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Free art canvas samples

free art canvas samples

Watermelon Heist. Wave Rider. Pretty In Pink. Pedal Power.


Iron Scrubber Painting Technique for Beginners / Acrylic Painting

Free art canvas samples -

We had several things going on at the time, so I let this dry for 2 days before I touched it again. I decided to hang this painting vertically, so I kept that in mind when creating my design.

I made the design Since this will be hanging in my new office, I wanted to make the quote work-related. studio3 and. svg formats! Sorry for the terrible glare! We have florescent lighting in our basement and it is THE. for pictures. I messed this part up so bad. I watched a youtube video and read online that you could press HTV onto a stretched canvas without removing the wood frame.

I placed the design, then pressed the top part of the design, and not only did the design not stick, it also left a huge crease in the canvas. Thankfully, I was able to iron out the crease once I removed the canvas from the wooden frame.

I decided to go the Reverse Canvas route without actually doing the Reverse Canvas , and remove the canvas from the frame in order to press the design.

Once the staples were removed, I took a ruler a drew a line all around the back of the canvas… connecting where the staples used to be. If you want the design to be even, you can use a ruler to measure the design.

But as I mentioned above, I wanted this to have somewhat of an abstract look, so I just eyeballed the placement, then I pressed it onto the canvas. I pressed every layer at degrees for 15 seconds. Using my staple gun, I stapled the canvas back onto the frame.

I tried to staple where the previous staples had been. The gold HTV over the light pink background is everything.

I cannot wait to hang this in my office! I painted the edges, so I plan to use a sawtooth hanger to hang this painting, but you could always have it framed… or use your paint samples as the background for a Reverse Canvas!

I still have TONS of spare paint left to use for more art projects. Honestly, the samples are so big, I could probably make 50 more of these and STILL have paint left over.

I love to create things — anything from graphic design to DIY home decor — and I love to share my experiences with creating! Tags : Cricut Explore Projects , DIY Home Decor , diy wall art , Silhouette Cameo Projects. Search this website. Supplies Paint Samples. These are the Sherwin Williams paint samples that I used: Lighthearted Pink , Priscilla , Teaberry , Impatiens Petal , Alyssum , Rosebud , Demure , and Charming Pink.

Foam Brushes. I used a 20×30 canvas for this project, but any size would work! Heat Transfer Vinyl. Staple Remover. Staple Gun. Marker or Pencil. Heat Press. An iron would work, too! Step 2: Paint Sections First, I painted every other section.

Knit Knit Hooray. Gone Fishing. Pumpkin Kisses. Harvest Wishes. Poison Apple. Witch's Boot Bouquet. Spooky Owl. Desert Horses I. Desert Horses II. Vintage Motorcycle.

Glass Ornament. Coffee And Friends. Cookies For Santa. Holly The Horse. Christmas Wish List. Ice Cold Lemonade. Harvest Moon. Mountain Hammock. The Red Tree. Watermelon Heist. Seas the Day.

Dolphin Wave. Fishing with Dad. Rustic Star. Summer Squad. Because of the Brave. Cool Cats II. Cool Cats I. Mexican Guitar. Wheelbarrow Planter. King of the Coop. Our Nest. Shy Bunny. Lily Pond Trio III.

Lily Pond Trio I. Lily Pond Trio II. Pysanka Easter Egg. Colorful Elephant. Mardi Gras Mask. Rainy Day Reading. Regal Lion. Mother Earth. Fuji in Spring. Lovely Night. Hollywood Glam. Winter Thaw. Ice Skate Evergreens.

Arctic Aurora. Panda Bear. Taking the court. The Emerald Isle. Night in New York. New Year Lanterns. Vintage Postcard. Queen of Hearts. King of Hearts. Cosmic Panther. African Woman. Christmas Mouse. Magi Journey.

Fox in the Forest. Evening Sleigh Ride. Christmas Moose. Holding Hedgehog. Cardinal Lamppost. Days Til Christmas. Mugs and Mittens.

Mama Bear. Woodland Fairy. Dinosaur Kingdom. London in Fog. Autumn Waterfall. Junior Sugar Skull. Leaf Pile Pup. Lucky Cat. Happy Fall. Floating Maple Leaf. Picking Apples. Red Ferris Wheel. Camping At The Lake. Peaches and Cream.

Watching Leaves. Llove Life. Faith, Family, Freedom. Summer Love Birds. Farmers Market. Retro Beach. Proud Eagle. Coastal Lighthouse. Day At The Beach.

