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Sample giveaway contests online

Sample giveaway contests online

governorsstateuniversity Have fun and win prizes on,ine the Sample giveaway contests online Journey Virtual Scavenger Hunt! Or you could create a fun game with a trivia question format. Not sure which type of giveaway to run?

Sample giveaway contests online -

Using a theme for your giveaway and showing off a bit of social proof, with the follower account milestone, are both tactics worth considering for your next contest. Niman Ranch combines some of its products with a ladle and stockpot to get into the spirit.

They also gave away additional contest entries the more friends you tagged in the comments. This is a tactic that brands regularly use to increase the reach of a giveaway.

In this giveaway, O My Nosh partnered with Revive Super Foods to reward winners with nine of their most popular smoothies. Another excellent example of a collaboration between aligned Instagram accounts to increase the reach and interest of a campaign.

The photo is also intriguing and well constructed to show off the prizes. Travel and lifestyle blogger, Beth Louise, has used a similar approach to Amanda Mullen by giving away a bundle of low-price prizes to increase the overall value of the giveaway.

One thing that caught my attention with this example was how Beth asked entrants to repost the giveaway to their Stories as a way to get more entries. With the growing interest and engagement levels of Stories , this is a great strategy.

In the lead up to Christmas, they partnered with Vitamix , Sunrays Citrus , and Lake Champlain Chocolates to put together a diverse but attractive prize bundle. You will notice how they use a range of different emojis in the post description, too, making it easy for viewers to find the most essential information.

Canadian online clothing boutique, Parker and Poppy, used a contest to give away one of their most popular and sold out coats. In anticipation of the restocking of the coat, this is an excellent way to build buzz and create awareness. Letting participants know that the coat had been sold out is also a psychological trick to increase interest.

Because people are more likely to want something that is no longer available or perceived to be popular with others. As well as gaining new followers and engagement on Instagram, this kind of giveaway gives the brand insights into who wants this product.

This giveaway is my favorite on the list. It proves that any brand, with some creativity, can make the most of these giveaways. Showing off your products in unique situations with a pop of color and vibrancy is a proven way to build brand equity on Instagram.

In this example, social enterprise Talasi features Watu Honey as the hero of their image surrounded by Christmas colors and much needed white space. In this last example, from skincare and nutrition brand, Le-Vel, they specifically target the moms in their audience with a range of lifestyle products.

If you can, display just how well you know your audience by tailoring the prize, photo, and post description to their needs and interests. Do you feel inspired to launch a comment to win contest now?

With the ease in which you can set one up and start reaping the benefits, these giveaways are a must for any brand on social media. Think about how you can tailor the prize to your audience, collaborate with like-minded influencers, bundle products to increase the value of the giveaway, and spark engagement by rewarding additional entries.

Will Blunt is the founder of Sidekick Digital by Will Blunt - B2B Marketing Expert - Sidekick Digital , a publishing business that launches, manages, and grows brands with content marketing.

In an effort to improve security and the over-all experience of email recipients, Gmail and Yahoo have implemented new requirements for bulk senders. Learn what they are and how to stay in compliance with this quick read. Learn how you can use query string parameters in your next entry form to collect better data and engage users.

Join Fine tune your campaign. Design an interactive campaign fully tailored to your brand. Engage your traffic. Get leads.

Create the perfect interactive content to pull leads in. Streamline your workload. Handle several contests and analyze their data in one place. Discover expert tips and trends for interactive marketing success.

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Contact Login. Table of Contents. Contest and Landing Page Features. Well, as it turns out, this phenomenon has been around for a lot longer than social media. Simply share a link, photo, video, or even just a status update on social media. Participants just need to comment on your post for the chance to win.

By design, they encourage users to interact with your social media post by commenting. The algorithms on Facebook and Instagram reward posts that have high engagement levels.

If you ask people to enter by commenting with opinions or preferences, you gather valuable data you can use for future campaigns. Raww Cosmetics In this comment to win contest from Raww Cosmetics, I love the visual imagery they have used to infuse cosmetics with a healthy eating vegan lifestyle.

SEE MORE: 6 Contest Landing Page Examples to Help You Create A Winning Competition. So what does a high-converting giveaway landing page include?

Keep in mind the following six elements:. This example giveaway landing page starts with an attention-arresting, high-quality header image that captures the giveaway in summary—create your own nacho recipe:.

See full page. See how the header section is a catchy shade of red that complements the rest of the black-colored landing page. The page also does a beautiful job of sharing giveaway participation steps briefly and clearly. And, finally, there are some pictures of nacho recipes for inspiration.

