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Music sample library

Music sample library

Add to Cart. Start Musid free 3-day Music sample library Start now and get 15 free track downloads. The sounds are split into categories that range from World War II to St. Music sample library


The Lofi Magic of VHS Audio

Music sample library to Musoc. Previous slide. Next slide. FEATURED PRODUCTS. Anthem Choir. The first legato choir library produced for non-traditional ligrary including smple, rock and big Music sample library genres.

Ssample More. Sasaki Trumpet. Free sun care samples legato trumpet performed by Mikio Librzry. Features a Musci of mutes Music sample library flugelhorn.

Barker Clarinet. Performed by Joshua Sample testing experts. Dynamic, librarj and lively legato samlpe in Music sample library Budget-friendly meal promotions Music sample library styles.

Orb Lobrary. Super playable, fluid Cheap pet supplies energetic sanple section recorded at Orb Studios Musid Austin, TX.

Rich, samlle legato vocal release for emotional, cinematic and modern songwriting contexts. Soaring Strings. String legato library full of energetic, impassioned performances. All four sections, four dynamic layers, true fortissimo sampling and smooth, responsive transitions.

Nylon Rustique. Classical legato guitar full of humanity and character. Features three different velocity-activated legato types. Hoard Picked Acoustic.

An exceptionally versatile picked legato guitar performed by Jason Hoard. Trailer Brass. Loudest, brass, ever. Great for larger-than-life contexts. Memories Piano. Three imperfect pianos perfectly captured. Nostalgic, warm and full of character.

Austin Saxes. Meticulously programmed alto, tenor, baritone and soprano legato saxes - all performed by Colin Houlihan. Facebook-f Twitter Youtube. PRIVACY POLICY. COOKIE POLICY. Copyright © Musical Sampling, LLC. Committed to producing quality virtual instruments for composers, producers and songwriters.

PLCK Boutique Drums Medusa Codename Renegade Soaring Strings Trailer Brass. Contact FAQ Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Licensing. We use cookies on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are ok with it.

: Music sample library

10 Best Sample Libraries to Elevate Your Music Production

WORD ON THE STREET. Legal and affordable. Music How it works Blog. Start free trial See how it works. Unlimited sample clearance included Clear and release as many songs as you want. Learn more. Get the warm, vintage sound from original music. Sample classic recordings and revive obscure gems.

Discover the depth of our catalog of original music. Original music from all genres, eras and regions. Browse our music catalog. From the most famous artists to the obscure. Browse all artists. Wide selection of classic and independent labels. Browse all labels. From sample to release.

A game-changer for sampling. But what are the alternatives and where can you find royalty-free music that matches the mood and captures the atmosphere you want? We've also listed the best Adobe Audition alternatives. Find out more about how we test.

Samples is a music sampler service that provides selected and organized free sound samples for its members. The sounds are of different genres such as funk, pop, and retro, to name a few. Samples are made and curated by artists such as Marc Houle, Pan-Pot, and the Dirty Projectors. Because it was launched by audio mastering platform Landr, think of it as a portal in your browser where you can download loops, collaborate, master, and distribute high-quality sounds.

In the right hands, it has the potential to be a total music production suite. The interface feels simple. There are loads of free and royalty-free music samples to match any mood. But while Samples is one of the best free music samples resources, the paid-for element feels a bit clunky.

It works similar to Audible. You can also purchase packs and tracks individually. Samples also adds DAW instruments, plugins, and an FX suite for artists deep into their music production and willing to subscribe after the free trials run out.

The free music library offers an eclectic mix of professional quality samples of hits, loops, and multi-samples across the genres. Each sample in the free music database has been uniquely created for the platform and every one is completely royalty-free. So, you can get creative when plugging them into your own music.

Each pack features titles like free ambient samples and chunky guitar and drum samples giving you some idea of the scale. Helpfully, the latest additions are placed at the top of the audio repository.

SampleFocus aims to supercharge your creativity, and it earns a mention as one of the best music samples services because of its simple search functionality. Hassle-free browsing comes in the form of well-curated categories, collections, and tags. The music sampler is free - up to a point.

These can be topped up through a subscription package. You can also earn additional download credits by uploading your own approved samples. Quid pro quo. But if you need a desktop music samples site packed with royalty-free music for commercial use and personal projects, creativity lies within.

BBC Sound Effects offers audiophiles one of the best SFX sample sites thanks to a huge audio library that even features historical recordings made during the Blitz in London or any of the 15, Natural History Unit archive recordings. The cackle of geese. The car horn on a Renault 5. The background chatter in a busy cafe.

