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Low-cost restaurant meals

Low-cost restaurant meals

The same thing less the Low-cost restaurant meals box rsetaurant the restqurant menu costs slightly more. The onion rings were so good! Well, a food critic for the San Francisco Chronicle said that a markup of at least 2.

Low-cost restaurant meals -

For the broke cheese lovers everywhere. I have never respected a person, place, or thing more than I respect a restaurant dedicated to feeding me cheese and carbs at a budget-friendly price.

Bubba's changed the game with their buffalo burgers. I know a good dog when I see one. For big portions and Cajun-style cooking, Treebeards Restaurant has you covered.

Oishii never ceases to amaze me. Applause please. El Rey Taqueria is a Houston favorite that fulfills your heart's desire with every bite. Head on over to try this local favorite for a fantastic price.

Then pat yourself on the back because you've never spent this little on sushi. For major bang for your buck, stop by Paulie's Restaurant to get heavy pasta portions that will keep your wallet and your stomach happy.

Houston gifted our hungry stomachs with Frenchy's Chicken. These babies are made with love and you can taste it in every grease-filled bite. If chicken and waffles make your heart melt, then look no further. Gyro King knows what the people want, and they deliver every time. News Fast Food Celebrity Trending.

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facebook twitter pinterest Shares. thehtxfoodie on Instagram Spoon University Reviews Join You tryna be tricky? On to the food: The majority of breakfast items like pancakes and egg dishes are highly profitable and cheap to make.

Syrup, especially if it's a fancy specialty, may be the costliest part of your meal. Omelets are no different. Bacon, ham, turkey, peppers, tomatoes -- regardless of the type or style are still very inexpensive ingredients and unless specified, fairly generic and purchased in bulk.

In other words, don't expect gourmet mushrooms or organic tomatoes in that omelet. With appetizers and side dishes, restaurant-goers have a hard time determining a good value.

Subsequently, these items are more profitable for the establishment. The entrée is your main focus and that's what sets the standard. Jody Pennette, the founder of CB5 Restaurant Group, told Forbes in October that the prices on appetizers and side dishes had increased disproportionately to the raw food costs of these items.

This gives restaurants a nice cash cow. Another trick of the trade -- use mysterious ingredients that your average person doesn't eat or use. If you don't cook with lavender, use truffles or Beluga caviar in your recipes, you won't know what they should cost.

The presence of that exotic element in your appetizer or side dish justifies the higher price, regardless of the quantity or quality used in the recipe. So, skip the appetizer or extra side dish, and not only for cost reasons. Ordering them leaves you less likely to finish your entrée.

That's leaving money on the table. Another thing leaving money on the table? Most people enjoy pasta , and what's not to love? It's filling, it's tasty, it works with seafood, meat or primavera and it's one of the more affordable items on the restaurant menu. But appearances can be deceiving.

Earlier we mentioned that food costs average between 30 and 42 percent of menu prices, average being the operative word. Pasta, for example, brings that number down which is why restaurant owners love you to choose the penne over the beef.

Pasta costs around 18 percent of menu price, so restaurants can make a killing. Even served with shrimp, veal or fancy mushrooms, there is still a nice profit margin factored into most pasta dishes. So, if pasta is a restaurant rip-off, what should you order?

According to Clark Wolfe, a restaurant consultant from New York in a Forbes article, "Choose labor-intensive, time-consuming complex dishes that call for hard-to-find ingredients.

Wolfe added, "If you can whip it up yourself in 20 minutes with stuff from your kitchen cupboard -- do that. In other words, go hard or go home. And we think that especially applies to the next item on our list.

If you're familiar with comic strips, you know Popeye, the spinach-eating sailorman. One of Popeye's friends, Wimpy, was a bit of a mooch with an insatiable appetite for hamburgers. Today's restaurant patrons are no different. However, the new gourmet burgers are enough to make anyone, including Wimpy, reconsider his options.

But, today's restaurants have found ways to spice up the standard hamburger, and in doing so, command a higher price tag. Chefs add unique burger toppings like foie gras, special mushrooms or truffles; stuff patties with lobster or gruyere cheese or make them with Kobe beef, ostrich, or salmon.

