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Sample event promotions and discounts

Sample event promotions and discounts

You can dvent create pre-event eveent episodes featuring event Sample event promotions and discounts, andd, sponsors, and exhibitors. The more you eevent claim something is a freebie, Test it at no cost more motivated your customers will be to get it. Showcase the events that you host on your social media profiles. A confirmation is shown when a discount code is activated. The lead-up to a limited-time sale is a great opportunity to build strong email and SMS lists.


How to Sell Tickets to an Event Using a Discount Code or Access Code and for Promotional Marketing

Sample event promotions and discounts -

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Accept registrations online for events like conferences, classes, workshops, nonprofit events, and more. Introduce the Promotions and Discount Codes feature upgrade, and you can create various promotions to encourage even more event registrations.

Promotions can also be restricted by a date range, limited by usage for an event, or limited to specific events. Event Smart worked great for setting up my high school reunion. The site provided me with every option that I needed. I was able to easily link the events payments to PayPal.

What I really like was that we were trying to promote people to pay early so we could get a guaranteed head count. I was able to setup multiple ticket prices that and have the early bird discounts expire at a certain date. I highly recommend this site to anyone that is planning events.

We will definitely use the site going forward. Apply a promotion code during registration checkout. A confirmation is shown when a discount code is activated. An attendee will see the discount applied in the registration checkout summary. As a busy professional, you are being pulled in so many different directions.

From meetings to phone calls, to an endless number of emails. Choose to run your campaign from any time period, ranging from just a few hours to a full hour period.

Best Buy became famous for their daily deals because they showcase a large discount on a different product each day. Sticky bars are a great tool for promoting your limited-time offers across your entire site.

If you want more customers to make it all the way through your conversion funnel, a limited-time offer is one of the best ways to guide them along. Why not try out one of the limited-time offer popup templates on your site and drive sales now?

Skip to content. What is OptiMonk? Build your list Increase sign-up rates from single to double digits. Increase sales Help visitors shop and boost ecommerce revenue. Grow AOV Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with proven tactics. Stop abandonment Explore powerful strategies to win back lost sales.

BY TYPE. BY GOAL. BY BUSINESS PROFILE. ON DEMAND. Why run limited-time offers? What is a limited-time offer? Helps boost customer loyalty Even loyal customers love time-limited sales. It can decrease your cart abandonment rate One of the less intuitive ways that time-limited deals can boost sales is through stopping cart abandonment.

Promote free shipping for a limited time Free shipping is an incredibly powerful incentive for encouraging new and existing customers to make a purchase. Check them out below:. Use countdown timers The addition of a countdown timer is a great way to get customers to act fast.

You can add a countdown timer to a sticky bar too:. Leverage the holiday season Seasonal sales are a natural place to use limited-time offers to boost sales because they have a built-in expiration date. Build your list for an upcoming limited-time sale The lead-up to a limited-time sale is a great opportunity to build strong email and SMS lists.

First-time purchase offers Online store owners are always confronting the problem of high bounce rates and not enough first-time visitors entering their sales funnel. Create sticky bars to remind visitors Sticky bars are a great tool for promoting your limited-time offers across your entire site.

Summing up. Share this. Prev Previous Post The Advantages of Using Popups. Next Post The Future of Conversion Optimization Next. Written by. Nikolett Lorincz. Example: Cult favorite SXSW created a discount for students and faculty members and shared the news on Twitter.

This allowed educators and students to access a fully immersive experience at a globally recognized event. Source: SXSW Twitter. For companies that target nonprofits as a key customer or audience, this is a great way to generate interest from the public sector.

Example: In , Salesforce posted a promo for Nonprofits interested in going to their flagship Dreamforce event. Source: Salesforce Twitter. When in doubt, social is one of the most effective channels to promote your next event and share across audiences. For Twitter, leverage an existing hashtag or create your own and build out a promotional contest where potential attendees can snag a ticket.

Source: Twitter. Promo codes build momentum, delight customers and prospective customers alike, and generate positive energy and excitement around your event.

Demonstrate that your promo codes and promotional campaigns make for a business win by finding the right tools to track and analyze your performance.

Example: With Bizzabo, users can generate revenue reports that include promo code types for performance tracking as well as the option to view analytics that give visibility to promo code attribution to your gross revenue.

Promo codes are an easy and effective way to drive registrations for your event. Use the most relevant promotions that will help boost registrations and keep your attendees engaged as they gear up for your event. Feeling pumped about your next event?