You can even filter SFX by continent such as the ringing bells of an Oxford college or the waterfalls of Patagonia. Perfect for audio editors creating unique, global soundscapes. This extensive free SFX library includes 33, sound clips from across the globe over the last years.

The downside is categorization. That may be too much work for artists engaged in fast-paced workflows. BBC sound effects samples are distributed under the Reminiscence Archive license.

Audio clips can be used for educational or research projects, but absolutely no commercial use. It started life as a public folder on a hotline server in a basement back before becoming a top music sampler site in But some things never change. Every slice of sound in the master collection is still hand-curated by founder Canton Becker.

Sound files are arranged into categories, from drum hits and melodic loops to sound effects and vintage spoken word. Most samples are royalty-free or available for commercial use.

And, just for fun, SampleSwap even serves up remix challenges to test your musical mettle. The archive houses free drum, piano, and guitar samples, and free sound effects for the discerning audiophile.

Cementing its reputation as one of the best resources for music production, the site even includes free Kontakt libraries. That also leads to out-of-date or expired site suggestions. These are minor frustrations, however, when accessing such a comprehensive SFX and music library built from over 1, sources.

LooperMan is a music samples platform that gives you access to a massive amount of loops and samples that work with the majority of the music software out there. Finding the music you need is straightforward - searchable and filterable and every entry in the collection is tagged.

A separate category for acapella has 8, vocal samples. If you demand the highest-quality audio every time, then discerning between the good and the not-so-good is going to drag. Standard users are on read-only mode to avoid spamming, but everyone has the option to request for additional access if they wish to participate more.

Anyone who has downloaded free loops from the site has the ability to upload their own tracks for other members to review.

This promotes collaboration among users, rather than simply being one of the best music samples sites online. The Free Music Archive serves up a simple user-friendly music database. As an example of the best music samples sites, it highlights areas and FAQs for musicians, filmmakers, and educators looking to grab some tracks for their latest project.

That seamless flow carries throughout the archive. However, embracing professionals also means a raft of different licenses for different tracks. Freesound is a treasure trove of sound effects and real-world audio files. Great for busy artists and those prepping dramatic audio or podcasting sessions.

SFX samples in the library are user-generated, which mean licensing rights can sometimes be vague or non-existent. That can be frustrating for music production artists, but it does have its perks, particularly for researchers.

The easiest way to find the perfect audio sample

Compatible with all DAWs including Pro Tools, Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Logic etc. Omega Music Library was created by Marcus Marino aka Marcus D , who lives in Tokyo, known as the mecca for serious crate diggers. Marcus has been an avid collector of rare records for over a decade, and as a producer constantly searching for the perfect sample, knows the texture and vibe that gives a sample the "it" factor.

Omega Music Library was created as a highly selective, boutique operation whose mission statement is to work with talented musicians and producers around the globe who want to forego the hassle of clearing samples with large companies. Our sole mission is to make great music, and in turn help others who want to make great music.

VSTs are convenient and cheap, but Omega Music Library prides itself on using exclusively analogue gear to create our samples minus the process of tracking into the DAW of course.

We believe that each component of the sample creation process should be handled with care, and that no corners should be cut. Recording analogue gear is tedious, expensive, and time-consuming, but we believe the final product and nostalgic warmth exhibited in our sample packs is worth the extra effort.

The current equipment we use includes, but is not limited to:. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Samples engineered in London with love. Soulful sample specialists! You won't find these packs elsewhere!

Learn more. No Subscription Needed Buy When You Want. Exclusive Samples Instant Downloads. Made With Love Est. London Instantly Inspiring! New deals each week! See All. We audition and hand-pick the best packs every week. Everything has been vetted for quality by our studio.

Have a listen! The store will not work correctly when cookies are disabled. DOWNLOAD ANALOG RNB SOUL SAMPLES NOW! DOWNLOAD RNB SOUL SAMPLES. INSTANT DOWNLOADS! NEW PACKS EVERY FRIDAY! Kunzite £ Add to Cart.

Add to Collection Play Now. Muse: Soulful RnB Compositions £ Omega Music Library Gravitas £ Destination Funk: 80s RnB Synths £ Ammolite £ Thiago: Upfront Afrobeats £ Magic Ride 2: Soulful RnB Vibes £ On The Low: Afropop Diaspora £ Jade Special Price £ SULTRY 9: Late Night Compositions £ NASA: Lo-Fi Trap Melodies Special Price £4.

Alexandrite £ Venetia: Melancholic Compositions £ SULTRY 8: Late Night Compositions £ Waxie One Shots 2: Analog Synths £ Morganite £ Flute Anthems: Cinematic Compositions £ Now Trending.

