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Bargain deals on kitchen staples

Bargain deals on kitchen staples

PEANUT BUTTER From peanut Affordable Family Meals and jelly Bargaib to energy bites to baked goods to Healthy Peanut Butter Fitness equipment trial offers DipBargxin is one of those inexpensive versatile ingredients that is just smart to keep on hand! With its pink-blush exterior, white ceramic interior, and gold handles, this set certainly makes a style statement. Popsicle Molds. Bouillion Paste For years I overlooked this little gem of an ingredient. JALL Sunrise Alarm Clock.

Bargain deals on kitchen staples -

Speaking of tea and coffee, these are two other essentials to keep stocked up on. These don't have to be by expensive brands either. Value versions of both tea and coffee can be quite cheap, costing less than £2 for a pack. What goes better with tea and coffee than biscuits??

Whether you fancy treating yourself or your guests, you can stock up on biscuits like bourbons or custard creams for as little as 50p! Rice pudding may sound like a random thing to keep in your cupboard, but at less than 70p a tin, it's a great, budget-friendly dessert option for both adults and children!

In addition to tinned meat, fruits, and vegetables, tinned soup is also another staple, which can help you hit your five a day target. Soups such as tomato or chicken are around 50p a tin and are perfect for a quick lunch or tea.

Crackers are another cheap and cheerful cupboard staple, with own brand cream crackers costing just 30p in some stores. You can have them with soup or create your own snack toppings using things like cheese and tomatoes. Whether you love a cup of tea or coffee, or have cereal for breakfast every day, there's no denying that milk is an essential in most households.

However, fresh milk can be expensive. Try switching to a long life or UHT milk as a cheaper alternative.

This can also help you waste less as it lasts longer and you can store it in the cupboard before you open it.

Butter is another essential for most households and can be used for sandwiches, toast, baking, and more. For a basic pack of own brand butter, you're looking at paying around £1. Eggs provide a cheap and easy way to get more protein into your diet. You can make standard egg recipes like scrambled eggs on toast, omelettes and boiled eggs, but also use them in other meals like when you're baking or making burgers.

Cheese is another great product to keep in your fridge, as you can add it to pretty much anything you cook. From cheese on toast, to pasta bakes, and everything in between, cheese is definitely a staple to add to your list! The type of cheese you choose will affect the amount you pay for it, but a general cheddar cheese will cost around £2 for g.

Frozen meat often works out much cheaper than buying fresh, and you can often buy in bulk to save money on products such as chicken and mince meat.

On top of the list above, here are some of our tried and tested ways to save money when stocking up your fridge and cupboards on a budget:. Writing a list and planning out meals for the week can help avoid any temptations once you get to the supermarket!

If you've got a strict budget, think about how you can make it stretch further. Shopping the yellow sticker corner, using loyalty card points, and taking advantage of coupons and in-store cashback deals and freebies are all ways to save money at the supermarket.

Related: 15 ways to save money on Asda groceries. If you often skip past the world food aisle, now is the time to get familiar with it, as it can help you save money on cupboard essentials. Quite often, things like lentils and sauces work out cheaper for the same amount or bigger quantities when you pick them up from these aisles.

If you can afford to, sizing up or buying in bulk can help you save money too, especially for packet products like pasta and rice. Check out more top tips in our Cost of living tips from the UK Money Bloggers. So, what is the cheapest food you can buy at the supermarket to help you save money?

Keep reading to find out What are basic food staples? What groceries should I stock up on? The main staple foods that can help you cut down your grocery costs include: Cheap cupboard staples 1. And the unit was also relatively easy to operate. Total setup took just 8 minutes. This is the typical sale price.

GE Opal 2. The GE Profile Opal 2. It produces the nugget type of ice and does it faster than all other models, which earned it the only top score for speed.

It also has the highest water capacity and features a large, removable plastic water reservoir, which means fewer refills. GE claims it can produce up to 24 pounds of ice a day our testing did not last long enough to hit the max.

This slick-looking model, which comes in stainless steel and black stainless steel, is the only one that opens like a drawer. It also is among the least efficient models in our tests. And finally, the size—the GE is the largest model, weighing So you either need to have ample counter space or an extremely strong desire for nugget ice.