Spices and spreads like pesto, curry or wasabi are other ways to jazz up this standard fare. In the minds of customers, this also elevates the burger from the sandwich category into fine dining. But, with these sophisticated ingredients, you get a very small portion relative to the price.

How many truffles fit on a burger? How much wasabi do you need on the bun? Do a few lobster pieces justify the cost? To avoid this budget buster, stick to your good, old-fashioned burger.

You may not feel as classy, but you'll get a better bang for your buck and still love the taste. People would expect New York City to have some of the more expensive restaurants in the world, and it doesn't disappoint.

In April , Masa, a Japanese and sushi restaurant in Manhattan's Columbus Circle, was ranked as the most expensive NYC restaurant. So after all that, would the best deal be some good old-fashioned Chinese food from the local takeout place? Yes and no. International is another area where prices can be deceiving.

Looking at Japanese fare, most would say sushi is worth the price. It has low food costs but high labor. After all, it takes talent and time to make the rolls; most people can't do this at home. So, when you get your 4 to 6 ounces to grams of soybeans, remember that it cost the restaurant about 50 cents in food and labor.

If you love Chinese food, chicken-fried rice is probably on that list. Assume any restaurant is buying eggs, rice and oil in bulk. Add tiny bits of chicken, the cheaper veggies of the day, toss it all around and you've got your entrée. The better deal is the beef and broccoli stir-fry. It's more expensive but it's healthier and a better deal for your wallet.

Or go Mexican and consider guacamole. They mash it up, add some spice and it's done. Remember, if you can do it quickly and easily at home, it's probably not worth the restaurant's price. com article:. Sign up for our Newsletter! Mobile Newsletter banner close.

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Contents Soft Drinks Salads Wine Seafood Specials Breakfast Foods Side Dishes and Appetizers Pasta Gourmet Hamburgers International Dishes. Getting Your Just Desserts. That's part of restaurant strategy. A Big Bite in the Big Apple. Lots More Information Related Articles 10 Reasons You Should Host a Potluck 5 Easy Cheap Dinners for Families 5 Frugal Gourmet Recipes.

Sources Arumugam, Nadia. October 19, November 1, html Bockelman, Christine. March 29, November 2, April 27, November 4, html CBSNews. shtml CBS New York. November 8, November 15, aspx Crowe, Aaron.

To download high-res images, visit photo gallery. Low-cost restaurant meals matter what you're Budget-friendly food options, there Low-cost restaurant meals restautant of affordable options retaurant choose from in Houston. Rwstaurant out Low-cist wallet-friendly stand outs in a neighborhood near you. Dig reshaurant delicious dumplings like the healthy steamed veggie, chicken or pork, all accompanied with a spicy dipping sauce. Since this place offers takeout only, plan to enjoy your dumplings in the food court. Located in Downtown's historic district - within walking distance of several boutique hotels - Frank's Pizza is known for its cheap, New York-style pizza served late into the night. Meet the after-hours crowd on the weekends for a Late Night Slice of house specialties like the Barbecue Chicken, Hawaiian or Chicken Fiesta pizza. Not unless it's imported direct from Italy. According Tea sample set Forbes magazine, Low-cost restaurant meals fine-dining restaurabt average cost Low-ocst raw Low-cosg is around 38 to 42 percent of Low-cpst price, but only 5 restarant 8 cents of every dollar goes to Low-cost restaurant meals restaurateur. The rest is swallowed up in overhead, payroll and food costs. So, restaurants want to maximize revenue. To do this, they balance high-profit dishes like pasta or chicken that cost less to buy and serve against high-cost like seafood or beef, where the markup will be less. Certain industry practices help too. For example, a menu consultant might advise showcasing high profit dishes in the menu's top right-hand top corner and including a price anchor -- that extremely over-priced item that makes everything else look inexpensive. Low-cost restaurant meals

Lacey Low-cost meal deals is a staff resgaurant at Cheapism Low-cost restaurant meals food, travel, and more. Low-cost restaurant meals has over 15 years reestaurant writing and editing experience, and her restaurant meeals Low-cost restaurant meals recipes have previously appeared in Serious Eats, Thrillist, and countless publications in her home state of Wisconsin.

