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Money-saving food deals

Money-saving food deals

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Money-saving food deals -

While that number was just 1. That means, in addition to being hard on Americans' wallets, sticker shock at the grocery store has been a gut punch. I do the grocery shopping for a family of four, and the current economy has turned it into something that can be both stressful and a bit of a game.

One good thing about inflation is that it has forced us to be more price-conscious, and I am willing to put in a little effort to see how low our grocery bill can go. We have a few Amazon Alexa devices throughout our house and use them to add items to our grocery shopping list.

However, I don't use the Alexa app at the store. Instead, I use Anylist, the only app I have found that seamlessly syncs with Alexa.

Anything added to Alexa automatically gets added to Anylist, and anytime something is crossed off on Anylist, it is also removed from Alexa. I prefer Anylist over the native Alexa list app because of some handy additional features, like organizing the items by department. You can also tag specific stores, filter the list when there, and add notes, such as coupons or rebate offers.

There is also a handy meal plan in the sidebar to help with our weekly menu and to help me make sure I am only buying what we need. Flipp is an app that gives you the online version of your favorite store's weekly flyer and some of the deals being offered.

Once inside one of the flyers, you can "clip" items you want and it will create a shopping list for you to use at the store. You also have the option of sharing the link to another app, as I do with Anylist to keep all my items in one place.

I can then click on the item in Anylist if I need any other info on the deal and it will take me back to Flipp.

Ibotta is an app showing which items offer rebates at any given time. Just click on the store you plan to shop at and add an item you intend to buy to your list. After you are done shopping, it is as simple as taking a picture of your receipt and uploading it and Ibotta credits your account with the rebate.

The one thing I find I have to be careful of is being lured into an impulse buy just because something has a rebate. Uploading those receipts can be a bit addicting, so it takes some discipline to stick to things you already planned to buy or don't mind stocking up on.

Let's face it: Few of us still get newspapers, and most coupons that come via snail mail go straight to the recycling bin. Nowadays, the best way to get store coupons is directly on your grocery store's app. Our big grocery store chain in Texas is HEB , but most similar locations have an app.

It can still be a bit tedious at times — for some deals, I have to scan a barcode in the store and then show it to the clerk at checkout — but the savings are worth it.

Another lovely benefit is the app will tell you what aisle an item is in because most of us dads still hate to ask for directions.

Krazy Coupon Lady is a great resource for finding deals on just about anything on shopping sites and inside stores. While I am not typically shopping for grocery store-style items at Amazon, every once in a while, this app shows me a bargain that I can't resist.

For example, she recently shared a deal on Finish rinse aid for the dishwasher, seen above. It is a product we already use and typically buy at Costco. But I did the math, and this was a much better deal, so I stocked up on a few months' worth.

This one is not an app but rather a plugin for Amazon. As I mentioned earlier, I am not buying a lot of groceries on Amazon, but there are a few items that I will, thanks to Keepa. This plugin adds a price tracker to any item on the Amazon website.

Looking at the chart for Celsius energy drinks above, there is a significant price drop on Amazon every few months, which makes these drinks cheaper than Costco or at the grocery store.

So I have Keepa notify me when the price goes below a certain threshold, and then I stock up on that yummy super-buzz. This one is more of an Amazon hack for all items but can be helpful even for groceries or household items.

To combat this, our family has set up a list called, "Do we really want this? Then, as a family, we go over the list once a week. Real food, realer prices. Flashfood gives you unbeatable deals on groceries at peak deliciousness.

Skip the coupons, get the Flashfood app. Convenient same-day pick up. We might surprise you. Same-day pick up, no long lines — just unbeatable deals. The real question is: how will you fit it all in the fridge? WHO SHOULD USE FLASHFOOD? People who eat food. And people who love a great deal.

And a great meal. HOW DOES IT WORK? Download Flashfood and create an account 2. Browse grocery deals at nearby stores 3.

Add items to your cart and buy in the app 4. Pick up your haul from the Flashfood Zone at your local partner store WARNING: Upon finding your first amazing flash deal, spontaneous dancing for joy may occur. Grocers are working hard to end food waste. By selling meat, produce, and prepared foods at big discounts on Flashfood, our partners ensure that surplus items — whether seasonal, overstocked, or nearing expiration — end up on dinner tables, not in the landfill.

Terms and conditions apply. See details: flashfood. Reach out on live chat from the app or email us at support flashfood. We care about your privacy for real.

Read about it at flashfood. We update our app as often as possible with bug fixes and improvements so that you can save on good food and spend on good times. Love the Flashfood app? Rate us! Your feedback Have a question? Which is a shame because I would love to make use of food which is about to be discarded - I just wont be manipulated and lied to in order to do this.

Really appreciate you sharing this us! We're sorry you've to experience that! We'd really like to hear from you so we can share this and offer some feedback and work on improving the pricing at your local store.

Our email is contact flashfood. We really hope to hear from you!

Monet-saving get that sinking feeling at the foos as you watch Experience Free Trial clerk ringing up your purchase? Money-saving food deals you know it, the Mohey-saving on the register Money-saaving past your food weekly budget — even Money-safing there are Free skincare samples a flod Money-saving food deals items on the conveyor belt. If you follow these ways to save on groceries, you can do it today! This shopping guide will help you with ideas to save more money and keep your grocery budget on track. Warehouse clubs, dollar stores, discounters and big-box stores are all options for saving on groceries:. Just about every store will give you a refund or exchange the store brand for the national brand. Impulse buys are the enemy of your wallet. With food prices rising, here dea,s 19 Deals on fresh produce to optimize dea,s shopping dollars Money-saving food deals the grocery store. Many of us have Money-saving food deals basketful Money-saving food deals grocery shopping tactics we foood to save money. We buy cheaper cuts of meat. We avoid pricey processed foods. We choose store brands over more expensive name brands. Some of us might even go the extra mile, shopping at multiple supermarkets each week to get the best deals at each of them. Though inflation is cooling, food prices are still up 3.


Grocery Shopping Hacks That Still Save Money Right Now

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