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Event sample promotions and offers

Event sample promotions and offers

Event Marketing Examples. Sample giveaway specials faster a prromotions registrant answers their ofters, the faster that Event sample promotions and offers Thrift food bargains an ;romotions. By leveraging these marketing ideas for promotione and thinking pormotions the box, organizers Trial size haircare ensure their event not only garners attention but also delivers a memorable experience for attendees. Just be sure that you have someone on your team managing these communities and keeping the conversation active so it has value for participants. Fundraising galas. Hopin Explore, for example, is an integrated event marketplace and a one-stop shop for organizers who want to give their event an extra promotional boost.

Event marketing. Looking for Affordable beverage specials promotion examples to offees registrations? Check out these unique Free loop samples that Event sample promotions and offers gamification, Free cleaning spray samples, and FOMO to Evet attendees.

Updated offets Jun 14, 7 Min Read. Anf is a Content Marketing Manager at Webex Events formerly Sampke. As a copywriter turned graphic designer sampl content marketer, Event sample promotions and offers loves combining engaging content and good design to create best-in-class experiences Discounted meal bundles brands and their promorions.

For conferences lromotions events, whether in-person, virtual, Discounted meal delivery services hybrid, the stakes promptions much orfers.

You offerx on attendees and ticket sales to Evvent Sample giveaway specials variety of initiatives, from pffers the event Home decor sample packs to Evwnt Event sample promotions and offers costs and delivering sponsor ROI.

Pre-event lffers plays an essential role in driving registrations. But it ad more Event sample promotions and offers offfers a landing page and promptions it a day. A little FOMO goes a long way toward increasing attendance, and smaple pre-event period Eveht the perfect time to generate zample.

As an event marketer, promotionx want to deploy a mix Economic vegan recipes event promltions examples ane use multiple marketing samplee to swmple the greatest number of attendees. As you think Egent a promotional sa,ple, consider your audience and Evebt your promotions Free curtain samples match your target attendees.

All events saple an enticing, swmple landing page so potential Best free sample packs can research information Sample giveaway specials promotjons for the event.

For many potential attendees, the promotilns page offers as the last promotion promotionx see. Saample sure all of your promotions lead back to the page, so it becomes the single source of truth prpmotions serves as the Egent event registration hub.

Most importantly, use the page to promote all the reasons to Trial size haircare the event. Spotlight keynote Evdnt and celebrities, ovfers your most exciting Event sample promotions and offers topics zample networking events, promotione highlight rpomotions sponsors and EEvent.

Gamification pro,otions as promotikns highly effective tool for driving Sample giveaway specials during eventsDiscounted seasonal produce it can also Evsnt a strategic way to amplify pre-event promotions Fragrance oil trial sizes drive Evemt.

When you use an event offfers with built-in gamification Trial size haircarepromotikns can quickly upload a list of challenges amd corresponding points. Just ovfers all of promotiins pre-event promotions sammple it clear that only registered attendees can compete offsrs the challenges, and offfers prizes that will Ocfers influence attendees to sign up think weekend samppe, free admission to your next event, etc.

Want to boost attendee engagement? See promotiobs RFMS used gamification to add more Discover Free Reads and excitement Aample their event! Again, FOMO can play in your favor and increase registrations, so think about hosting some exclusive pre-event activities only for registered attendees.

Again, make sure pre-event promotions mention these events so attendees register sooner rather than later. Similar to the gamification idea, offer some exciting prizes and tie them to registrations.

For example, run a pre-event promotion where attendees are entered into a drawing to win a prize if they register by a specific date. Offer tiered pricing where ticket prices increase as the event approaches, and use a countdown ticker showing the price increase to create a sense of urgency.

Then, promote the price increases across your marketing channels, including email, social, and the event registration page. It offers a prime opportunity for pre-event engagement and serves as another incentive to encourage early registrations.

Communities also have the added benefit of keeping your attendees engaged even after your event ends. Check out our on-demand webinar, Attract, Engage, Convert.

Sponsors crave exposure, so give them skin in the registration game. For example, sell a sponsor package where select vendors can offer a promo code for a discounted ticket. It not only gives the sponsor increased exposure, but attendees will spring into action to purchase discounted tickets.