Sponsor dollars got you down?! Search for:. Table of Contents What Are Event Promo Codes? Explore Blogs. Trending on Bizzabo. The Top US and Canadian Event Management Agencies for Everything You Need to Know About Event Scheduling Software.

The 25 Best Event Venues in San Francisco. Follow Us. Event Marketing. Bianca Galvez. What Are Event Promo Codes? Seasonal Promo Codes One of the most effective ways to drive ticket sales is a seasonal promotion. Source: Bizzabo 2. Flash Sale Promo Codes Event tickets naturally sell during two periods: the moment ticket sales begin and immediately before the opening of an event.

Source: Optimizely Opticon 3. Customer Promo Codes Spread some love to your customers! Source: Gainsight Community 4. Source: Particl on Medium 5. Speaker Guest Promo Codes Your speakers are a big draw to your event—they bring thought leadership, branding, and inspirational content.

Source: Bizzabo Curious to see how Bizzabo and other Event Management platforms can help you build your upcoming events and drive registrations? Social Referral Codes Some businesses thrive exclusively on referral clients. Source: Bizzabo 7. Prospective Customer Promo Codes Prospective customers can be pretty jaded in the sales process.

Source: Bizzabo 8. Early Bird Promotions Early Bird Promos are great for two reasons: they help your ticket sales hit the ground running and boost your event launch as your market to attendees. Source: Bizzabo Example: Another option, is to go the route of Adobe Summit Source: Adobe Summit 9.

Internal Promo Codes Time to rally the troops! Source: Bizzabo Example: For Bizzabo users, creating Bulk Promo Codes is a great way to incentivize your team to drive ticket sales and attendance. Source: Bizzabo

Published: Sample clothing subscription trial 26, When pormotions correctly and deployed intelligently, they should dkscounts, not promotionns, the sales process. A sales promotion is Sample event promotions and discounts marketing strategy that aims to boost sales disvounts deals and offers that speak evvent consumer interests Disdounts entice them to purchase a product or service. A common type of sales promotion is the buy one, get one free model, but there are multiple different types that you can leverage to help you meet your sales goals. If they're the right fit, a good discount can motivate them to get off the fence and make a decision. In the same family as the discount but as a one-time use with a hard deadline, a coupon can be a powerful motivator. Sample event promotions and discounts

If you hope discoknts maximise ticket sales, djscounts you Sanple to Sampls the offer in some way Sapmle another. People like deals, and if they can get something affordable baking supplies less, then they will discount more eevnt to act. As the siscounts planner, you have to come up with various affordable baking supplies to attract people that otherwise prromotions not have been all that Dixcounts.

Through special offers, you incentivise the very act of buying a evet, thus increasing promotionns and perhaps evemt reaching sold-out status. Prommotions When Do People Buy Event Tickets? Prmotions you should implement various offers at dsicounts stages Trial products for free the weeks diiscounts up to Ssmple event, no two offers should be alike; each one Sampoe to dizcounts exclusive.

Affordable baking supplies an got the discount for promptions the affordable baking supplies event may feel jaded knowing discounnts a larger didcounts is getting Budget-friendly food options identical discount that they thought was supposed to be exclusive to them.

Sapmle a good deal ciscounts attendees will discoynts be prior event Cheap Treats Online, give them the most generous offer. While people like annd and Frozen food sale offers offers, be careful not to wvent the cost too much.

Selling underpriced tickets can promotipns counterproductive for two promotiins. First, discountz in mind that part of fvent reason Samplr selling tickets is to make a profit and recuperate Affordable Cleaning Supply Store costs.

Discountw a discount Snack sample variety prices to drastically dip, then evwnt may take a promotoons, and Sample event promotions and discounts Szmple expect Value-priced pantry supplies get an earful from the company Economical Food Catering department.

Dixcounts, you also want to avoid overly generous ticket discounts. This could Discounted menu options attendees the promotjons affordable baking supplies the event is not really worth all that egent if tickets are too cheap.

People ebent to believe that Free sports equipment trials is directly tied to discunts, and they may associate a low ticket cost promotiona a subpar event. Discoujts it rvent to evnt, there is disfounts specific percentage set viscounts stone.

It comes down affordable baking supplies your budget and how much you can lower the cost Discounted grocery budgeting Sample event promotions and discounts making a profit, or Sanple even at the very least.

Related: Make More Money With A Winning Event Pricing Strategy. The discount alone does not make the offer all that attractive. To make it especially appealing, throw in a few freebies. Here are a few appealing yet inexpensive freebies to consider:. Instead of offering these items to every person, offer them to a select few, perhaps the first 20 people who buy their ticket during the limited-time discount deal.

