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Event sample contests and prizes

Event sample contests and prizes

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Spot \u0026 Win Contest: Watch the Live Draw Event and Win Awesome Prizes! 🎁

Event sample contests and prizes -

To make the offer even more attractive, you can keep this contest exclusive to your loyalty program members. Select the winner at random based on the criteria of your choice. This could be the customer who dined at your restaurant most during a given time period, or maybe the person who spent the most that week.

You could even choose someone based on their dining preferences, like the customer who orders you veggie burger every single time they come in. Getting free food, plus more free stuff from other businesses!

Create a restaurant giveaway bundle by partnering with another local company or a social media influencer to create a sweet prize package. Stumped on what to offer? Try teaming up with a tour operator and give away a stand-up paddleboard lesson on your local lake, then lunch for two on your patio.

Or, partner with a boutique and offer a gift card bundle for shopping and dining. This kind of contest lends itself well to social media, where you can ask your audience to like and follow the accounts of all the businesses involved.

Winning a prize once is exciting, but winning a prize that lasts all year is what dreams are made of! Wow your guests and run a contest that involves the winner getting tacos or another dish of your choice for a specific amount of time.

Food contest ideas are plentiful for restaurants, but how about giving away something else? If you sell branded merchandise like sweatshirts or hats, run a contest with one of these items as the prize. Promote it on social media or through an email marketing campaign.

A merchandise giveaway is a win-win for both you and your customers. Or, if your venue is more of a beer and burger joint, create a giveaway for a Superbowl meal kit that gives the lucky winner everything they need to barbecue at home on game day. Nothing motivates people to act like the element of scarcity.

Try running a contest that requires customers to order a meal between certain hours or on a specific day to be entered to win. This contest idea is a great way to increase traffic during a slow period. For instance, your POS reports might show that your restaurant is regularly slow on Tuesday afternoons.

In this case, running the giveaway at this exact time is a perfect way to encourage more orders during the lull. These rules can vary by region, so be sure to do your research. Katherine is the Content Marketing Manager at TouchBistro, where she writes about trending topics in food and restaurants.

TouchBistro is an all-in-one POS and restaurant management system that makes running a restaurant easier. Marketing 13 Restaurant Contest Ideas to Boost Customer Engagement and Sales By Katherine Pendrill.

Attract Potential Customers As a restaurateur, you already know you need to expand your customer base if you want your business to grow. Gift Card Giveaway Gift card marketing is a smart move for restaurants for several reasons. Share to Win Get your guests involved in the fun!

Let Customers Choose Your Menu Items Invite your guests to play chef for a day and let them suggest their own ideas for your menu. A Naming Contest Sticking with menu-themed food contest ideas, another option is to run a contest that involves asking your guests to name a new menu item, like a pizza or burger with creative toppings.

Customer of the Week or Month Diners around the world have been enthusiastic about showing their local restaurants love during the COVID pandemic. A Free Dish For a Month or Year Winning a prize once is exciting, but winning a prize that lasts all year is what dreams are made of! Merchandise Giveaway Food contest ideas are plentiful for restaurants, but how about giving away something else?

Time-Sensitive Contests Nothing motivates people to act like the element of scarcity. Loyalty Marketing. Free social media templates for your restaurant Download. Subscribe to the TouchBistro Newsletter Subscribe Now. Your Complete Guide to Restaurant Reservations Download Guide.

Up Next. But unlike physical games, you can make the contest available to hundreds of people at once, because people sign up with their mobile phones. Best of all, you can ask people to share contact details or survey responses when they sign up. So raffles and giveaways are a powerful tool for lead generation and qualification.

Make sure that your choice fits in with the overall event strategy. It combines the best of all worlds. While your audience have fun joining in on their mobile phones, you can award a few select prizes… without ever detracting attention from the main presentation.

This blogpost is just our opinion. Every brand and event will have its own goals, and therefore its own needs. Think about which one will get the best results for you, personally. Then get ready for a roaring success.

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PROS lots of opportunities to show off your brand logo. PROS interactive fun for attendees. CONS only players at a time expensive to rent or set up. PROS collect detailed lead info. CONS can be time-consuming or distracting for attendees. PROS instant mobile-friendly run quizzes and surveys.

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Running a contest is an excellent way sakple boost brand awareness Free printable stationery generate quality leads Evnet your Event sample contests and prizes. There are prises Low-price meal promotions to EEvent a giveaway contest for your conhests. You can run a giveaway via social media, on a giveaway site, or from your business website. Hosting your giveaway from your website is one of the best approaches because you can use giveaway tools to make the process easier. RafflePressfor example, is the best giveaway plugin for WordPress. It lets you create any giveaway contest from your WordPress site without a complicated setup. Event sample contests and prizes By Katherine Eveny. After Cheap cooking utensils tough year, running a restaurant contest contesys a Low-price meal promotions way to show conteests customers some love for sticking with you and supporting your business — you just Affordable Beef Steaks a Evsnt red hot Outdoor sports gear online aand ideas to get started. This can be as simple as a social media giveaway, or as complex as a multi-platform contest with a major prize at the end. No matter what format you choose, restaurant contests are the perfect way to boost customer engagement, generate some buzz, and even boost profits. Aside from getting to flex your creative muscles, having some fun on the job, and boosting employee engagement, there are two other crucial bottom-line benefits to running restaurant competitions.

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