit of digital validation, so why not give it to them on Instagram, by making them famous for a day? Praise them for their fine choice in dining as well as their photography skills. Returning customers will always be your best customers, so by looking after them, you will see familiar faces filling tables consistently every night.

We live in odd times, where some people enjoy taking photos of their food - perhaps even more than eating it. Let your snap-happy foodies do some free restaurant promotion for you by encouraging them to share their images on Instagram.

This is free advertising from your customers themselves. There is no better advertising than word of mouth, which means new customers guaranteed. Like it or not, food delivery is here to stay.

You can add a lot of revenue to your bottom line with a food delivery system. But that doesn't mean you have to "bend the knee" to the ridiculously high fees of companies like DoorDash and Ubereats.

In fact, you can build your very own delivery system with the Owner platform. com restaurant partners:.

The Owner. com platform does all of these things automatically through our software, but you can do these manually as well. When done correctly, great restaurant promotions get people in the door AND keep them coming back.

It takes all the hard work you are already putting into your restaurant business — all the branding, marketing, customer service, menu optimization, etc.

com restaurant partners double their monthly revenue within a year by adding in the right promotion strategies. And to be clear, you don't need to implement everything on this list just doing a few of these things can really make a difference for your business!

Most of the ideas in this guide focus on taking simple actions that will result in moderate bumps in attention.

Many can be done repeatedly and only take a few minutes to set up. These viral promotion ideas will require a bit more creativity, time, or investment. Hell Pizza had its biggest sales day of all time during this promotional event and saw an overall increase in sales at a time when the local economy was struggling.

This is a great example of how running a challenge-type event for your customers can grab attention and increase sales. At the same time, these types of accounts tend to grow so quickly that k followers nowadays is considered pretty small. The rise of food bloggers and micro-influencers has been a mixed bag of experiences for restaurant owners.

Every other week, we hear a new story about entitled influencers walking around demanding freebies. But in reality, the vast majority of these individuals are just regular people who are passionate about food and working hard to create content to build what is essentially a media business.

The key to this type of restaurant marketing is understanding how to align your incentives with the influencers you are trying to work with. One of our partners named Leo Mattias — owner of Cilantro Lime in downtown Los Angeles — has nailed this formula.

He reaches out to micro-influencers like Mexi Papa and offers to name a new menu item after them while inviting them for a fully filmed, behind-the-scenes tour. In many cases, these types of collaborations only cost the restaurant some time and effort.

What can we learn from 33 million people watching a video of random guys turning fast food into a giant lasagna? One of the great things about social media is you no longer have to guess about what draws attention. All you have to do is look around to see what gets people excited.

Hundreds of brands like Epic Meal Time have created multimillion-dollar media empires with over-the-top, showstopper meal creations that are more about the spectacle than the meal itself. Is there a showstopper dish you could create in-house that could really get people talking?

Sit down with your chef and see what you can come up with to make a splash on social media. This restaurant promotion idea can potentially combine the benefits of both a showstopper meal and a micro-influencer. Today, thanks to sites like Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram, there are millions of amateur, semi-pro, and professional chefs with large online followings.

A large percentage of these chefs are solely online content creators and have never worked for a restaurant. They are struggling to monetize their following, and many of them are looking for ways to establish their cooking legitimacy offline.

This is a great opportunity for local restaurants to partner with popular online chefs who are looking to make offline moves that build their brand. This type of promotion has a ton of upside and very little downside, and I could see it being a staple strategy for restaurants five years from now.

In a low-margin industry like restaurants, the best promotions maximize perceived value while minimizing cost. This is a concept the gambling industry has perfected, and we can take a page out of their book with a promotion where the house always wins.

Promotions like this are fun, funny, and endearing, and they provide some buzz and entertainment value rather than feeling like a sales technique. If you check your wallet right now, you probably have a handful of loyalty cards from various restaurants, cafes, or other businesses.

All you have to do is offer a low-cost freebie — for example, coffee — in exchange for loyalty cards from local companies.

You could even offer better freebies for cards that have been marked with points. This is a fun way to steal even loyal customers from your competitors while making the customer feel like you are trading them high-value food items rather than low-cost freebies.

There are a wide variety of motivations behind this, but if you can facilitate this documentation as a restaurant, you are going to get thousands of dollars worth of free advertising from the people who visit your restaurant.

A selfie station is an aesthetically pleasing backdrop designed and placed in a way that people can easily sit or stand in front of and take pictures of themselves or have others take pictures of them. These photos and hundreds more if you keep scrolling were all taken and published by customers on their own individual Instagram accounts.

This is for a very small, local cafe with just over 4, Instagram followers, and this one little wall is generating hundreds of free advertisements for their business. A food truck is the perfect way to show up wherever the action is and put your brand and food in front of new people in your local area.

Food trucks are also relatively low cost, extremely lucrative, and double as an ongoing, mobile source of promotion for your restaurant. Imagine bringing in that extreme income while ALSO getting a bunch of those customers as repeat business at your restaurant.

Perhaps most importantly, they are an example of a brand that leveraged a strong local fan base into becoming a national chain. This is how you make a secret menu feel special. You can also make this part of a loyalty program, where secret menu items are announced to and even decided by VIP members only.

One of the best ways to turn a local fan base into brand ambassadors is to create branded merchandise that they then wear wherever they go. Well, Chick-fil-A grew to be one of the largest privately held companies in the world by offering a full year of free food to the first visitors to each new location.

Every time a new location opened, people would camp out in the nights leading up to the opening, hoping to be one of the winners. This phenomenon was frequently covered by local press and resulted in millions of dollars in free advertising over the years.

