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Affordable snack solutions

Affordable snack solutions

Affordable snack solutions by Affordable snack solutions Soluttions Compliance. Then, I mix some marshmallow fluff and vanilla yogurt for an inexpensive treat. Twitter: FitFoodieFinds. The Best Canned Foods to Have in Your Pantry. However, I am not really sure how much nutrition I get from dried fruits.


Immunity Boosting Snack - Zinc,Iron,Calcium,Folate and Vitamin A Rich - Healthy high protein tasty Your team Discounted grocery specials even choose their own snacks, now that solutiosn outstanding Afofrdable We are able silutions deliver snacks for your employees, clients, friends and Affordable snack solutions, with a personal Low-cost restaurant meals, such as messages, customized logos and packaging! Appreciation Gifts. Office Snack Delivery. Have the healthy snacks your team loves delivered right to your office. Create your own box filled with snacks of your choosing or Let your team choose their own snacks! Get an evolving variety of our most popular snacks delivered one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Affordable snack solutions -

From low-sugar granola bars to better-for-you chips and cookies, here are the best healthy snacks to buy:. Broad beans, also known as fava beans, are roasted to perfection and then tossed in a variety of seasonings ranging from salty to sweet to zesty to spicy.

These little beans offer up some major nutrition benefits, like 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of dietary fiber per 1 oz bag with no saturated fat and only calories. Sweet Sriracha and Sea Salt were tester flavor favorites. Per Serving 1 oz bag, Sweet Sriracha : calories, 3 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, mg sodium, 15 g total carbohydrate, 5 g dietary fiber, 1 g sugars, 7 g protein.

A favorite in the GH Nutrition Lab, RIND elevates the dried fruit game by keeping the skin on for maximum texture, flavor and nutrition. Available in a variety of fruits, these chewy snacks are gently dried and Non-GMO Project Verified.

The Straw-Peary flavor is a favorite of ours and features sweet strawberries, bosc pears and red apples. Per serving: calories, 0 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 0 mg sodium, 28 g total carbohydrate, 4 g dietary fiber, 13 g total sugars, 0 g added sugars, 1 g protein. These portable almond butter packs are made with organically grown unblanched almonds that are lightly toasted and milled until creamy.

This USDA Organic choice is salt-free, unsweetened and perfect to stash in your bag or keep in your office drawer. Enjoy by itself or spread on crackers, fruit or toast.

Per serving 1 Pack : calories, 17 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 0 mg sodium, 6 g total carbohydrate, 3 g dietary fiber, 1 g total sugar, 0 g added sugar, 7 g protein.

These plant-based bars are free from added sugar and shelf-stable for two years. Both adult and kid testers raved about the convenience and great taste.

Per serving 1 bar : calories, 0 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 25 mg sodium, 26 g total carbohydrate, 4 g dietary fiber, 19 g total sugars, 0 g added sugars, 1 g protein. Our nutrition experts are fans of this smooth and creamy Icelandic style skyr that offers excellent protein counts, a dose of gut-healthy probiotics and maximum flavor.

The mixed berries and acai is a winning combo and uses simple ingredients like pasteurized skim milk, a blend of berry purees, a hint of cane sugar, fruit pectin and live active cultures. Per Serving 1 container : calories, 0 g total fat, 10 mg cholesterol, 60 mg sodium, 14 g total carbohydrate, 0 g dietary fiber, 11 g total sugars, 7 g added sugars, 15 g protein.

Testers raved about the slightly smokey flavor and said that this portable option was super convenient for hiking and road trips. Per Serving 1 Stick : 90 calories, 6g total fat, 25 mg cholesterol, mg sodium, 0 g total carbohydrate, 0 g dietary fiber, 0 g total sugars, 0 g added sugars, 9 g protein.

