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Free furniture sample scheme

Free furniture sample scheme

Modular Modular furnituge Modular sofas Build your own All Free furniture sample scheme. Treated with built-in protection that inhibits odor-causing bacteria to keep fabrics fresh. A beautiful, cross stitch weave with a highly durable profile.

Free furniture sample scheme -

Moonstone White is an uplifting, natural shade of white that energises a room. Moonstone is pale, warm, and neutral, with undertones known for their inspiring qualities. It lends itself well to pairings with deep blues and saturated greys.

A warm white, Sunstone Beige is a beautiful natural shade that is subtle and calm. This versatile hue works well with minimal and unadorned schemes, or it can seamlessly blend with bolder colours or patterns. Our Topaz Dark Green is green enough not to be blue, and vice versa, but most importantly, it is sympathetic and soothing to the eye.

This Iinen's rich green is an outstanding harmoniser and the colour spectrum's most balanced hue. A most inviting khaki, Malachite Green is one of the most loved colours in our linen range.

Evoking a woodland fog, Malachite is a natural biophilic hue that creates a sense of visual texture in any room.

A deep, soft navy with a hint of kohl, Hawk's Eye Dark Blue is the most versatile shade. This Italian Linen's beauty lies in the fact that it's neither navy nor grey and complements cool and warm tones alike. A calming white, our Selenite White is designed to have an uplifting effect on the space it fills, as well as those who sink into this luxurious fabric.

One of the most popular whites in our range. Our gentle brown, Jasper Beige is the most natural hue of all of our neutrals, neither too light nor too dark. In addition, it's an exceptionally calming colour, offering relaxation, contentment, and simple tranquillity.

Angelite Blue is a calming pale blue, a soft and soothing colour. It's neither too saturated nor too pale and marries equally well with greys, pops of colour, as well as woody naturals and timeless whites. A steel grey with a hint of blue, our best-selling Granite Grey pairs beautifully with neutrals as well as paler hues.

This enigmatic shade creates a timeless look that retains its appeal from one year to the next. Obsidian Dark Blue is a beautifully rich and deep colour. Instilling a sense of calm in any room, it's infinitely restful and inviting and leans towards being more inky than grey but is still unmistakably blue.

Celestine Light Blue brings a sense of calm to any room. More of a light punch than a whisper of colour, this linen sits alongside dusty pastels and beautifully compliments darker blues and whites.

A pale shade between green and blue, Aquamarine Light Blue is a beautiful combination that provides a sense of texture and brilliance. In addition, Aquamarine offers a calm aesthetic that is relaxing and inviting simultaneously.

Amazonite Light Blue is a deeper shade than a duck egg yet paler than cornflower. It lifts any scheme and combines wonderfully with neutral furnishings. This versatile blue linen pairs with both pinks and reds alike without being overpowering.

A timeless grey linen that enhances any scheme, our Graphite Grey offers a contemporary take on charcoal. The perfect blend of strength and stability, Graphite is a timeless neutral that pairs equally well with light and dark schemes.

A colour symbolic of nighttime, our Morion Grey is our deepest grey, a wonderful earthing tone. Morion is a smoky quartz, known for its restorative powers. This dark but neutral colour absorbs or coordinates beautifully with any colour. A soft and delicate neutral with a hint of flax, our Natural Beige linen sets a calming mood.

Its gentle natural hue suggests unspun flax, and this versatile classic blends effortlessly with traditional or modern interiors. A medium-deep shade of golden yellow, Citrine Yellow is one of the most loved colours in our Italian Linen range.

An inviting bright yellow gold, Citrine adds a sense of visual texture and joy to any room. The gentle energy of our pink Rose Quartz Pink brings both joy and contentment to any room.

This beautiful fabric is a lively, rich pink and pairs beautifully with neutrals as well as pops of colour. The most confident and bold blue, our Sapphire Blue pairs easily with cool greys, neutrals, and whites for a classic scheme. For a surprising twist, layer this dark blue alongside greens, yellows, and pops of pink.

Our warm Bronzite Brown is far bolder than a neutral, offering a stand-out yet cosy shade. This fabric has a warm and inviting tone and also coordinates beautifully with cool colours, including blues and neutrals. Heady and sumptuous, our Ruby Red offers a surprising mix of red and pink softens a room's decor.

It's particularly striking on our loveseat for those who want to add charm and warmth to their interior. Bursting with joy, Howlite Orange creates an uplifting ambience between energy and nature.

Inspired by sun-drenched days, this joyous shade pairs with brown, olives, and neutrals. Consider it for a sophisticated setting to harmonise with natural materials.

Vibrant and optimistic, our Carnelian Yellow is the perfect hue for those who want to add brightness to their space. Versatile and timeless, this warm shade suits both bedrooms and living rooms that have a neutral scheme. Discover our Zinc Grey, an effortless shade that is perfect for your home.

It adds warmth and comfort with its gentle sophistication. This mild grey creates a sense of timelessness that is familiar and soothing. A brilliant shade of blue tinged with green, true Peacock Blue is a beautiful combination of these two colours and provides a sense of luminous texture.

Its generous feel and aesthetic simultaneously intrigues and invites. Pigeon Light Blue is a beautiful combination of gentle blue and natural grey that provides a sense of texture and calm. In addition, our timeless blue shade creates a sense of warm, understated elegance that pairs beautifully with neutrals.

Burnt Orange evokes feelings of warmth and comfort that radiate cosiness. It's perfect for settling down and relaxing with its rustic and somewhat autumnal hue. Its vividness sits between red and yellow, making it a versatile shade. Add a relaxed sophistication to your space with our Oat Beige.

This subtle warm white is the most welcoming neutral. Choose this hue when you need a "go with everything shade" that comes alive with lilac tones. Chamomile White will transform your home with its uplifting warm white.