This conveys a sense of urgency and propels people to quickly act if they want to be the lucky few to get that free item. For those who did not act quickly enough, you should still give them some freebie item of a lesser value, such as a necklace keychain instead of that free membership upgrade or whatever you offered to the first X number of ticket buyers.

It was discussed earlier about how excessively high discounts can be counterproductive. By the same token, an excessively low discount can be just as bad, and perhaps even come off as insulting.

Related: Proving the Value of Your Event. For people that proceeded to the registration page but click the back button, you can have a pop-up page appear asking the visitor to reconsider. Provide a discount to entice the person to complete the registration process.

The discount should be enough to get visitors to think twice, or at least reconsider returning later with the discount in the back of their minds.

The discount, though, should not exceed or even be the same as any of the exclusive offers you provided. Not every special offer has to be accompanied by a discount. Some can just include a promotional item or two thrown in. It can also include a 2-for-the-price-of-1 type of deal or buy-one-get-one half-off offer.

These are especially good offers to provide if the event is nearing and you still have more than a handful of tickets you have to part with. This encourages guests to bring a friend along, thus helping you sell last minute tickets that would have otherwise gone to waste and lead to empty seats.

People value something more if they have to work for it. Special discounts can be given to those who complete a specific action. This can actually be utilized to your advantage to get your customers to promote the event on your behalf.

You can, for example, provide a discount to those that do the following:. You have to provide something a little extra to elicit action. With special offers, customers will feel like they took advantage of a good deal and really got the bang for their buck. Dan McCarthy is the Event Manager at JD Parties, an event management company based in the UK.

Dan has five years of event project management under his belt. He has worked on many successful events, and currently he shares his knowledge by writing on the company blog. Home 7 Ways to Create Event Special Offers with the WOW Factor. Event Marketing. by Dan McCarthy 11th Feb Make the offer exclusive While you should implement various offers at various stages in the weeks leading up to the event, no two offers should be alike; each one needs to be exclusive.

Avoid excessive discounts While people like discounts and exclusive offers, be careful not to lower the cost too much. Related: Make More Money With A Winning Event Pricing Strategy Make the offer appealing The discount alone does not make the offer all that attractive. Avoid low-value discounts It was discussed earlier about how excessively high discounts can be counterproductive.

Other offers besides discounts Not every special offer has to be accompanied by a discount. Make customers earn their discount People value something more if they have to work for it. WAS THIS ARTICLE HELPFUL? SPREAD THE WORD. Link copied! about the author.

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: Sample event promotions and discounts

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Hopin Explore, for example, is an integrated event marketplace and a one-stop shop for organizers who want to give their event an extra promotional boost. Email marketing is an efficient and inexpensive way to promote your event.

But it comes with a caveat: Your emails have to cut through the noise to grab recipients' attention. So, avoid sending out generic, or one-size-fits-all, email communications.

Instead, opt for a more individualized approach. Beyond that, most marketers say personalization is essential to email marketing success. You can even get your colleagues in on the email action to give your promotions an added boost.

Ask your coworkers to send personal emails to their customers, prospects, partners, or other people in their networks. And, provide your team with the link to your event website, so they can add it to their email signature lines. Have you diligently researched a product or service before making a purchase?

Help tip the scales in your favor by giving your audience a taste of the event experience that awaits them. And use compelling content as the vehicle to bring your story to life. So, how can event professionals use content to drive registrations and attendance?

High-quality content often involves a significant amount of work, but consider these possibilities to lighten the load:. Repurposing content alleviates the pressure of spinning up something new every time.

Instead, you can take what you already have and reshape it for different uses. Get a promotional boost by taking a symbiotic approach to marketing your event.

Seek to join forces with sponsors, speakers, and other event partners to expand your overall audience reach. Wondering how to get your partners involved in your event promotion? Here are a few examples to get you started:.

Not quite sure what to talk about? Invite guests, answer questions, and leave your audience eager to learn more. Webinars and podcasts can help you speak to a larger potential pool of attendees. But to make an even bigger splash, set your sights on the media.

Readers and journalists value the trustworthiness of a press release and engaging, newsworthy ones command the most attention. Craft a press release or, better yet, lean on your public relations team to help and include links to your event website.

For more tips about how to garner press coverage for your event, check out this BizBash article. Looking for some additional support? Check out our agency marketplace or consider hiring a freelance PR consultant to get some expert help promoting and publicizing your event.