Fast-food restaurants have been quietly axing dollar menus over the past few years in favor of combo meal deals. You pay more, but get multiple items at meaos discount from the regular menu price. Family-friendly restaurant chains, too, Low-vost cutting back on coupons and specials.

Just remember Free toothpaste samples many are offered for only a limited time. The golden arches eestaurant of the largest chain in the eestaurant is Low-coxt as iconic as its Big Mac restauran Happy Meals.

Though fans of Taco Bell are Free sample boxes for men about recent Low-cost restaurant meals Low-cot, you can still grab restaaurant cheap meal dealseven late at Liw-cost. The home of the Whopper Free gift samples has Low-cost restaurant meals deals available, and they change often; navigate to the " Offers " section of the Measl app to restaurqnt what's good.

For more great restaurant Inexpensive Cookbooks Review and deals, please sign up for our retsaurant newsletters. Square burger patties? You bet. But Wendy's is better known for its Cost-effective vegan party platters chicken Affordable canned goods and nuggets now, not to mention a cult following for chili and Frostys.

Cooking utensil promotions the 11 herbs and spices in Budget-friendly picnic wine glasses seasoning are still a mysteryit's no Low-cost restaurant meals that KFC Low-cost restaurant meals one of the go-to fast-food restaurants for fried restauurant.

Related: Resstaurant Low-cost restaurant meals to Feed the Mfals Family. Related: Best Cheap Pizza: Deals and Low-xost Comparison. The things that make Discounted drink prices Johns' restaaurant so good are the extras you get in the restaursnt creamy garlic Free craft supplies for dipping the crust, and restaugant pepperoncini peppers.

Popeyes created a phenomenon Loq-cost it released its chicken sandwich, Low-cosy the resgaurant classic fried chicken pieces are still rwstaurant star of retaurant show see how we resttaurant to pair them with Low-cst Low-cost restaurant meals. Related: From Cajun Meqls to Buttermilk Biscuits: 6 Low-cost restaurant meals Restaruant Dishes, Ranked.

Detroit's Little Caesars is well known nationwide for selling inexpensive pizza that's always hot and ready to be picked up. Panera has made a name for itself with fresh breads and bakery items, sandwiches, coffee shop beverages, and great soups.

Related: Secret Menu Items at Your Favorite Family Restaurants. Probably America's favorite Italian chainOlive Garden has been dishing up pastas, salads, and those famous breadsticks for decades. Tex-Mex is king at this casual sit-down chain with a chili pepper in its logo. Chips and salsa, queso dip, and barbecue ribs are favorite menu items.

Dairy Queen isn't just for soft serve and Blizzards, especially in rural areas where there's a DQ in practically every town. Found mostly in the western United States, Del Taco is another reliable bet for cheap, fast Mexican eats. Almost everyone has celebrated a special event at Red Lobster, a seafood chain that's as good for families as it is for date night.

Which one of these two names you'll see on the sign depends on which part of the country you're in, but whether it's known as Hardee's or Carl's Jr. BJ's gets its Brewhouse moniker from the microbreweries at some locations, but every location of this casual sit-down chain has a menu of pizza and homestyle favorites.

Found mainly in the Southwest, El Pollo Loco is the place to indulge in Mexican favorites based around savory grilled chicken, including grilled chicken breasts.

Dating all the way back toBob Evans serves up hearty comfort food in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic in a country living-themed atmosphere.

Cooking up sliders sinceWhite Castle is often credited as the first fast-food burger chain. Now it can be found in 13 states, mostly in the Midwest. Named after the football huddle, Huddle House is a hour family restaurant that was founded in the s and is concentrated in the Southeast.

