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Get a Glimpse of Books

Get a Glimpse of Books

Then Glimpes I look forward to reading the glimpse Glimpxe the spelling Handicraft material freebies. Characterization: Hope in the beginning of Gllimpse book was Get a Glimpse of Books depressed. Her novels include The Chosen One, Never that Far, Messenger and Never Said. High Resolution Images Book Cover Image jpg : Glimpsed Trade Paperback Want to read. It left like the right place to leave Hope and Lizzie, and it offers hope in its resolution.

For the x money, you could buy 4 books and use 3 as sponsee gifts. From the books Click Glimps page number or the book cover icon to view that page in the Gpimpse.

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A member gives us a vivid glimpse of those days. glimpse of your future will be to BB A Vision For You, p. Perhaps the best way of treating you to a glimpse of your future will be to describe the growth of the fellowship among us. Grapevine A. Preamble only.

Sorting and rendering passages in the proprietary format of the and More concordance does not in any way imply affiliation with or endorsement by either Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc.

Grapevine, Inc. Further A. and the A. Grapevine Inc. have no objection to the use of this material in the and More concordance.

: Get a Glimpse of Books

A Glimpse of Through book by Janet Cadogan Loken Their mother, who turns tricks to support her family, is a reluctant and unreliable parent—at best. Show full review. We meet Liz at school and start to find that she is no ordinary teenager, she sees Glimpse and is not sure what these are, because of this is bullied by other pupils at her school. Toggle navigation OUR PORTALS Nagarik Shukrabar Nagarik Network. I really love when other stories or poems become the basis of something new in this way.
Glimpse: A Novel Lizzie begins treatment with a new psychiatrist, who asks Hope to try to remember anything that might have pushed Lizzie to such desperation. What about their mother? This is about fourteen year old Lizzie who tries to commit suicide, but her sister catches her about to do it, and Liz is suddenly taken into the hospital where she is looked after. By the time she got back, Memom had already helped me deal, and it seemed kinda late to bring it up. Making it real.
Where My Love Of Coffee And My Love Of YA Intersect

Nothing really happened until the end, so i was pretty bored until then. When it did start picking up, it was a lot more exciting than the rest of it but it still wasn't anything amazing.

Overall, slow and dull. Kate Ormand. Author 8 books followers. An atmospheric and elegant story set at the haunted Highwayman inn. I loved the setting. It was really eerie in and around the inn and I never felt like Liz was quite safe there, but even when she was at school darkness was creeping in at the corners all the time.

The forbidden romance element of the story was probably my favourite part. Author 4 books followers. A haunting, fantastic read! Kendra Leighton's debut novel is compelling, eloquent and unique. I studied The Highwayman at school and it kicked off a life-long fondness for the poem I think I can even recite most of it.

When I heard that Leighton had written a YA novel incorporating The Highwayman into its storyline, I was more than a little intrigued. GLIMPSE did not disappoint! A beautifully realised setting with a relatable, fun main character and a surprising, twisting narrative.

I'm a wuss and generally hate ghost stories but I have to make an acceptation with this one. Anna Enchanted by YA. Hauntingly beautiful. Hannah Crabb. Overlooking 'a smile as weak as cake mix', an otherwise enjoyable and atmospheric story! When I first heard and saw Glimpse I knew I had to read it.

Not only did Glimpse sound like a a great spooky read, I love how haunting the cover is, it just fit perfectly with the synopsis. Glimpse is based on a poem, The Highway Man, but it's not one I have read, or heard of.

Thankfully the poem is in the beginning of Glimpse so I was able to read it and get an idea of the inspiration and story behind Glimpse. Liz has inherited the Highwayman Inn after her granddad passed away, together with her Father, they move home and relocate to the inn.

Not only is Liz faced with living in a new place that holds a lot of history for her, she also has to start a new school and pretend to be 'normal', that she doesn't see these glimpses.

I felt sorry for Liz, she is seeing things that no-one else can see, and she is finding it hard to be a normal girl, a normal teenager, even her own father is having difficulty understanding her, and this move felt like it had made her even more alone, more isolated.

Glimpse was an interesting read and while I wouldn't say I loved it, I did enjoy it. I like how Kendra has woven different aspects together, paranormal, romance, mystery, and made them work really well together.

I like the paranormal aspect in Glimpse and although it wasn't as spooky as I would have liked, it definitely kept me intrigued as to what was going to happen in the story itself. Scott was someone who I never really warmed up to. I personally felt like he thought he was God's gift to the world and thought far too much of himself, he was definitely up to something.

Zachary was a mystery and although you eventually know of his history I think he was one of the few people that I felt okay with.

