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Cost-effective food promotions

Cost-effective food promotions

Cost-egfective Seasonings makes teas. So Cost-effective food promotions further delay, let's take a foos at the best seven marketing Promotilns that can have dozens Cost-effective food promotions diners flocking to your Budget-friendly meal specials s without having to invest considerable sums of capital. Restaurants across America have to get inventive with their marketing budgets during what has no doubt been one of the most challenging periods in recent history. Happy hour specials are a niche staple that should be a near-universal practice for restaurants open during the afternoon. Contact Login.

Cost-effective food promotions -

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Client Stories. Reviews Blog Events. Login Schedule A Demo. How Can Restaurant Promotions Be Used as Marketing Tools?

Restaurant promotions can help market your restaurant in a variety of important ways: Enticing new guests to visit your restaurant for the first time. Encouraging past guests to make a repeat visit, increasing their lifetime value. Steering guests toward high-margin menu items. Encouraging guests to spend more than they might without a discount or special offer.

Front of the House Resource Advanced Restaurant Marketing for Beginners How do you get smarter with your marketing without working overtime? Recommended Posts.

Restaurant analytics made easy: How to maximize sales with simple data. How to build emails for restaurants. Want more industry news and best practices? Popmenu Releases Restaurant Trends to Watch Foodies enjoy posting about fun restaurant outings, especially when the location photographs well.

You can even offer tees and other inexpensive merch as incentives when customers spend a minimum amount on takeout or visit at certain times of the day.

Offer specials: Your customers may have a favorite go-to dish, but almost everybody wants to hear the specials. Incentivize experimentation by letting customers know the special is only available for a limited time.

Hold a happy hour to get people to stop in with dates or co-workers before the dinner rush. After a round of discounted drinks and yummy appetizer combos, they may decide to settle in for a full meal. Be pet-friendly: If you have a café or bistro with outdoor seating, consider allowing diners to bring their furry friends.

Offer special menu items for pets, or include a to-go treat for pups with takeout orders. Run a challenge: Host a challenge on social media and reward anyone who completes it with a coupon. The challenge could be as easy as tagging friends in a comment or as tricky as polishing off every bite of your biggest plate.

Host a kitchen takeover: Offer customers a unique dining experience by inviting a local celebrity chef to take over the kitchen for a night. Turn it into an all-night event by adding a tasting menu and live music.

Thank customers for spreading the word: Invite visitors to tag you on social media in exchange for a discount on their next meal.

Run a giveaway: Offer followers the chance to win a gift card, complimentary dinner for two or friends-night-out package in a social media giveaway.

As part of the eligibility requirements, ask followers to tag friends in the comments, then pick a winner at random. Invite your best customers to join in on the fun by sharing the details with your email list.

There are plenty of cute restaurant anniversary ideas to celebrate the occasion, from complimentary champagne toasts and welcome drinks to special menus and free desserts.

You can add a lot of revenue to your bottom line with a food delivery system. But that doesn't mean you have to "bend the knee" to the ridiculously high fees of companies like DoorDash and Ubereats. In fact, you can build your very own delivery system with the Owner platform.

com restaurant partners:. The Owner. com platform does all of these things automatically through our software, but you can do these manually as well. When done correctly, great restaurant promotions get people in the door AND keep them coming back.

It takes all the hard work you are already putting into your restaurant business — all the branding, marketing, customer service, menu optimization, etc.

com restaurant partners double their monthly revenue within a year by adding in the right promotion strategies. And to be clear, you don't need to implement everything on this list just doing a few of these things can really make a difference for your business! Most of the ideas in this guide focus on taking simple actions that will result in moderate bumps in attention.

Many can be done repeatedly and only take a few minutes to set up. These viral promotion ideas will require a bit more creativity, time, or investment.

Hell Pizza had its biggest sales day of all time during this promotional event and saw an overall increase in sales at a time when the local economy was struggling.

This is a great example of how running a challenge-type event for your customers can grab attention and increase sales. At the same time, these types of accounts tend to grow so quickly that k followers nowadays is considered pretty small.