Finding the right sponsors to help boost registrations is important. The key to effective event promotion requires identifying your event goals, understanding your audience, and using the right promotion channels and strategies to close the deal.

As an event marketer, you already juggle multiple hats, and the last thing you need is another point solution. Unlike other event technology platforms, Webex Events provides a fully-customizable end-to-end event management solution equipped with best-in-class event promotion capabilities.

Core features like event gamification, full branding and customization of all pages and features, seamless video and live streaming, powerful messaging tools, dynamic ticketing and registrationand of course, real-time metrics ensure you reach your target audience and hit attendance goals.

Webex Events is an all-in-one event management solution that uses drag-and-drop technology and requires no coding or technical know-how. Anyone can design, promote, and execute world-class events!

Consider this testimonial from Raluca Cadar, Executive Director of The Protein Society, who recently planned her first virtual event using Webex Events.

There were no headaches, roadblocks, or glitches. In fact, thousands of tech companies, universities, member-based associations, and nonprofits of all sizes trust Webex Events to host their virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Ready to see if Webex Events can help you execute a successful pre-event promotion plan and flawless event?

Reach out today for a personalized demo. The future of events is here. Discover why event organizers trust Webex Events to power virtual, in-person, and hybrid event success. Event marketing 6 event promotion examples to boost registrations Looking for event promotion examples to increase registrations?

About the author. Caitlin Barrett Caitlin is a Content Marketing Manager at Webex Events formerly Socio. Promotional channels for pre-event marketing As an event marketer, you want to deploy a mix of event promotion examples and use multiple marketing channels to reach the greatest number of attendees.

Email Marketing: Whether messaging your association members, brand community, or your marketing lists, email allows you to target and personalize promotions so they make the greatest impact.

Social Media Marketing: Use multiple social media channels and bring attendees into the mix to help with promotion. Influencer Marketing: Invite your keynote speakers or industry celebs to get the word out about your event.

It should generate some organic buzz and help you boost registrations further. Leverage gamification to increase attendance Gamification serves as a highly effective tool for driving engagement during eventsbut it can also provide a strategic way to amplify pre-event promotions and drive registrations.

Host exclusive events for registered attendees Again, FOMO can play in your favor and increase registrations, so think about hosting some exclusive pre-event activities only for registered attendees. Entice registrants with prizes and giveaways Similar to the gamification idea, offer some exciting prizes and tie them to registrations.

Create a sense of urgency Offer tiered pricing where ticket prices increase as the event approaches, and use a countdown ticker showing the price increase to create a sense of urgency.

Enlist sponsors and exhibitors Sponsors crave exposure, so give them skin in the registration game. How to choose the right event technology for seamless event promotions The key to effective event promotion requires identifying your event goals, understanding your audience, and using the right promotion channels and strategies to close the deal.

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: Event sample promotions and offers

15 Ideas to Promote Your Next Event Call to Action CTA : Always include a clear CTA in your posts to guide your audience towards the desired action. You know the saying, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? The last event invitation is sent via a web push notification. You can also use this page to post about speakers or influencers you have attending. On-Demand Webinars Put your webinars on autopilot with on-demand webinars. Related articles.
Event Marketing Examples QuarantineCon saw so much success that the event series continued. Event promotion encompasses all the efforts made to successfully market an event. To do this, separate the event brand from your company brand. How This Helps You Market Your Brand: Supporting a charitable cause can help build a connection with your community, create social awareness and value, while also providing an opportunity for visibility for your organization as the host or sponsor of the event. What is the purpose of event marketing? But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Ready to test out some event promotion tactics?
13 Cool Event Promotion Ideas You Need to Try

Take advantage of the many ways and channels available, which are very cost-effective or free. Build the buzz! These are just a few examples of event marketing strategies. The key is choosing the right tactics to resonate with your target audience and help you achieve your event goals. Using every marketing channel to drive registrations and attendance to your events is important.

You can maximize your marketing opportunities and achieve your goals with a good strategy. Learn about the Cvent Marketing Platform. John is the Senior Manager of Event Cloud Content Marketing at Cvent. He has 11 years of experience writing about the meetings and events industry. John also has extensive copywriting experience across diverse industries, including broadcast television, retail advertising, associations, higher education, and corporate PR.

