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Free Digital Book Samples

Free Digital Book Samples

The Free Digital Book Samples theme includes Booo unique layout options Discounted menu items light and heavy Frfe Free Digital Book Samples, photo layouts, and more so that the design is fresh Free Digital Book Samples one page to Digktal. Design Design Fusion: The 9 Vibrant Graphic Design Trends to Watch in by Natasya Sunarto Published on December 12, December 12, · 16 minutes. The design is calming and serene, with a focus on promoting creativity and artistic expression. A popular alternative to PDFs is the. Be sure to maintain a consistent structure across each chapter, as well. Built for advertisers.

Free Digital Book Samples -

Free templates and designs to help you create an ebook. Download This Template. The Process Improvement theme is longer and more involved than most of those listed above — it could contain 10, 20, or even more chapters to help describe the specific actions needed to complete a process or achieve an outcome.

By combining text blocks with summary sections and detailed highlight pages, this theme is a great way to break down a complex task or process into manageable, repeatable steps.

This theme trends slightly more casual with a conversational approach that helps you connect with readers. The following pages include plenty of room for author and other expert quotes to help establish your mastery of the topic at hand, without seeming stuffy or distant.

This theme breaks up each page with differing text and image placement to help keep user interest high throughout. For the marketer, salesperson, or designer who needs to communicate a vision from high-level strategy to detail, the Artistic theme template is a smart choice.

This template uses white space to set boundaries between sections, giving your ebook a clean, uncluttered charm. Colorful headers with serif fonts, eye-catching graphics, and stunning images will make your ebook come to life.

The Artistic theme includes several unique layout options including light and heavy text pages, photo layouts, and more so that the design is fresh from one page to another. Appeal to the professional yet bold aesthetic, the Professional theme ebook template.

Image-based title pages and thick, bold fonts draw attention to headlines and big ideas while body pages with room for photos make it perfect for a showcase or inspiration guide. The Professional template is made with the visual communicator in mind.

Social media experts, event planners, and web designers — this one is for you! Your ebook is sure to get the crowd buzzing with this honeycomb-inspired design. The hexagonal shapes in the background are neutral-colored in the original ebook template, but adding in your brand colors can make these hives look sweet.

Inside, you'll find page layouts for quotes and captioned photos, making it a good choice for ebooks with a healthy balance of imagery and copy.

Great for educational workbooks that include heavy visual designs, the Triad theme provides plenty of space to organize your content on every page. The triangular shapes in this template give your ebook a sense of direction that keeps the reader moving forward. The bold complementary colors jump right off the page and grab your attention, but this template can be edited to incorporate your brand colors.

Ebooks are one of the most popular content offerings available to consumers, but the effort required to make them can deter content creators from starting the process. These templates make designing your ebook simple so you can spend more time sharing your big ideas with the world.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in January and has been updated for comprehensiveness. Easily design an ebook to get more leads from your website. Marketing software that helps you drive revenue, save time and resources, and measure and optimize your investments — all on one easy-to-use platform.

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Ebooks started out as Cheap food deals versions Digita printed books. Samlles Reduced-cost meal kits of free ebooks today are made Freee for the web. This information may Sa,ples Free Digital Book Samples email address, Reduced-cost meal kits name, contact number, Samplea title, company name, industry, and location. The company uses this information to lead you down the marketing and sales funnel. How useful is the ebook idea to the target audience? To create your own, just sign up for a free account on Piktochart and choose a template you can customize. No graphic design experience is needed to make a great-looking ebook with effective visual storytelling.

eBooks have Free Digital Book Samples to be an Digitaal method by which to gather leads and capture Reduced-cost meal kits. Yet, they Saples need to be clearly articulated within this limited space.

So — Boook you choose this type of eBook, make Free Digital Book Samples Home Delivery Discounts you have enough unique tips compiled.

On the other side Reduced-rate morning meals the Samplea is Divital template, which covers 1 singular topic Digitsl great depth. Boook, you can cover it from every angle.

Samplea with the basics i. give a Reduced-cost meal kits or some background context and then dive into further details, lifehacks, how-to tips, and practical cases. The Ultimate Guide is ideal if all your content — information, photos, screenshots, examples, graphics, etc… — is too big and too valuable to share in an article.

This blueprint outlines a detailed instruction on what to do in your field. The purpose of the How-to format is typically to take a pressing matter and simplify it into a digestible set of instructions.

Essentially, It provides expert advice through easy-to-follow, practical measures. More so than the other templates, this one is results-driven. The ebook has become the current standard for the long-form content package. Joe Pulizzi. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

Ebooks have the power to massively improve your marketing ability. Neil Patel. SEO marketing guru. Download the Templates. Each template has a unique design that you can adapt to your content in a matter of minutes.