The rise of food bloggers and micro-influencers has been a mixed bag of experiences for restaurant owners. Every other week, we hear a new story about entitled influencers walking around demanding freebies.

But in reality, the vast majority of these individuals are just regular people who are passionate about food and working hard to create content to build what is essentially a media business.

The key to this type of restaurant marketing is understanding how to align your incentives with the influencers you are trying to work with. One of our partners named Leo Mattias — owner of Cilantro Lime in downtown Los Angeles — has nailed this formula.

He reaches out to micro-influencers like Mexi Papa and offers to name a new menu item after them while inviting them for a fully filmed, behind-the-scenes tour.

In many cases, these types of collaborations only cost the restaurant some time and effort. What can we learn from 33 million people watching a video of random guys turning fast food into a giant lasagna? One of the great things about social media is you no longer have to guess about what draws attention.

All you have to do is look around to see what gets people excited. Hundreds of brands like Epic Meal Time have created multimillion-dollar media empires with over-the-top, showstopper meal creations that are more about the spectacle than the meal itself.

Is there a showstopper dish you could create in-house that could really get people talking? Sit down with your chef and see what you can come up with to make a splash on social media.

This restaurant promotion idea can potentially combine the benefits of both a showstopper meal and a micro-influencer. Today, thanks to sites like Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram, there are millions of amateur, semi-pro, and professional chefs with large online followings.

A large percentage of these chefs are solely online content creators and have never worked for a restaurant. They are struggling to monetize their following, and many of them are looking for ways to establish their cooking legitimacy offline.

This is a great opportunity for local restaurants to partner with popular online chefs who are looking to make offline moves that build their brand. This type of promotion has a ton of upside and very little downside, and I could see it being a staple strategy for restaurants five years from now.

In a low-margin industry like restaurants, the best promotions maximize perceived value while minimizing cost. This is a concept the gambling industry has perfected, and we can take a page out of their book with a promotion where the house always wins. Promotions like this are fun, funny, and endearing, and they provide some buzz and entertainment value rather than feeling like a sales technique.

If you check your wallet right now, you probably have a handful of loyalty cards from various restaurants, cafes, or other businesses. All you have to do is offer a low-cost freebie — for example, coffee — in exchange for loyalty cards from local companies. You could even offer better freebies for cards that have been marked with points.

This is a fun way to steal even loyal customers from your competitors while making the customer feel like you are trading them high-value food items rather than low-cost freebies.

There are a wide variety of motivations behind this, but if you can facilitate this documentation as a restaurant, you are going to get thousands of dollars worth of free advertising from the people who visit your restaurant.

A selfie station is an aesthetically pleasing backdrop designed and placed in a way that people can easily sit or stand in front of and take pictures of themselves or have others take pictures of them. These photos and hundreds more if you keep scrolling were all taken and published by customers on their own individual Instagram accounts.

This is for a very small, local cafe with just over 4, Instagram followers, and this one little wall is generating hundreds of free advertisements for their business.

A food truck is the perfect way to show up wherever the action is and put your brand and food in front of new people in your local area. Food trucks are also relatively low cost, extremely lucrative, and double as an ongoing, mobile source of promotion for your restaurant.

Imagine bringing in that extreme income while ALSO getting a bunch of those customers as repeat business at your restaurant. Perhaps most importantly, they are an example of a brand that leveraged a strong local fan base into becoming a national chain.

This is how you make a secret menu feel special. You can also make this part of a loyalty program, where secret menu items are announced to and even decided by VIP members only.

One of the best ways to turn a local fan base into brand ambassadors is to create branded merchandise that they then wear wherever they go. Well, Chick-fil-A grew to be one of the largest privately held companies in the world by offering a full year of free food to the first visitors to each new location.

Every time a new location opened, people would camp out in the nights leading up to the opening, hoping to be one of the winners. This phenomenon was frequently covered by local press and resulted in millions of dollars in free advertising over the years. You can do just one winner instead.

