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Economical restaurant discounts

Economical restaurant discounts

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Economical restaurant discounts -

Plenty of restaurants offer what some may consider complete meals as appetizers. Buffalo wings that come with veggies are one example, and some restaurants even serve their appetizer chicken tenders with fries. Likewise, soup and salad cover all the bases and are typically cheaper than your average entree.

Some restaurants offer all-you-can-eat refills on these items. For example, you can get endless trips to the salad bar for one price at Ruby Tuesday. Or fill up on unlimited refills of soup, salad, and breadsticks at Olive Garden. Because restaurant portions are so large, kids meals are usually an adequate amount of food, even for grown-ups.

More important, they typically cost half as much. Some restaurants offer lower-priced lunch portions or an early bird special menu during lunch or early dinner hours typically 4pm to 6pm. These include smaller portions of select dinner entrees.

These have more adult-friendly options than kids menus, but many restaurants that offer them restrict them to older adult guests. Sometimes, these appetizers and entrees are even large enough to split with someone else.

If you want to keep the total cost of your bill down, skip all the extras. Nothing drives up the final price like ordering a bunch of drinks, appetizers, and desserts. My family has gone out to eat more than once expecting to get a cheap dinner thanks to a free entree coupon only to be shocked at how much drinks like ice tea and soda hiked up our total bill.

But if you want those courses, split them with another family member. Appetizers are made to be shared, and restaurant desserts are usually generously sized. You can save your wallet by splitting them two or more ways. Kids meals often come as a package deal. You get to choose one entree, one or two sides, a drink, and maybe a dessert, all for one price.

In restaurants that make you choose one side, you can often still get two without paying extra — in theory, at least. Like doorbusters on Black Friday , the aim is to rope customers in with free kids meals and then make money selling adult entrees.

Restaurants that offer free kids meals typically do so on weekdays to draw customers in on their slow days. Even among chain restaurants, offers vary by location and can change at any time, so call ahead to confirm the deal.

Tipping your server is important, as most of their income comes from tips. But it can also add a significant amount to your total bill. If you eat out at least once per week, tips alone could add up to an extra restaurant meal every month.

But if you opt for takeout instead, you can save considerably on the tip portion of the bill. For example, if you opt for takeout, you may only need to leave a couple of dollars, depending on the size and complexity of your order.

Plus, carryout is a convenient option for families with little ones, who often have difficulty waiting for their food or sitting still through long meals.

Instead, order ahead, pick it up, and take the meal to a park, where the kids can wiggle and squirm all they want or even play when they should be eating. We often pick up Subway or Panera sandwiches or some ice cream and eat while our son plays at a nearby park.

You can also cut back on the frequency of your dinners out, saving them for special occasions. Restaurants like to hear about your experience at their establishment, so if they ask you to complete a survey, take them up on the offer. Similarly, SurveyMini is a free app that unlocks discounts when you complete questionnaires about restaurants.

Don't forget to factor in a tip for your server. For easy ways to incorporate needs and wants into your spending plan, see our advice on how to budget for both. On a similar note Personal Finance. How to Eat Out on a Budget.

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