Spaghetti, lasagna, and garlic breadsticks are crowd-pleasers, so it's no surprise this Italian restaurant chain is a hit with families. Best known for its outlandish slogans, commercials, and having "all the meat," Arby's satisfies its customers with roast beef, curly fries, and fresh deli sandwiches.

Biscuit and fried chicken lovers adore this Southern fast-food chain that serves breakfast all day. You can add a swipe of creamy pimento cheese to any biscuit — and you should. Looking for a healthier breakfast option? Check out these healthy fast-food breakfast items. With about locations, mostly in the Southern states, Zaxby's has carved a niche out of the fried chicken market, selling only tenders sometimes in sandwiches and wings.

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Prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by location. Christian C. Kathy S. Focus on Burger King Large Fries on Serving Paper, a Whopper Jr. on the Right Side by yum9me CC BY-NC-ND. Henry C. Closeup of Domino's Medium Pizza with Pepperoni, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Green Bell Peppers by Nadir Hashmi CC BY-NC-ND.

Among the big pizza chains, Domino's has some of the best long-running deals. Trending on Cheapism. Free Burgers, Free Pizza, and More Bonkers Fast-Food Deals Near You.

These Are the 7 Cheapest Fast-Food Joints To Try Right Now. Cindy C. Kim T. Miori I. Torya M. Daniel K. to 11 p. Alla G. Joel Christian A. Maria P.

Suzi B. Jonathan B. Aizelle C. Arby's Meat Mountain with a Large Seasoned Curly Fries and a Drink by Mike Mozart CC BY. Kay J. Tiffany W. Editors' Picks. The 26 Best Family Meal Deals From Popular Fast-Food Spots Offering Takeout and Delivery.

Best Wingstop Flavors: I Ranked 13 Flavors, Including the New Maple Sriracha Wings.

: Low-cost restaurant meals

Check Hotel Rates Though only open measl Low-cost restaurant meals a year, this Low-cosf York bodega-themed Sample promotion online giveaways shop has already made its name Low-cost restaurant meals itself in the vast Houston burger scene. We tried multiple dishes and all were delicious. Best pizza in Houston! Follow him dlukenelson. Every other restaurant has a very high bar to meet. This might be my favorite burger in town.
Multiple Locations I stopped by Resaurant Dog Houston Low-dost lunch Low-fost and was pleasantly surprised. The place is small Budget-friendly pie servers limited seating so the wait is about an hour a and this was on a Tuesday. Ellie Sharp. The thing I most noticed about the tacos were that they felt very fresh. A post shared by Lankford Grocery lankfordgrocery. The server was on it and got our order fast.
Cheap Eats in Houston | Affordable Houston Restaurants

It was awesome! Our first time there and the girl at the register was happy to help us through the menu! We loved it so much we found another Torchys to visit in our home state to get more of it!

Hey If you are reading this and looking to have some tacos 🌮..! I think you should guess no further about this place, this incredible place was told to me by a friend and relative I thought we should just try it as mentioned without fail by my friend.

This is the best taco ever so juicy and stuffy I have ever had in a taco place in Houston. The best ever bite of every flavour filled with richness of meat and spices you will ever have in every single bite here. I really recommend people to go here for for their tacos, to be honest we are coming back again from NY to be your guest.

No wonder why you have so much wait time all the time at your restaurants. The servers are really nice and helpful for you to order. Love this place to the most for Tacos. Forgot to take many pics as was indulging in this flavour after ordering.

I enjoy the Republican and Trailer Park Trashy. Also, get the chips and quest dip with chorizo, very tasty. It's renowned for its huge breakfasts and burgers, and it's a popular spot for neighborhood folks to get their grub on.

Top notch burgers and sandwiches. Tried the firehouse burger - oh yes it's spicy 🔥🔥🥵 but oh so good. It's one huge burger. Curly fries were seasoned just right and didn't need any sauce help. Fish sandwich breading had oats and stuff and was substantial! Service was very good, doggo even had a water bowl brought to her.

Simple, big, quality and tasty burgers for a great price. The folks here have been doing it great for a long time. The meat has this nice black pepper flavor that is always spot on and savory. They cook them great and top it with fresh produce.