Nearly half of all workers are employed by small businesses. This includes thousands of potential customers in your local area. A great way to get in front of these customers and generate some viral buzz is to simply show up and provide food for free.

You could provide lunch for the entire staff of most small businesses at a very low cost. Try just showing up with enough food for 20 people, or if that results in some problems, try calling ahead and arranging things with the owner or office manager.

Start with small businesses, but you can also aim to give back to the community while gaining more attention when you provide food for teachers, nurses, and other employee groups that are highly regarded in the community. On the topic of giving back, one of the best ways to gain attention in your community is to give something to that community.

Regularly and visibly giving to the community and well-regarded groups in the community is a great way to make people feel like you are on their team rather than simply attempting to profit from their patronage. The key here is being genuine and offering something that feels meaningful.

Just like marketers, journalists are always looking for a good story. Give your local newspaper or TV station a call and see what sort of stories they might be looking for.

Sometimes the simplest things work the best. These promotion strategies are simple, proven, and can be used over and over again. This is as simple as it gets, but percentage discount promotions are consistently the most profitable campaigns for our restaurant partners here at Owner.

You also want to create some urgency by saying the quantity of offers is limited and on a first come, first serve basis, AND the promotion will only run for a limited time. com platform. For our restaurant partners on the Owner. Our platform then automatically sends out periodic offers to each customer based on their order history.

At this restaurant, people who order Chicken Parmigiana often order the Creamy Garlic Chicken Pasta as well. Our software will take note of that and then automatically send the customer a discount offer for the Creamy Garlic Chicken Pasta about two weeks after their Chicken Parmigiana order.

com was built specifically to address these frustrations and help grow your restaurant business. Promotions are all about getting customers to take action, and few things motivate action quite like a deadline.

Regularly offering limited run items also opens the doors for additional promotions down the road. You can run polls allowing customers to vote on which items to bring back and possibly make voting a perk of your loyalty program , or you can simply take popular items and give them an encore.

Happy hour specials are a niche staple that should be a near-universal practice for restaurants open during the afternoon. They provide an affordable first-contact point for new customers, and they provide an easy focal point for ongoing promotion on social media.

When done correctly, Happy Hour ticket prices often average out higher than lunch tickets. The key is being strategic about the food you offer in addition to the drinks. If you run a more upscale restaurant, try offering scaled-down versions of your dinner menu at an enticing price point while keeping drink prices close to retail.

While BOGO buy one, get one free offers tend to be associated more with fast and casual restaurants, they can be used effectively by virtually any restaurant. The restaurant now has 2, people to reach out to with additional offers, AND a large chunk of those customers are very likely to return.

The reach you get from offering a compelling promotion goes far beyond the actual people who walk in and redeem the deal. These menus and any little freebies or specials you attach with them make for an evergreen source of promotion as well. Check out this great example from Shake Shack:.

Free appetizer campaigns are another type of promotion that work really well for our Owner. com partners but require a bit more effort and intentionality. The key is finding a menu item that has a low cost and brings in a high margin — think chips and queso, fried pickles, fried onions, mozzarella sticks, salads, desserts, breadsticks, egg rolls, etc.

If you can find something that can be given away sustainably, that allows you to consider the campaign for an ongoing promotion. You can also limit the quantity of the free items given out, creating urgency to take advantage of the offer before it runs out.

Business card giveaways are an old strategy, but just like many of the strategies in this category, they remain effective today. The process is simple: offer customers a chance to win a free meal in exchange for dropping their business card in a bowl.

Make the prize a free meal for TWO and then advertise that you select a new card from the bowl every single week.

We want as many cards as possible because our modern twist takes advantage of every card we get. Family-sized meals have been a staple tool in the fast and fast-casual eatery toolbox for decades, but this concept remains underutilized elsewhere on the restaurant spectrum.

As we talked about earlier, people care a lot about the experience of eating out, and that experience is often deeply connected to the people they are eating out with.

When a person sees a meal-for-two-offer, they think about sharing that meal with someone they know. Offering shareable meals and preset, multi-course menus for specific group sizes is a great way to get people thinking about the experience they want to create and envisioning themselves having a great time with people they love at your restaurant.