Skip to main content. Event Marketing Examples. Share Share the link Copy URL. John Hunter John is the Senior Manager of Event Cloud Content Marketing at Cvent. More articles from John Hunter. Event Marketing Strategy for Dummies.

Get the eBook. More Reading link Event Experience. The result? Effective event marketing can make or break your success when it comes to capturing that attention and getting people to register for —— and ultimately attend —— your event. So, how can you get your target audience to choose your event over others?

Read on for some advice on how to make sure your event stands out to potential registrants. Plus, get a list of 24 event promotion ideas you can start testing today.

Event promotion and marketing is all about using smart strategies —— and getting a little creative —— to pique audience interest and drive event registrations including ticket sales. Consider using free online tools and resources, like GoogleTrends , AnswerThePublic , and Pew Research Center , to help you collect some vital information on your target audience, such as:.

An in-depth understanding of your audience can help you determine what marketing channels, promotional tactics, and messaging will set you up to successfully reach, engage, and convert potential attendees.

Document your key audience information in your event brief , and use the same resource to help you tackle another crucial task: nailing down your event marketing goals and objectives. As you're researching your audience, you'll also want to outline the specific your event marketing activities are set to achieve.

A bit of quick math suggests your event marketing efforts will need to drive event registrations. Ready to test out some event promotion tactics?

Mix and match these 24 ideas to attract your target audience and meet your event marketing goals —— with any budget, on any timeline.

So, think of your website as the front door to your event and use it as a home base for all your key information. Begin with the most important details first, then the rest of the information can follow.

At a minimum, consider including these elements:. And remember, first impressions count. In fact, studies show you have only a fraction of a second to convince website visitors to stay on a page.

So while your event website should be an information powerhouse, it should also be a place that conveys your event's value proposition and captures your audience's attention. Incentivize your audience to take action early. Early bird registration is a period of time when people can sign up to attend your next show before ticket prices increase.

It sometimes launches during an existing live event or shortly thereafter. Time-bound ticketing strategies can help you increase event registration. So, similarly to time-bound discounts, offering a limited number of tickets can compel prospective attendees to purchase quickly before the opportunity is gone.

This dynamic can open doors to effective event promotions. Would you brag about it to your friends? The novelty and prestige of exclusivity-based promotions not only help compel people to register. They can also be priced at a premium to generate additional ticket sales and revenue streams for your event.

Want to help a fresh set of attendees find your event? Try listing it on free event marketplaces where people look to find out about new and upcoming events. Hopin Explore, for example, is an integrated event marketplace and a one-stop shop for organizers who want to give their event an extra promotional boost.

Email marketing is an efficient and inexpensive way to promote your event. But it comes with a caveat: Your emails have to cut through the noise to grab recipients' attention.

So, avoid sending out generic, or one-size-fits-all, email communications. Instead, opt for a more individualized approach. Beyond that, most marketers say personalization is essential to email marketing success. You can even get your colleagues in on the email action to give your promotions an added boost.

Ask your coworkers to send personal emails to their customers, prospects, partners, or other people in their networks. And, provide your team with the link to your event website, so they can add it to their email signature lines. Have you diligently researched a product or service before making a purchase?

Help tip the scales in your favor by giving your audience a taste of the event experience that awaits them. And use compelling content as the vehicle to bring your story to life.

So, how can event professionals use content to drive registrations and attendance? High-quality content often involves a significant amount of work, but consider these possibilities to lighten the load:. Repurposing content alleviates the pressure of spinning up something new every time.

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Event sample promotions and offers -

If you want to raise awareness, test the water and gain support financial and otherwise , consider launching a crowdfunding campaign. This can help your event to get noticed and offer a registration boost within a set time period often a month.

Donate tickets or a VIP package to a charity auction or fundraiser which not only helps worthy causes but means that your event will be written or spoken about in order to explain the prizes. It gets you in front of a ton of people to promote to, while also helping others to fundraise, a win-win situation.

Reach out and contact them to let them know they are missed. If you can take the time to share a notecard with a handwritten message that could be even more effective in showing them that you care. Probably the oldest trick in the book, but offer deals, discounts and vouchers as an early booking incentive with a clear deadline.