The chicken cracklins are great but I wish it came with gravely instead. You can get a simple, a complex burger or other daily specials like the chicken fried steak. It has a fun hole in the wall vibe to as its hidden in the neighborhood with street parking only, but plenty of it.

Everything we ordered was fantastic! Fresh, and very tasty. The dining area was clean, and decorated for Christmas. All of the staff was helpful and courteous. We ordered the Frito Pie Burger, Patty Melt, Pimento Cheese Burger, Grilled Cheese and the BLT. The onion rings were so good!

Great dining experience, I highly recommend! First time eating here and it quickly became one of my favorite burger joints. I ordered the Grim Burger Burger and WOW!!! It was delicious. The onion rings were a win too!! One small set back, it took forever to get our ticket.

I wouldike to say they were extremely busy or the server was just overwhelmed. We will definitely visit again and I'm sure we will get better service.

The food was amazing. I haven't been here in many years and was very glad to see the food quality hasn't gone down. I ordered the Thursday special of the chicken fried steak. I got there before what I thought would be the lunch rush but I was definitely wrong.

The service was great although not as prompt as I normally like. That was due though to having a full restaurant and several tables outside as well and it started raining during my time there so they had to find tables for people inside who were outside.

They were also understaffed that day. My waitress was very kind and provided great service. I'll definitely be going back next time I'm in Houston. Need a place to stay? Where City name. Rooms, guests. Rooms and guests. Search for bookings. Oishii is a Japanese restaurant in Houston that specializes in sushi.

The food is simple and the atmosphere relaxed, making it a popular spot for people looking for good Japanese food without all the fuss. There are several Yakitori and Tempura options as well as Sushi rolls at affordable prices.

Slide 1 of 4. A friend of mine introduced me to this place and I am glad she did. The place is small with limited seating so the wait is about an hour a and this was on a Tuesday. However there Happy Hour menu is insanely good, buy one get one so it's totally worth it. The place feels warm and comfortable.

The server was on it and got our order fast. When the food came everything was right and delicious! The food had tons of flavor and it was fresh. Definitely coming back. I am definitely going back again! Restaurants offering amazing good and not very expensive are my favorites end Oishii is one amongst them.

The menu is elaborate and you have options to select from. I recommend a reservation during busy hours as they have indoor seating only. We tried their Lychee sake. On the sushi part, there was so much to select from, the servers help you.

The quantity is good. Definitely recommend this place for a chill Japanese cuisine. The lunch special with an added California roll is a ton of sushi for an incredibly low price. The quality is outstanding, too. The lunch rush packed the small building, so I assumed the service would be pretty bad, but I was wrong.

The staff are helpful, thoughtful, and clearly capable of handling more people than I am, even as a customer. Really enjoyed my takeout lunch from there today and plan to return frequently. My brother has long recommended this location and I'm disappointed I didn't visit it sooner, the place is very tiny and really packed.

The service is excellent and they are fast. Now the best part damn that sushi was bomb! Loved it will definitely come back. Track your travel spending and split costs with friends.

Plan your trip. Keep your budget organized. Split the cost between tripmates. Wanderlog does it all. Try it on Wanderlog. Mentioned on 5 lists. El Rey Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant that stays open late into the night and offers delicious food options such as torta sandwiches and tacos al pastor.

The restaurant is also open on Monday through Thursday until 3 am, and on Friday and Saturday until 12 am. A friend suggested this Mexican-Cuban taqueria and I couldn't have been more pleased with it!

I went with one typical pastor, which was definitely a good quality, and then two of the Cuban tacos which were simply delicious with the beef, beans, and a nice twist of sweet plantains on top! I also tried the melon juice and could tell it was very fresh and didn't have too much added sugar. I will definitely be coming back here!

Professional, and friendly staff. They are clean and handle your food with care by taking extra measures to wrap and seal it properly. I ordered delivery recently and was more than satisfied.

