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Ambient sample packs

Ambient sample packs

STARS: We pxcks to Free cleaning product offers and stars sammple their creative Try out now, and the Try out now and bolts of their gear Ambiet technique. Results 1 packss 20 of 35 Sort by Product ID Show 12 20 24 36 48 per page. Enter your beats in the heavyweight class with this slamming selection of punchy drum machine samples! ambient loops ambient one-shots ambient production ambient sample pack ambient samples. Ambient Samples, Soundscapes, and Loops [Free Downloads].

Login Register. Home Music wample Ambient Ambient Samples. Discover the Ambiebt ambient sample Budget-friendly cleaning solutions and download royalty-free ambient loops and samples for music producers.

Sanple ambient music sample packs contain a wide selection of highly inspiring sounds, including emotional ambient pad samples, ethereal soundscapes, Try out now atmospheres, analog Online tutoring discountsdiscounted pantry staples textures, Szmple instrument Samp,e, and female vocal samples.

You'll also have access to superbly sampled pavks one-shots, Amnient drum loops, and rhythmic patterns adaptable to Try out now other subgenres, such as chillwave, psybient, lo-fi ambient, and Try out now pacs. Results 1 - 20 of 35 Sort by Product ID Show 12 20 24 36 48 per page.

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: Ambient sample packs

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Fabric Ambient Piano Loops. Drift Analog Ambient Loops. Ambient Chill Loops Mini Pack Aerosol Ambient Synth Loops. Boombox Hardware Drum Samples. LoFi Drum Samples Mini Pack Thump Drum Machine Samples. Enter your beats in the heavyweight class with this slamming selection of punchy drum machine samples!

Vinyl Drums Vintage Drum Samples. Synth Presets View More Packs. Sulfur Serum Ambient Techno Presets. Dive into the deep, atmospheric end of the Techno infinity pool with 50 Ambient-streaked presets for Serum!

Transmit Vital Cinematic Presets. Take your synth on a trip to the cinema with our freshest choice of 50 stunning Ambient presets for Vital! Utopia £ Esoteric Beats £ Spire: Hybrid Synth Samples £ Bliss: Ambient Drones £ Delicate Piano £ Lofi Garden £ Tundra £ Tape Reels: Fragments £ Tape Reels: Transcendence £ Cyberwaves £ Ambius 1: Transmissions by Soundiron.

Chillout Waves by Glitchedtones. Atmospheric Organic by Rosentwig. Try Free. ambient loops ambient one-shots ambient production ambient sample pack ambient samples. Prev Post. Next Post. Related Posts. Music Creation Tools , Music Sampling. February 9, Music Creation Tools , Music Sampling , Random , Tutorial.

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Ambient Sample Packs | Ambience Samples | Sample Packs Noise Samp,e Loops Mini Pack Ambient Palettes £ Drift Analog Ambient Loops. Email Required Name Required Website. Orchid Premium Sample Collection.
Tape Cycles I

But there are also times, just like for everyone else, when it likes to relax and have a nice sit down. This is just one of those times: we've casually rifled though the vault marked 'ambient' and lackadaisically put together this calming collection. The samples are split into two construction kits of different tempi 80 and bpm.

These contain arpeggiated synth, bass, drum, pad, Rhodes, guitar and other loops. All the samples are supplied as bit WAV files so can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice. Because they're royalty-free, you're welcome to use the samples in your music in any way you like - all we ask is that you don't re-distribute them.

The ambient samples are supplied in a zip file, so you'll need to extract them before you can see them. Ambient samples MB. These samples originally appeared on Computer Music magazine's cover DVD.

Check out the latest issue for many more. For more than 50, more samples, head to our SampleRadar hub. Want all the hottest music and gear news, reviews, deals, features and more, direct to your inbox? Sign up here. Instead, a variety of custom techniques were used to blend, warp, shape and layer these sonic creations from sounds of the known into the very unknown.

The samples included in this collection range from simple, clean, tonal leads to compound, constantly moving soundscapes and textures. As the first volume of the Ambius series, Ambius 1 Transmissions focuses on the dark, the cryptic, the unnatural and the subliminal, in the form of strange unholy transmissions filtering through the void.

You will marvel in the sweeping glory of infinite choruses and spin endlessly soaring melodies from our cluster bells. And then you will fall helplessly into the blackened ash pits, where sleeping phantasms wait for the wet crack of your bones breaking on impact and the sour hiss of gaseous spectral vapors that seep in to dissolve your earthly flesh.

Ambius 1 Transmission, includes 15 main, thematic, Ambient Pad categories with a total of sound-designed ambient pads. Following the prodigious success of its predecessor, this sample pack by Production Master provides the essential tools to infuse raw emotion into your songs, offering a diverse palette for crafting evocative and atmospheric compositions.

After the prodigious success of Ambix, Production Master is proud to present the follow-up to this enigmatic soundbank. Wander around between mythical soundscapes and emotional soundbeds and discover a wealth of foley elements, dreamy sounds. From synthetic pads and atmospheres to arpeggios, hits, drones, and percussion sequences, this meticulously crafted pack offers versatile elements at a top-tier production level.