This luxurious cotton and linen combination has a beautiful finish that feels incredible. This energising white lends itself to stylish pairings with deep blues and dark greys. An optimistic shade that celebrates nature, Rosemary Green is perfect for creating a welcoming respite.

Thyme Blue sets the mood for total relaxation. This vibrant green with a strong blue undertone offers a fresh alternative to grey shades. Whether you're looking to create a statement piece or simply add a touch of timeless style to your home, we've answered five of the most common questions to inspire your final fabric selection.

Interior design services - Book an appointment Free material samples - order yours today! Contact us Professionals. Interior Design Service Find store. Free Material Samples Home Customer service Free material samples.

How it works. EASY PEASY. HERE'S HOW YOU CAN ORDER FREE MATERIAL SAMPLES. Order free swatches here Order free swatches and explore the materials in the context of your home. Sample 1 Material name Sample 2 Material name Sample 3 Material name Sample 4 Material name Sample 5 Material name Message.

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Having trouble picking out Schemd perfect choice for your Cheap culinary outlets piece Cheap culinary outlets Amish Free sun care samples Order samples today furniturd view your Free furniture sample scheme in person. Frse you do not plan on starting an order you are free to keep the samples or send them back to have the samples credited to your account excluding shipping. Get updates on when a new sale happens or when new pieces get added. Email address:. Notice: Due to difference in computer monitors, these pictures do not always properly display the color, but are here just to give you an idea. Free furniture sample scheme

Free furniture sample scheme -

This luxurious cotton and linen combination has a beautiful finish that feels incredible. This energising white lends itself to stylish pairings with deep blues and dark greys. An optimistic shade that celebrates nature, Rosemary Green is perfect for creating a welcoming respite.

Thyme Blue sets the mood for total relaxation. This vibrant green with a strong blue undertone offers a fresh alternative to grey shades.

Pair this natural hue with pink, chocolate brown, or golden yellow. Invigorate your space with the calm of our Spearmint Grey. This reflective but intense blue makes for a fresh alternative to grey. Pair it with off-white and sophisticated pastels for contrast in your scheme. A rich and evocative deep blue, Blackberry Purple works beautifully as a statement-making fabric on your sofa or loveseat.

With its purple undertone, this dark neutral also brings out the depth of other richer colours. Add joy to your space with this Rhubarb Pink. A subtle pink, its versatility suits contemporary and country homes.

The perfect colour to give your sofa a lift. Pair this pink with warm neutrals or grounding greens. Our Truffle Grey is a cosy, reassuring brownish shade.

This luxurious fabric has excellent durability, as does this timeless mid-brown. It's neither cool nor overly warm; it's a beautifully balanced neutral that brings calm to a space. Our Earl Grey sets the scene for quiet moments.

A soft grey, its gentleness is enhanced by the exceptional finish of this beautiful cotton-linen blend. Soft and enveloping, it comes alive when paired with yellows and ochres. Naturally rich, our Blueberry Blue is vibrant yet relaxed. For those who love curating their space, this bold blue softens when paired with natural materials such as raffia, oak, and cane.

A deep blue, Indigo Spice Dark Blue is inspired by the enveloping beauty of the night sky. A most impactful midnight blue, its sumptuousness makes it perfect for any space you'd like to retire to at the end of the day. Our Paprika Orange creates a vibrant yet comforting ambience with a warming and sophisticated hue.

The perfect shade for those who love an artistic and welcoming interior scheme that seamlessly translates from one season to the next. Rich and regal, our turquoise-inspired Grains of Paradise Dark Green creates an opulent setting within a room. Striking and serene, this unique velvet shifts from blue in daylight to reflecting a greener hue in low light.

Discover why our Tarragon Dark Green is a best-seller: it's a soft and relaxing hue of green. With a calming mix of green and yellow, this warming combination goes wonderfully with woody naturals and timeless classic colours.

Sumac Dark Red is a deep wine-colored shade inspired by berries that is surprisingly versatile. This deep natural colour blends effortlessly with creamy neutrals and delicate greens or greys in modern and rustic settings.

Our incredible Sea Salt Beige is an ideal shade for contrasting colours, including pinks and warm neutrals. It feels sophisticated without overwhelming, and its gentle hint of silver makes this luxury velvet suitable for a neutral colour scheme.

Like the golden spice, Cumin Gold creates a luxe and uplifting mood. A hint of brown undertone adds to its all-around earthiness and adaptability. Its golden flecks harmonise with other warm shades or beautifully contrast deep green. Pink Peppercorn will transform your furniture with its plush, gentle nature.

This subtle pink with a grey undertone pairs well with complementary colours while grounding a space full of wonder and delight. You have selected 0 out of 8 fabric samples. Song Magazine is an inspiration for those who love beautiful homes. Its rich tapestry of stories, images and products celebrate the joys of comfortable living.

We are always happy to send a complimentary issue to you in the post. Each cloth is handcrafted by premier artisanal mills and softens organically through time, allowing you to enjoy our furniture today and in the future.

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One thing I discovered along the way is how much the little details count. What colour flooring to Free furniture sample scheme, what Fere fabric to use, sfheme tiles will go best in the kitchen or bathroom. Free furniture sample scheme furrniture, I Free outdoor gear promotions on a free sample frenzy and made a list of all the places to find free interior design samples. Why would anyone want to spend their time sending off for a 10 x 10 cm cube? Even better, your free samples also sometimes come with a tea bag and a biccy AND a discount to encourage you to choose their company. Loaf are a fabulous interiors brand that work with lots of lovely designers across the globe.


More free fabric. Sew to Sell furnishing fabric swatch samples to make hundreds of bags purses totes

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