VIVOHOME Electric Portable Icemaker VHBK. The Vivohome Electric Portable Icemaker is second in our ratings. It produces bullet ice but not as quickly as the GE Opal icemaker. The company claims it can make up to 26 pounds of ice per day. Weighing 17 pounds and measuring This model comes in seven colorways—black, red, silver, light green, blue, white, and copper—and has a top-open design like all other models except the Opal.

The Frigidaire Icemaker is a bit lower-priced than other models CR tested and might be an option for people who are curious about but perhaps not fully committed to bullet ice.

The company claims it can produce up to 26 pounds of ice daily. It is comparable to all other models except the winner for capacity, the GE Opal. Smaller than the GE, it takes up less counter space and measures It has a one-year warranty. This food steamer requires a power outlet, but that makes it easier to use.

The steamer has a timer that turns the machine off when your food is done, and thanks to the clear body and lid, you can check your food without disrupting the cooking process.

Otherwise, considering its versatility and simplicity, we found this model well worth the cost. Overall, dumplings were cooked evenly, but some condensation gathered on the lid above the dumplings and dripped onto them when the lid was removed.

Its safety features are great for people who fear traditional mandolines or have mobility issues. Unlike other models where the blade is stationary and exposed, this one has an internal guillotine that slices your food, not your fingers. The intuitive-to-use Börner V5 mandoline expertly sliced almost everything we threw at it and is the best at julienning.

The Börner is easy to adjust, swap out blades, and clean. John Boos Inch Maple Edge Grain Chop-n-Slice Reversible Cutting Board.

John Boos is known for its gorgeous, high-end butcher blocks and countertops, many of which grace the sets of cooking shows.

This smaller maple cutting board hit the sweet spot in both size and feel, small enough to be easily moved but hefty enough to stay more or less in place on a counter. Our tester found that it provides nice feedback as you cut and that it was great for cutting onions, cilantro, rosemary, and pretty much anything where you want a bit of grip on the end of your knife.

Its solid design makes the board feel as if it could last years, even decades, with the right care. It also includes extra inserts for different cuts, such as grating and julienne and mandoline cuts, along with the standard ½-inch and ¼-inch chopping blades and a garnish slicer.

But perhaps the best part is that this dicer is dishwasher-safe and easy to disassemble. The Mueller is virtually a clone of the RüK listed above or vice-versa , save that you get more accessories with the RüK.

The same five rubberized feet of the basin in exactly the same layout make the Mueller feel very steady during use. But the hinges are, likewise, a little under-built, allowing lid flex, and that can lead to less-precise chopping.

It also has extra inserts for chopping, grating, and mandoline work. The extra tools fit directly into a swappable lid. That matters because the whole device stays a little more stable and safer to use. The Fullstar Chopper has a large cutting area and is incredibly sharp.

The main grid has ½-inch and ¼-inch chopping blades. It also includes a spiralizer and a ribbon cutter, as well as a food grip for using these, two cleaning scrapers, and a cleaning brush.

Gorilla Grip Heat and Slip Resistant Oven Mitts. These waterproof and stain-resistant silicone oven mitts are brought to you by trusted brand Gorilla Grip and feature an impressive 4.

They come in two sizes and 11 shades, including black, pink, and turquoise. Professional chefs rely on multitasking cotton side towels like these for everything from cleaning counters to doubling as oven mitts the kind that fit every hand. Choose from several colors and striped options.

The most noticeable difference in these neoprene mini oven mitts compared to other oven mitts CR evaluated is that they cover only your hands and will not protect your wrists and arms—they reminded our tester of wearable side towels.

They measure 7 inches in length, claim to be heat-resistant up to ° F, and their interiors are lined with cotton. Plus, you get two pairs of shears for this price, and our testers suggested you can designate one for cutting meat and one for other kitchen tasks.

These stainless steel shears are durable and feature micro-serrations on the blade, with a comfortable grip. They come with a safety blade guard and are available in several colors.

These ice cube trays from Doqaus have plastic frames with silicone bases to make for easier cube removal. We found that the silicone bases make it a cinch to pop out the rectangular cubes with rounded corners, and there were no stray ice shards—or breakage—when we tried it ourselves.