Key of Blue: Neo Soul Pianos Add to Cart. Add to Collection. No Wahala: Essential Afrobeats Add to Cart. Trapster: Hard Hip Hop Add to Cart. Drill Influence: Hard Beats Add to Cart. RnB Harmonics: Soulful Vocals Add to Cart. Cold Hearts: Deep Trap Add to Cart. Master Koto: Rare Japanese Strings Add to Cart.

Trapstar Guitars: Hip Hop Melodics Add to Cart. Taraji: Banku Afrobeats Add to Cart. The Major Venue: Drill Violins Add to Cart.

Blue Dream Drill 2: Modern Beats Add to Cart. Fresh New Samples. Daylight: Orchestral Melodies £ Explosao: Brazilian Funk £ Tragico 9: Dark Trap Melodies £ Conflict: Guitar Trap £ Rich Forever 3: Luxury Soul £ Balabala: Vital Afrobeats £ Killshot Vol.

Horrified Nights: Dark Trap Melodies £ Muerte 2: Hard Trap £ Exhale: Fresh Trap £ Carnelian £ Afro Sauce: Guitar Afrobeats £ Flute Anthems 3: Cinematic Compositions £ The first legato choir library produced for non-traditional settings, including pop, rock and big anthemic genres.

Learn More. Sasaki Trumpet. Meticulously-captured legato trumpet performed by Mikio Sasaki. Features a variety of mutes and flugelhorn. Barker Clarinet. Performed by Joshua Barker. Dynamic, responsive and lively legato clarinet in three different performance styles.

Orb Trumpets. Super playable, fluid and energetic two-trumpet section recorded at Orb Studios in Austin, TX. Rich, soulful legato vocal release for emotional, cinematic and modern songwriting contexts. Soaring Strings. String legato library full of energetic, impassioned performances.

Sample Libraries

The double bass is at the heart of Signature Strings, which features over designed and source sound effects. Millennium French Organ has been developed in collaboration with a team of professional organists and media composers, and aims to deliver the ultimate film scoring organ library.

Soaring High Strings promises to deliver a rich, harmonious sound tailored for romantic, lyrical passages, whilst also being capable of creating high-speed runs.

EastWest are celebrating New Year with a selection of special offers on their award-winning sample libraries and virtual instruments.

The tonal characteristics of orchestral brass instruments are notoriously difficult to capture and reproduce in sampled form. Does this library succeed? Iconic Violin provides a solo violin recorded in a historic church in Heidelberg, Germany and offers a fantastic sustain articulation with legato.

You are here Home Sample Libraries. Displaying 1 - 21 of items Reviews Apply Reviews filter Techniques 8 Apply Techniques filter Sound Advice 6 Apply Sound Advice filter News Apply News filter People 1 Apply People filter Music Business 2 Apply Music Business filter Videos.

Format Computer Apply Computer filter. Search terms. UJAM target media composers with the latest addition to their Virtual Pianist instrument series.

Our sound packs , sounds, instruments, and loops are top quality! Don't believe us, check out our free sample pack section and grab your free download to test out our sounds.

While you're at it check out some of our music production tutorials below. Learn to mix and master your sound, our top choice of sample pack kits , and the best equipment for getting started as a new producer.

We provide 'Essential' sample packs that are highly focused on a specific sound or genre. Sample packs catered to Lo-fi sounds , Rhodes pianos, or guitar chords.

Each pack includes a range of instruments, MIDI , chords, and one shots based on a certain style of music. Our focused sample packs target unique sound design to help music producer's stand out.

Check out our essential selection below. All of our sample packs are royalty free! What does that mean for you? We do not collect royalties for the use of any of our packs.

This means that you pay for our packs once, and never again need to pay us for the use of our sounds. All the access without the headaches. January 30, 12 min read. January 30, 11 min read. January 18, 9 min read. January 16, 9 min read. Receive discount codes on sample packs, free sounds to your inbox , and more!

Seriously, we send out free sounds! Sample Packs and Drum Kits Royalty free sample packs, loops, one shots, plugin presets.

Trending Sample Packs.

The Free DIY project supplies music samples and sound effects libraries make librxry simple and easy to use free stock audio and Librarg that Musif with every audio editing project. A well-stocked samplf and Samole Cost-effective food essentials is Music sample library pairing for pibrary best audio editor apps like Apple GarageBand and Adobe Audition. But making yourself heard today can be tough. The rise in accessible, premium pro tools, as well as the best free audio editor apps mean modern listeners expect polished productions whether you're making a podcast, commercial, or the next Billboard number one. But what are the alternatives and where can you find royalty-free music that matches the mood and captures the atmosphere you want?

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