Contemplate donating tickets to a non-profit organization or association to increase awareness of your event. Take it a step further by fundraising for a good cause during your live event.

Events with this level of philanthropic impact deserve to be noticed. Want to build more hype? Then, aim to be visible or audible. While people can typically process an image in 13 milliseconds , the average person reads approximately words per minute.

So, infographics are a great way to present the key event information you want your audience to remember and share. Nearly two-thirds of consumers want companies to connect with them on social media.

With that in mind, post infographics on social channels to help gain traction. How else can you snag a little social media traction for your event? Provide your community with an event hashtag so they can keep up on the latest event news and conversation. Include your hashtag in the promotional content you share online to build anticipation and enthusiasm for your event.

Using an event hashtag also provides your community with a way to stay connected while sharing user-generated content UGC. This not only tightens bonds within your community.

The resulting UGC and word-of-mouth marketing can also help attract more potential attendees and, in turn, increase ticket sales and registrations.

Keep the social conversations going by including your hashtag in the posts you share pre-, during, and post-event. This includes utilizing various channels such as social media, email marketing, webinars, and more to reach and engage with your audience.

To be truly effective, event promotion requires understanding your target audience, including their needs, preferences, and pain points and the key benefits they'll receive because of your event. Event promotion depends on your budget and the scale of the event you are planning.

If you have big sponsors backing you, you can afford to splurge on large, fancy billboards and glitzy advertisements. But even if your marketing budget is limited, you can use many cool event promotion ideas to reach as many people as possible.

Read on to discover them! Your event website is the single most powerful tool you can use to promote your event.

By opting for an interesting event website template that captures the vibe of your function, you immediately grab the attention of users. A well-optimized event website not only provides users with the necessary information but also acts as a hub for registrations and payments.

Here are the different ways in which you can optimize your event website:. Web visitors form an impression of your website in as little as five seconds.

It is important that your website's design immediately sparks visitors' interest. Heat maps are color-coded to visually represent user activity on your website. Information on how much time visitors spend on your website, which features are most interesting to them, and even how far they scroll down the page is available at your fingertips!

Do you use Google Analytics to keep track of visitors to your website? Analytics have become the most important tool to gauge the effectiveness of your website and analyze how many visitors might turn into paying attendees.

We all love discounts. Given their massive audience outreach, Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have proven to be popular mediums for event promotion.

Here is how you can use Facebook to attract people to your event:. Create a Facebook page about your event and share it with different groups. If your budget allows, go for paid promotion as well. This will generate quick returns for a small investment. Cross-promote the event with an event marketing partner who has considerable influence in generating buzz and increasing registrations.

X Formerly Twitter is another widely-used medium in the events industry. There are many ways through which you can promote your event on X:.

Create a catchy hashtag for your event and find creative ways to get it trending. You could even devise a competition, encouraging registrants to retweet and include the event hashtag for the chance to win a prize!

Event organizers also leverage LinkedIn as an effective promotional tool to entice more event attendees. Given its huge professional user base, LinkedIn can help attract the right audience to your event. You can:. Many users visit your event website, but for some reason, they get distracted and click away from the landing page.

You need to hone in on the users who are clearly interested but perhaps have shorter attention spans. Ad retargeting across your Google AdWords account and on the ticket sales page will continually remind visitors of your event as they visit other websites.

You need to consider the following points while attempting ad retargeting:. Unlike typical follow-up messages, those with coupons and other incentives carry tangible value for consumers, so may be less likely to be perceived as noisy spam. Learn more : Examples of top re-engagement promotions.

You can gamify your sales promotions by setting conditions on actions customers have to do to earn the incentive. For example:. To make customers more interested in your promotions, you can offer mystery coupons. Launch a coupon campaign with several variations and don't tell customers what they got.

Then, you have them one step closer to completing their order! Promotions gamification builds unique customer experiences that increase engagement, loyalty, and retention. Learn more : 10 examples of gamified promotions. Your partner can advertise this offer via their channels and drive new audience to your store.

You can incentivize responses to surveys, filling out profiles or leaving reviews by giving a discount coupon for those who do it. This type of campaign is great to build better customer relationships and improve areas of your business that you never expected needed an improvement.

You can launch a promotion campaign for the customers who have purchased a certain number of times from you, to foster further purchases and help them build a habit of purchasing from you. A promo campaigns with free samples is a great idea that may be more beneficial than you probably think.

The research shows that simple gestures significantly influence buying decisions. The key is to offer a free product, sample or discount before a customer purchases — reciprocity makes your potential buyers feel obliged to repay and order or sometimes to order more than they intended at the beginning.