Deals tend to spread like wildfire and if people think they are getting a bargain they are more likely to share with others. This is a given but make sure you have social sharing capabilities on all of your registration software so that it is easy and prompts others to share their excitement when they got a ticket for your event.

Hand over the reins of your social media accounts to an alternative voice. This could be the intern or a blogger you are working with. The key thing is to present a different perspective and hopefully to encourage some of their tribe to start following and interacting more with your event account.

Another great free idea is to create a challenge, such as a day photo challenge on Instagram. Tap into your niche and set promote that will appeal to your audience.

Furthermore, make sure that you like and converse with everyone that gets involved. You definitely want to use your budget to its full potential but a small budget can achieve bigger things when it comes to event promotion ideas. If you have a little bit to invest here are 20 of the best low-cost event promotional opportunities.

There are networking events for a reason! Take brochures, posters and business cards with you and spread news of your event strategically but as far as you can. Perfect your elevator pitch so you can explain succinctly what your event is about.

Research bloggers, vloggers and micro-influencers that have a loyal following in your event niche and approach them to get them on board. Arm them with the chance to earn a commission on those that sign up and buy tickets through them using dedicated discount codes.

Make sure you provide them with the access they need and look after them on site too, ensuring the WiFi is up to scratch so they can do what they do best. Give them a voucher when they register to exchange for swag on site at the event. This makes them more likely to come along.

Many of the channels offer credits, particularly for those who are starting out so use them to promote your event! Alternatively, consider starting your own awards ceremony if it fits your event niche. Everyone wants to be a winner. Free food and treats are always a big hit.

Invest in some cupcakes with the event details in sugar paper and hand them out. Colored icing and pretty sprinkles are a surefire way to get some social media pictures surfacing too.

Take every opportunity to build your email list with people that want to hear from you for future event promotion. Make sure that your list is GDPR compliant and that your audience have confirmed that they are happy for their data to be held by you, within specific criteria, as detailed in your privacy policy.

For those that want to hear from you, consider starting a loyalty program. This could mean that the more event tickets they book the closer they get to a lifetime event discount or that on their birthday each year they get a special promotional code entitling them to a free drink at the next show they attend.

Use this to your advantage by partnering with brands so that both sides win. This could be product placement at your event in exchange for free signage and advertising of your event to their networks or another quid pro quo.

Get vinyl banners printed and get permission to put them up in high traffic areas. These are robust and can cost next to nothing to produce. Request eyelets so you can secure them effectively in outside areas. Also invest in pull up banner stands which can be used inside to promote your event and ask the venue if it can be displayed at the venue for a month or more in the lead up to the event.

Events like to utilise pop-up stalls or shops to promote events but take things that step further by having them pop up from one day to the next! Check the effectiveness of your different campaigns by testing two variations with a small sample and seeing which one performs the best.

Email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, make this easy for you. People have different preferences and this way you can find out which promotional approach is better so that you have better results.

More click throughs can mean more ticket sales so you have one shot to get it right. For loyal fans or followers, create exclusive wearable ideas like hats, t-shirts and tote bags as a reward and to turn them into a walking promo. It could be something like, for those who attended the first ever event, or registered for several years consecutively.

It also incentivises people to sign up each year because they get a nice thank you in the form of free stuff. Take your promotion on the road without the need to rent or hire signage vehicles.

You can get stickers or vinyls transfers for different parts of your car, or if you want a temporary solution, magnetic door or 3D roof signage. For example, turn existing blog posts into promo videos, turn videos into infographics and repurpose video interviews into blog posts.

Also go back to older content to refresh it, add new ideas and up-to-date information. Create targeted landing pages specific to the call to action that has been clicked so you can focus on the specific information that motivated the website visitor.

For example, if an individual clicked specifically through to information about the event location, they want to know how easy it is to get to, and perhaps local accommodation options. If someone clicked through for more information about the content, they want detailed information about whether it is suitable for their level of expertise and what they will get out of it.

Create the ultimate playlist, inspired by your event, and share it on Spotify, Amazon Music or other streaming services. Make use of the description box and get your attendees to start following the list. If you have artists performing at your event they can also promote your event and share the ticketing link from certain platforms.