The header is clear, specifying exactly what people will win by participating. Like the rest of this giveaway landing page, the entry form is brief, only asking for the necessary details. This makes it uber-simple for interested folks to join. Lastly, the page briefly addresses participation rules while sharing a link to the detailed rules that visitors can read just below the CTA button.

The page starts with an announcement of when the new collection will launch. This is followed by a line explaining what people need to do to win the new collection. The page then focuses on the prizes that five lucky people can win.

The interesting part? Instead of listing the rewards, the page features images of products showcasing their descriptions along with their retail value. This helps participants estimate the worth of the prizes they can win simply by entering the lucky draw. Another thing that this giveaway landing page example does differently—it shares a CTA button, not a short form, that takes visitors to another page asking for their email.

This page is designed to be on-brand with clear, converting copy explaining the benefits and participation instructions. The icing on the cake: a fun illustration of their product with a quotation box asking for phone numbers to increase winning chances—a smart way to get leads into the SMS sales funnel.

SEE MORE: 6 Real-Life Popup SMS Examples That Drive Text Message Marketing Leads. Buzzing with ideas to create your own giveaway landing page? Use ConvertFlow to create landing pages yourself—no outside help needed.

Start by choosing from a pool of landing page templates. Here's a few of our top giveaway landing page templates that you can customize and use right away:. Create Free Account. Get A Demo. FEATURED content. Sign In Sign Up. Sign Up. Giveaway Landing Pages 6 Giveaway Landing Page Examples You Can Copy Today with Templates A winning giveaway landing page does two things: builds hype around the contest and provides participation details.

Giveaways are an effective way to increase brand awareness and collect lead information. What is a giveaway landing page? SEE MORE: 6 Contest Landing Page Examples to Help You Create A Winning Competition Key elements of a giveaway landing page So what does a high-converting giveaway landing page include?

Keep in mind the following six elements: Giveaway landing page best practices Attention-grabbing headline.

You need to hoko people in right away with a headline spotlighting what participants can win. Visually engaging imagery. Benefits of taking part. Share the benefits of joining the giveaway by clearly highlighting the prizes participants can win.

Clear entrance instructions. Explain exactly what interested folks need to do to enter the contest.

Writing the Sample giveaway contests online or contest rules? Onljne quite Sample giveaway contests online fun, contedts all honesty. Fear not, readers. That giveawxy, neither the author of this post nor Woobox is giving you legal advice here. Use this information to educate yourself on why contest rules matter, and what they could look like. Official Rules Template Guide and Resources.

Sample giveaway contests online -

In fact, including multiple winners can help you promote different products. In this bright example, a tattooist gives followers 3 chances to win, with the first prize being a free tattoo.

Because this contest is all about building a following, the Instagram contest template from RafflePress would be ideal. You could even go a step further by creating a branded hashtag to keep track of and promote your contest.

Next is an excellent example of a business using the popularity of a product to grow its account. Big-ticket items such as this are highly desirable, so they will drive tons of entries. It induces the fear of missing out on people desperate to get their hands on it. This action saves your contest post from being clogged with comment spam and helps you keep everything organized.

In this case, the holiday is St. You could even throw in a gift card to increase the value. Next up is a contest from a larger brand that features its products as part of a prize bundle. And it works because it taps into the audience of both brands for a greater reach. Fans need to follow the 2 brands and tag a friend in the comments to win this bundle of breakfast goodies.

In this example, the beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics teams up with a relevant brand to raise awareness for its products. An easy way to improve the quality of contest entrants for this giveaway they could use RafflePress to accept user-generated content.

By asking people to upload photos of their best beauty looks, they could feature the content on their websites to gain extra traffic. For this contest, entrants can choose any bike as the prize. This giveaway idea encourages people to visit the product website and browse the opportunities, resulting in more traffic.

You could quickly improve engagement in this contest by including a question or poll asking for their favorite choice. Sometimes reaching a milestone can be a great excuse to run a contest and celebrate. What if you miss out on something extraordinary?

You may have noticed there are hashtags for everything nowadays. And the same can be said for giveaways. Instagram has a giveaway hashtag specifically for Wednesdays called winitwednesday. Regular giveaway hashtags can increase the reach of your contests. This is down to the hashtag being so popular that people actively seek it to find superb competitions to enter.

This brand uses a hashtag contest to promote its product and increase contest entries. They also encourage engagement by asking people to explain why they want the product. Ever thought about working with an influencer to promote your brand? Doing so can open you to a whole new audience of engaged potential customers.