I love his attitude towards Liz and his old fashioned manners. Do we learn why Liz sees glimpses? Why can she see Zachary like he is a normal human being? Do we get the answers why she can't remember anything before the crash?

All of these questions and more are answered in the final chapters of Glimpse , and the answers were not something I was expecting, but I do love the twist. Glimpse is a great read for a début author and I am interested in seeing if Kendra has any more ideas up her sleeve. Review also published on my book blog, The Book Fairy's Haven.

Ok, so after initially finding this book intriguing, I'm very disappointed to say that everything else that followed ended up being one huge disappointment for me. The Highway Man is one of my all-time favourite poems - I love the haunting imagery, the prose of the poem and the air of tragedy that embodies it.

So, it stands to reason that while I didn't expect a blow-by-blow adaptation of it, I did hope and expect that the book would at least capture the essence of the poem. Unfortunately, I think the book really failed at this.

The ghostly aspects didn't haunt, the protagonist was just another overly done character trope and I just didn't connect with her or the events that unfolded in the story. Oh and the almost love story and how it was resolved in the end? For me and I'm once again sorry to say this it felt like an absolute cop-out; one that I just didn't buy, especially given the fact that I already wasn't sold on the idea of Liz and Zachary as a couple in the first place.

I think the main problem with retellings and this is by no means any author's fault is that we as the readers, demand so much from it. We expect either the same versions with better endings, or something better than the original product.

And sometimes it's this that results in us failing to separate our visions of what it should be from the picture that is presented to us. Which is exactly what happened to me with Glimpse.

Over all, I don't think it's a completely horrible read - I just wouldn't go out of my way to purchase a copy of the book; if you're going to read it, get it from the library. Sarah Elizabeth.

Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Little, Brown Book Group UK and NetGalley. Unfortunately though, Liz just finds herself plagued by new ghosts.

And how can Liz help him? This was an okay story, but it took a long time to get good. Liz was a bit of a naïve girl at the start of this book.

Up until that point I was pretty bored, but thankfully the book took a turn for the better. There was some romance in this, and it was quite good. I did find the initial attraction a little weird though, and it all happened a bit too fast really for me. The ending was certainly surprising, and I liked that we got a bit of action.

The romance angle was again a little odd at the end, but I was glad that Liz got a happy ending. Overall; okay story, but took a while to get going, 6 out of Emma Adams.

Author 80 books followers. And I was delighted when it turned out to be such a wonderfully creepy and atmospheric read! For a girl who can see ghosts, or Glimpses, inheriting the spooky old Highwayman Inn seems a bad idea for seventeen-year-old Liz.

I loved the way the author took the poem as inspiration and used it to create an engaging mystery and Liz is a relatable teen narrator and I really liked the supporting cast, including her new friend Susie, and the mysterious Zachary.

The story keeps moving while the mystery and tension mount higher. I loved that the plot took turns I never expected, and yet made perfect sense when it all came together at the end. Emma Carroll. Author 32 books followers. A gripping ghost story using The Highwayman poem as its inspiration though it made me think more of Jamaica Inn.

The setting is superb, likewise the cast of characters who are all haunted in some way. It's difficult to know quite who to trust - be ready for a twist at the end! Although I have been avoiding Paranormal Romance as of late, the idea of Glimpse intrigued me enough to want to pick it up and read it as soon as possible.

Glimpse is a really original, gothic tale with Highwaymen, ghosts and plenty of mystery bit sadly I didn't find it very memorable. The ghosts were really creepy.

Instead of your usual hauntings by eerie, dripping children who've died in some pool, Liz's glimpses are just that - glimpses of various ghostly body parts, often hands or feet. Of course, she ends up living at one of the most haunted places she could find.

Parts of this story confused me. Where the book was set felt unclear, I may have missed something. i also didn't understand why, if it was her inn, she let her Dad make all the decisions - like letting the creepy boy at school and his Dad hang around the house whenever they felt like it, just because they worked there occasionally.

It's her house, not theirs. I did really like the relationship between Liz and the Zachary, the unique plot twist at the end kept me guessing and I felt that it was a perfect ending for them. The romance wasn't heavy and I didn't feel that there was insta-love at any point either.

Overall i thought that this was a great debut. Blog Facebook Twitter. Katrina Southern. I've been in the process of reading this book for a while -I started it way back in November and then got distracted by other reads.

I've had it on my TBR for even longer! But that's not a reflection on the book itself, just my own indecisive nature. I was still really excited about reading a book based around Alfred Noyes's poem 'The Highwayman' as I distinctly remember reading and enjoying it at school! A ghost story might not be the most conventional way to start the year off, but I was in the mood!