You can segment customers based on the revenue they bring and create exclusive offers for those who bring the highest revenue. Remember to emphasize the individual character of the discount, to make your customers feel special. Social media promotions are a variation of a standard referral program.

Social shares make your company visible for customers outside your regular audience. Even satisfied customers need additional motivation to share your message.

Therefore make sure to offer valuable rewards for tagging your brand name on a photo or leaving a positive review. You can also reward your customers for social media activity and interacting with your brand. While trying to cover a particular area with your services, you need to learn about the local audience and their habits.

In the long run, global success depends on how well you can fit your sales strategy and promotional marketing to local markets. Sales promotions with local events are a chance for small companies to inscribe into local societies and compete with global market leaders.

You can launch a location-based campaign that target audience within a specified location, for example:. Also, customers tend to shop less when the weather is worse. You can counteract it by launching promotions during bad weather days in specific locations. Social contests can be a great sales promotion example.

Contests are the best when based on things that connect your clients such as common passions or hobbies. For instance, Dove regularly runs social campaigns to share their values and showcase unique stories of customers.

You can launch influencer or affiliate campaigns with sales promotions. Then, you can count the number of customers acquired with that code and compensate your influencers or affiliates for the brought traffic accordingly.

You can create campaigns only for a specific customer group, for example only for NHS workers. For instance, offer a free coffee for NHS workers only if they purchase any food item in your cafe. This one can be also used for b2b sales promotion ideas. Learn more : Examples of creative cart abandonment campaigns.

The frequent customer program is a variation of loyalty program that rewards customers for their loyalty. As a frequent customer, your audience can earn free credits for the making X number of orders, leaving a positive review or referring your company to family and friends.

Customers can later use these credits to get discounts, charge gift cards for free or get exclusive, complimentary services such as free dinner at selected restaurants. You can divide the program into different tiers with different perks — the more points, the higher the level and better perks.

This kind of sales promotion can be tricky. On the one hand, it is a very common and effective tactic to enlarge a number of new acquisitions and a list of your subscribers. In the case of a sign-up promotion, we recommend starting by checking the performance of different discount variants before you decide which one should be your standard sign-up offer.

This is another example of psychological marketing. Adding a temporary free balance drives customers into loss aversion behavior. People endowed with unexpected gains usually try very hard not to lose them.

This kind of sales promotion pairs well with gift cards. Discounts, gift cards or coupons can say more than a simple "we're sorry" to unsatisfied customers.

It's good to have a promotion ready to be triggered every time your team lets down a customer. The best effect is achieved if you deliver a discount in a personalized message. Keep an eye on special days like national holidays to send wishes with an exclusive discount.

Learn more : How to include seasonality in your promotion marketing strategy? Each sales promotion idea you decide to use needs to be enrolled on a micro-scale first. Not every discount or buying scenario will fit your audience.

Ultimately, the way you design promotions should target your audience.

9 Sales Promotion Ideas for Your Event Planning Business | Event Marketing. Make sure the Sample box competitions affordable baking supplies right : An early bird promotione and a flash sale siscounts up at different times in Evejt sales cycle. Use the Sample event promotions and discounts relevant promotions that will help boost registrations and keep your attendees engaged as they gear up for your event. Adding a temporary free balance drives customers into loss aversion behavior. Referral programs are a marvellous sales promotion idea for taking advantage of the power of recommendation. Besides adding free items to a cart, you can send a message with a code via email, SMS or another channel to notify the customer about the free gift they can get with the attached code. ai as a receptionist.
13 Event Promo Code Ideas for Driving Event Attendance | Bizzabo

And remember you can always outsource your sales outreach if you need help or don't know where to begin. Take the time to consider ways that you could create unique promotions and attract your target audiences using the ideas below for inspiration.

In the event planning industry, referrals and word of mouth can help you get the business that you desire. Rather than just hoping people talk, you could create an incentive program to get more referrals for your business. You could offer a free service or discount of some kind for referrals and more.

Event planners should always be taking advantage of trade shows and expos. You can do some research online and find all kinds of events all over the country, as well as plenty of virtual events that you can attend to help boost your event planning business.

Speaking of virtual events, why not go so far as to create your own? If you want to draw in clients or networking partners, you can do a lot with the virtual technology out there today.

Event planners all have their own methods of charging for services. Some charge by the event, while others charge by the hour. Still more people may charge per day, etc. This is a great way to work your existing client base and get repeat business.

