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Affordable restaurant promotions

Affordable restaurant promotions

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Restaurant Owners: Do THIS to Increase Sales on Slow Days

Affordable restaurant promotions -

Also, the same app will grant you free delivery during the Superbowl. Every Monday, from 5pm to close, score 50 cent wings.

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I know I will. Sometimes, I like to go to Shake Shack and with a very long straw, drink from others' beverages.

When they look around in alarm, I declare, very much like Daniel Plainview, "I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE". They usually don't respond. Anyways, I'm not welcome back technically but what are they going to do, call the cops?

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Staff Pick Restaurants. Offer Type. Popularity Rank. Offer Status. Amazon · 4 hrs ago. Grubhub Order. COPY CODE. Now that you know what the best restaurant promotions are right now, you must also find the easiest way to implement them, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

We have the perfect solution both for you and your clients: the online ordering system from GloriaFood. The system not only helps you sell your delicious food online but also has an integrated Promotions module that makes adding deals to your menu a piece of cake. For more detailed instructions on how to set up the best restaurant promotions right now, watch this video:.

What's more, you can further customize a restaurant promotion with a specific goal, such as to reward loyal customers, to upsell an item, or to entice people to place their first order. Delve into the advanced promotion settings:. While the promotions are only visible on your online restaurant menu, don't let people who choose to dine at your place miss out on great deals.

Generate a QR code restaurant menu with our online ordering system, print the code on flyers, and add them to every table. If you want to see your restaurant succeed, you must implement the best restaurant promotions right now! Get inspired by the deal ideas in this article and use our online ordering system to make the process of setting up an offer as easy as possible.

Otilia Dobos is sometimes a content writer, other times a copywriter, but always produces high-quality content that helps clients up their marketing game. She devotes her attention to helping restaurant owners have a successful business with well-documented and SEO-optimized articles.

Implement these 10 best restaurant promotions right now to increase your sales By Otilia Dobos. Restaurant offers ideas you must try today: 10 best restaurant promotions right now 1.

Free delivery 2. Buy one, get one free 4. Get a free item for orders over a certain amount 6. Buy 3, get one free 8. Purchase a starter and a main and get a free dessert 9. Meal bundle How to add a restaurant promotion to your menu Final Words. Free delivery Free delivery is one of the most popular restaurant promotions today.

Increase your sales with the best restaurant promotions right now Add them to your menu in seconds with our online ordering system Start now. Buy one, get one free Every restaurant has dishes that sell very well and menu items that usually get ignored. This phrase is intentionally vague but entails a limitless supply of alcohol.

Mimosas or wine are great options here, where you can supply a large amount of drinks at a relatively low budget. Instead of ignoring this or trying to fight it, why not profit from it?

Create a ready-to-grill, take-home package that people can order to make their cookout easier AND higher quality at the same time.

You can even offer to grill it yourself for people who want the cookout experience without needing to do any work. The demographic for this celebration tends to skew a bit younger, however, and while diners are willing to spend money, cost is still a consideration.

A prix fixe menu is the perfect fit for this holiday. It lets your customers receive an upscale experience while also providing a fixed price they can commit to before arriving at your restaurant. Offer upsells like wine pairing, main course upgrades, or special desserts to increase your average ticket size and make more money from the big spenders who visit your restaurant.

Reach out to as many as you can and find one that is interested in collaborating with you. Look for a mutually beneficial collaboration that is going to help both businesses grow together, and make sure both companies are contributing to the promotion and being featured in any advertising you both run for the event.

Customers love the convenience of simply showing up and experiencing the menu without needing to make wine decisions at each course. Start by choosing two or three signature dishes and then choose either one glass of wine or one bottle that best compliments the food.

For example, your menu might offer three glasses of champagne, as well as a description of what dish they go with and why they pair well together. Those who celebrate it tend to do so with the entire family, and you can encourage families with children to choose your restaurant on Easter by providing them with a special, kid-friendly menu that is intentional rather than an afterthought.