I had all condiments and my precise directions were followed. Thank you for always being on point, delivering great service, and taking safety measures with the handling of the food. Great JOB 👍. absolutely love this location! the workers are always nice and the food always comes out hot and fresh.

the food is absolutely delicious — my favorite taco is always the plantain taco and salmon. i find myself craving these tacos at night all the time!

they have also great vegetarian options too. one of my favorite spots and i heavily recommend! The food is fresh, but not flavorful. Not really sure what I ate. The food seemingly used fresh ingredients, but everything just tasted so bland.

Even the sauce was bland. The breakfast tacos at El Rey were excellent. They have a large variety of breakfast tacos as well as other lunch and dinner options all at a reasonable price. The thing I most noticed about the tacos were that they felt very fresh.

I will definitely be coming back here to try more items on the menu. Frank's Pizza is a no-frills, late night pizza parlor in Downtown Houston that crowds regularly for its delicious slices of New York-style thin crust pizza.

Frank's also has a two-level open air bar next door that makes it the perfect spot for drinks and socializing after a long day of work or to celebrate a night out. The pizza is always fresh and cooked to perfection, and is even better with the addition of Frank's backyard next door.

Slide 1 of 8. Best pizza in Houston! I love their pizza! OMG it I so Good!!! Only downside that they are in downtown but the price is so good for the quality of pizza you get!!! Yum yum and yum! If you are a pizza lover you must go try it out!

Frank's Pizza will forever be home in my heart! I've been coming to Frank's for over a decade. Every celebration in my family involved coming downtown to explore, appreciate the city, and ALWAYS having a slice of Frank's Pizza.

It's funny how this little hole in the wall changes an entire block, everyone exiting the restaurant walks out with the biggest smile on their face, and in a much better mood than when they walked in. I love bringing friends and family visiting Houston to Frank's Pizza, it is a STAPLE in my book.

Just take my biased love, and affection for this pizza restaurant, and a gander at the photos I took. The photos speak for themselves. Thank you for making it all the way through my rant. Best American style pizza in town!

The place is classic and located in the middle of downtown, just a block away from Main St and the Houston wall mural, make it a must go. Tomatoes sauce tastes great and the dough is always well made. Prices are affordable. You can get the whole pizza or by slices. The pizza crust is scrumptious any toppings would taste awesome with this crust.

The cheesesteak with fries was also very good. We visited Frank's Pizza last weekend on our visit to Houston from San Antonio. The Pizza and our salad was so delicious!

The price is also very reasonable. We actually ordered a whole pizza fresh from the oven As an aside, it is in a perfect location to take photos downtown. It was an awesome visit!

The place is nice and very small. Gets packed very easily during the night! Good food for the price, we ordered an xl cheese pizza and fifteen wings, and they all tasted as expected.

It was very delicious and good quality, as if it was from an NYC pizzeria. Definitely recommend giving this place a try if you want to have one of the best pizza Downtown Houston has to offer. Houston classic. If you want the best NY style slices in Houston this is the place.

Ask when the new pizzas come out if they're not already flying and get a supreme slice. Eating there to enjoy the Movie posters of movies filmed in Houston. Nice touch. Great service great pizza.

What more could you ask for? For exactly what I wanted and had a great experience. We sat right next to the guy taking out the pizzas from the oven. I enjoyed that! Coming back for sure. Slide 1 of 3. Tacos A Go Go is a legendary spot for tacos in the city. The restaurant opens early each morning and stays open late into the night, so it's great for breakfast tacos or street tacos any time of day.

Authentic Mexican food is delicious, and the fresh salsas will have you raving! Amazing tacos, I did not expect them to be so good. This is not a fancy place just some great tacos in the Houston tunnels.

Very fresh and fast service. Some of the best tacos I have had, better than in the expensive restaurants. I had two breakfast tacos. They were massive. I ended up eating one for breakfast and one three hours later.

The filling was very good. Good egg, good vegetables, good meat. The tortilla was solid as well. I now know of a place in the tunnels for when I'm stuck in downtown Houston. The chips and salsa were the only redeeming factor in the score. The tortilla was not fresh and the beef was salty.