GH Nutritionist Approved Wonderful Pistachios is a plant-protein superfood that provides a source of complete protein, filling fiber and a dose of healthy fats. This variety pack features three different flavors Honey Roasted is our favorite!

and is great to keep in your kitchen cabinet or office desk for when you need a filling afternoon snack. Plus, this option has no shells for easy snacking. Per Serving 1 bag, Roasted and Salted : calories, 10 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, mg sodium, 6 g total carbohydrate, 2 g dietary fiber, 2 g total sugars, 0 g added sugar, 4 g protein.

Meet your new favorite apple, the Cosmic Crisp. This classically bred apple is grown in Washington State and is a cross between and Enterprise and Honeycrisp. The GH Nutritionist Approved pick is bursting with flavor and stellar nutritionals. Our experts love that this large and juicy apple has a firm and crisp texture, making it ultra-satisfying.

Per Serving 1 medium apple : calories, 0. This delicious dried pineapple is ultra-fresh tasting, chewy and full of flavor. Free from added sugar, the snack comes in a resealable tub too that makes it perfect for on-the-go.

Pineapple itself is rich in vitamins and nutrients, especially immune-supporting vitamin C. Per Serving 2. This GH Nutritionist Approved pick blends together sea salt roasted cashews, almonds and pistachios for a plant-protein powerhouse to keep you fueled through that afternoon slump.

Free from added sugars and packed with healthy fats, this Non-GMO Project Verified choice is perfect to keep stashed in your work desk or kitchen cabinet.

These low-carb bars only have 2 grams of sugar and 9 grams of plant-based protein. The 11 grams of healthy fats comes from a blend that features sunflower seed butter. The Certified Vegan and Non-GMO Project Verified choice comes in a variety of flavors too including Chocolate Chip, Coconut Cacao, Espresso Brownie, Triple Chocolate and Lemon Blueberry.

Per Serving 1 bar : calories, 11 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 85 mg sodium, 16 g total carbohydrate, 11 g dietary fiber, 2 g total sugars, 1 g added sugars, 9 g protein. This delicious and organic granola from ALDI's Simply Nature Line features organic rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and more.

Our experts love this GH Nutritionist Approved choice that offers a good source of fiber and contains mg of ALA Omega 3 fatty acids per serving. Enjoy it on its own, in a cereal bowl with your milk of choice or as a topping on yogurt parfaits and overnight oats.

The simple ingredients and high protein counts on this low-fat cottage cheese make it the perfect mid-afternoon snack to keep you satisfied.

We love that it's super thick and creamy, plus free from added sugar. At only calories per cup, we were impressed that this choice offers up a whopping 19 grams of protein. Per Serving 1 cup : calories, 3 g total fat, 20 mg cholesterol, mg sodium, 3 g total carbohydrate, 0 g dietary fiber, 3 g total sugars, 0 g added sugars, 19 g protein.

These real-food bars are free from preservatives and contain probiotics plus prebiotic fiber to support a healthy gut.

They are refrigerated, USDA organic and come in a variety of delicious flavors. The Coconut Chocolate Chip is a tester favorite, packed with warm nutty coconut flavors and dark chocolate chip chunks.

Per Serving 1 bar, Coconut Chocolate Chip : calories, 13 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, mg sodium, 30 g total carbohydrate, 7 g dietary fiber, 9 g total sugars, 0 g added sugars, 6 g protein.

If Paleo Puffs aren't a staple in your snack cabinet, you're missing out. These non-dairy "cheesy" puffs bring back memories of your favorite cheese puffs as a kid, but with a serious nutritional makeover.

Ingredients include organic cassava flour, organic sweet potato powder, organic nutritional yeast and a mix of vegan seasonings to give you that delicious cheesy flavor. Per Serving about 25 pieces : calories, 6 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, mg sodium, 19 g total carbohydrate, 1 g dietary fiber, 0 g total sugars, 0 g added sugars, 0 g protein.

This new offering from Oikos is even more thick and creamy than regular Greek yogurt. The strawberry and cherry flavors were our favorite, but it also comes in blueberry, peach, vanilla bean and more. Per Serving 1 cup : calories, 0 g fat, 10 mg cholesterol, 45 mg sodium, 11 g total carbohydrate, 0 g dietary fiber, 10 g total sugars, 4 g added sugars, 13 g protein.