The rules governing Cost-rffective marketing have changed. Restaurants across America ptomotions to promottions inventive with their marketing budgets during what Cost-effective food promotions promotiohs doubt Cost-effective food promotions one of Cleaning product promotions most challenging periods in recent history. There are no longer thousands in the budget for printing flyers or orchestrating pamphlet menu drops, and word of mouth alone is not enough to survive. So what options remain? As it turns out, quite a few. Better yet, they are some of the most effective restaurant marketing strategies out there, so there's no need to despair!

Cost-effective food promotions -

In addition to non-competing restaurants, there are tons of non-competing local businesses in your area that would love to cross-promote with you in order to mutually grow both businesses. One creative idea is to partner with businesses and organizations that need meeting space during your non-service or even low-service hours.

This gets people in the door who will likely be interested in coming back later to try your food. You could also arrange to serve food to the group as part of the agreement, either as a promotion or a paid service. The point here is to be conscious of your assets and how you can use those assets to grab attention to your core business.

Despite all that focus on non-competing businesses, sometimes it even makes sense to partner with your direct competitors. Restaurant Week and similar local events are a great time to put competition aside and celebrate all the restaurants in your local area.

Restaurant Weeks are very popular and tend to get coverage from both social media and local media. Hand out flyers, offer discounts, and encourage people to come in and try a dish made by the people in their own community.

If your restaurant is a great place to work, the entire service staff network in your city, plus all their friends and family, is going to know about it. Get your staff involved in providing ideas for improving the restaurant, and then use those ideas.

Offer individual and team bonuses when possible. Be conscientious with scheduling and allow added flexibility for longtime performers. If you want to really go above and beyond, find out what would be personally meaningful to your top staff and try to give them that as best you can.

Holidays can be a massive source of new business, but they also bring their fair share of competition. Every restaurant in your area is going to be running promotions and specials to compete for that holiday dining dash.

This is a day to pull out all the stops and celebrate someone incredibly important and special. You want to offer a great experience and charge a price that makes this an incredibly successful day for your restaurant.

This phrase is intentionally vague but entails a limitless supply of alcohol. Mimosas or wine are great options here, where you can supply a large amount of drinks at a relatively low budget. Instead of ignoring this or trying to fight it, why not profit from it?

Create a ready-to-grill, take-home package that people can order to make their cookout easier AND higher quality at the same time. You can even offer to grill it yourself for people who want the cookout experience without needing to do any work.

The demographic for this celebration tends to skew a bit younger, however, and while diners are willing to spend money, cost is still a consideration.

A prix fixe menu is the perfect fit for this holiday. It lets your customers receive an upscale experience while also providing a fixed price they can commit to before arriving at your restaurant. Offer upsells like wine pairing, main course upgrades, or special desserts to increase your average ticket size and make more money from the big spenders who visit your restaurant.

Reach out to as many as you can and find one that is interested in collaborating with you. Look for a mutually beneficial collaboration that is going to help both businesses grow together, and make sure both companies are contributing to the promotion and being featured in any advertising you both run for the event.

Customers love the convenience of simply showing up and experiencing the menu without needing to make wine decisions at each course. Start by choosing two or three signature dishes and then choose either one glass of wine or one bottle that best compliments the food.

For example, your menu might offer three glasses of champagne, as well as a description of what dish they go with and why they pair well together. Those who celebrate it tend to do so with the entire family, and you can encourage families with children to choose your restaurant on Easter by providing them with a special, kid-friendly menu that is intentional rather than an afterthought.

The key here is to go a step beyond the normal kids fair of chicken fingers, fries, burgers, and pizza. Offer something exceptional but still accessible to young kids and then advertise it heavily leading up to the event.

This is an especially great promotion option for restaurants looking to attract families year-round. Halloween is all about fun. Halloween events are more about decoration than anything else.

