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Sample promotions giveaways

Sample promotions giveaways

Promotional Food and Giveaaays 2. If Bargain cuisine options are running a Sample giveaway promotions for giveasays specific event, Oromotions make sure you tailor the prize to Samole with the event! Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, Christmas, Black Friday, or back-to-school season are some of the best sale event ideas to leverage. Consumers who purchase qualifying OPI products could upload their receipt and register for the program to get an exclusive Forza or Halo in game content reward.

Sample promotions giveaways -

Beyond that, build your launch around times when engagement is highest across your chosen promotional channels. For instance, the best time to send emails is generally on Tuesdays and Thursdays…. Done well, promotional giveaways can grow your marketing list, generate customer referrals, and drive sales and revenue.

Get it wrong and you risk devaluing your brand and turning off loyal customers. Here are five best practices to boost your chances of running a successful giveaway….

Or if you want to capture more email addresses, try targeting new customers visiting your website via onsite popups.

The easiest solution is to give away your own products. With a little creativity, you might be able to identify a theme and prize that makes for a more engaging contest. For a brand like The White Company , which sells luxury homeware and clothing, the most obvious strategy is to offer up a fancy duvet set or a botanical candle as a prize.

Instead, it gave customers the chance to win a mini-break at a luxury cottage on the English coast:. Because The White Company helped style the property, effectively creating a physical case study for its whole aesthetic ; something aspirational to inspire its audience.

As with the Haute Hijab example I shared earlier in this article, the most obvious approach is to make social engagement a key element of your campaign—prompting followers to comment on a post or tag a friend in order to enter. But you can also leverage platforms like Instagram and TikTok to raise awareness of your giveaway and direct followers to register on a dedicated competition landing page.

In the marketing world, simple is always best, and giveaways are no different. Sure, your legal team will likely want to cover your back with a bunch of terms and conditions.

But the overarching rules of the competition—how to enter, what the prize is, and when the winner will be announced—should be easily digestible. National lotteries are a good example. They give away millions of dollars, yet all you have to do to enter is buy a ticket and match some numbers.

Anyone can understand it. As tempting as it sounds, offering a new iPhone in your giveaway will do little good for you. Because attractive but irrelevant prizes are spam magnets. Instead, keep your prize relevant to your products and your value proposition.

Before planning your next giveaway, make sure that it serves your conversion goals. Rather, it speaks to your buyer persona. With a relevant prize that resonates with your buyer persona, you can actually promote your online store, on top of collecting email addresses.

Take this example by J. Crew Factory :. The company hosts a spring giveaway on their site and creates a dedicated landing page for it. The big prize is a package that includes a gift card winners can spend on J.

If you want to make the prize more desirable, you can combine a gift card with other things, as J. Crew Factory does. This way, visitors will get the chance to try your products. And it increases their likelihood of becoming return customers.

Notice how J. Crew Factory asks if you want to sign up for their email list as the last step and leaves it optional. Give participants the space to decide for themselves, instead of preselecting the newsletter checkbox.

One major advantage of hosting an onsite giveaway is the ability to customize every part of your contest. With an onsite giveaway campaign, you can decide what actions visitors should take, which information they should submit, and where they should go next.

Writing compelling campaign copy and a benefit-driven call-to-action CTA are the two pillars of an effective giveaway campaign. Take a look at this example by Jysk Vin :. Unlike J. Crew Factory, Jysk Vin uses an onsite campaign to host their giveaway.

This way, they can inform all their site visitors about the giveaway without making them go to a new page. With a well-written onsite campaign like the one above, you can easily nudge your visitors to join your giveaway and give them a strong reason to sign up for your newsletter.

With Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year, the holiday shopping season is the busiest time of the year for e-commerce marketers. Adding a little twist to your holiday campaigns can help you stand out among hundreds of other festive giveaways.

Many online stores host giveaways, especially during the holiday season, and they usually offer winners a few big prizes.