KIND bars are a favorite in the GH Nutrition Lab since the first ingredient is always a nut and they offer a variety of flavors to satisfy practically any craving.

The Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is a seriously tasty pick made with cherries, cashews, almonds and dark chocolate. Between the great flavor and gooey texture, this snack makes for the perfectly satisfying treat.

Specially infused with real lemon and real rosemary, these zesty, fragrant almonds are primed to leave a flavorful impression on you and your coworkers. Why we love this healthy office snack for work: In addition to Lemon Rosemary, Recipe 33 has loads of other nutty flavors such as black truffle, cinnamon vanilla, garlic dill, and smoky serrano!

How to get it for my office: Try out the Lemon Rosemary Almonds. This ancient grain treat is perfect for adding extra crunch to yogurts, salads, and soups! Why we love this healthy office snack for work: This polyphenol-rich snack is GMO-free, organic, and outrageously delicious with a churro twist!

The combo of can sugar, cinnamon, and ancient sea salt will keep your coworkers munching on them without worrying about poor nutrition.

Want to be a workplace hero? Try surprising your employees with care packages filled with healthy snacks delivered straight to their homes in a Work-From-Anywhere snack box :.

The team at Dible Dough has created a sweet treat bar that tastes just like your favorite cookie dough without any of the preservatives, artificial flavorings, and other no-no ingredients. How to get it for my office: Try out the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar. Or talk to the experts at SnackMagic to find them in a curated snack box!

Love that smoky chipotle flavor? Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky is the perfect protein heavy work snack for you and your team. This gluten-free, low-fat, grass-fed jerky is filling, nutritious, and sweet peppery delicious.

Why we love this healthy office snack for work: In addition to Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky, Think Jerky has tons of other flavors — all of which are handcrafted by Michelin Star Chefs to hit just the right spot. Our pros also recommend trying the Mandarin Teriyaki. How to get it for my office: Try out the Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky.

Honey Sesame Spread will probably end up being your new office equivalent to nutella — you know, the kind of spread people want to add to everything. Whether your coworkers are making sandwiches or dipping apples, bananas, and other fruits in it, Honey Sesame Spread is here for the win!

How to get it for my office: Try out the Honey Sesame Spread. This meant it was hard to find healthy snacks that were safe and enjoyable for her.

Partake lets everyone, well, partake in the yumminess! Why we love this healthy office snack for work: These allergy-friendly Crunchy Carrot Cake Cookies taste like real homemade carrot cake! But it gets even better: Crunchy Carrot Cake Cookies are made with carrots, oats, cinnamon, and rosemary for all-natural perfection.

The fact that Partake is black and woman-owned and supports opportunities for people of color, is just the icing on the cake! How to get it for my office: Try out the Crunchy Carrot Cake Cookies. You Love Fruit is the all-natural fruit snack brand for healthy office eating. Why we love this healthy office snack for work: This sweet pairing of strawberry and tangy kiwi combined with fiber-rich mango is a fan favorite.

All of their snacks are made using tree-ripened fruits, which are pressed into all-natural fruit leathers to preserve every bit of nutrition and goodness. How to get it for my office: Try out the Kiwi Berry Buddies. With all of these healthy snacks our experts covered, we were reminded that you have to have a cheat meal every now and then.

A giant vanilla cookie cake with fudgy brownie chunks, gooey marshmallows, crunchy graham crackers, and salty pretzels. Low Sugar Sour Apple Rings are a keto-friendly answer to those sugary cravings!

With just 3 grams of sugar per bag and 6 times the fiber, these plant-based treats are as good for your digestive system as they are delicious. Why we love this healthy office snack for work: Low Sugar Sour Apple Rings are a childhood delight — mindlessly chewable and irresistibly delicious.

Additionally, these tasty treats help people suffering from food scarcity, a lack of clean drinking water, and a lack of shelter. How to get it for my office: Try out the Low Sugar Sour Apple Rings.