You can do the same types of events you would do other times of the year, like trivia, karaoke, contests, and more — as long as you really put some effort into the décor. You can also do stuff like menu item puns, random candies, fall-themed desserts, and so much more.

If there is ever a holiday to just go nuts and have some fun, this is the one. The best way to tap into this demand is to roll out a little in-restaurant Irish pub of your own. Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude, and for many, a time to think about those less fortunate.

People want to give back, and you can help them do just that with a Buy-One-Give-One promotion. This is similar to a BOGO offer, but instead of providing customers with a free meal with each purchase, that purchase results in your restaurant donating a meal to those in need, usually through a partnership with a local charity.

Everybody likes gifts, especially around Christmas time. Offering a free gift during the month of December is a great way to tap into that Christmas energy. You can offer a free appetizer.

You can give away branded merchandise like Christmas-tree ornaments or cheap t-shirts. Or you can do something really simple like giving away a free item or two along with a connected purchase. The idea here is to offer something low-cost to everyone. You can run a single-winner giveaway with a more noteworthy price any time.

For Christmas, you want it to feel more like a gift than sweepstakes. One of the best ways to create regulars is to have a weekly special they love, look forward to, and show up for week in and week out.

Prizes can include anything from free drinks to gift cards to branded t-shirts or whatever you have available. The night can also be enhanced with other types of games or anything that creates a game-like or carnival-like atmosphere.

When you offer freebies as a one-off promotion to get people in the door, you are planning to recoup that cost through repeat orders at full price or at a minor discount where you are still bringing in a profit.

You want to be strategic about the loss leader item and make sure it depends on additional orders to be enjoyed. Craft beer is appreciated by a wide variety of people and can be paired with a wide variety of foods, making for a fun and interesting weekly experience.

To make your beer night special, choose a different selection of beers each week and include a description of why you chose it. Another great addition is to provide branded mugs or glasses customers can order. Challenges that are nearly impossible are more spectacular and more likely to grab viral attention.

Pair these with a notable prize. Challenges that are accessible are more fun and more likely to create regulars. Offer smaller prizes most people are capable of winning. Live entertainment can take many different forms. The key here is to measure performance and either tie entertainer compensation to sales or make sure the bump in customers is justifying the expense.

Trivia night combines a lot of what people like about game nights with what they love about live entertainment. Trivia nights are great at pulling in regulars and can often appeal to a higher spending crowd than other types of activities.

Some ideas to make these nights extra special include doing rotating themes, offering food and drink prizes for winners and runners up, and offering small discounts to all active participants.

Remember to use these nights to promote new menu items, specials occurring on other days, and anything else that could use some extra eyeballs. Given these nights are often presold and can be created in bulk, you are typically able to offer these at a compelling price point, further increasing the draw and encouraging customers to come back on a regular basis.

This type of weekly special is also a great opportunity to bring in guest chefs offering unique menus. The more variety you can provide from week to week, the more likely you are to get regulars. Designating a weekly night where a percentage of profits go to a specific charity allows you to attract customers, give back to your community, and support great causes at the same time.

While this will likely work better as a monthly event for some restaurants, depending on your location and clientele, this could make for the perfect weekly event.

You might even consider trying a hybrid class, where you combine a light cooking lesson with a more typical dining experience, giving patrons the best of both worlds. Maybe even pair it with a more standard promotion offer.

BOGO offers are generally perceived as a better offer than a percentage discount or even a free appetizer, so assuming you only offer this deal on Customer Appreciation Night, it will end up feeling like… actual customer appreciation. Regulars are the backbone of your business. The trick with creating a great loyalty program is to find something that coaxes more people from occasional purchases to frequent purchases without losing all your margins along the way.

We want to get people in the club as quickly and easily as possible, and then make them reach for the biggest rewards. A great way to do this is to use email or text signup as your entry point to the membership. Take promotional events you would otherwise simply offer the general public and make them member-only, BUT all people need to do to become a member is simply signup via their email or phone number.

You can apply this concept to the rest of the ideas in this category and really any of the ideas in this guide. Consider which promotions to run for all customers and which to attach to membership, motivating more people to sign up.