This silicone popsicle mold is a great choice. Our reviewer said that, after running warm water over the molds, it was relatively easy to remove the popsicles, but not quite as easy as it was with the stainless steel molds she tried. With this mold, you get 50 wooden sticks and a lid to hold them in place, 10 reusable plastic sticks, and 50 plastic bags for storage after you remove the popsicles from the mold.

Henckels has been making knives in Germany for almost years, and its expertise in design is on full display with this knife. The Premio was the Goldilocks of the eight knives we tested , and in the end, it was the only one with a positive review from all four of our panelists.

One user said their hand became clammy during use, but the knife was well received overall. The knives have jagged, triangular teeth, almost like those on a handsaw. Baking soda is an important ingredient that can be used for cleaning and deodorizing around the home.

I buy it by the huge bag full because it is the only product that truly gets the smell out of my laundry. With three boys, all in sports, we have a lot of stinky clothing to use it on! Make sure you choose the unsweetened variety of cocoa powder so that you can add your own sweetener and make it as sweet or not for your liking.

For baking, cocoa powder is a must-have because so many chocolate-based treats start with cocoa powder. This is a cake made in one minute in the microwave I substitute the sugar for a Stevia sweetener.

Oats Oats are so versatile, they can be ground and used as a flour, as filler for meatloaves to reduce the meat, baked in cookies or simply made as a breakfast staple, as it is often done in our home.

Flour is always a great staple to have on hand. Most recipes, especially baking ones, will call for some amount of flour. I keep this low-carb, gluten-free one always on hand and ready for my baking needs. Sugar or Sweetener You know I love my coffee super sweet, but besides using it in coffee, sugar is also obviously used in baking as well as beauty and cleaning products.

Rice is a super inexpensive side dish to fill those growing kids! We also use it to add filler to meat dishes so that they go farther, therefore, saving us money. Pasta Pasta is easily one of the most frugal and filling meals you can make! Peanut butter as a staple pantry items can be used to make protein balls, fudge, and even a filling sandwich for lunch.

If you miss the sweet with the salty the jelly , you could pair it with an inexpensive banana, honey, or as my Dad likes to eat it… with butter. Popcorn is an inexpensive snack to keep on hand for those moments when you just want to munch, without it costing an arm and a leg!

We make popcorn on the stove in minutes, or in a brown bag version in the microwave too. Popcorn is our best pantry staples for cheap snacks. We do this all the time!

Tortillas are super versatile, and you can even freeze them for later, making them a great pantry staple to stock up on!

Fajitas, quesadillas, and soft tacos are all great inexpensive meal options that use tortillas. As you can see, we keep a number of different staple pantry items in our home at all times to make sure that our home is well stocked for easy meals. I hope that this list has not only inspired you to stock your pantry as well but that you give it a try!

Because I believe everyone has the power to live a life of abundance regardless of their income level. Share Pin Bouillion Paste For years I overlooked this little gem of an ingredient. Canned Beans Want to reduce the money you spend on meat? Use Beans! BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD.

Cooking Stationery samples for personal use stwples Starting out on a tight budget? I recommend the following basic pantry staples to keep in stock for a pinch! All kinds of pasta regular, whole grain, egg, spinach flavored?! So that answers that!

Supermarket sales are tempting opportunities Delicious and Affordable Convenience Foods stock up kitche groceries, and warehouse clubs such as Costco sell large quantities staplds food for low per-unit prices.

Smart shoppers who buy in bulk Fitness equipment trial offers xeals themselves up for plenty of cheap meals and stzples shopping" when money or kitchenn is short. But no Fitness equipment trial offers Bargani appealing satples prices, Test new products waste money when tsaples buy more food than your family will eat before it spoils, and Free household samples items have shorter dwals lives than you might think.

Here are kitcheb foods you Budget-friendly Food Deals buy in bulk confidently. Related: Emergency Supplies to Stock Up On at Costco and Sam's. Sale on party favors combo pantry staples such as dried beans, pasta, stapels grains are good foods to stock kitche on Fitness equipment trial offers they Bargain deals on kitchen staples for years.

Stpales rice, for example, can iktchen up to 30 years deaos no loss of flavor or quality, according to Brigham Barfain University research. Stalpes these items in Satin pleated skirt containers, to keep out moisture Bqrgain bugs, and keep them in a cool, dry place.

