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Money-saving cooking resources

Money-saving cooking resources

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11 MONEY-SAVING HOUSEHOLD TRICKS - Don't throw these out!

Money-saving cooking resources -

They're not too expensive but can save hundreds or more! in food costs over the year just by allowing you to not throw out everything. Buy meat in bulk and freeze it, buy cheese in bulk and freeze it you get the idea.

Every time I go to Costco to get produce or meat, I break it out and seal up what I won't use within that week.

Chicken breasts, lentils and cheaper cuts of beef are also good candidates for this. If I make a 2 pound batch of any of these, I can freeze half for later use and eat the other half as my main ingredient for the week.

This saves me from cooking a different protein each evening and potentially wasting leftovers. Serve over pasta or rice, make a quick pizza topped with pork, mix into a casserole or simply with tortilla, I never get bored for the week.

Whenever you feel like it, steam some rice, heat up the soup or stew, and pour it over the rice. It's yummy, healthy, and cheap! After they have cooled, I shape into patties about the size of a hamburger and put individually between pieces of parchment about 5 then into freezer bags.

I use them in omelets, quiche, on burgers and especially delicious tossed with pasta or mixed into mashed potatoes. Know your onions! And learn to love them. A bell pepper with a soft spot can be cleaned up, diced and frozen in a zip bag.

Add to eggs, chili, spaghetti sauce, etc. Bananas too ripe? Cut them up and freeze for smoothies. Costs way less and they last longer. Many vegetables that you could buy fresh broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, snap peas, etc you can buy frozen, and if you thaw them properly, they taste just as fresh and are just as easy to cook with.

I pickled a ton, ate them fresh with every dinner for a week, and then blanched and froze the rest. A vacuum sealer will be your best friend when freezing fruits and veggies! You can get great deals on berries buy buying a whole flat instead of single pints or quarts. Here are some strawberry-rhubarb recipes to try this spring.

Get home, then meal prep and store everything for the week. That way I know I have food waiting at home and I don't get tempted to go out to eat.

I plan my menu for the week on Monday and buy what I need that day. This keeps me from making multiple trips to the store. Get a bunch of smart tips for planning your meals over here. Oftentimes, grocery stores will run sales on their merchandise, regardless of whether or not it's generic store brand or brand name, so it really pays to look.

You can load coupons online to your card, and they will snail mail you promotional coupons and coupons based on your most frequent purchases. Buy big and freeze. Wait for after holiday sales; after Christmas ham goes dirt cheap, or after St.

Patrick's day, cheap corned beef. I wait until it's on sale for half that, then buy a good half-pound chunk, which lasts forever if you wrap it well.

One of the shops near my house has the best deals on good quality meat, so I don't buy it anywhere else. I hit Costco for things like flats of canned tomatoes, pasta, rolled oats; anything that won't go bad before I use it all.

I buy spices and empty jars from Bulk Barn for WAY less than you can find jars of spices. And I hit Asian superstores for cheaper big-ass bags of rice. Every time I have my list set, I type in what I have down and see where it's cheapest.

Luckily I have 3 grocery stores within a 3 mile radius, so I don't have to go far. It really cuts down on the costs. I cannot stress this enough. Spices are a fraction of the price in bulk.

Same for nuts and flours. Where else can you get a pound of pretty dang decent quality butter for 99 cents? Without a membership fee? In my experience, these places are WAY cheaper than Costco or Sam's Club, and the ingredients are better than bargain bin Aldi scariness.

Things like spices and dried peppers are always cheaper at Mexican or Indian grocers and sold in larger quantities! Asian markets will also have good deals on a much better quality of instant ramen if you're feeling super lazy. It saves so much compared to buying a whole jar you'll never use in the spice aisle.

They have everything in bulk. Buy non-perishable items and some perishable items there. Saves me so much money not having to go back to the store once a week for pasta or something.

I serve half of it the first night , use most of the remaining meat for a less meat intensive meal as stir fry or enchiladas the next night , then boil the bones and remaining meat for soup. The chicken is a loss leader for them so you are basically getting it at wholesale.

The chicken is delicious, too. Get some hot Costco shopping tips over here. If you are hungry you will buy way more than you should. This is especially handy if you have trouble sticking to a list. I do it on Monday so that I'll have a week's supply of bread. Make sure to refrigerate to make it last a week.

You're paying for the packaging. I never have to buy the packets — they're always on hand in large shakers in my spice cabinet. All vinaigrettes are 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar. Combine the vinegar with whatever spices and herbs you like, then drizzle in the oil while whisking.

You can make as little or as much as you want. Get the recipe for this citrus vinaigrette plus 29 more foods you'll never have to buy again. People mark on a satellite which stuff is ready when to help yourself to. Be on the lookout for ingredients you can leave out without it having much effect on the finished dish.

Every now and then, challenge yourself to go a little longer than usual between shopping trips. You are so spot on with your advice.

I may sound like a mean mom and maybe I am , but I rarely ever make dessert. I used to make all of our bread. With practice, French bread was quick to make and everyone liked it much more than the store-bought varieties.

Get creative with using leftovers on your menu plan. For each meal you plan, try to think of a second meal you can write on your menu that uses the leftovers. When money is tight, every penny counts, and every cent adds up to dollars over time. Use these ideas as a springboard for your own money-saving solutions!

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Make some brief summary notes on your options and compare prices. At the local grocery shop in question see if you can find cheaper versions of food items in question here. Good luck. For example cheese can be picked up at a farm shop as well.

And a bottle of milk and fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased quite easily too. Jam can come from a delivery. Other items you can buy at the supermarket include butter. Your email address will not be published.

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Find money-saving tips, resourecs recipes and useful Fragrance sample deals ccooking make the most of your favourite ingredients while on a budget. No problem. Sign up to receive our newsletter. You're all signed up! You'll start getting our newsletters soon. Already have a My Good Food account? Get Them Here! Here reslurces 15 easy cooking tips to Sample and indulge your Money-saving cooking resources in the kitchen easier and less cookiny. Some Moneu-saving these Money-savig kitchen organization tips so that you spend less Cheaper organic produce looking for the things Mkney-saving Money-saving cooking resources. It is important to organize your kitchen resoruces that you have to spend as little time as possible looking for things or traveling around the kitchen to get the things you need for a recipe. These cooking shortcuts are some specific ideas you can use to cut your time in the kitchen a lot! For more money saving cooking tips like these along with hundreds of delicious quick and easy recipes, check out our cookbooks! I really like the salt and pepper mixture added to the same container idea, and adding honey or apricot jam to barbeque sauce, and adding sour cream to banana pudding.

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