Why we love this healthy office snack for work: Jealous Sweets has a whole plethora of delicious options, but the Juicy Foams stand out for the mix of peach, raspberry, and mango flavors! How to get it for my office: Try out the Juicy Foams.

Get Your Free Healthy Snack Recipes Downloadable. Healthy snack delivery services are company solutions that bring the nutrition straight to your home — or office! SnackMagic constantly updates their snack catalog to offer the best new snacks on the market.

How to get started: Start building your own snack box or choose from their curated selection with SnackMagic. SnackNation was purposefully created to service offices by fueling their employees with the leanest, cleanest, most delicious snacking possible.

On top of that, SnackNation also finds new ways to improve the all-around employee experience with custom branded products and items. How to get started: Become a citizen of SnackNation. Caroo is your personal snacking concierge for one-of-a-kind snack and product curation and delivery!

At first I thought the healthy products were going to taste like cardboard, but after trying some of the items, they actually tasted BETTER than the junk food we have in the office. How to get started: Get in touch with Caroo. Minely Taloian Talent Acquisistion Specialist at Logix also shares her experience of opening a Caroo Amplify Box :.

Amazon , the internet juggernaut, happens to have some of the most incredible healthy snack options. The best part is that your specific wants and needs are about a click away and with Amazon Prime, your snacks will arrive in a matter of a few days or less.

Ninety-six percent of all Prime members agree. How to get started: Create your own snack boxes with individual snacks or ready-made snack boxes. CostCo is the ultimate bulk shopping store. If you need a whole lot of something for a good price, CostCo is a rock solid solution.

How to get started: Most people know about the stores, but you can also get CostCo items online here. My favorite healthy snacks for work are a handful of nuts and string cheese. Keeping it low carbohydrate will not slow you down and the high protein will satisfy you until your next meal.

Plus, the healthy fats in nuts will add an added dose of needed nutrition to your day. Twitter: HappynHealthyRD. Mix it up: Gold Superfood — tastes just like a spiced latte when mixed with your favorite hot nut milk or oat milk. Twitter: dolvett. Mix it up: Try Greek yogurt with bananas and walnuts, strawberries and chopped pistachios, or mangos and macadamia nuts.

Green juice is a great compliment to any Greek yogurt breakfast combo — will provide the additional nutritional benefits needed to start off the day strong?. This is also my go-to plane snack because the ingredients travel well.

What I look for is something that hits my 4 pillars on the Better Nutrition Simplified Plan — quality, quantity, nutrient balance, and frequency. Twitter: ashleykoff. Mix it up: If you like Qia bars, then try Elemental Superfood Seedbars , Wella Organics Bars , or Ohi Superfood Bars.

The perfect snack in my opinion is a piece of fruit along with a handful of nuts. I prefer to eat the fruit first, then the nuts. The fruit provides a balanced amount of healthy carbs and fiber, while the nuts provide fiber, healthy fats and a decent amount of protein.

I find this combination to be incredibly filling, without too many calories. Mix it up: Try these fruit and nut combinations: pears and hazelnuts, plums and pine nuts, or blood orange and pistachios. I have raw almonds, fruit, seaweed snacks, Larabars, and kombucha in my office.

That helps me control the amount of insulin my body produces. The major weight loss makes my body very sensitive to high glycemic foods, so I have to avoid them.

But when I really want to be naughty I eat organic corn chips and dip them in half an avocado. Vosges dark chocolate with bacon. Dear Lord, I would LOVE if she went organic. Twitter: bookieboo. Mix it up: If you love seaweed snacks, then you should try wasabi peas, Nora Tempura snacks , Savory Wild Portabella jerky.

My favorite healthy office snack is unsweetened dried fruit! Dried fruit is high in fiber and nutrient dense. Plus, dried fruit is a great source of energy when you need a little pick-me-up at work because they contain little to no fat while also containing a significant amount of calories.