If your material requires more in-depth explanations, use one of the eBook types below. The Ultimate Guide to …. How to ….

: Free Digital Book Samples


Ebook Design Templates Venngage offers a diverse range of eBook templates for users with varying design skills, ranging from beginner to expert. The platform contains hundreds of professionally designed templates, perfect for creating stunning, engaging eBooks with minimal effort.

Whether you're working on a business report, a course syllabus, a recipe book, or a simple novel, Venngage has a template to suit your needs. Users can tweak the color schemes, incorporate their brand logos, and include personalized images to capture the spirit and feel of their content perfectly.

The in-built design tools from Venngage allow users to easily resize and reshape images, text boxes, and other essential design elements. They can also add charts, graphs or infographics, making the content more visually appealing, interactive, and comprehensive. You can hire an experienced designer, but that costs money, potentially more than what your expected returns on the book will be.

Or, of course, you can use a free template. Will that impact their opinion of your book, your content, or your brand?

It depends entirely on what their opinions are on template use. And, yes, some few will look down on you for not using a custom design, but those people tend to find flaws everywhere.

Templates are big online. Plenty of other blogs have created their own template lists. Consider this the ultimate masterlist of eBook templates. Five Free eBook Templates from HubSpot — This is a selection of five high quality eBook templates from HubSpot, one of the biggest blogs in marketing.

Name, email, phone, website, company name, and some company demographics all help them file your information away as part of their audience. I would say the templates are worth it, though. This selection is over twice the size, with a variety of different graphical styles for the various eBooks they have on offer.

Again, this is a high profile offer for HubSpot, so they want to collect a bunch of personal information. In fact, their offer page is virtually the same design, and they ask for the same selection of information.

And, again, the selection of templates is well worth the price of admission in terms of personal information. One of them is made more for reports and a corporate style, while the other is more modern. docx format directly within the article.

co — This one is a tiny bit misleading. They come in two styles. First are the Bookwright templates. Bookwright is an eBook creation software provided by Blurb, currently in beta.

However, in the future this might no longer be the case. The other half of the templates are Bookify templates, which are designed for use in their Bookify app, which is a similar eBook creation engine in a web-based app.

Again, free to use, though you may be encouraged to buy stock photos for use in your book, and other CTAs related to their marketing. Four Free eBook Templates from LucidPress — LucidPress has a variety of different templates on their site, all of them available for free. They only have four templates for eBooks, with different purposes behind each one.

As for the cost of downloading them, you have to use the LucidPress design app through the web in order to use their templates.

com — These are completely free to use templates you can download in a zip file. My one grip with these templates is that, while there are 16 of them on the page, several of them are basically just color-changed variations of each other.

Two PowerPoint eBook Templates from Hectorpreneur — These two templates are both six-page PowerPoint designs you can adapt and use for your own books. They have a cover page, a table of contents page, a chapter title page, a sample content page, a sample content page with an image, and a sample content page with a stand-out quote.

You can mix, match, adapt, change, and run with the designs as much as you like. They are provided in PowerPoint format on the assumption that most people have the basic Microsoft Office suite on their computers.

A Handful of InDesign Templates from BestInDesignTemplates — The templates here are made for InDesign, a professional designer tool used by a lot of book publishers and magazine producers. Finding good templates that work in the program can be a hassle, which is why this link is great for those of you who can use it.

The templates range from catalogues to brochures to standard books, covering a variety of different topics. One Free Template from And Possibly Dinosaurs — This is a great, quirky blog you should all probably be reading. It has a few dozen designs, from social media posts to eBooks to album covers to posters and menus and more.

You choose a design and then you can personalize it. For eBooks, for example, they have a few dozen book design styles, and more all the time.

Some of them are free, some of them are not. Keep this in mind. Next you can add and adjust elements on your document. You can add pages, add images, put in grids, draw shapes or free draw, add text, and a whole lot more.

Many elements are free, as are some photos, while a lot of other photos and elements have their own charges associated with them. If you choose to use paid elements, they can range from a few cents to a few dollars each.

You can use that element in an unlimited number of products, until that license expires, at which point you will have to pay for it again. So, your eBook can be free or it can be expensive, depending on how many premium elements you use.

In either case, Canva is an amazing tool and should be bookmarked by every serious marketer. Yes, I know that the focus of this article is on free templates, but there are plenty of good templates out there available for a very minimal fee.

The eBook Evolution System — This is a premium-level system for creating and publishing eBooks, along with a selection of templates, designed for big brands.