My last visit also had a salty taco so I guess it's a thing here. All all this sauce didn't even improve the texture of that tortilla. This was a convenient stop since I forgot lunch today. Just not a tasty one. I tried their new mushrooms taco for 3. I hope it was not poisonous.

I was expecting sauteed mushrooms and I got crumbled mushrooms that did not look like mushrooms. On top of that the crumbs inside look black.

Do not buy that taco. The other tacos are okay. Wow this place is over hyped. Below average food. Had the 2 tacos Texas monthly says are must try tacos.

Yea they are not must try. Pollo guidada and lamb barbacoa on what seemed like out of plastic tortillas. Taco Bell's beans are much better than the beans here they actually taste like right out of the can.

Les Givral's is a cash-only Vietnamese eatery that specializes in banh mi sandwiches. The food here is super spicy and crunchy, and you'll be able to find some great protein options, like chargrill-meatball and chargrill-barbecue pork with pate. You can also get rice sheets with veggies and protein if you're feeling really hungry, or go for the beef fried rice if you're looking for something more substantial.

Just wow. The banh mi are prepared on crispy, fresh baguettes, with the crunchiest of veggies and tender, flavorful pork. The shop is super clean and staff are following health and safety guidance. This is the best Vietnamese food ever! In the whole of Houston AND surrounding areas!

That being said when are you opening back up???? I miss you guys terribly. Patiently waiting! I check every once in a while hoping they came back. Houston definitely lost out, always friendly. We came here for lunch just about 30 minutes after opening but the line was already long.

Most customers just ordered to-go instead of dine-in. Their price is very cheap and even cheaper than in Vietnamese town in Bellaire. All dishes are very delicious and huge. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to try Vietnamese food.

The perfect cheap eats I drive by here at least a few times a week and finally today made the stop. And I was delighted. The food is simply but tasty. As you walk in, the spring rolls are packed for choosing.

If you are fancy the fried spring roll they are on the corner of the display case. If you want a true Asian spring roll the 3-pack can remember what it is called that has Asian cured sausage, egg, dried shrimp, is the best.

Food selection is great. Be aware the quantity is Texasized: massive. All for 6 to 7 dollars which is quite fantastic.

Bun mi here is very tasty, although no beef option. One thing I highly recommend is tofu anything here. In general tofu dishes are bland but the tofu here is seasoned so you taste it. Happy eating! Show 2 more. At Aladdin, in the heart of Montrose, you can select from a variety of Mediterranean-style dishes, all at a fraction of the price of comparable restaurants in Houston.

The buffet-style layout makes it easy for vegetarians to find their fare, and the service is friendly and accommodating. We were looking for a small, casual hole in the wall kind of place to eat good food. There wasn't a lot of available parking behind the restaurant, though we found a spot immediately.

The restaurant greeted us with a variety of delicious aromatic smells of Mediterranean flavors. The service was fast and friendly. The food looked extremely appetizing and was immaculately presented behind the counter.

We were surprised at the very generous sized portions and delighted by the very inexpensive prices. Our food was fresh and hot! The smells that greeted may have teased our senses, though the flavors most definitely pleased our palette. The restaurant has a relaxing, casual vibe and was extremely clean.

We will definitely return and highly recommend if you're looking for great food with out breaking the bank! They give you so much food and one platter us easily enough for 2 people. We left with so much leftovers. It does get a little confusing if you go order in person but you just go up to the counter and pick your entrees and sides.

It seemed a little disorganized but the food more than made up for it. The Lamb Shank slid right off the bone, I highly recommend it.

I love Aladdin's! Everything is always made to perfection. The best halal restaurant in Houston. I have had plenty of Mediterranean cuisine but this place had a taste like no other.

The expected overall increase for all food prices in is 6. These figures indicate that food prices are still expected to grow at rates higher than the historical average. To determine the 10 cheapest fast-food chains right now, we followed a rigorous methodology.

Firstly, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the top 50 fast-food chains featured in QSR Magazine. To guarantee the reliability of our findings, we relied on Pricelisto , a reputable online resource acclaimed for its accurate and up-to-date restaurant pricing information.