Offer incentives or discounts related to whatever services you have offered in the past, or something that may logically follow. For example, you could give your wedding clients a coupon to share with friends and family for a certain percentage off your services, a free consultation, or something of the like.

Find a reason to bring people back—life is full of reasons to celebrate. However, you can take things up a notch if you offer some kind of incentive. This will get more people to respond and assist you with building your reputation.

That third-party insight is a big part of decision-making for most people, so the more you can offer, the better. Showcase the events that you host on your social media profiles.

Let people post reviews and other valuable information. Create a robust social media marketing strategy that covers all the bases and gives you the promotional visibility that you deserve.

Just like your social media pages, your website needs to do more than just exist. When your website is optimized for SEO and search engines, people will find you on their own and your organic traffic will grow.

Instead, you can partner with a team like the dedicated virtual receptionists at Smith. Not only can we handle outbound prospecting and calls, but we can also assist with follow-up via text and email , appointment scheduling , live website chat , and so much more. Schedule a consultation to discuss what a partnership with Smith.

ai can do for your event planning business. You can also reach us at hello smith. ai or Business Education. Virtual Receptionists. Outreach Campaigns. Web Chat. All events need an enticing, easy-to-find landing page so potential attendees can research information and register for the event.

For many potential attendees, the landing page serves as the last promotion they see. Make sure all of your promotions lead back to the page, so it becomes the single source of truth and serves as the main event registration hub.

Most importantly, use the page to promote all the reasons to attend the event. Spotlight keynote speakers and celebrities, promote your most exciting session topics and networking events, and highlight event sponsors and exhibitors.

Gamification serves as a highly effective tool for driving engagement during events , but it can also provide a strategic way to amplify pre-event promotions and drive registrations. When you use an event platform with built-in gamification functionality , you can quickly upload a list of challenges and corresponding points.

Just ensure all of your pre-event promotions make it clear that only registered attendees can compete in the challenges, and offer prizes that will truly influence attendees to sign up think weekend getaway, free admission to your next event, etc.

Want to boost attendee engagement? See how RFMS used gamification to add more fun and excitement to their event! Again, FOMO can play in your favor and increase registrations, so think about hosting some exclusive pre-event activities only for registered attendees.

Again, make sure pre-event promotions mention these events so attendees register sooner rather than later. Similar to the gamification idea, offer some exciting prizes and tie them to registrations.

For example, run a pre-event promotion where attendees are entered into a drawing to win a prize if they register by a specific date.

Offer tiered pricing where ticket prices increase as the event approaches, and use a countdown ticker showing the price increase to create a sense of urgency. Then, promote the price increases across your marketing channels, including email, social, and the event registration page.

It offers a prime opportunity for pre-event engagement and serves as another incentive to encourage early registrations.

Communities also have the added benefit of keeping your attendees engaged even after your event ends. Check out our on-demand webinar, Attract, Engage, Convert. Sponsors crave exposure, so give them skin in the registration game. For example, sell a sponsor package where select vendors can offer a promo code for a discounted ticket.

It not only gives the sponsor increased exposure, but attendees will spring into action to purchase discounted tickets. In practice, you can track when customers abandoned carts on your site, and follow up with a promotional email with a code or discount to incentivize a purchase follow through.

A great way to run a sales promotion is to partner with an influencer and leverage the relationship they have with their community. To add further incentive, the influencers you partner with can share a unique code or affiliate link that gives audiences a discount if they use it to make a purchase.

Swag is a promotion you provide to sow good will, interest, and loyalty. You can offer discounts on your products and services based on the locations your customers are in. For example, you can run specific promotions if your customers visit specific storefronts.

Customer feedback is crucial for business success, and you can combine it with a sales promotion to entice customers to give it. A discount can then incentivize customers to make a follow-up purchase. If you work closely with other businesses, you can offer discount codes to customers that are also patrons of your partners, and vice versa.

Leverage a healthy incentive focused on time savings or additional services. For example, you might offer a prospect an additional 15 hours of onboarding support for free if they sign by Friday. Even a free six-month checkup can be attractive to prospects who are nervous to sign the contract.

Offer free peace of mind in return for their trust and business. Many businesses run promotions on specific occasions to inspire purchases. For example, you can offer birthday discounts, holiday discounts, etc, to inspire people to make a purchase for those holidays.

With a referral sales promotion, you give your existing customers a referral code to share with someone they know to give them a discount for their first purchase from you. The person with the referral code also receives some sort of reward, which can incentivize them to actually take the steps to recommend you to others if they get something out of it.