Giraffe Family. Buffalo Plains. Magnolia Wreath. Soccer Time. Love You Deer-ly. Boating Beauty. Story Time. Poppy The Pig. Egg Hunt Bunny. Spring By The Pond. European Window. Curious Cat. Stained Glass. Splashing in the Rain. Let's Play Ball. Love Birds II. Bee Mine. Delicate Dandelions.

Out Shopping. Springtime Floral. Mighty Mountains. Bee and Clover. Country Couple. Colorful Wolf. Fiery Romance. Watching Clouds. Snow Buddies. Snow Bird. Winter Farm.

Dancing Duo. Changing Seasons. Midnight in London. Winter Otter. Reindeer Lights. Christmas Stockings. Christmas Mason Jars. Pop Singer. Holiday Lantern. Cozy Christmas Cabin. Reflections Of Fall. Winter In The Woods. A Time To Gather. Free Hayrides. Little Bat.

Elements Of Autumn. Superstar Skates. Evening Stroll. Southwestern Floral Design. Vintage Camera. Simple Sloth. Swan Princess.

Beach, This Way! Evening In The Bayou. Rose Blossoms. Sand And Sunglasses. Freedom Script. Floral Home Wreath. Classic Bouquet.

Scooter in Europe. Country Barn. Beetle Bug. Footprint Golf. Tropical Leaves. Orange Tree. Cactus In Bloom. You and Me Ampersand. Handprint Flowers. Mom And Me. Blue Blooms. Hot Air Adventure. Cherish the Moment.

Unicorn Magic. Sweet Tweets. Vintage Church. Cactus Cloche. Wonderful World Globe. Boot Bouquet. Floral Rabbit Chalkboard. Kitty Love. Lookin' Sharp. Eiffel Tower. Modern Bouquet. Do What Makes You Happy. Love You Beary Much. Penguin Love. Love is All You Need.

Love Wreath. Cheers to Love. Watercolor Rose. Love You to the Moon. Hello, Winter. Snowman Snow Globe. Winter's Eve. NYC Night Skyline. Baby, It's Cold Outside. White Tiger. Festive Penguin. Santa's Smile. Be Merry. Father Christmas. Let it Snow.

Home for the Holidays. Merry Christmas Car. Grey Squirrel. Fall Wreath. Mountain Morning. White Pumpkin. Stacked Pumpkins.

Woodland Fox. Monster Madness. Halloween Cat. Ribbon of Hope. Hilltop Haunt. Ichabod's Dream. Monkey Fun. Dragonfly Drifting By.

Tuscan Landscape. Northern Lights. Birch Trees. Fancy Flamingo. Wave Rider. Sunset Love. Slices of Citrus. Hibiscus I. Galactic Fighter. Tie-dye Daisy.

Tranquil Surf. Land That I Love. Blush Shasta Daisy. Hello, Little One. Hold My Hand. Hook, Line, and Sinker. Springtime Bunny.

Motherly Love. Best Mom Ever. The Red Umbrella. Lilac Bouquet. Full Bloom Beauty. Spring Blooms. Little Chickadee. White Daffodils. Fluttery Friend. Cherry Blossoms. Daisy Days. Spring Snail. Red Wine. Majestic Stallion. Snow Pals III.

Olive Branch. Flower Burst. HunnyHunny Bunny Bunny. Camo Buck. Meet Me in the Rain. Let's Tango. Wine for Two. You Hold the Key. Owl Babies. Paisley Fun. Cup of Comfort. Penguin Wishes. Snow on the Pines. Christmas Pup. Jolly Santa. Noel Wreath. Woody Car. Spreading Cheer. Thankful For Leaning Tree.

Rustic Pumpkins. You Are My Sunshine. Moonlight Meow. Peacock Feather. Succulent I. Sugar Skull. Halloween Hill. Smiley Scarecrow. Owl Eyes. Tomatoes Still Life. Dream Catcher. Sunflower I. Boho Elephant. Sunny Smiles. Paradise Found. The Blue Door. White Daisy. Leapin' Lizard. Jellyfish Junior.

Lollipop Blooms. River Reflection. Water Lily. Field Flowers. Freedom Flag. Stylin' Starfish. Happy Camper. Poppy Trio. Quilt Barn. Catchin' Fireflies. Vintage Coupe. Star Gazing. Hedgehog Love. Mother and Child Silhouette.

Looking for design inspiration? Browse our curated collections! Barbara Smaller. Mountain Dreams. Emily Aet. Roz Chast. free art canvas samples

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