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Sample websites online

Sample websites online

The site websitess a Budget-friendly eatery coupons, but effective tagline, Wegsites clear CTAs, and an easily accessible navigation bar, helping users intuitively find their way around the site. Hyer is a good example of web design based around a central image or focal point. This one page website example presents another way of showcasing projects while keeping your layout clean.

Sample websites online -

Beautiful images of planets help to complement his planetary science background, and animations make his resume more of an experience than a document. In terms of design, the textured, multi-layered background adds greater depth to the two-dimensional page in a way that evokes feelings of space and the planetary systems, which Johnson's work focuses on.

Harris' resume uses photos to tell his personal story — and it reads kind of like a cool, digital scrapbook. It covers all the bases of a resume — and then some — by discussing his educational background, work experience, and skills in a highly visual way.

Not to mention, the copy is fantastic. It's clear that Harris took the time to carefully choose the right words to describe each step of his personal and professional journey.

Third, it lists his experience in a user-friendly collapsible format, so if you want to read more, you can click each individual role. He then leads into his book and portfolio. The designer ends with a call-to-action for visitors to reach out to him.

He also prompts recruiters to inquire about his work by mentioning that he can only share certain pieces of his work privately. But she also includes an HTML curriculum vitae for potential employers and other interested parties to see her degrees, exhibitions, awards, and publications.

The CV is formatted in a way that is clear and easy-to-scan, with bold headings separating each section and dates on the left-hand side.

Later down the page, he includes his experience in a carousel with cards for each of his employers. This is a strong resume website that ends with a compelling, eye-catching call-to-action.

This website shows that you can tastefully break the rules on your own site, so long as you remain mindful of your target audience. José Rocha is a designer who uses delightful parallax effects on his site to engage viewers and visitors.

He introduces himself as a full-stack designer, covers his key strength areas, and then invites readers to scroll through his experience in a concise, interactive section. At the top is a transparent navigation bar with his contact information, allowing website visitors to get in contact with him promptly if they want to.

At the bottom is a formal form where people can submit an inquiry. Hugo Bazin is a product designer whose resume website combines friendliness with engaging user design. On the upper right-hand side, you have the option to switch from channel to channel, like you would on an old TV.

Building an online portfolio is a highly useful personal branding and marketing tool if your work experience and skill set call for content creation. In fact, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, writers, and content marketers can all use web portfolios to show off their skills in a more user-friendly way than a resume or hard copy portfolio.

Halpin's portfolio is short, sweet, and to the point, which is authentic to his voice and personal branding outlined on the site. Instead of a lot of copy, Halpin presents large thumbnail cards so that his projects speak for themselves and allow the user to delve deeper if one catches their eye.

It's important to keep the design of your visual portfolio simple to let images capture visitors' attention, and D'Orio accomplishes this by featuring bold photographs front-and-center on his website.

His logo and navigation menu are clear and don't distract from his work. And he makes it easy for potential customers to download his work free of charge. Want to give it a try? Once you open the PDF, you'll notice that it comes fully equipped with D'Orio's business card as the cover just in case you need it.

When you're a designer, not one pixel on your personal website should go unused. Verena Michelitsch's portfolio, shown above, is covered end to end in artwork. From her extensive library of work, she chose to exhibit multiple colors, styles, and dimensions so visitors can see just how much range she has as a designer.

It's a perfect example of the classic adage, "show, don't tell. Cruze is a copywriter. But by turning his website into a portfolio featuring images from different campaigns he's worked on, he makes visitors want to keep clicking to learn more about him.

Also, there's a great CTA at the top of the page that leads visitors to his latest blog post. His site's humorous copy — specifically in the "17 Random Things" and "Oh Yes, They're Talking" sections — serves to show off his skills, while making himself more memorable as well.

These pages also include his contact information on the right-hand side, making it easy to reach out and connect at any point:. Daveid's website is a great example of "less is more.

This developer's portfolio features clear, well-branded imagery of campaigns and apps that Daveid worked on, and she shows off her coding skills when you click through to see the specifics of her work.

While it might seem overly minimal to only include just a few examples of her work, Daveid did her portfolio a service by including her best, most noteworthy campaigns. At the end of the day, it's better to have fewer examples of excellence in your portfolio than many examples of mediocrity.

Christopher Lee's portfolio is busy and colorful in a way that works. When you read more about Lee on his easily navigable site, you realize that such a fun and vibrant homepage is perfect for an illustrator and toy designer.

Known by his brand name, "The Beast Is Back," Lee's web portfolio highlights eye-catching designs with recognizable brands, such as Target and Mario, along with links to purchase his work. This is another gallery-style portfolio with pops of color that make it fun and give it personality, thus making it more memorable.

This freelance videographer is another example of a simple but sleek portfolio, allowing his potential clients to browse deeper into his "Work" and "Stills" sections. The opening video on the homepage — as shown on the still image above — also ensures his site visitors know that he's actively creating beautiful work.

Martine Myrup was also in our list of best resume websites, but her portfolio is worth a mention, too. With its muted colors and creative use of typography, it immediately conveys her artistic vision and aesthetic. The page also includes a sticky bright green button prompting you to check out her CV.