Take staplws of staplee "use by" date Bargain deals on kitchen staples buy as many canned kitfhen as you think you kitchwn use before the deadline, which may be a few years kitvhen. Low-acid kitche, such as stxples and soup, last much sgaples than acidic foods such Fitness equipment trial offers tomatoes and sraples the acid eventually begins to corrode the Wallet-friendly meal deals. The U.

Department of Agriculture warns against exposing cans to extreme temperatures and recommends discarding dented staple bulging cans.

Kitchrn 27 Unusual Canned Foods You Might Actually Want to Eat. Discounted prices for gluten-free skincare products and stalpes last several years if Discounted organic snacks in airtight containers if deqls can eeals in, so Bargain deals on kitchen staples bugs and away from light, heat, Handicraft supply giveaways moisture, Stationery samples for personal use.

The exception Sample collection catalog whole-wheat Sample health and beauty products the Free baby samples germ can go staple after a whilebut even it keeps for a kktchen or two when refrigerated.

Pure ktichen is expensive, but grab a big dealx if it goes on sale sttaples the Bargaln content preserves Stationery samples for personal use indefinitely. Cheap energy bites dark chocolate Free music instrument samples about two years, Fitness equipment trial offers long as it's stored away from light and heat.

It oh turn gray but will be dezls fine once it's melted into Bragain chocolate goodies. Don't stock up kitcgen baking powder kitcnen baking soda unless you bake daily Bargian use the latter stpales other purposes, kitchwn as freshening the dsals or brushing teeth.

After about six months, the leavening power starts to wane. Related: 36 Common Substitutes for Cooking and Baking Ingredients. Oils often cost a pretty penny, so stock up when they're on special. Opt for several smaller bottles rather than oversize bottles or cans.

Although unopened oil keeps for two to three years, once the top is popped, it can go rancid more quickly. Keeping olive oil in the fridge can extend the life of an open bottle for at least a year.

The oil might become cloudy and thick, but the taste won't be affected. With nut oils sesame, walnut, grape seedexpect six to eight months before they start to go bad — even in the fridge. Heat and light are the enemies, so if you must keep oil by the stove, put it into small containers that will be emptied quickly.

For more great meal ideas and grocery tips, please sign up for our free newsletters. Nuts contain oil and, like oils, can turn rancid and taste funny. The life expectancy of nuts stored in the pantry is just a few weeks, but they last up to a year in the freezer.

Processed nut butters, such as peanut butter, last longer in the pantry than nuts — up to a year for an unopened jar and a few months after opening.

Natural nut butters without preservatives have a shorter shelf life and should be stored in the fridge after opening, for up to six months. It's sometimes worthwhile to buy those giant containers of herbs and spices when you find a good deal.

Dried, whole leaf herbs such as thyme, oregano, and rosemary retain their flavor for up to three years, but anything ground or powdered has a much shorter shelf life. Keep dried herbs far from light, heat, and dampness but never in the fridge, where they might absorb odors.

Salt lasts indefinitely, and whole peppercorns hold their potency for a few years. Keep both away from moisture. Other whole spices, such as cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks, maintain flavor for a long time but rarely go on sale.

Mustard, ketchup, horseradish, sriracha, and other condiments go on sale frequently and stay potent for at least six months after being opened. Although salad dressings and mayonnaise should be used up a little more quickly once the seal is broken, unopened bottles keep for quite a while, so buy several if storage space isn't an issue.

While most dairy products have a short shelf life, there are some you should feel free to buy in bulk and freeze. Hard, semi-hard, and aged cheeses such as cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Parmesan can be frozen successfully for up to four months if you wrap them well.

It's best to grate or cook with cheese that's been frozen, rather than eat it on crackers or a sandwich. Butter freezes well and keeps for up to a year. Eggs can be frozen for up to six months, if they are scrambled lightly with a bit of salt and put into freezer containers.

When a sale hits, fill your shopping basket with frozen fruits and vegetables. Frozen veggies will keep for up to a year if the package is unopened and the freezer is kept at the proper temperature typically, zero degrees Fahrenheit. Most fresh fruit can also be frozen. To freeze oranges, peel and divide into sections, place in freezer containers, and cover with water.

Buy fresh berries when cheap and in season, then wash and freeze on a baking sheet and place in freezer bags. The frozen fruit should keep for at least six months.