Free Ebook Templates: 10 Best Sites to Find Them Now

While this free ebook uses cartoonish graphics, it also uses a corporate shade of blue—thus balancing playfulness with the seriousness of legal issues. You can also check out the evolution of logos for Starbucks and four more famous brands to get inspired!

The cooking imagery repeats in every chapter, together with a slate gray background. Images, diagrams, and screenshots are shown on almost every page, enriching the ebook design with relevant examples for marketers to emulate.

When it comes to printables, which format is right for you? Read more to understand when to use printables such as pamphlets, flyers, and brochures for an effective marketing strategy.

The LinkedIn team is generous in sharing examples of their campaigns. Since this ebook design has a landscape orientation, this decision makes each page look like a double-page spread.

The icons throughout the book use a consistent style, while blue-green color is used repeatedly. All in all, the free ebook offers 11 tactics for optimizing your infographics and using them to generate leads.

Like a few others on this list, this is more of a report than an ebook. Sprout Social offers a colorful and comprehensive report on how marketers should redefine their social strategies this year. With useful data and beautiful visualizations, this ebook is highly quotable and shareable.

Marketers and designers can learn a thing or two from how Sprout Social repeats the same set of analogous colors and use quirky, interesting data visualizations instead of typical, old-school graphs. With cartoonish graphics, CB Insights manages to make such a grim topic look cute.

Each of the 20 reasons why startups fail is presented the same way—with a drawing, a brief explanation, and a quote from a founder:.

CBI arrived at this list by analyzing startup failure post-mortems. It was a great decision to include quotes from startup founders, as these allow readers to learn more about their experiences and their reflections after the failure.

It does have its visual strengths, though. One is the cover page, which uses an interesting caricature and shades close to the primary colors of blue, yellow, and red. The same graphic style and color schemes are used on the next page. As the article continues, it expands on the color palette, adding hues like neon pink and green.

The visuals increasingly adopt a finely spray-painted look. And this being The Economist, you can expect a well-researched, in-depth discussion on how technology has influenced the connection between education and employment. This ebook comes with plenty of white space, complemented by vividly colored photographs.

The style is minimalist and uses only two font colors. Discussing different countries, rather than simply talking about the region as a whole, is a good move.

An animated crocheted octopus yes, really moves closer towards you as you watch the website banner. The ebook focuses on one topic—blogging—and avoids trying to accomplish too much.

Instead of covering a wide array of topics, it dives into the basics that beginner bloggers need to know about—how to brainstorm posts, write them, and promote them.

So despite the fancy design, this ebook design manages to keep things niche and simple. If that describes your job, you may find this free ebook useful. Eventbrite and Asana promise to help you gain more control over your to-do list and improve your time management.

Thankfully, the ebook has a cheerful design—so you can maybe take your mind off the pressure for a while. Featuring bright cyan and lots of white space, the layout is easy on the eyes.

It identifies relevant metrics and steps for measurement. The ebook uses gray as a versatile background color that helps emphasize the vibrance of other hues. The high contrast between a dark gray background and bright cyan font makes the text more readable, too.

Elsewhere, yellow and blue are used to accent the text, while images break the monotony of layouts. Given the amount of attention and analysis that each page requires from readers, AdEspresso keeps the ebook design simple, removing visual clutter and distractions.

It sticks with two colors—blue and green—and uses varying shades when necessary. With a mostly pastel palette and a geometrical theme, this is one good-looking free e-book.

It uses a landscape orientation to make the most out of the geometric shapes that serve as either backgrounds or borders. At the same time, it adds charm by placing simple icons above pull quotes. And of course, being targeted at beginners, it keeps the writing simple.

It offers simple steps for getting started with different aspects of digital marketing, such as doing competitor research. Some offer a comprehensive discussion of a topic, while others focus on a niche subject.

Some like to add color and whimsy on every page, while others use minimal embellishments. All templates are easy to edit and customize. After crafting your e-book using the templates provided, the next crucial step is deciding where to publish it.

One of the most renowned platforms for this purpose is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. This publishing platform offers a straightforward process for authors to reach a vast audience globally. Ensure you research various publishing platforms to find the one that aligns best with your content, objectives, and desired reader demographic.

Whatever your next ebook idea is, c heck out which ebook template suits your content, objective, and industry. Pay Me or Else! by Lior Frenkel. Curiosity Got the Cat Promoted by Interana.

Recurring Revenue: The Secret to Scaling Your Agency by Flywheel. The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy by UXPin. Attention-Driven Design by Oli Gardner. Content Marketing Survival Guide by Content Marketing Institute. How to Start a Blog by Ogi Djuraskovic, Kristi Hines and the FirstSiteGuide Team.

