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Free art stencil samples

Free art stencil samples

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Free art stencil samples -

I use a larger paintbrush for this. Take a stencil from your stash that you like, and dab some paint over it. You can do this on the whole page or just randomly on some parts.

The black from the stencil was a bit too contrasty to me, so I used some white paint to make the page softer.

I used my brayer for this but you can use a paintbrush or a kitchen sponge. I used the mask from my stencil template the figure I cut out from the transparency.

And there it is! Now you have a wonderful, unusual figure popping from your page. I was worried about this crown, but when I finished painting, it really turned out perfect!

Just a quick tip: clean the mask right away while the paint is still wet, so you can reuse the stencil without worrying about leftover paint. Finally, you can decorate your extraordinary human. For me, Posca pens work like magic here. As you can see, I also added some yellow lines, a pink heart, stars, and a simple quote.

A white marker. One of the stencils you downloaded from my library. Prepare the background with some paint you love. I chose orange and yellow to start with. Now, take the stencil from the DIY stencil kit , place it on the page, and start painting. It just seemed right to me, but you place yours wherever, of course.

Doodling is fun, right? A positive affirmation. I love using them in my art journals. If this idea interests you, check out this article where I write about the ideas and benefits of using positive affirmations with art journaling.

Back to our page. A white marker makes the best effect here. Also, I dripped some black ink with my brush to make ink splashes and blobs.

I love those messy techniques! And voila! Another page with these DIY stencils and some simple mixed media! As always, bear in mind that most of the supplies are optional, you can use whatever you want to make a background.

Glue if you have Mod podge or other liquid gluing medium, that would be the best option. Two of the stencils from the printable stencil kit.

Take the printer paper and glue your paper scraps on it. In any way you like. You could also play with the colors of the paper scraps. Whatever makes your heart happy! All you have to do now is cut out these beautiful figures. After cutting, I stamped on mine to give them more dimension and interest.

I used a brayer and a paintbrush again, but any tool is fine here. Next, while the paint is still wet, take any stencil you have in your stash and a baby wipe or a wet cloth and wipe off the paint in some areas.

Again, I did some random stamping. But I also took the same stencil and an ink pad and made these blue parts on the page. For this step, I used some of my designs: the wings and two round stickers.

Each figure gets a wing and a sticker. This blue thing you see is our next step. If you want to, add some more color to the page, around the figures.

I used my palette knife for this because I love the look it creates. Next, take a paper towel and start dabbing on the fresh paint. If you want to outline the figures more, use a soft pencil like this one, the one that you can smudge with your fingers.

I also added some of this pencil on the edges and smudged it to get a neat texture. I like how it turned out. R — printable stencil. S — printable stencil. T — printable stencil.

U — printable stencil. V — printable stencil. W — printable stencil. X — printable stencil. Y — printable stencil. Z — printable stencil. Ampersand stencil. Apostrophe stencil. At sign stencil. Colon stencil. Comma stencil. Dash stencil. Dollar stencil.

Exclamation stencil. Period stencil. Pound sign stencil. Question mark stencil. Slash stencil. In under 20 seconds create fancy text or monograms. Try the font generator or add 😎 cool symbols to your text. Try photos to sketch and photos to painting and create a family name sign.

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