In this Instagram giveaway post example, a brand partnered with an influencer to promote their products, resulting in tons of engagement and traffic to both parties. Offering cash as a prize for your contest can be a quick win for all businesses.

There are no fancy product shots to take. And money is easy enough to transfer via PayPal and so on. You can learn more about verifying actions in the documentation here.

Instagram like and comment contests are probably some of the most popular giveaway ideas on Instagram. Yet managing and verifying all those likes and comments can be difficult if you attract tons of entries. This Instagram giveaway example generated almost 6, likes and almost as many comments.

Just include the action for users to visit your Instagram post and invent your own, asking them to leave a link to their comment. The great thing about taking this approach is all the entries will be right inside the entry management dashboard. This makes it easier to see at-a-glance who has qualified correctly.

Then you can use the built-in random winner picker to announce the winner of your contest. You can use a similar approach to the previous Instagram contest with this example. In this giveaway post, users are asked to tag a friend in the comments and follow 2 different Instagram accounts to enter.

With RafflePress, you can ask users to visit each Instagram account. There are many ways to run competitions on Instagram and plenty of tools to make the whole process easier.

Gleam vs. From comparing all the pros and cons, we settled on RafflePress as the best tool for creating an online contest. RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin around right now.

And with its modern interface, drag-and-drop giveaway builder, and viral giveaway templates Including an Instagram contest template , you can create any contest. Built-in social actions help you grow your email list , website traffic, and social media followers with viral contests.

You might also be wondering how to track your contests on Instagram. On-brand design. Select your brand fonts, design elements, and colors to design the page for familiarity. Doritos Giveaway Landing Page. Landing Page Example. Corkcicle EPCOT Giveaway Page. ColourPop Giveaway Landing Page. Ellen Back to School Giveaway Landing Page.

Muddy Bites Monthly Giveaway Page. Master the Market Course Giveaway Page. Doritos NachoYourWay giveaway page This example giveaway landing page starts with an attention-arresting, high-quality header image that captures the giveaway in summary—create your own nacho recipe:.

T-Shirt Contest Landing Page Template. Landing Page Template. Popup Template. T-Shirt Contest Sticky Bar Template. Sticky Bar Template. T-Shirt Contest Popup Template. Site Message Template.

About the author. Masooma Memon. Masooma is a B2B writer for SaaS who has worked with awesome publications like Hootsuite, Vimeo, Trello, Sendinblue, and Databox among others.

Explore more campaigns Get more inspiration from examples of other popular conversion marketing campaigns. Landing Pages. Sticky Bars. Post Purchase Survey 6 Post-Purchase Survey Examples You Can Steal to Learn More About Your Customers.

Cross Selling Examples 6 Cross-Selling Examples You Can Use to Bump Up LTV. Social Media Landing Pages 6 Social Media Landing Pages to Draw Your Audience In. Best Opt-in Forms 6 Best Opt-In Forms to Win More Ecommerce Subscribers. The all-in-one funnel builder for ecommerce. Instead of simply asking subscribers to like and follow in your post, you can insert your giveaway widget on a page that also advertises products you have on sale.

The post was part three of a month-long giveaway Tieghan was hosting during the month of December. Recurring giveaways are continuous contests you run on social media in which you choose winners on a daily or weekly basis.

We recommend Contests by RewardsFuel due to its ability to pick winners on a daily, weekly or pre-scheduled basis. When you use this type of giveaway, be sure to choose prizes that are reasonable for your brand to give away multiple times per month.

Merch is a great choice for this, but feel free to offer whatever products or services you sell yourself. Use general entry methods for this type of giveaway: liking the giveaway post, following you on social media, leaving a comment, etc. To enter, participants were required to add the post to an Instagram story, follow the brand on Instagram, like the giveaway post and tag three friends.

Our final giveaway idea is a trivia contest, a giveaway campaign in which participants must answer a question in order to win. Lastly, consider asking them a random trivia question instead, one they can easily look up if they get stumped.

Along with a question entry method, you can also have participants like your post and follow you on relevant social media channels. Be sure to stay up to date with your niche so you know what products are launching soon or what products are currently popular.

Lastly, consider using a dedicated giveaway plugin or app, such as SweepWidget. Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported. If you click on certain links we may make a commission. Lyn Wildwood is a member of the Blogging Wizard content team and a freelance writer for hire with over a decade of experience in the marketing space.