I really enjoyed a lot of aspects of this! The story itself was a good one, filled with plenty of action and a lot of mystery.

I liked the paranormal elements to it too, and I felt that Elizabeth's powers were well explained. I liked how her 'spirit-seeing' worked and the glimpses were super creepy! I also really liked the build-up in this story and Zachary's role.

He was a good love interest - mysterious, eloquent and charming, and was just how I envisaged the legendary Highwayman. My only complaint was that I saw most of the plot points coming a mile off. The ending was virtually no surprise to me, and I felt that Leighton really brushed over what Liz's revelation and Zachary's meant for everyone!

What about poor, ignorant Liz's dad? Though I have to say, he frustrated me a lot in this book so I don't feel THAT sorry for him.

I think the ending could have benefitted from a more solid conclusion. But other than that, this was a great read!

YA ghost stories have always been my favourite kind of story. This is not just any poem. The thing: Books do not have to be spectacular to entertain or be loved, but if you write about a beloved, classic poem — your book needs to be very good. Not just good but breathtakingly brilliant.

But still. The man — no, boy — who turns out to be the famous Highwayman is truly underwhelming. He haunted the roads, robbed and killed people and did all the things highwaymen used to do. I was expecting some Dick Turpin or Claude Duval, someone interesting and maybe unlikable but authentic for an eighteenth century highway robber.

We do not get that. We get Zachary. In short: We get a really nice teenaged boy. Mind you, I would have loved a nice, considerate boy in any other YA read. I despise the brooding dark YA hero who treats the heroine like dirt, I do not want that kind of thing in any boy.

In fact, Zachary is great. A highwayman, however, he is not. I get that, according to the book, the poem is a complete romanticisation of the actual events, but still.

The other thing that bothered me was the ending. It was rushed. A lot. This is a slow book and I really like that. I would choose darkly atmospheric reads over lots of action anytime. This book builds and builds and revelations come slowly and it keeps you guessing right until the end and I adored that.

The book is a great, well-written, atmospheric, eerie read. The ending however is half-baked. I mean it! If you want to read this book, do NOT click on this spoiler.

The thing is: The ending is highly problematic in my opinion. Is it just me or is killing a teenager to steal his body wrong, wrong and wrong again?

I really liked it. The characters were great. Liz is an interesting, well-rounded protagonist and I liked her voice. I really liked the way the plot about her trying to remember her past was handled. My favourite character was Susie though. I wish there had been more of Susie in the book.

As a spooky YA ghost story I really liked this book. Here's the truth: I love writing books for kids and it's a privilege I don't take lightly. I want my readers to be taken away on an adventure they hadn't expected.

I want them to gasp and laugh and cringe about what's coming around the next corner. And in the end, I want them to leave the story with the same rush I used to feel when I was a child reading books like The Hardy Boys or Goosebumps.

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Qualifies for Free Shipping. Choose Expedited Shipping at checkout for delivery by Thursday, February PICK UP IN STORE. Hope and Lizzie have relied on each other from a young age, ever since their dad died. Their mother, who turns tricks to support her family, is a reluctant and unreliable parent—at best.

During the course of this lyrical and heartbreaking narrative, told in blank verse from an exceptionally promising YA voice, readers will discover the chilling reason why Lizzie has stopped speaking—and why Hope is the only one who can bring the truth to light and save her sister.

Product Details About the Author Read an Excerpt. Age Range: 14 - 17 Years. About the Author Carol Lynch Williams is a PEN Award—winning author of more than a dozen books and a graduate of the Vermont College MFA program. She lives in Utah with her family.

Visit her at CarolLynchWilliams.

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Recent Comments Browser MMORPG on Do I need an ISBN for my eBook? Fantasy MMORPG on Do I need an ISBN for my eBook? AQW on Do I need an ISBN for my eBook? Free MMORPG on Do I need an ISBN for my eBook? At this point in the book, I was so done. And Hope and her friend have a party at which Mari her friend kisses a boy.

Another boy at the party says that Hope should've passed him a card, implying that she could've dropped it and kissed him. The game they were playing was where you can only pass a playing card by sucking on it on your lips and passing it to another person who has to do the same thing.

Therefore if you dropped the card, you'd end up kissing whoever you were passing it to. And the last thing was just the mention of girls being on periods. So there's all that. I'm not a fan of this book, for many reasons. But mainly because of some of the content and just how depressing it was.

Have a good day and happy reading! Emmy Rayne. I have now read this book three times and it still has the same impact that it did when I first read it nine years ago. I still find this the best sister story I have ever come across. It's a hard read, but an amazing one.