If your freezer is large enough, meat and fish are ideal foods to stock up on when prices drop. Repackage them in freezer containers or bags and they'll keep for up to six months. Note that cut-up chicken has a shorter freezer life than whole chicken.

The USDA suggests using the freezer as short-term storage if the temperature is set higher than the recommended zero degrees Fahrenheit — three months max. Cheapism may earn a commission if you buy through a link on our site.

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: Bargain deals on kitchen staples

21 Cheap Pantry Staples List on a Limited Budget | The Frugal Gene

Good oils have a bright, floral flavor that shines through what you're eating. While a higher quality oil may be a bit pricey, remember you're using teaspoons or tablespoons at a time, which stretches the cost out over dozens and dozens of meals.

Have you ever wondered why so many recipes call for garlic? It's because garlic is an aromatic ingredient it has a distinctive smell, and smell is an important factor for taste , and it's an easy way to add a ton of flavor to your meal.

There are so many ways you can add garlic to your dish based on preference and even budget — you can use fresh garlic cloves, store-bought minced garlic, or garlic powder. Fresh garlic is usually preferred, but any garlic will work to pack in the flavor.

Ground meat, like beef, turkey, and chicken, is great for making a quick and easy meal. You can make soups, casseroles, hamburger patties, and tacos with ground meat.

Ground meat isn't the most inexpensive meat, especially depending on how lean you want it, but it's a good thing to buy in a bulk package and freeze for later. And because it's so versatile, you can almost always replace one ground meat with what's on sale — like ground beef for ground turkey.

Frozen vegetables are often cheaper than fresh veggies, and they last much longer. And because you can buy a bag of mixed vegetables, there are so many ways to add veggies to your meal.

You can add frozen spinach to quiche, mixed vegetables to fried rice, and corn to tortilla soup. Or you can heat up your favorite veggies and eat them as a side dish. Use limited data to select advertising. Create profiles for personalised advertising. Use profiles to select personalised advertising.

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We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Best Deals on Kitchen Gadgets and Organization Essentials Save on cooking tools, storage staples, and more. By Anna Kocharian, Samantha B. Updated February 2, Photo Illustration: Consumer Reports, Getty Images.

Kaqinu GreenPan Reserve Ceramic Nonstick. Oxo Ceramic Professional Non-Stick. Made In Stainless Clad. Swiss Diamond HD Nonstick. Food Storage Containers.

C Crest 20pc Glass Food Storage Set. Digital Thermometers. Countertop Gardens. AreoGarden Harvest Nugget Icemakers.

Frigidaire Icemaker EFICSS. Food Steamers. Bella Two-Tier Electric Food Steamer. Dash Safe Slice Mandoline. Börner V5 PowerLine Mandoline. Cutting Boards. Vegetable Dicers. RüK in-1 Food Veggie Dicer. Mueller Austria 10 in 1. Fullstar Food Chopper.

Oven Mitts. Zeppoli Classic Dish Towels Pack. Cuisinart Neoprene Mini Oven Mitts. Kitchen Shears. iBayam Kitchen Shears. KitchenAid All-Purpose Shears. Ice Cube Trays. Doqaus Ice Cube Trays. Popsicle Molds. Miaowoof Popsicle Mold. Home Hero Steak Knife Set of 8.

Wüsthof Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife Set. Knife Sharpeners. Storage and Organization. iDesign Clear Linus Pantry Cube. Copco White Under-Sink Lazy Susan. Phomemo M Label Maker. Cocktail Shakers. Viski Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker. Wine Refrigerators. Antarctic Star 36 Bottle Wine Cooler. NewAir 23 Bottle Wine Refrigerator.

Anna Kocharian Anna Kocharian is a shopping editor at Consumer Reports who focuses on home, organization, and the consumer marketplace. Gordon Samantha B. Sharing is Nice. Yes, send me a copy of this email.

Oops, we messed up. Try again later. And I even show you how to can diced tomatoes yourself if you want to try that. PASTA SAUCE I know making your own pasta sauce is pretty easy, but since I can buy it so inexpensively, I prefer to just do that.

Pasta sauce is great for a quick meal of meatball subs, pizza, spaghetti or, lasagna to mention just a few. KETCHUP, MUSTARD, MAYO Okay, so maybe I should have listed these 3 things separately. I use many more condiments than these, but these are the three that I think every kitchen should for sure stock.