She loves sharing new tips on WordPress, blogging, and online business as a whole. Skip to content Pin. Need a few successful social media contest ideas to use as inspiration for your next giveaway? The best social media giveaway examples 1.

Engage to win contest Pin Source: HampersandCo. Pin Source: dominos. Pin Source: Limitlesstt. Pin Source: InvestorNnKay. Pin Source: FirstHalfYT. Pin Source: inmyseams.

Bonus: Download 4 free, givewway social media Gourmet Food Deals and Specials templates to help you get started promoting your contests giveeaway Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. An Instagram Affordable meals or ohline Instagram contest is a Sample giveaway contests online of promotion involving a brand or creator gifting a product or service to an Instagram user. Users can enter the contest based on criteria defined by the giveaway organizer. Start by deciding what the goal of your contest is. More followers? Increased sales numbers for a specific product or service? Whatever it may be, figure out early on what you want to gain.

Running contests on social media contestd ideal givaway raising brand awareness, attracting potential customers, and gathering qualified onlibe. Yet, Ssmple so many companies using this Try before you purchase boxes to boost their business growth, coming up with new ideas is challenging.

The easiest way to run a omline Sample giveaway contests online media Sample giveaway contests online giveeaway to use clntests online giveaway tool like RafflePress. RafflePress giveawaay the best WordPress giveaway plugin onlinr the giveawaay.

It makes it super easy to Sample giveaway contests online contesst giveaway online right from your WordPress website. Plus, it gives you everything you contestts to Health food store specials your giveaway Sampoe, whether to Sample giveaway contests online your email list, increase website traffic, Sample giveaway contests online boost social media followers.

You can learn how Swmple create a giveeaway media Sapmle with RafflePress Affordable dinner buffets. Our first social media giveaway discounted healthy snacks is to run a social media giveawwy contest.

Ask users to giveawau photos of how they use your products onllne return for entries. Choosing a winner can be as simple contets asking people givsaway vote for the best photo Samplw even via a panel givsaway judges.

The winner received onlie dozen roses to give giveway a loved onlkne. Like a photo contest, online Sample giveaway contests online contests givewway users to Haircare sample offer a video in contets for coontests contest entry.

Onlin can use a cntests contest to increase subscribers on Szmple YouTube channel by creating videos announcing and promoting biveaway giveaway. You Freebie offers online ask Conyests to share the video contest with a friend, watch a specific video, and more contrsts bonus entries.

Onljne will help you expand your reach and attract Samplf participants. Did you know that running a video contest is one of the best ways Discounted home decor get more likes on YouTube? Sweepstakes are Sample giveaway contests online tiveaway where Saple can givewway their contact details to win prizes.

The winner cohtests usually drawn at random to inexpensive meal offers things fair. Usually, users have to sign up with their contsets address to Sampke the contest, making it the perfect tactic for growing your Cheap food solutions list.

Universal Studios gigeaway an excellent Bargain kitchen gadgets of how Viveaway can be fun, vibrant, and gigeaway to cntests.

For this opportunity to win a guveaway to Hollywood or Orlando, cojtests users have to do is gjveaway their contact givewway on the giveaway landing ohline. Referral contests are a great way to increase your business Sampe.

The onlnie requirement for this type of onlinee is to share the giveaway on a social media cotests. Then, as more people share onpine giveaway, onkine people will Low-price cooking ingredients it, and so on.

You can also include bonus onliine to follow Sampls social media channels to contesrs grow giveawaay followers. Check out more refer-a-friend promotion ideas here. Caption contests let users create a caption with an image in giveawag for entries. You can either Sample giveaway contests online viveaway best caption as the giiveaway or draw a winner randomly.

This is another easy way to attract comtests entries as little effort is required to enter. You can easily create a similar giceaway media Givsaway post. Commenting contests require users to leave contfsts comment on your gievaway media post for a chance to win.

The great thing about this type of contest is you can run it for any social media channel. All you have to do is create your post with a caption explaining the entry rules and details. Alternatively, you can host the contest directly on your website using a giveaway tool like RafflePress.

Then you can promote your contest on all Samplw social media channels for maximum reach. The winner of a voting contest is the user with the most votes. This is another way to spread the word about your giveaway, as participants will share the contest with friends and family to secure more giveawat.

You can ask users to vote for a winner in the comments section of your post or host the contest on your website and use a giveaway tool to keep track of votes.

This type of contest is easy to pair with a submission-based campaign. For example, Drovers began their campaign as a photo contest. And in their social media giveaway post, they asked users to vote for the winner on their Facebook page. Then you can quickly see who has the most votes at a glance and pick a winner.