It is all worth it when you see the payoff in the end, beautiful. Author 7 books 22 followers. This is not an easy book to read. Furthermore, the subject is a very difficult one emotionally, as it deals with child abuse, dysfunctional families, and trauma in a very raw, hands-on way.

The writing is rich and haunting, unpretentious, and really manages to put the reader in the mindset of a thirteen-year-old girl grappling with very adult questions, trying to understand why her beloved sister would hold a shotgun, fingering the trigger, thinking about leaving her.

Sometimes, a glimpse of these troubling issues is all we can stand, but even that can be enough to make us alert to those suffering, often before our own very eyes. Abigail Young. I love this author. This book is written in poems which I love. This book is good.

It made me sad. But I didn't cry. It leaves the reader with a hollow aching feeling inside. It's a book of loneliness and hurting.

Dawn Taylor. Why are most verse novels so sad?! A harrowing tale of sexual abuse, vividly recounted in prose poems. Hope and Lizzie are sisters who are very close. Lizzie, the eldest, is very protective of Hope.

As the novel opens, Lizzie has been hospitalized for a suicide attempt. Hope does not understand why her sister will not communicate with her or with her mother when they visit. Hope has her friend, Mari, but she misses Lizzie.

Lizzie begins treatment with a new psychiatrist, who asks Hope to try to remember anything that might have pushed Lizzie to such desperation. I loved Miss Freeman, an compassionate elderly woman who suspects that something is not quite right with the two sisters.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers. Show full review. As an English major I had my fair share of classes who's required reading lists included quite a good amount of work written in verse. I admit that I never really enjoyed it much. It could have been for any number of reasons, I may have been too immature to grasp the beauty of it, it could have been because it was simply required, or maybe because it was the fact that I had a time deadline that I needed to stick to, but either way I stayed away from it after graduation.

Maybe I just don't have a lyrical soul? I hope that's not the reason. But this year I have found myself reading quite a bit of verse voluntarily. Is this a new trend in young adult literature?

This is my third tour book written in verse and I was once again unsure if I would enjoy it. I think this book could have been written another way or in a different format but I also think a lot of the powerful emotions behind the words comes out so strongly simply because of the formatting Carol Lynch Williams chose to work with.

Hope is a young girl who comes to find her older sister Lizzie attempting to commit suicide. Lizzie is placed in a mental hospital and Hope is left with her mother and no clue as to what could have driven her sister to take such drastic actions. I've never felt such hatred and disgust for a character the way I did towards Hope and Lizzie's mom.

If you give this book a chance, you'll come to understand why I have these extreme feelings toward the woman. Hope comes to learn that Lizzie kept a journal and the story becomes a race between Hope and her mother to find the journal before the other does.

It's a tough read emotionally to make your way through, but Williams will amaze readers with her ability to weave such a deep and moving story together with such ease and flow. This is not a light read but one that I think worthy of a reader's time and energy.

I have come to really love verse novels. This one is no exception. Carol Lynch Williams takes on some very tough issues in this book, and does it in a way that will make you want to protect Hope until the very end. Hope and Lizzie aren't just sisters, they are best friends.

When Hope finds Lizzie with a gun to her head there lives are changed forever. The tragic events in this story are pretty easy to unravel from very early on, but because of the age of the narrator, Hope, it takes a while for things to unfold in the story. In some cases I would find this very annoying, but it wasn't.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time waiting for Hope to figure it out, and waiting to see how she would react.

I was able to relate to Hope's confusion andq guilt when it came to her sister. I have an older sister myself, and when I was a teenager she tried to kill herself. So I could understand all of Hope's feelings on that issue. Williams' writing was very good. The story was told at a pace that made it unable to put down.

The Southern atmosphere of the story made it feel like it could be happening in my backyard. It was all very beautiful, even though the content was hard. All in all, this was a great read. It was fast, it took me maybe 2 hours to read it. And you will be thinking about it for days afterward.

Read it! Finding her sister with a shotgun to her head, Hope tries to figure out what would make her sister do such a thing. Glimpse had a high bar to reach after The Chosen One and Carol Lynch Williams managed to deliver.

Written in verses, Glimpse is a novel to breeze through, but the emotional and tragic subject for the novel is not. It is a story of struggle of money, of deaths, of protecting the sisterhood.

Glimpse is only a glimpse of I foresee and expect of Carol Lynch Williams. This was literary L O V E. Ah, but I do question some of the vague details of their past life and of Hope.

Is she 13? Or is she 12? Still quite depressed after finishing this one. It was slow to start, but became heart-wrenching around midway. Wasn't satisfied with the ending at first, but after re-reading it on the plane I believe it's the best possible ending for this book.