You can do just one winner instead. Nearly half of all workers are employed by small businesses. This includes thousands of potential customers in your local area. A great way to get in front of these customers and generate some viral buzz is to simply show up and provide food for free.

You could provide lunch for the entire staff of most small businesses at a very low cost. Try just showing up with enough food for 20 people, or if that results in some problems, try calling ahead and arranging things with the owner or office manager. Start with small businesses, but you can also aim to give back to the community while gaining more attention when you provide food for teachers, nurses, and other employee groups that are highly regarded in the community.

On the topic of giving back, one of the best ways to gain attention in your community is to give something to that community. Regularly and visibly giving to the community and well-regarded groups in the community is a great way to make people feel like you are on their team rather than simply attempting to profit from their patronage.

The key here is being genuine and offering something that feels meaningful. Just like marketers, journalists are always looking for a good story. Give your local newspaper or TV station a call and see what sort of stories they might be looking for.

Sometimes the simplest things work the best. These promotion strategies are simple, proven, and can be used over and over again. This is as simple as it gets, but percentage discount promotions are consistently the most profitable campaigns for our restaurant partners here at Owner. You also want to create some urgency by saying the quantity of offers is limited and on a first come, first serve basis, AND the promotion will only run for a limited time.

com platform. For our restaurant partners on the Owner. Our platform then automatically sends out periodic offers to each customer based on their order history.

At this restaurant, people who order Chicken Parmigiana often order the Creamy Garlic Chicken Pasta as well. Our software will take note of that and then automatically send the customer a discount offer for the Creamy Garlic Chicken Pasta about two weeks after their Chicken Parmigiana order.

com was built specifically to address these frustrations and help grow your restaurant business. Promotions are all about getting customers to take action, and few things motivate action quite like a deadline. Regularly offering limited run items also opens the doors for additional promotions down the road.

You can run polls allowing customers to vote on which items to bring back and possibly make voting a perk of your loyalty program , or you can simply take popular items and give them an encore.

On the hunt for a cheap lunch deal today? Or are you searching for the best restaurant deals in the coming week? Look no further. Some of these meal deals are ongoing, and you can plan your restaurant outings around deals on a certain day of the week.

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Even procrastinators can save because there are plenty of restaurant deals to be had right now. Here are our tips for saving money every day at popular chain restaurants.

Some of these deals are rarely publicized yet you can take advantage of them every day if you just know what to ask for. Here are the best restaurant deals we know of for the upcoming week. Plan your meals out for the best day of the week for a discount.

Invite a friend along for any twofer or BOGO deals, or bring an extra home to enjoy later. Learn about dollar menus and happy hour deals that can help you save on dining out every day. Eating out at a restaurant can fit in your budget when you take advantage of all these free and cheap food deals available this week.

Teresa Mears is a website publisher, writer, blogger and editor who was raised to be frugal. In her 35 years as a journalist, she has written for papers ranging in size from the weekly Portland Tenn. Leader to The Los Angeles Times. She was an editor for the Miami Herald for more than 17 years, overseeing coverage of home, real estate, family and other subjects.

She has also been a contributor to The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Dallas Morning News and other publications. Teresa owns and operates Miami On The Cheap , Florida On The Cheap , Fort Lauderdale On The Cheap , Palm Beach On The Cheap and Orlando On The Cheap.

Local on the Cheap sites. Join 8, cheapskates and get our free daily newsletter, filled with valuable advice to help you live better on less. And finally, promotions can influence the way guests make purchasing decisions.

A well-done promotion might:. In order to reap all these benefits, though, restaurateurs have to use promotions strategically. More on that below. Some of the most effective strategies are the simplest: Start by offering discounts.

These can be time-sensitive to encourage more guests to take advantage of them. You can also offer a percentage-based, flat-off discount. Events are a great way to get more guests to visit your restaurant. Consider booking a music event, hosting a trivia night, or showing a big sporting event—like the Superbowl—at your restaurant.

Even a themed day, like Taco Tuesday, can be an incredibly effective promotion. Holidays are a popular time to go out to eat, and restaurants can take advantage of that. Word-of-mouth is a tried and true advertising strategy, and a loyalty program that rewards guests for referring their friends can really help spread the word about your restaurant.

Rewards programs for repeat visitors are another popular promotion idea. Eating out with a family or group can quickly become expensive. Entice families to visit your restaurant with a family meal deal, or attract groups with family-style dining. The weekends tend to be some of the busiest times for restaurants, leaving many struggling to fill tables during the week.

If your goal is to attract more guests on weekdays, a weekday-only special could do the trick. The same goes for off-peak times, like the late afternoon hours in between the lunch and dinner rushes.

The limited-time feeling of a nightly special often encourages guests to order it. Want to partner with other local businesses to market to your entire community?

A business card raffle with prizes like gift cards to local stores can help market your restaurant while building goodwill in your local business community. There is no better way to turn first-time visitors into regulars than by offering an immediate incentive for guests to come back to your restaurant.

One way to do this is by offering a next-visit coupon to every party that comes in the door.

Cheap promotion with good food do promotinos, Free Designer Perfume Samples just need to know where to find them. Hint: Right here on Hip2Save! Stuck at the office? In traffic? Just plain exhausted? Discount dining promotions This is your complete guide to restaurant promotion, packed dinig of proven eining that have Disxount Discount dining promotions real, local restaurants Free sample offers like yours. This is Disocunt four of our Restaurant Growth Handbook. Start with page one to calculate how much your restaurant can realistically grow in the next year. My name is Adam Guild and I'm the founder of Owner. Our software is simple, easy to use, and proven to raise your restaurant's bottom line.

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