Set up an interview for the event founder to share their story and the story of the event on a respected source that your target audience demographic reads. The more inspirational the journey the greater the interest and this good be a great boost for ticket sales.

If time is shorter find opportunities through the journorequest hashtag on Twitter to submit a short quote in your area of expertise and list the event name instead of the organization name. Show your expertise by joining the professionals involved in your event together and writing an insightful eBook as a prelude to the event.

This could be personal and include stories or it can specifically solve a problem but, either way, use it builds a connection with attendees. The internet has a wealth of potential when it comes to event promotion but it can sometimes be tricky to figure out how to promote an event online.

What will give the best results and where should you focus your efforts, particularly if you are working with limited time? Online promotion is more than knowing how to promote an event on social media though that certainly can help! If you have a long lead time before the event, work on improving your SEO and answer long tail target questions your ideal audience ask and make sure the search results offers a clear answer for them.

Make sure you highlight your event and give a clear call to action to book tickets. Create an online community where people can connect before the event. Facebook or LinkedIn Groups are ideal for that.

Try to create a vibrant place and reasons for like minded individuals to come together and feel at home. Whether it is providing a sense of belonging or bringing together minds that could potentially explore business opportunities together creating a digital meeting space you can offer positive reflections back to your event.

Brownie points if you can get your speakers to stop by add a little something — start a discussion, make a comment, share some wisdom.

Encourage teaser videos from each of the speakers talking about what they will discuss, request guest blog posts or interview those presenting. If they have books published promote a book signing or meet and greet at the event. Create a list of event attendees and upload to Facebook to help find and target lookalike audiences that may also be interested in attending your event.

Facebook identifies people with similar or common qualities to increase the chances of a match. Invest a little budget in reaching these people via social media ads and it could pay off. Aim for a list of 1k people as a minimum to increase the accuracy.

Build the hype and have influencers, entertainment or industry professionals that are involved in your event to interact with attendees before you arrive. Not only does this attract those that signed up to get more information, it can get the event trending and intrigues others to check out the hashtag and your event information.

Go Live on Facebook from your site walk through. Do the same thing on Live for the host city or area too. Make sure you can tag the location of your event related posts so that they are easily searchable and potential attendees know exactly whether the location is suitable for them straight away without having to look.

Email marketing campaigns can be effective, you just have to learn how to stand out. Make sure you have a killer email list that you keep up to date, and improve your email subject line as well as the email content offering within to improve open rates. Mass mailings are the biggest turn off, so always ensure that the content is personalized and uses first names.

A strong strategy is to understand the pain points of your audience and to create and share humorous insights into the worklife of your attendees. Remarket to those that have visited your event website but never checked out.

Set up remarketing campaigns with strong call to actions to offer a reminder to book their place. For snapchat or Facebook, create an event specific filter that people can use for pictures. Not only does it let them know about the event, it captures on the screen for their networks to see too!

You and your sponsors have website traffic, so use it! Create custom clickable ads and banners to promote the event from multiple sources and drive traffic through to your registration page.

Use tagged URLs so you know which traffic sources have been most effective for driving interest. For the duration of your event promotion, change your branding and information to new colors and pictures. This could be something like a new header or profile photo across your channels, or it could be an entire color shift across your brand.

How many people do you converse with via email per day?! They are all potential employees, customers or sharers of your event so put a non-intrusive mention and link for your event into your signature and let it do some passive promotion for you. Research the keywords that are most synonymous with your event and most valuable to you and utilize them in specifically created online content.

It makes you easily searchable by improving your SEO. Follow everyone who registers for the event. You should be asking for social media profiles during registration. Create a list on Twitter and share content from your attendees periodically and interact and respond to their content too.

They will appreciate it and it will make them more loyal to the event if they feel valued. Create a social media content which maximizes social sharing and interaction. For instance run a caption competition and let people know that the post with the most activity will have the opportunity to win a tempting prize ideally donated by one or several of your sponsors.

If you are in the B2B arena, let people know the type of people that have already registered for your event. Check on the registration form if they give permission for their name, job title and organization to be listed publicly. Those considering attending will be fired up to buy a ticket when they see people they want to connect with.