As you scroll down the page, you can see a preview of her work and click on the one that most interests you, then get in contact with her using the email at the bottom.

Davide Perozzi uses his website to showcase his strong design skills and creative typography, as well as his previous work. When you hover over each item in his portfolio, an image preview pops up, giving you the opportunity to check out more. The website uses scrolling effects and bold text to keep viewers engaged.

Consistently publishing on a blog is a great way to attract attention on social media and search engines — and drive traffic to your site. Blogging is a smart way to give your work a personality, chronicle your experiences, and stretch your writing muscles.

You might write a personal blog if you're a writer by trade, but virtually anyone can benefit from adding a blog to their site and providing useful content for their audience. This blog looks a bit busier, but its consistent branding helps visitors easily navigate the site.

The travel blog uses globe iconography to move visitors around the site, making it easy to explore sections beyond the blog. Owned by writer Geraldine DeRuiter, this blog also features a "Best Of" section that allows new visitors to learn about what the blog covers to get acclimated.

The color scheme is warm, neutral, and free of excess clutter that could distract from the content. Side Hustle Nation is the business blog of Nick Loper, an advisor whose website offers tons of valuable financial advice for individual business owners.

His homepage, shown above, sets a lighthearted yet passionate tone for his readers. It suggests you'll get friendly content all committed to a single goal: financial freedom. The green call to action, "Start Here," helps first-time visitors know exactly how to navigate his website.

On Nick's blog page, you'll see content that shows readers how Nick, himself, creates content that helps his business grow. These content types give people a peek behind the curtain of your operation, showing them you practice what you preach and that your insight is tried and true.

The website fifty coffees chronicles the author's series of coffee meetings in search of her next job opportunity, and it does a great job of using photography and visuals to assist in the telling of her lengthy stories.

The best part? Each post ends with numbered takeaways from her meetings for ease of reading comprehension. The high-quality photography used to complement the stories is like icing on the cake. I'm not highlighting Dana's food blog just because the food looks delicious and I'm hungry.

Her blog uses a simple white background to let her food photography pop, unique branding to make her memorable, and mini-bio to personalize her website.

For example, church websites can help you reach new and existing congregation members, while animal rescue websites can attract donors who can further your mission. Real-life nonprofit and NGO website examples:. LiteracyNYC aims to create a world where every child knows the power and joy of reading.

Mammoth March , a nonprofit that hosts organized hiking events, uses its website to share its mission of helping people unplug and get out of their comfort zones through long-distance hiking challenges. The site provides event details and signup instructions. Uncover tips on how to create a nonprofit website with a website builder, and get inspiration from these beautiful nonprofit website templates.

Informational websites are valuable resources for people looking to learn more about a specific topic, service or product. With a focus on delivering in-depth information, these websites offer long-form content that addresses readers' most pressing questions.

An informational website can also establish you or your organization as an expert in your area of interest via mass communication and knowledge sharing. Real-life informational website example:. The Wix Encyclopedia is simlar to a web directory and it offers users a comprehensive dictionary of terms used in business, marketing and web design.

Try out these news and magazine website templates to build your informational website. Online forums bring people together to discuss and exchange information around shared topics, such as technology or fitness. Forums usually include multiple discussion threads organized by topic, making it easier for users to find the subject they want to weigh in on.

Real-life business online forum example:. BE RADICAL strives to empower its members to be the very best version of themselves. With a community website, you can build trust and engagement with people who share a common cause.

Real-life community website examples:. Generation She focuses on creating a community of exceptional female talent that can build and lead the next generation of billion-dollar companies.

Its online community offers access to career opportunities, events and mentorship. These community website templates will come in handy as you learn how to build an online community. There are few things as invigorating as starting your own business. Creating a startup website can enable you to share that energy and introduce your game-changing idea to the world.

Startup websites may include landing pages, product demos and reviews. At first they might also include a crowdfunding page, or other funding resources. Real-life startup website example:. Ception offers construction and mining companies an AI-powered solution to increase the safety, productivity and sustainability of mobile-machinery operations.

Mananalu captures attention with an enticing proposition: for every aluminum bottle package purchased, the company partners with a nonprofit to offset significant amounts of plastic waste. Learn more: How to make a construction website.

Do you have a unique expertise you think others could benefit from? A consulting website will help you monetize it. Your website should include a list of services offered, details about your background and an explanation of who would benefit from your services.

Real-life consulting website example:. Mikaela Reuben is a culinary nutrition consultant who offers meal plans, recipes and private chef bookings. Her website includes photos, videos, testimonials and a free recipe ebook that can help her capture potential leads.

See other examples of consulting websites and use these consulting website templates to build your own. Learn how to make a consulting website. A booking website helps you get right down to business. It allows users to sign up for classes, accommodations or services online.

Booking websites let customers choose their preferred date, time and cost. They also include recommendations, reviews and contact information. Real-life booking website example:. Nutritionist Diana Javanovic uses her booking website, Nutri Me , to make it simple for clients to register for an initial consultation, follow-up visits, day detox diets and more.

