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Experience it firsthand

Experience it firsthand

Share: WhatsApp Email Share Link. Firsthnad Budget-minded food promotions first-hand? For the vast majority of human beings, the alternative to first-hand experience is not statistics, but news. reflect the experience of.

Experience it firsthand -

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Pick the best ones! Missing Letter A crossword with a twist Play. A typical hard lesson of one's first attempts at field recording is that the product seldom conveys the environment as well as first - hand experience of it. Later speakers, some of them from poignant first - hand experience , will provide, no doubt, some telling illustrations.

From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. But anyone who claims first - hand experience of one party's excesses should pause to ponder on the foul deeds of the other.

That advice is based on first - hand experience in fighting fires and observing human behaviour in those conditions, together with specialised fire safety training. Those who have had the closest responsibility and first - hand experience are perhaps those who hesitate most to offer a dogmatic solution.

That is my first - hand experience of what occurs inside a betting shop. I know from first - hand experience that they have worked hard on long-term care. I can speak only from my own first - hand experience in this regard. It was this first - hand experience which made us better officers than we would otherwise have been.

We all welcome the special authority with which he spoke, for he has had long and first - hand experience of conditions there. Has she first - hand experience of the conditions which she has described? One does not always have to have first-hand information or first - hand experience.

He drew attention to the fact that of all the engineers in this country more than half have had no first - hand experience of university life. Go to the definition of firsthand. Go to the definition of experience. See other collocations with experience. isQuiz}} Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

Word of the Day run errands. to go out to buy or do something About this. Read More. February 12, has been added to list. To top. Definition of firsthand Definition of experience Examples of first-hand experience Other collocations with experience.

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