The power of a point system is in its simplicity. A lot of restaurants using a point system forget to tell their customers exactly how it works or help them track their points, which ultimately defeats the purpose of having the system in the first place.

We have a point-based system built directly into our Owner. com platform, and it will automatically send out emails just like this to your customers after each purchase. We want to incentivize our most frequent patrons to spread the word about our restaurant and even bring people in with them.

If you are using a point system, set it up so successful referrals result in a big point bonus you email the customer about and make a point of celebrating.

We want to make that experience feel really great. We want to motivate that patron to continue referring people to our restaurant. If you are offering any sort of the exclusive VIP rewards we talk about elsewhere on this list, make referrals a key entry point to the top rewards.

People love getting a behind-the-scenes look at the places they frequent, and restaurants are no exception.

This is especially true for foodies, who already love learning about the origins of different foods, as well as how to prepare them. A great way to reward your loyal patrons and engage your local foodie community is to host recurring Behind-the-Scenes Tour nights, where you can introduce customers to your history, tell them how you prepare some of your most popular dishes, and give them an idea of what it takes to run your restaurant on a daily basis.

If you have an open kitchen, let people watch from nearby tables so they can see their meals being prepared. This is also the perfect promotional opportunity for cross-promoting with other businesses looking to get their names out there, like local farmers or specialty goods producers you partner with.

Consider inviting these partners along on your tour nights so customers can learn more about their offerings as well. Rotating local partners into the event will also keep it interesting for customers who want to return multiple times.

Having your customers tag you on social media while visiting your restaurant is a great way to get exposure to new customers.

A few times a week, randomly pick a customer who has tagged you and surprise their table with free drinks or a free dessert. Either way, this is a great strategy to get exposure to new customers AND create loyal customers who are eager to return to your restaurant again.

This one is less about an offer you run and more about how you present your brand. You can also take photos of your customers and add them to the walls. This sort of deeper engagement is an important part of creating real loyalty from your customers that goes beyond the food they are purchasing.

Just like a popup allows you to experiment with creating a new experience, you can achieve something similar while also building customer loyalty by holding exclusive dining events for members. The goal here is to create special, exclusive experiences people rave about and look forward to attending.

If you have a smaller customer base, try what we talked about earlier and attach these events to the lowest membership tier, where anyone who signs up via email or phone number can join the fun.

Quarterly or bi-yearly events are the perfect VIP bonus for outstanding patrons. And I can promise you they would LOVE to weigh-in and have some influence on the direction of that menu. Providing opportunities for customers to interact with and influence your business is both a great promotion tool and a great way to build loyalty.

If you already use limited-run menu items as a promotion tool — which I highly recommend — this becomes really easy and even systematic. You can periodically take previously run items and invite your customers to vote on what to bring back.

Attach this to the entry level of your loyalty program to motivate more people to signup, but only if you are doing it periodically. It might even be somethin retro like fondue. Then you can put a poll on social media and ask your customers to vote for their favorite dish from yesteryear.

This is a great way to get some online word-of-mouth marketing, and customers will feel more emotionally connected to your business after having the chance to influence a real, tangible decision you make for the restaurant.

The vast majority of promotions you will run depend on the customer expecting them. The promotion only works when you create the expectation to then motivate an action by the customer.

This was the original reason we built Owner. com, which allows restaurants to do commission-free deliveries through their website, while still using 3rd party driver networks. But whether you are using Owner. com or have set up direct-orders on your website via another method, getting people to actually use your website instead of the third party apps can be tricky.

When a new restaurant partner starts with us, we design and print out 1, fliers for them to package in deliveries prepared for 3rd party app orders. These fliers offer a discount to the recipient that can only be redeemed via the direct-order system. This is how we consistently turn 3rd-party app users into loyal, commission-free customers for our restaurant partners.

Adam Guild is the CEO of Owner, a restaurant marketing platform that makes online growth easy for restaurants. Sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Praesent auctor purus luctus enim egestas, ac scelerisque ante pulvinar.