The key here is to go a step beyond the normal kids fair of chicken fingers, fries, burgers, and pizza. Offer something exceptional but still accessible to young kids and then advertise it heavily leading up to the event. This is an especially great promotion option for restaurants looking to attract families year-round.

Halloween is all about fun. Halloween events are more about decoration than anything else. You can do the same types of events you would do other times of the year, like trivia, karaoke, contests, and more — as long as you really put some effort into the décor. You can also do stuff like menu item puns, random candies, fall-themed desserts, and so much more.

If there is ever a holiday to just go nuts and have some fun, this is the one. The best way to tap into this demand is to roll out a little in-restaurant Irish pub of your own.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude, and for many, a time to think about those less fortunate. People want to give back, and you can help them do just that with a Buy-One-Give-One promotion. This is similar to a BOGO offer, but instead of providing customers with a free meal with each purchase, that purchase results in your restaurant donating a meal to those in need, usually through a partnership with a local charity.

Everybody likes gifts, especially around Christmas time. Offering a free gift during the month of December is a great way to tap into that Christmas energy. You can offer a free appetizer. You can give away branded merchandise like Christmas-tree ornaments or cheap t-shirts.

Or you can do something really simple like giving away a free item or two along with a connected purchase.

The idea here is to offer something low-cost to everyone. You can run a single-winner giveaway with a more noteworthy price any time. For Christmas, you want it to feel more like a gift than sweepstakes.

One of the best ways to create regulars is to have a weekly special they love, look forward to, and show up for week in and week out.

Prizes can include anything from free drinks to gift cards to branded t-shirts or whatever you have available. The night can also be enhanced with other types of games or anything that creates a game-like or carnival-like atmosphere.

When you offer freebies as a one-off promotion to get people in the door, you are planning to recoup that cost through repeat orders at full price or at a minor discount where you are still bringing in a profit. You want to be strategic about the loss leader item and make sure it depends on additional orders to be enjoyed.

Craft beer is appreciated by a wide variety of people and can be paired with a wide variety of foods, making for a fun and interesting weekly experience. To make your beer night special, choose a different selection of beers each week and include a description of why you chose it.

Another great addition is to provide branded mugs or glasses customers can order. Challenges that are nearly impossible are more spectacular and more likely to grab viral attention.

Pair these with a notable prize. Challenges that are accessible are more fun and more likely to create regulars.

Offer smaller prizes most people are capable of winning. Live entertainment can take many different forms. The key here is to measure performance and either tie entertainer compensation to sales or make sure the bump in customers is justifying the expense.

Trivia night combines a lot of what people like about game nights with what they love about live entertainment. Trivia nights are great at pulling in regulars and can often appeal to a higher spending crowd than other types of activities.

Some ideas to make these nights extra special include doing rotating themes, offering food and drink prizes for winners and runners up, and offering small discounts to all active participants. Remember to use these nights to promote new menu items, specials occurring on other days, and anything else that could use some extra eyeballs.

Given these nights are often presold and can be created in bulk, you are typically able to offer these at a compelling price point, further increasing the draw and encouraging customers to come back on a regular basis.

This type of weekly special is also a great opportunity to bring in guest chefs offering unique menus. The more variety you can provide from week to week, the more likely you are to get regulars.

Designating a weekly night where a percentage of profits go to a specific charity allows you to attract customers, give back to your community, and support great causes at the same time. While this will likely work better as a monthly event for some restaurants, depending on your location and clientele, this could make for the perfect weekly event.

You might even consider trying a hybrid class, where you combine a light cooking lesson with a more typical dining experience, giving patrons the best of both worlds.

Maybe even pair it with a more standard promotion offer. BOGO offers are generally perceived as a better offer than a percentage discount or even a free appetizer, so assuming you only offer this deal on Customer Appreciation Night, it will end up feeling like… actual customer appreciation.