But you can make your contests even more attractive by letting your site visitors choose the prize they want themselves. But it certainly evokes curiosity.

They ask you to make a wishlist with their products, write why you should win, and send the company an email. Chubbies successfully leverage the holiday season with this humorous giveaway email. But if you want to execute this brilliant idea in a more effective way, try making things easier for your visitors.

Instead, you can create a simple form with a few input fields and show it only on relevant product pages. And you can exclude certain pages, such as your about or contact pages if you want to hide the campaign.

You can also use advanced scheduling to set up and deactivate your giveaway campaigns ahead of time. Once they enter your sales funnel , you have a chance to promote your products and convert them into customers—whether they join your giveaway or not.

Check out this example by Oru Kayak :. Following common practice, the company partners up with other e-commerce brands, such as Sunski , to offer bigger prizes in their giveaway.

They bring all the prizes you can win together and use the picture on their giveaway landing page. They also include the dollar value of the prizes to increase their perceived value. They list all the products you can win with their individual prices and links to product detail pages :.

In addition to giving you information about the giveaway, they also introduce you to their products and promote them in a subtle way. This is a more effective way of introducing your products and creating excitement for them, compared to simply listing the items participants can win.

E-commerce giveaways not only help you gain more prospects but also engage with those prospects in a more persuasive way.

A timely giveaway can create a gentle nudge that your visitors need in order to become customers. Plus, it can help increase their average order value AOV. Take a look at this giveaway idea by Vinomofo :.

Milestones like this are a clever excuse to appreciate your customers and host a giveaway to increase your sales. Even though this is a smart giveaway idea, hosting it on a landing page makes it difficult for site visitors to see it.

Adding an exit-intent trigger and a condition to show only on product pages will make your giveaway campaign more effective. If you want to create a sense of urgency without being annoying, try adding a countdown timer to your campaign.

If your giveaway requires a minimum shopping limit to enter, you can nudge visitors who are close to the limit based on their basket value. You want to find out why your visitors abandon their carts or how you can improve your online store.

You send out survey invitation emails over and over again, but nobody is interested in responding. Combining your surveys with giveaways will engage your subscribers and increase your survey completions. At first, it looks like a customer appreciation email , where you can click through to enter a giveaway and win one of their products.

Because Brooklinen frames the invitation email around the giveaway, instead of the survey. Completing the survey is only a simple condition to join and it takes two minutes. Positioning your surveys around a giveaway can help increase your completions and make your products desirable.

Following this approach, Brooklinen only reaches out to their email subscribers and asks for their opinion. If you want to reach a bigger audience and collect more insights, you can create an onsite survey campaign, instead.

You can add a condition to hide your campaign from your first-time visitors and get more accurate feedback. Or you can only show it to visitors who spend an X amount of time on your site.

Livingshop uses a campaign to survey their customers at checkout:. Plus, you can turn it into a giveaway with a little twist. With a minor addition, you can turn your giveaway page into an automated lead generation machine.

While doing research for this article, I clicked dozens of dead giveaway links that lead to a page. RafflePress lets you host your giveaway in any WordPress post or page or on custom distraction-free giveaway landing pages. You can share your contest anywhere online while sending targeted traffic to your business website.

Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to create an online contest with RafflePress from start to finish. If you found this article helpful, be sure to join us on YouTube , Twitter , and Facebook for more giveaway guides and tutorials.

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This content provides Sample promotions giveaways Samlpe giveaway ideas to help businesses stand out and engage with their target audience. Nurture current prospects? Engage your customers? Or something else? After all, promotional giveaways are hardly a new marketing tactic. Our Free sample opportunities articles, guides, Bargain cuisine options how-to magic. All in one place. Prootions more about every Drip feature gveaways how to use it with step-by-step instructions. Discover all of the latest and greatest Drip product updates—including new products and features, enhancements, and bug fixes. September 4, 17 min read. First impressions seem positive; you like their brand and products.



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