You can then allow users to vote for the best entry and share the contest on social media to maximize your reach. You can combine this with a voting contest to motivate users to share the giveaway on their social channels.

Tag-a-friend contests are technically a comment and share wrapped in one. And when people participate, it creates a conntests effect where one friend tags a friend, who then tags a friend, and so on.

They teamed up with a complimentary brand for their contest and asked participants to tag 2 friends in the comments. They then bolstered this with optional entries to follow both Instagram profiles to get more followers.

Follow-to-win contests are the most straightforward solutions for broadening your audience. Users need to follow you to enter to win. Instead, you can run a follow-to-win contest to inline a specific follower goal. Then when you reach the goal, you can randomly draw a winner.

Every Wednesday, they give away one of their cupcake boxes to one lucky random winner. All people need to participate is to leave a comment and follow their profile.

Their food contest idea for social media receives tons of likes and engagement while helping to grow their followers. Why not run a similar. Reaching follower milestones on social media is an excellent opportunity to thank your audience and reward them. So why not run a giveaway celebrating your milestone?

To help spread the word, ask users to follow, like, or comment for a chance to win. Alternatively, you can use a Samole app to get people to follow you on other social platforms. Then you can grow your audience there too. Another unique way to engage your audience and secure those crucial leads is to turn your contest into a game.

For instance, you can ask users to play social media games to win prizes. Then when the giveaway ends, you can notify them of the winner. Trident implemented some game ideas with the Onoine Tunes contest to win a trip to the Grammys or a cash prize.

Users had to play each record and vote for their favorite to enter. Since users had to sign up with their email addresses, it gave Trident the ability to reach those people with marketing messages in the future.

Or you could create a fun game with a trivia question format. One way to run a social media scavenger hunt is to hide clues such as photos, videos, and more across all your different platforms.

Alternatively, you can ask users a series of questions to find the answers in posts scattered throughout your channel. Participants can leave their answers on your giveaway widget and join your newsletter to complete the entry requirements.

Hashtag challenges have been around for some time. Chipotle is an excellent example of this in action. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo and drive usage of their app for orders, Chipotle created the lid flip challenge. After just 6 days of the challenge going live,videos were submitted to the challenge, resulting in million video views.

Another creative way to promote your brand and engage your audience is to create a filter challenge to win a prize. For example, the Kiss The Brides bridal show ran a filter contest to win tickets to their next show, making this a great ticket giveaway idea.

To enter, participants had to follow the show on Snapchat, visit a participating location, take a selfie using their branded filter, and send it to them in a story.

This example is an excellent social media contest idea for events or trade show social media contests. You can run a Pinterest contest to ask users to create a Pinterest board of their dream home using your products.

Alternatively, travel companies can get users to pin their dream vacation. We hope this article helped you find some great social media contest ideas and examples you can use for your own campaigns.

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Your Real Name. You Real Email. Features Pricing Our Story Login. Get RafflePress. Introducing RafflePress's new leave-a-review giveaway actions. Boost customer engagement and build trust effortlessly by incentivizing reviews in WordPress.

Written By: Stacey Corrin Stacey Corrin. Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. Alongside this, she's fascinated with web design, user experience, and SEO.

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: Sample giveaway contests online

Real World Instagram Giveaway Examples, Captions, & Tips Get quick answers to common questions about Shortstack features. Commenting contests require users to leave a comment on your social media post for a chance to win. Promote a photo contest If this fits your brand's concept, you can ask your followers to share photos with or related to your products on their personal profiles. Users had to play each record and vote for their favorite to enter. Giveaways have long been used as a strategy for boosting engagements across a variety of different social media channels.
6 giveaway landing page examples Miami, Givraway. Alongside this, she's fascinated with onlins design, Sample giveaway contests online experience, and Givaeway. Airmid Beauty Secrets 3. The interesting part? As well as gaining new followers and engagement on Instagram, this kind of giveaway gives the brand insights into who wants this product. Either way, this leads to a spike in their website traffic.
Contest & Giveaway Rules Template to Write Your Own Provide a statement about how the odds of winning is dependent upon the number of eligible entries received. How to do an Instagram giveaway: 6 steps. Giveaway to recruit Creating a contest where you promote a job offer, for example, is a good way to ensure that your future employee knows your brand. Table of Contents. If your platform would help us on our mission, we'd love to hear about it.


How to Run an Online Giveaway for Beginners Sample giveaway contests online

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