This booking website template lets you add your services, reviews and contact information in a jiff. If you want to be a change-maker, a petition website can help you advocate for a cause that you hold most dear. You can use an online petition to drum up support for a political position, social justice cause or environmental issue.

Real-life petition website example:. Through strategic features—such as an informative FAQ page, a compelling media section and a meticulously organized homepage—the site actively encourages visitors to sign its petition. School websites can also offer online teaching and information about businesses that teach things like music or foreign languages.

An ideal school website design will serve as an online database for students, parents and faculty. You can also incorporate educational technology and provide online lessons or assignments for students.

Real-life school website example:. French Mornings offers engaging and authentic content to help people boost their confidence when speaking French. The bilingual website offers how-to videos, free ebooks and paid step-by-step courses.

Très bien! These school website templates let you add courses and resources for parents and students easily. Do you love gardening, reading or arts and crafts? A hobby website can help you share your unique interests with like-minded people. Hobby websites often include online forums, learning materials and tutorials that introduce people to a particular pursuit and offer tips for how to improve their skills.

A popular hobby website can even turn a profit. Real-life hobby website example:. Liv White turned her passion for award-winning design into Dopple Press , a business dedicated to eco-friendly screen printing. Use this hobby website template to share your favorite activity with others.

Interactive websites use elements like graphics, games and quizzes to make users an active part of the web browsing experience. Some of the newest versions include augmented reality features.

For example, some eCommerce shops now provide tools for seeing what furniture would look like in your home. Real-life interactive website example:. Process is an interactive web experience that artist Nedavius built to showcase and support aspiring creatives.

Get inspired by this highly visual interactive website template. Entertainment websites are among the most highly visual and interactive types of websites, designed to evoke emotion and deliver high-quality digital experiences.

Real-life entertainment website examples:. Creating a wedding website helps your special day into an unforgettable experience. Use it to share information with your guests, offer details about the festivities and post your registry.

You can also include videos, photos and stories about your relationship and bridal party. Real-life wedding website example:. Lexi and Robert use their wedding website to share their story, offer details for guests and make it simple for guests to RSVP.

Spread the word about your nuptials with these wedding website templates. A travel website helps vacationers plan their dream trips. They provide information on attractions, accommodations and adventures in a specific city or town.

They often include breathtaking photography and engaging videos that encourage visitors to book their trip. Real-life travel website example:. Zion Adventure Photog offers tips for people planning an adventure through Southern Utah.

The travel website includes real-life stories and adventures to showcase the amazing experiences that the region has to offer. Use these travel website templates to create an irresistible online tourist destination today. Think of a directory website as an informational website on steroids.

It provides users with comprehensive and organized lists of resources about a specific topic or industry. Examples include real estate listings, job directories or local directories.

Real-life directory website example:. The site includes a vast collection of events, meetings and support resources to help people celebrate sobriety and each other.

Launch your site today with this directory website template. A landing page website is designed to market one specific product or service.

The two most common types of landing pages are non-gated open to anyone and gated people must enter details, such as their name and email address, for access. You can use a landing page to introduce a new product, attract leads or drive online traffic to a specific webpage.

Real-life landing page website example:. This landing page uses stunning illustrations, actionable language and alluring CTA buttons to encourage visitors to create a Wix account.

Use these landing page website templates to promote your products and find new customers. News and magazine websites offer visitors a wide range of informative and engaging content. These websites cover diverse topics such as current events, politics, business, entertainment and sports.

Whether it's breaking news, in-depth features or expert analysis, news and magazine websites strive to deliver timely information to their audiences. Real-life news and magazine website example:. The Beacon Today is a student-powered newspaper that focuses on issues related to Palm Beach Atlantic University and the surrounding area.

This news and magazine website template lets you build a customized news site in a snap. Creating a memorial website is a heartfelt way for friends and family members to remember and honor a loved one after their passing.

These sites often feature photos and a biography about the person. They also include online guest books so people can share stories about why that person made such a difference in their life. As such, memorial websites can help provide support and comfort during trying times.

Real-life memorial website example:. Memorials New York captures the memorials that New Yorkers set up throughout the city. Rather than being dedicated to one person, the site aims to honor individuals from all walks of life with photos of unofficial memorial sites and tributes that were created in their memory.

First, you have ewbsites decide Free craft project a website idea. Then, you need to webeites out what you Health food store specials Sample websites online make it successful. Your website design will largely depend on what type of website you want to make and your goals for it. Create the perfect site for you with Wix's website builder. eCommerce website. Business website. Are you thinking about creating or improving your small business Sampel Good Budget-friendly breakfast deals Sample websites online if you want webaites leave a lasting impression, websitex need Budget-friendly eatery coupons make sure that you create a website that stands out. Start selling online now with Shopify. Here are 25 of the best small business website examples to help inspire your efforts — all built with Shopify. Velasca sells handmade Italian leather shoes and accessories. Notice the carefully chosen fonts and high-quality images. Sample websites online

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