How to Use Content to Excel at Social Selling by the Digital Marketing Institute. The Sales Handbook by Intercom. Developing a Sales Strategy Growing Your Sales Team Modern Sales Techniques Real-Time Sales.

Data-Driven Marketing by Clearbit. GDPR for Beginners by Contractbook and Core Risk Consulting. Secret Sauce by LinkedIn. How to Generate Leads with Infographics by Piktochart and HubSpot. Sprout Social Index The Top 20 Reasons Why Startups Fail by CB Insights.

Learning and Earning by The Economist. The Next Million by Adyen. Not every space needs to be filled—and Adyen gets that. Secret Blogging Formula by MeetEdgar.

Demystifying Social ROI by Hootsuite. FB Ads Cost Benchmarks by AdEspresso. Digital Marketing for Beginners by Moo and HubSpot. How to make an ebook. Use this pastel-themed ebook template to create a charming design. You can customize them all using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Bloggers often use eBooks as an incentive for generating more leads. They are also great for creating guides and downloadable resources for users.

This eBook template will help you design creative eBooks with more professional-looking designs for your blog audience. It includes 28 page templates that you can edit and customize using Adobe Illustrator. With 30 different page templates to choose from, this eBook template will help you craft the best eBook to promote products, services, as well as to educate your audience.

It comes in Adobe Illustrator format featuring minimal and clean layouts. The template is perfect for authors, bloggers, marketers, and small businesses for making various types of eBook downloads.

Beauty and fashion bloggers will surely find this eBook template much more useful as it comes with a classy and stylish design. The template includes 45 page layouts with fully customizable designs. You can edit the template using Photoshop and Illustrator. This is a huge collection of eBook templates featuring different styles of modern eBook designs.

There are templates in this pack in Google Slides, PowerPoint, and InDesign formats. You can download them all for free. This eBook template is perfect for creating digital brochures and books related to mental health and wellness.

The template includes 27 pages and it comes in PSD format. You can make your own beautiful cookbook full of recipes with this eBook template. It includes lots of different page layouts for showcasing your recipes in an easy-to-understand design.

You can customize it using InDesign. This is a workbook template for making various types of digital and print workbooks for educational programs. This workbook template is designed with modern businesses and startups in mind. The InDesign template includes 20 pages. The bold and beautiful design of this eBook template makes it a great choice for fashion, lifestyle, and modern beauty brands.

You can use it to create workbooks for both print and digital documents. It includes 2 months and 2 weekly pages for making planners too. A multipurpose eBook template you can use to craft all sorts of digital documents. This template has a minimal and simple design.

And you can fully customize it to change colors, fonts, and images too. It comes in InDesign format. This eBook template also features a colorful design. It can be used to craft books for digital startups, online services, agencies, and more.

Another clean and minimalist eBook template you can use to craft various types of digital books. This template is compatible with both Microsoft Word and InDesign. You can easily edit and customize its 22 pages however you like. This book template can be used to create digital and print books too.

You can easily edit and customize the template using InDesign. You can make a professional workbook for your online course or school program using this eBook template. It comes with a bold and stylish design across 32 different pages.

This eBook templates bundle is also free to download and use. It features 16 different templates you can use to create guides, case studies, tutorials, and much more. They are especially useful for bloggers for making email incentives.

The templates are available in PowerPoint format. With this eBook template, you can design a beautiful book to promote your brand and products to all audiences. It features 25 unique pages with stylish designs full of colors and visuals.

There are 3 different cover page designs to choose from as well as multiple variations of content layouts. The template is available in Photoshop PSD format. Another stylish eBook template made with bloggers and coaches in mind.

This template comes with a colorful and feminine design that makes it most suitable for marketing products and services in the fashion and beauty industry.

It has 32 different page designs with easily editable layouts and elements. You can customize the template using Photoshop. This multipurpose eBook template features a highly visual-centric design.

It has page layouts with placeholders for large images as well as lots of colors. This makes it a great option for designing eBooks for designers, photographers, artists, and even agencies.

Innovative EBook Design: 10 Interactive EBook Examples That Push the Boundaries - FlipBuilder Blog Letterhead Maker. If you want to learn more about the cookies we're using, make sure to check our Cookie policy. score: 86 , and 1 person voted. These cookies are set by our advertising partners to track your activity and show you relevant Venngage ads on other sites as you browse the internet. White Paper Online. Some of the Best from Tor. Apart from advising on how to start and succeed at blogging, this free ebook lists tons of tools, from copywriting and publishing to SEO and analytics.
70 free templates of ebook - Flipsnack Lookbooks Flipbooks Ebooks. All templates are easy to edit and customize. For Nonprofits. Access now. Business manuals Clarity and usability always come first with business manuals.
Free Digital Book Samples

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