The WAV files reach up to 16 bars to offer variations and modulations for a live ambiance feel. Expect synthetic pads, atmos, arpeggios, hits, drones and percussion sequences at a high quality production level. Use single loops or combine multiple ones to create huge soundscapes or arrange chillout songs or even speed up the content for danceable music genres.

As always the content is key-labeled for best convenience. This product is carefully handcrafted for your best producing experience and best possible entertainment.

Put together some of these loops or get inspired by single ones and add your own flavor to complete your productions. Offering a diverse range of mellow sounds, including 5 complete Construction Kits with both wet and dry loops, as well as drum one-shots, this pack ensures you have all the essentials to effortlessly create after-party vibes, rainy-day soundscapes, or study beats.

It provides a limitless canvas for your creativity, allowing you to craft Chillout tracks precisely tailored to your unique style. Whether you are creating after-party vibes, rainy-day soundscapes or study beats, this pack has all the essentials you need!

Included are 5 complete Construction Kits packed with wet and dry loops and drum one-shots, ensuring this pack contains every element required to create Chillout tracks completely tailored to your liking and only limited by your creativity.

Inspired by ambient and experimental styles, this sound library delivers a diverse range of moods, adding tranquillity and depth to your compositions. Each carefully crafted sound, processed with tape, granular effects, amps, guitar pedals, and more, ensures a unique and captivating sonic palette.

This sound library is inspired by ambient and more experimental styles, offering a wide range of moods that will give your songs a sense of tranquillity and depth.

Free Ambient Samples Ambient samples are usually long files of between 20 and 60 seconds, containing the gradual attack, sustain and long decay of an Ambient sound. Sign up here. Granular Texture Loops Mini Pack More about tech. Dream Patterns Thor House Presets.
Related Posts Try out now Texture Loops Mini Pack Sign up here. Ambient sample packs quality Ambuent, attention to pac,s and an overall high level of professionalism, ModeAudio are amongst Ableton's trusted sound partners. Fluid Ambient Techno Loops. Raw Material Found Percussion Samples. The 6 Best Future Bass Sample Packs What is African Music? Apex Serum Arp Presets.

Ambient sample packs -

Delicate Piano £ Lofi Garden £ Tundra £ Tape Reels: Fragments £ Tape Reels: Transcendence £ Cyberwaves £ Tape Reels: Modular Arps £ Hybrid Downtempo £ Ambient Palettes £ Tape Reels: Reflections £ Lofi Expanses £ Reverie £ Afterglow: Ambient Guitars £ Home Sounds Menu Toggle Samples Menu Toggle View All Sample Packs Ambient Drums Lofi Presets Menu Toggle View All Preset Packs Arturia MicroFreak Arturia MiniFreak ASM Hydrasynth Elektron Digitone Korg Minilogue XD Korg Opsix Korg Volca FM Modal Argon8 Modal Skulpt Moog Sub 37 Novation Circuit Tracks OP-1 Field Xfer Serum OP-1 Field Packs Circuit Packs Menu Toggle Circuit Tracks: Sunsets Circuit Tracks: Waves Circuit Rhythm: Starlight Circuit Drum Packs Lofi Piano Plugins Bundles Info Menu Toggle Tutorials FAQ Contact My Account Menu Toggle Dashboard Downloads Basket.

login to download. Remember Me. ModeAudio has released a free sample pack of 11 Ambient loops processed through a vintage 4 track cassette recorder which have also been bundled into an Ableton Live 11 and Logic Pro X project Midi Files.

ModeAudio's Winter selection covers minimalist piano musings, soaring synths, driven drum samples, rolling Dub Techno loops, seething Ambient textures and beyond Grab this free sample pack of female vocals now Over 30 sounds recorded around the house using an iPhone mic.

Some rhythmic, others melodic. Free Kontakt Libraries. Equipped with seven layered sounds and eight effects LANDSCAPE can be used either as self-running drone generator or as a playable instrument Read More English Spring GM is the latest free sample pack from Gowler Music.

Recorded in the month of April in the northern English country side, this sample pack features over one hour of ambient nature sounds including bird calls, wind and the occasional airplane overhead.

Taxes Explore product samples Try out now calculated at checkout. Ambient sample pack created for Drift Ambienr Peter Try out now. This sample pack is offered Amvient as a free download wample everyone! Inside you'll find 12 field recordings, 19 loops, 18 one shots and 13 single notes. The loops, one shots and single notes were all recorded using the Teenage Engineering OP-1, Yamaha CS Reface, guitar and piano. The sounds were processed using Norns, my modular rig, Hologram's Microcosm pedal, a Tascam Portastudio mkII, and an SP The field recordings were done with a Tascam DR stereo recorder, a GE Fastrac cassette recorder and my iPhone. Home ambient. Try out now Tag. This free dample pack from Awakend Ssample contains atmospheres and Ambient sample packs sanple are Affordable restaurant deals to give your music depth and dimension. Read More Aurora will help you give your track a unique sound while maintaining originality and freshness. In this free sample pack, you can find 48 top-notch granular synth samples.


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