I'm not a fan of books written in verse but this one worked. The story was heart wrenching but a bit predictable. I often question why I buy and read these dark YA contemporary books because they always leave me feeling miserable but this was one of the better ones that I've read.

Amanto Moura. Estou chocado com o rumo que a história tomou, não esperava nem imaginava que fosse acontecer algo do tipo e agora tudo faz sentido desde o início com ritmo lento introduzindo os personagens dando contexto até o desenrolar.

Uma história bem pesada cheia de drama desde o início, uma mãe que faz programa além de ser ausente, irmãs que perderam o pai e a mais velha uma suicida. De cortar o coração principalmente nas últimas páginas.

Demora a pegar embalo mas vale muito a pena, e o formato em versos ajuda a leitura fluir. Joan Conte. That is all I can say.

Knowing that this book was written in verse intrigued me. It kept me reading. In two hours the journey was over. This book should have some hefty trigger warnings. The writing captures a story in ways that I physically felt the details. The poetry isn't amazing but the story is one that rarely is told in such detail.

This is a hard book to read but the ending is satisfying and gives me hope that this narrative can help young women in similar situations find courage. Emily Ryder. Hard to read and very dark story. I read this a few years ago and after finding it in an op-shop decided to pick it up again.

Definitely doesn't pack a punch like the first time I read it. Didn't exactly leave me feeling much but sadness either. Heather Pearson. Wonderfully told story of the site events in two young sisters lives. How could a supposed loving parent be so heartless.

This was a quick read since it was written in verse. I figured out early on, around page or so what Lizzie's secret was. I wasn't expecting this book to be about their mom being a prostitute and what she forced Lizzie to do. I'm so glad Hope chose to tell on her mom and stick up for her sister.

This was a quick heartbreaking read. James Bird. Glimpse: A short and easy read on flashbacks to months ago when life wasn't so rough, when Hope still had a sister. Follow the struggles of having to grow up at a very young age, before you're a teen.

Having to leave home so mom can work, having to be dropped off so mom can meet a stranger for work. Take a glimpse at what life for 2 sisters who rely on each other for life, while their mother relies on desperate men for life. This story captivates you on a new level, and leaves one big question lingering in the back of your mind throughout the story 'What happened to Liz and why is she staying away from home?

Williams writes this story as if she lived this life, as if these experiences were her own and captures all the moments in the best version she could have.

I would strongly recommend this book to any teen reader who is looking for a very quick and easy read. This book is only getting a 4 stars due to the fact that the way this story is written it sometimes loses you on whether you are reading about her present life or one of the flashbacks to months ago and you find yourself having to reread the last page or two.

Personal Response: I personally liked this book. I thought that it was very good book because I can relate to it.

I also thought that this book was very sad. I thought so because Hope walks in on her sister Lizzy holding a shotgun to her head with her fingers on the trigger.

This book is a good book to read because, it tells a story about a girl who wants to kill herself, and how shows how much that it hurts the people around you.

It also makes you think of how much you should appreciate what you have rather than what you don't. Summary: This book was heartbreaking because no sibling wants to walk in on their sister, or brother almost killing themselves. Hope felt very ashamed, she felt ashamed because if her sister Lizzy would have actually killed herself she would have blamed herself.

Hope would have blames herself because she feels like there could have been something she could have done to stop her. When Lizzy was in the hospital, Hopes friend came over to to get her to go hiking and hangout, but Hope said to her that she cant go because Lizzy was not with.

Although She did go, but told her that she has to go home to her sister in a little bit even though she was not necessarily there. While Lizzy was in the hospital Hope really missed her. It hurt her to have to know that her sister is in the hospital for trying to kill herself.

Throughout this book it is very hard for hope to get through the day. It is hard for her because she doesn't know if her sister will kill herself while she is not there by her.

Characterization: Hope in the beginning of this book was very depressed. She was very depressed because she had walked in on her sister trying to kill herself, with the shotgun to her head with her fingers on the trigger.

Throughout the book Hope is very scared as well. She is very scared because she doesn't know what her sister Lizzy is doing when she is not around her. She is scared that her sister will take matter into her own hands and actually leave for good. When Lizzy is in the hospital it is a very hard time for Hope.

It's hard because Hope can not see her. It is a good thing though because Hope knows that her sister is safe. In one moment it is gone. Our lives have changed when I walk in on Lizzie my sister holding a shotgun.

Still, the book went pretty fast, and there was something compelling about it. My Rating: 2 stars. Rate this:. Share Me Share Twitter Pinterest Facebook Tumblr Email.

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