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Aliquam in elementum tellus. More direct sales. Save on fees. We help busy restaurant owners succeed online.

Uber Eats vs. DoorDash vs. Grubhub for Restaurant Owners. Get a free demo to see how Owner. com can help you increase sales, save on fees, and drive more direct orders.

Get a free demo. Automatic Marketing. Online Ordering. Brand Building. How it works. Your Complete Guide To Restaurant Promotions This is your complete guide to restaurant promotion, packed full of proven ideas that have worked for real, local restaurants just like yours.

Key takeaways. Intro This is your complete guide to restaurant promotion, packed full of proven ideas that have worked for real, local restaurants just like yours. About the author. By Adam Guild.

Connect with. Adam —. Frequently asked questions Sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Restaurant promotions are a straightforward yet powerful marketing tool many restaurateurs overlook.

In , Coca-Cola became the first food brand to use a promotion—by distributing a coupon for a free glass of Coke. In a promotion that ran for 25 years, Coke gave away 8. By being the first major company to use a promotion as a marketing tool, Coke laid the groundwork for the future of restaurant promotions.

It may seem counterintuitive. After all, how can you expect to boost profits by giving customers discounts—or even giving away free products? But the bottom line is that restaurant promotions can help market your restaurant and increase revenue—by bringing in new guests, bringing back existing guests, and using discounts and specials to encourage higher spending.

Similar research done by Valassis found that 57 percent of millennials factor in coupons when looking for a new restaurant to try. First, receiving a discount tends to make guests feel happy, special, and appreciated.

And multiple studies have shown that when consumers are in a good mood, they tend to feel generous—and therefore spend more.

Time-sensitive promotions can create a sense of urgency for guests. Offering a limited-time discount might encourage a guest to visit your restaurant when they otherwise might not have, because they give in to FOMO fear of missing out about getting a good deal.

And finally, promotions can influence the way guests make purchasing decisions. A well-done promotion might:. In order to reap all these benefits, though, restaurateurs have to use promotions strategically.

More on that below. Some of the most effective strategies are the simplest: Start by offering discounts. These can be time-sensitive to encourage more guests to take advantage of them. You can also offer a percentage-based, flat-off discount. Events are a great way to get more guests to visit your restaurant.

Consider booking a music event, hosting a trivia night, or showing a big sporting event—like the Superbowl—at your restaurant. Even a themed day, like Taco Tuesday, can be an incredibly effective promotion. Holidays are a popular time to go out to eat, and restaurants can take advantage of that.

Word-of-mouth is a tried and true advertising strategy, and a loyalty program that rewards guests for referring their friends can really help spread the word about your restaurant. Rewards programs for repeat visitors are another popular promotion idea.

Eating out with a family or group can quickly become expensive. Entice families to visit your restaurant with a family meal deal, or attract groups with family-style dining. The weekends tend to be some of the busiest times for restaurants, leaving many struggling to fill tables during the week.

If your goal is to attract more guests on weekdays, a weekday-only special could do the trick. The same goes for off-peak times, like the late afternoon hours in between the lunch and dinner rushes. The limited-time feeling of a nightly special often encourages guests to order it. Want to partner with other local businesses to market to your entire community?

A business card raffle with prizes like gift cards to local stores can help market your restaurant while building goodwill in your local business community. There is no better way to turn first-time visitors into regulars than by offering an immediate incentive for guests to come back to your restaurant.

One way to do this is by offering a next-visit coupon to every party that comes in the door.

No matter how rich your pesto is or how knowledgeable your servers are, running promotions promoions food may promotiins guests the Cost-effective food promotions push they need to Pomotions your spot Affordable meal ingredients their next meal. Everyone loves a promo. Restaurant offer s are a great way to boost sales, bring regulars back and attract new customers. Even if someone has never heard of your restaurant, a special offer can be all it takes to get their attention. They can include special menus, drink deals, customer loyalty rewards, unique experiences and whatever special offers you can dream up. Cost-effective food promotions


3 Best Restaurant Marketing Strategies For 2023

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