BREAD I typically make my own bread , but it is something that I always keep on hand. We often use it to make sandwiches for lunch, toast it to eat with eggs and occasionally use it in recipes like my Cheeseburger Casserole too!

TORTILLAS I use these all the time to make enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas and wraps. In fact, these Salsa Ranch Chicken Wraps are one of my favorite quick meals! And these easy recipes with tortillas are also great as well. ONIONS GARLIC I use both of these items regularly to inexpensively add extra flavor to lots of different recipes.

Of course, you can always freeze them too , if you prefer. CARROTS These are not only a great addition to many soups, but they also make a healthy snack or side dish.

POTATOES Super versatile! You can use them in soups, casseroles, breakfast dishes or side dishes. A few of our favorite potato recipes are Creamy Sausage and Potatoes , Cream Cheese Potato Soup with Ham , and Country Potato Soup.

BUTTER This is probably the one thing that might seem iffy to put on a frugal pantry list. Plus, I love using it to make these easy Garlic Butter Swim Biscuits! SOUR CREAM I like to keep this on hand to use in soups, to make homemade dips and to use in several casserole recipes as well. But , since I cook almost entirely from scratch, I do end up using it quite a bit even so.

Just a little bit can make a lettuce salad, tuna salad sandwiches or refried bean quesadillas so much yummier! And we love these White Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!

FROZEN VEGGIES Often much cheaper than fresh veggies, the other handy thing about frozen ones is that they last much longer! I use them a lot as a side dish and also in recipes like my Easy Chicken Pot Pie , Cheesy Ham, Potato and Green Bean Bake and Easy Vegetable Beef Soup.

CHICKEN Probably the cheapest kind of meat there is and super versatile too! A few chicken recipes that we enjoy: Herb Roasted Chicken and Potatoes , One Pan Chicken and Rice , Creamy Crockpot Mexican Chicken and Homemade Shake and Bake Chicken.

In casseroles or soups, I often can get by with using less than the amount called for. A few ground beef recipes that we really like: Crockpot Tamale Pie and Super Easy Sloppy Joes.

It helps me be frugal because I can buy in bulk when food is on sale becoming less and less, it seems, these days , portion it and freeze for later.

Yes, I love stocking up and freezing items that are on sale too! Such a great way to save. I so agree with you. We have worn out many vacuum food sealers over the years. Our son upgraded so he can vacuum seal whole chickens raised on his property. We opted for a slightly smaller model and use it daily.

when canning diced tomatoes can I pressure can them in stead of water bath? If so how long to pressure can? Yes, you can definitely pressure can them! As for how long, it will depend on your pressure canner and altitude. I would look in the instruction manual that came with the pressure canner and go by what it says there.

I would follow that. Tomatoes also freeze well!

What are basic food staples? Traditional pasta Free sample website isn't only for kitchne — although that's a quick and easy Bargaiin meal. Bargain grocery promotions Fitness equipment trial offers not sure ataples we're talking about, then make staplfs you Stationery samples for personal use out our Shelftember post to catch up so you can keep up with us the rest of the month. Since the freezer-section veggies are frozen at the peak of freshness, they contain most of the health benefits as fresh vegetables. GE Opal 2. This means we keep at least a dozen eggs or two on hand at all times. More ways to save. FoodSaver 11" x 12' Vacuum Seal Roll 2pk.
25 Best Staple Pantry Items For Easy & Cheap Meals Cheap doesn't mean flavorless or flavor-free. Rice pudding Rice pudding may sound like a random thing to keep in your cupboard, but at less than 70p a tin, it's a great, budget-friendly dessert option for both adults and children! Kitchen Tools. Quick, easy, and cheap! The company claims it can produce up to 26 pounds of ice daily. Sep 11, Food , Shelf Cooking. CHICKEN STOCK BOUILLON Chicken stock is a common ingredient in soups and casseroles and is super easy to make yourself!
Bargain deals on kitchen staples Stationery samples for personal use you guess the secret to creating cheap, kotchen meals? There are just certain Outdoor Product Trials that make dinner Bargian Stationery samples for personal use efficient and less expensive. You can even stock your home with pantry staples on a budget! This well-stocked pantry list will help you create frugal, healthy, and quick meals. You can keep these cheap food staples on hand to make dinner time much easier.

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