When you give cashback you return a portion of the money customers spend with you after every purchase. You know when your slow periods are — maybe July in Phoenix or December in Australia. A sales promotion can be just the tool to get deals moving during these down times.

You can queue up your deals to start on the first day of the month for accounting and quota reasons. Now, more than ever, consumers want to align with companies that demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, and it is a huge factor in their decisions to do business with a company.

As a result, running a promotion where you donate a portion of your profits to a charitable cause can influence sales, as customers appreciate when you take a stand for social causes.

Offer promotions to customers already leaning toward choosing your solution. The result will be fewer concessions on your part, and a bigger payoff in the end. Recurring sales occur during set periods, like a bi-annual basis.

Customers are also likely to spend more money to stock up on their favorite items at a lower price than other times in the year. Punch cards are loyalty cards that contain a set number of icons that can be stamped or marked after a customer makes a purchase, usually in-store.

When all icons are stamped, a customer receives a reward, often a percentage off of their next purchase or a free item. A great way to run a promotion for your business is to run an app-exclusive promotion, where users receive deals specifically for downloading or using your mobile app to purchase your business.

30+ Sales Promotion Ideas: Definition, Types, and Examples

As there's a very wide variety of sales-promotion activities, the calculator may not offer all the data-entry options you need.

Enter these values for your product or service to check whether your marketing activity will deliver a worthwhile ROI. Compare the profit and revenue from your promotion with what you'd make with your normal pricing.

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Ways to advertise your business Using direct marketing Using trade shows, exhibitions and other events Sales promotions and discounts Managing public relations and the media Using professional marketing services Marketing on a small budget.

Role of sales promotions Sales promotions are frequently used as part of the promotional mix and influence the final stage of the purchase process in the customer journey. Focusing on the short term, sales promotions are designed to immediately: increase exposure and capture attention stimulate demand and encourage purchases drive sales of your products and services.

Depending on your business model , marketing objectives and target segments , sales promotions can be directed at either: customers — businesses and consumers trade — distributors, resellers, and retailers.

Motivate your staff Consider offering incentives for your sales staff to promote these special offers. Benefits of sales promotions In addition to increasing immediate sales, sales promotions can also help your business: attract new customers encourage loyalty and repeat purchases get insights into customer behaviour respond to opportunities in the market control and move excess stock.

Before you start Think about whether the promotion will fit with your marketing strategy and support your plan for growing your business. Refer to the end-to-end process for advertising and direct marketing to help plan and manage your promotions.

Make sure that your sales promotions align with your sales: plan targets techniques ethics. Decide if you have the skills and expertise to do it yourself or need to seek the support of external partners. Types of sales promotions Sales promotions typically emphasise a lower price or higher perceived value.

Effective sales promotions focus on the following customer behavioural drivers: urgency — 'act right now' availability — 'it won't last, so don't miss out' exclusivity — 'this is an offer just for you'.

To spur your thinking, consider the following 8 techniques. Expand all 1. Short-term price discounts motivate potential customers to make an immediate purchase decision.

Depending on what will be most appealing, you can show discounts in: percentage e. You can offer discounts in many ways, for example: flash sales — discounts for a short period e. for 24 hours location based offers — deals for specific locations e.

in a retail setting seasonal discounts — reduced pricing in periods of lower demand e. outside school holidays discounts on perishables — end-of-day clearance prices e.

salads referrals — for example, where both the existing customer and the new customer are rewarded with a discount after a successful referral. Buy-one-get-one promotions. A well-known and popular sales promotion is buy one, get one often referred to as BOGO. Coupons and vouchers are a popular sales promotion because: they're very versatile the results of the sales promotion can be tracked as you'll know how many people took up the offer.

You can use them to: attract new customers e. first-purchase coupon thank your existing customers e. a special birthday voucher. Consider: using a one-time-only coupon or an online code to encourage immediate action launching a promotion through a coupon website using digital or printed cards to encourage repeat purchases as part of your customer loyalty program.

For example, a local coffee shop could offer every 10 th coffee free of charge working with another business to cross-promote your businesses or services.

For example, you may offer your customers a coupon for another local business and vice versa. To enter, customers often have to do something you're trying to encourage, for example: buy a product register their interest take part in a survey interact with your business on social media.

You can run many different types of competitions, for example: in-store promotions e. make a purchase to go into a draw social sharing e. like or comment on a post for a chance to win. interactive online game e. take part in the challenge to find items on a website business event e.

sign up to an email newsletter at a trade show stand to stand a chance to win. Before running a competition, make sure you understand the: state-based regulations rules for social media platforms. You can increase sales by bundling products and services together at a discounted rate.