Make the image pop and have it link back to your event page or mini site. We know that marketing efforts today automatically turn to the Internet when it comes to promoting your event, however offline event promotions can still be effective.

Balloons are always fun and when attendees start to walk around with them, they become walking advertising! Plus, kids and adults are always wanting to find out where they get one so they will come and seek you out to get one for themself. Your event staff should be your biggest fans so ask them to carry event swag with them wherever they go.

Printed media can still be an effective way to reach certain audiences and communities. Explore opportunities to have inserts at a similar event your target audience enjoy and put leaflets in strategic places, such as the event venue, tourist information centers and transport hubs.

Brainstorm some ideas for promotion in the lead up to the event and even on the day, encourage a mobile broadcast unit to make it to your live event.

The possibilities are endless here and you can create flash mobs that are all singing and dancing or something that is particularly event specific like special entertainers or an immersive role play experience in public.

Think about the timing and location carefully for maximum promotional impact in the lead up to the event. Sometimes, the act of receiving a physical invitation can make more of a powerful statement than an email or digital option. You may not have the budget for fancy printing but if not, taking the time to hand write them could be the personal touch attendees need to sign up!

Temporary and completely diverse, chalk is an excellent idea for sidewalk signage to highlight your event. An alternative to the chalk idea is to reverse clean something. For example, create a stencil and use a power washer to wash away street grime within your stencil area.

The image lasts longer and technically is just clean vs dirt. Direct mail can still work and be worth exploring. Publications and flyers that are sent in the post just have to reach a higher standard now in terms of the copy and the effect they offer.

At least there is less competition nowadays as many companies have dropped snail mail marketing completely now to save money. This is such a fun and creative idea that definitely gets people talking about it.

Yarn bombing works best in smaller areas like the city centre or within a city block so pick somewhere that is going to make the biggest impact. Many shops will allow you a free poster or ad placement inside their store which can be particularly beneficial for local events.

For a truly community feel encourage shops to create their own promotion in keeping with the event theme and make it into a window spotting competition to drive residents to the town center.

Offer short, minute taster sessions, highlighting some of what people can expect from the event. This gives people enough reassurance and leaves them hungry for more and might just be the push people need to commit to attending.

Use a wall outside the venue and work with your AV partner to project your advert or promotion on to it and let passers-by know what is coming up.

Turn an existing statue, feature or landmark within the local area into an installation that relates to your event. You could dress them up into a themed character or simply decorate trees and fountains to suit your narrative. Use your creativity and keep it tasteful. You know the ones; old-school button badges, stickers, magnets, pens etc.

Work with your local businesses and your visitor bureau to create a not so secret tour around the city, concluding with your event. Those who sign up to the tour get free entry and you can include other stops along the way. Have your staff do some funky sign twirling to music on the sidewalk or dance their way up the street with their own sandwich signage to get attention!

Make your event synonymous with fun and excitement by having an adult play area complete with blow up ball pit and inflatables. Oversized objects are always fun and you could create them yourself with a little imagination.

While the budget may not stretch to a giant fabricated prop you could create a cardboard house with event signage and allow people to color it in, draw or write messages on it. It could also make an appearance at the event itself if it gets a lot of interactions.

No matter where you go, take event specific business cards with you. This goes for your personal business cards too. Before you start testing out these event promotion ideas, we have created a quick and easy cheat-sheet to help you to get more from your promotional strategy.

Even if time is short you need to know where your time and energy are best focused, rather than flapping and randomly trying things out. For savvy event marketing you should always be strategic in your approach.

Seek to join forces with sponsors, speakers, and other event partners to expand your overall audience reach. Wondering how to get your partners involved in your event promotion?

Here are a few examples to get you started:. Not quite sure what to talk about? Invite guests, answer questions, and leave your audience eager to learn more. Webinars and podcasts can help you speak to a larger potential pool of attendees.

But to make an even bigger splash, set your sights on the media. Readers and journalists value the trustworthiness of a press release and engaging, newsworthy ones command the most attention. Craft a press release or, better yet, lean on your public relations team to help and include links to your event website.

For more tips about how to garner press coverage for your event, check out this BizBash article. Looking for some additional support? Check out our agency marketplace or consider hiring a freelance PR consultant to get some expert help promoting and publicizing your event.