Regulars are the backbone of your business. The trick with creating a great loyalty program is to find something that coaxes more people from occasional purchases to frequent purchases without losing all your margins along the way.

We want to get people in the club as quickly and easily as possible, and then make them reach for the biggest rewards. A great way to do this is to use email or text signup as your entry point to the membership.

Take promotional events you would otherwise simply offer the general public and make them member-only, BUT all people need to do to become a member is simply signup via their email or phone number.

You can apply this concept to the rest of the ideas in this category and really any of the ideas in this guide. Consider which promotions to run for all customers and which to attach to membership, motivating more people to sign up.

The power of a point system is in its simplicity. A lot of restaurants using a point system forget to tell their customers exactly how it works or help them track their points, which ultimately defeats the purpose of having the system in the first place. We have a point-based system built directly into our Owner.

com platform, and it will automatically send out emails just like this to your customers after each purchase. We want to incentivize our most frequent patrons to spread the word about our restaurant and even bring people in with them. If you are using a point system, set it up so successful referrals result in a big point bonus you email the customer about and make a point of celebrating.

We want to make that experience feel really great. We want to motivate that patron to continue referring people to our restaurant. If you are offering any sort of the exclusive VIP rewards we talk about elsewhere on this list, make referrals a key entry point to the top rewards.

People love getting a behind-the-scenes look at the places they frequent, and restaurants are no exception. This is especially true for foodies, who already love learning about the origins of different foods, as well as how to prepare them.

A great way to reward your loyal patrons and engage your local foodie community is to host recurring Behind-the-Scenes Tour nights, where you can introduce customers to your history, tell them how you prepare some of your most popular dishes, and give them an idea of what it takes to run your restaurant on a daily basis.

If you have an open kitchen, let people watch from nearby tables so they can see their meals being prepared. This is also the perfect promotional opportunity for cross-promoting with other businesses looking to get their names out there, like local farmers or specialty goods producers you partner with.

Consider inviting these partners along on your tour nights so customers can learn more about their offerings as well. Rotating local partners into the event will also keep it interesting for customers who want to return multiple times.

Having your customers tag you on social media while visiting your restaurant is a great way to get exposure to new customers. A few times a week, randomly pick a customer who has tagged you and surprise their table with free drinks or a free dessert.

Either way, this is a great strategy to get exposure to new customers AND create loyal customers who are eager to return to your restaurant again. This one is less about an offer you run and more about how you present your brand. You can also take photos of your customers and add them to the walls.

This sort of deeper engagement is an important part of creating real loyalty from your customers that goes beyond the food they are purchasing.

Just like a popup allows you to experiment with creating a new experience, you can achieve something similar while also building customer loyalty by holding exclusive dining events for members.

The goal here is to create special, exclusive experiences people rave about and look forward to attending. If you have a smaller customer base, try what we talked about earlier and attach these events to the lowest membership tier, where anyone who signs up via email or phone number can join the fun.

Quarterly or bi-yearly events are the perfect VIP bonus for outstanding patrons. And I can promise you they would LOVE to weigh-in and have some influence on the direction of that menu. Providing opportunities for customers to interact with and influence your business is both a great promotion tool and a great way to build loyalty.

If you already use limited-run menu items as a promotion tool — which I highly recommend — this becomes really easy and even systematic.

You can periodically take previously run items and invite your customers to vote on what to bring back. Attach this to the entry level of your loyalty program to motivate more people to signup, but only if you are doing it periodically. It might even be somethin retro like fondue.

Then you can put a poll on social media and ask your customers to vote for their favorite dish from yesteryear.

This is a great way to get some online word-of-mouth marketing, and customers will feel more emotionally connected to your business after having the chance to influence a real, tangible decision you make for the restaurant. The vast majority of promotions you will run depend on the customer expecting them.

The promotion only works when you create the expectation to then motivate an action by the customer. This was the original reason we built Owner.

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