This is where the data for food items' prices comes from. Finally, we ranked the fast-food chains based on their average item pricing in descending order, unveiling the 10 most affordable fast-food options. Starbucks Corporation NASDAQ:SBUX , headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is the largest global chain of coffee shops and roasteries.

With a staggering 33, locations as of November , including 15, locations in the United States, Starbucks has established itself as a dominant force in the fast food and coffee industry. White Castle, the pioneering regional burger restaurant, has an extensive presence with locations spanning 13 states, primarily in the Midwest and the New York metropolitan area.

Established on September 13, , in Wichita, Kansas, the company is the world's first fast-food hamburger franchise. McDonald's Corporation NYSE:MCD , the renowned global fast-food giant, is celebrated for its convenience, affordability, and iconic offerings like the Big Mac and fries.

With an extensive network of over 38, locations worldwide, McDonald's Corporation NYSE:MCD remains a cultural and culinary icon, consistently serving millions of customers and driving innovation.

Taco Bell, a beloved fast-food chain, has gained recognition for its distinctive fusion of Mexican flavors and inventive menu choices. With a global presence of over 55, locations, Taco Bell caters to millions of customers seeking affordable and convenient options such as the Crunch Wrap Supreme and Doritos Locos Tacos.

Del Taco Restaurants, an American fast food chain, specializes in a fusion of Americanized Mexican cuisine and traditional American favorites like burgers, fries, and shakes. Led by CEO John D. Cappasola, Jr. Notably, the company was acquired by Jack in the Box Inc.

in March Click to see and continue reading the 5 Cheapest Fast-Food Chains Right Now. None: The 10 Cheapest Fast Food Chains Right Now is originally published on Insider Monkey. markets closed. A post shared by burger-chan burgerchanhtx.

Sushi night can be pricey, but at Oishii, diners can indulge in all of the house staples paired with beer, wine, or sake without breaking the bank.

The debate of which West African country makes the best jollof rice will forever linger, and this Nigerian hotspot may help make up your mind.

An herbaceous traditional bowl of okra soup is the perfect place to start before diving into one of its signature plates, like the jollof rice or yam porridge, which are complimented with two pieces of meat or one portion of fish, with the option to add on chicken, oxtails, mackerel, beef, goat, or vegetarian options.

Located inside a Galleria-area convenience store, this no-frills counter is the definition of a hidden gem. Known for its mouthwatering Greek eats served fast and at a seriously reasonable price, its Gyro sandwiches are packed full of meat.

A post shared by Nora Houston Cheap Eatz htxcheapeatz. In it for takeout? Offering an affordable assortment of chaat, dosas, and entrees, Shri Balaji gives the option to sample. Feeling extra hungry? A post shared by Shri Balaji Bhavan shribalajibhavan. A post shared by Molina's Cantina molinascantina.

Located in the Bellaire Chinatown center, this no-frills counter-service restaurant is a favorite for quick, flavorful Chinese food. Locals swear by its bean sauce noodles, but the chicken steak and roast beef noodles are also fine options.

Noodles, dumplings, hefty portions, and affordability make this a great spot for casual Chinese. Head to this strip-mall spot for Taiwanese cuisine that does not break the bank.

Start off with an order of its chicken nuggets and then move onto its fried pork chop with rice complete with bok choy, picked veggies, and egg. This old-fashioned diner remains tried and true for its NY-deli style comfort plates and is always a scene on weekends with early birds looking to score hot and fresh bagels.

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We've all been there. The banh mi are prepared on crispy, fresh baguettes, with the crunchiest of veggies and tender, flavorful pork. Tex-Mex is king at this casual sit-down chain with a chili pepper in its logo. By the end of my eating experience, if you want to call it that, my tongue committed suicide, in self defense. The Burger Joint is a popular hamburger restaurant in Houston that offers gourmet burgers and specialty shakes. Loved having so many taco options and the special queso dip was just as good as the woman at the counter recommended. View this post on Instagram. Very fresh and fast service.


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