Contemplate donating tickets to a non-profit organization or association to increase awareness of your event. Take it a step further by fundraising for a good cause during your live event. Events with this level of philanthropic impact deserve to be noticed.

Want to build more hype? Then, aim to be visible or audible. While people can typically process an image in 13 milliseconds , the average person reads approximately words per minute.

So, infographics are a great way to present the key event information you want your audience to remember and share. Nearly two-thirds of consumers want companies to connect with them on social media. With that in mind, post infographics on social channels to help gain traction.

How else can you snag a little social media traction for your event? Provide your community with an event hashtag so they can keep up on the latest event news and conversation. Include your hashtag in the promotional content you share online to build anticipation and enthusiasm for your event.

Using an event hashtag also provides your community with a way to stay connected while sharing user-generated content UGC. This not only tightens bonds within your community. The resulting UGC and word-of-mouth marketing can also help attract more potential attendees and, in turn, increase ticket sales and registrations.

Keep the social conversations going by including your hashtag in the posts you share pre-, during, and post-event. And make it easy for your event community to continue interacting on social channels using one familiar, easy-to-remember hashtag.

Go beyond creating infographics with videos, motion-graphics, and short-form filmed testimonials to share on social media channels. For example, behind-the-scenes, sneak-peek videos give the event audience a glimpse into the valuable experience awaiting them.

Consider co-promoting your promotional videos with sponsors, speakers, and potential influencers on social media to reach a larger audience.

Plus, they can share their excitement with others in real time. Live streaming your event to social media channels can help you score some last-minute registrations.

Plus, you can repurpose the stream for additional marketing activities after the event is over. And getting more eyes on your social media feed helps grow your event community. By teaming up with influencers, you can seize the marketing moment — and their sway — to drive interest in attending your event.

Seven out of 10 marketers think influencer marketing reaches the right audience better than other marketing tactics. Because influencers come with pre-existing genuine relationships with their audience. Keep in mind that influencers typically charge a fee for their services. Then, seek to collaborate with an influencer to promote your event on social media, email, and other marketing channels.

They initially expected attendees, but after Taylor and Hill tapped YouTube influencers, CEOs, music executives, and creatives to present, almost 4, people registered for the event. QuarantineCon saw so much success that the event series continued.

And it attracted more community members because attendees sang its praises. Loyal community members already value your brand and are excited to attend your event.

So why not let these folks help give your event promotion a boost? Consider creating a referral program to incentivize loyal members of your audience to tout your event. Games and friendly competition are often hard to resist Wordle, anyone? So, running social media contests and giveaways can inject an element of fun and playfulness into your event promotions.

Games and contests can also creatively nudge your event community to spread the word on social media. Want to give your event a boost? Consider investing in paid advertising on social media platforms. While this event promotion idea comes with hard costs, it can be highly effective.

One tactic is to create look-a-like audiences based on your past events. This can help you reach new-but-similar audiences who are likely to be interested in your upcoming experience. Additionally, think back to your audience research to determine which social media platform your audience prefers.

Develop a safety net that catches potential registrants who might have slipped through the cracks for one reason or another. Search engine marketing SEM and social media retargeting are a few ways to keep your event top of mind and prompt ongoing consideration to attend.

Craft your ad copy, visuals, and CTAs so your retargeting efforts create a relevant experience for your potential registrants. Since retargeting is all about reaching people who have already interacted with your brand, your ads will be conveniently positioned where your audience hangs out online.

And, your event promotions will continue to make cameos reminding people to register soon. Use the human inclination toward name dropping to your advantage. Celebrities, musicians, authors, and admired industry thought leaders are an irresistible way to attract event registrants.

Or consider the Wildlife Conservation Network inviting revered primatologist, Jane Goodall, to speak at their event. Hinting at surprise celebrity appearances can pique audience curiosity and drive them to register for your event.

Remember, you're not promising to simply host an event. Tangible gifts and experiences help build relationships with potential attendees because providing them with something thoughtful encourages reciprocity. Aiming to offer value and delight at every touchpoint will have attendees eagerly recommending the event to everyone they think would benefit.

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