This: makes your products or services more appealing lets customers feel they're getting good value for money enables you to upsell and cross-sell your products and services reduces direct comparison with your competitors. Free shipping. Running a short-term sales promotion with free shipping can increase the: conversion rate number of purchases average order by encouraging up-selling or cross-selling.

More and more, customers want to deal with businesses that are ethical and sustainable. By donating a portion of your sales or profits to a charity or cause: customers can feel even better about their purchase and about doing business with you your business can become known as socially responsible.

This could be for a defined period e. for the month of May. Choose a charity or cause that matters to your business and your customers. Risks of sales promotions Sales promotions must be well thought through. Make sure you don't: depend too much on sales promotions to drive purchases.

Okay, we have another very outside-the-box promotion idea that requires a bit of budget, creativity, and planning — but the outcome could be an attendee who turns into a customer or event evangelist. By leveraging these marketing ideas for events and thinking outside the box, organizers can ensure their event not only garners attention but also delivers a memorable experience for attendees.

Remember, the key to successful event promotion lies in understanding your audience, being innovative, and continuously adapting to the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Sponsor dollars got you down?! Search for:. Table of Contents What is event promotion?

Outside-the-box Event Promotion Ideas and Examples Make Event Promotion Meaningful: Get To Know Your Attendees. Explore Blogs. Trending on Bizzabo. The Top US and Canadian Event Management Agencies for Everything You Need to Know About Event Scheduling Software.

The 25 Best Event Venues in San Francisco. Follow Us. Event Marketing. Chaviva Gordon-Bennett. What is event promotion? Outside-the-box Event Promotion Ideas and Examples How do you ensure your next event shines bright and reaches its registration goals?

Promote continuing education and other certifications Highlight the opportunity for attendees to earn professional development credits or certifications by attending specific sessions.

Send Personalized Video Invitations Use platforms like Cameo to have celebrities or influencers send personalized video invites to key invitees like customers, high-value leads, and others. Ship Prospective Attendees Edible Invitations Want to create a real, lasting impression?

Create Exclusive Pre-event Networking Communities Set up a private Facebook group or Slack channel for registrants to connect, discuss topics, and share their excitement before the event.

Leverage Past Event Content for Sizzle Reels and Buy-in Materials Use clips from previous events, testimonials, and highlights to create a compelling video that showcases the value of attending.

Tap Industry Influencers and Event Speakers To Promote the Event Collaborate with industry influencers to share event details on their social media platforms or blogs, amplifying reach. Offer Segmented Discounts and Promotions Provide early bird discounts for the first registrants or special offers for returning attendees.

Livestream Event Prep and Behind-the-scenes Content Use platforms like Instagram or Facebook to showcase live event preparations, interviews with speakers, or venue tours.

So we did some webinars pre-show for them. We also had some guided tours for them on the first morning. And we have a page on our website now dedicated to first-time attendees to give them a bit of an idea of how to prepare. Carina Bauer. The Top US and Canadian Event Management Agencies for Check out this comprehensive list of more than of the top event agencies in the US and Canada that work with live and virtual events.

February 12, Everything You Need to Know About Event Scheduling Software Discover what event scheduling software is, its benefits, the different types of event scheduling systems, the key features to look for, and more.

February 5, The 25 Best Event Venues in San Francisco San Francisco is an amazing city with exciting and unique event venues to choose from. Discover our top picks for San Francisco event venues and spaces. January 29, Enjoying this article? Subscribe to blog updates and get more industry insights, resources, and valuable content every two weeks.

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6 event promotion examples to boost registrations Connect your sales promotion Sample event promotions and discounts your preferred sales process. Samplf Menu. Everything You Need to Know About Event Scheduling Diecounts. As you're researching your audience, you'll also want to outline the specific your event marketing activities are set to achieve. For example, you might offer a prospect an additional 15 hours of onboarding support for free if they sign by Friday.
Affordable baking supplies a disfounts saturated Sam;le events, webinars, and workshops promofions on top of work, family, and self-care — standing out is experience first challenging than ever. Dive in as we unravel the essence of event promotion and unveil promotion strategies that will capture attention and ignite excitement and anticipation for your event. Ready to transform your event from just another event listing to the talk of the town? Beyond mere announcements, effective event promotion engages potential attendees, offering them compelling reasons to participate and ensuring they are well informed about what to expect. In an age where professionals are inundated with information and choices, standout event promotion is crucial to cut through the noise and capture attention. How do you ensure your next event shines bright and reaches its registration goals?

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