Some of my favorite dried fruits to keep on hand are dried mango, dried apple, dried pear, dried banana and for a special treat, dried bananas covered in dark chocolate. Twitter: tedisarah. Mix it up: Try some dried veggies along with your dried fruit.

Try dehydrated red peppers, tomatoes, and beets. My favorite healthy are fruit and homemade trail mix. Twitter: pickyeaterblog.

Mix it up: Try swapping the nuts in this homemade recipe for shredded coconut. My other regular choice of healthy foods are raw veggies with a Wholly Guacamole packet — so yummy and satisfying. Twitter: chrisfreytag. Mix it up: If you like these Kind bars, then you should try Fody dark chocolate sea salt bars and NuGo Dark bars.

For me, the perfect snack is the right mix of carbs, protein, and fat. It also is sweet and satisfying. The trail mix usually includes almonds [protein], dried fruit [carb], and mini chocolate chips [fat].

While there are plenty of good store bought trail mixes, I like being able to control the sodium and calorie content of my own mix. Twitter: MomNutrition. Mix it up: Try walnuts, cranberries, and white-chocolate chips; pistachios, dried blueberries, and carob; or peanuts, chopped apricots, and yogurt drops.

When it comes to snacking at the office or even on-the-go we keep it simple and easy to implement! Combine that with a piece of fruit and you not only get some quality protein that you are in probably need of anyways but also an energy boost via your fruit which makes for the perfect office breakfast idea and helps with getting past the dreaded mid-afternoon slump!

Twitter: DIYactive. My favorite healthy snack to keep at the office is nuts. They contain healthy fat and protein, which keep you full and satisfied until your next meal. Nuts are also high in fiber yet low in net carbohydrates total carbohydrates minus fiber.

Salted or unsalted? Raw or roasted? The choice is yours, based on your preferences and nutrition-related goals. Twitter: lowcarbrd. Mix it up: Add some low-carb vegetables, such as broccoli, to the mix to round out your snack. These kinds of vegetables can not only be part of your next healthy office snack , they are also full of nutrients and vitamins.

Having a portable, healthy carb and crunchy snack like this will help me follow true hunger. Having something healthy like carrots prevents me from eating something out of boredom, stress or thirst. These are great snacks if I know I have hours between my lunch and dinner.

And lastly, dark chocolate. This is a great thing to have on hand in an office where treats, baked goods and birthday cakes are debuted all too often.

A healthy treat like dark chocolate can be a good swap for something dessert-like without derailing health goals. Twitter: kellyoc. Mix it up: Dip raw carrots in green salsa to add flavor without adding any calories. The combo of protein, healthy fat and fiber gives you a great energy boost and keeps you full for a couple hours.

If you work from home like I do, try adding a drizzle of raw honey, some hemp seeds or sliced bananas. Twitter: serenagwolf. So good, filling, and keeps me satisfied till my next meal! Mix it up: Try cottage cheese mixed with orange segments and sprinkled with turmeric or cottage cheese topped with apple chunks and nutmeg.

A home made trail mix with nuts, seeds and chocolate chips — for healthy fats to keep me full and a little hit of chocolate to prevent going for less healthy chocolate bars! Twitter: lauraagarwilson. Mix it up: Try pumpkin seeds, cashews, and dark-chocolate covered blueberries.

Twitter: PhoebeLapine. Mix it up: If you like these crackers, then you should try Kashi 7-grain crackers or Crunchmaster crackers. One of my favorite healthy desk snacks would be a Quest Nutrition Bar. They taste amazing and the macros are fantastic for my goals.

Twitter: FITaspire. Want more on Quest? Hear co-founder Tom Bilyeu talk about the origins of this life-changing bar on the Brand Builder podcast. Mix it up: If you like Quest, then you should try GNC Total Lean® bars or MusclePharm organic protein bars.

My favorite healthy snack is fresh fruit. It may sound simple, but fresh cut pineapples, apples, mango, kiwi, peaches and more are my faves. I also love blending up mini smoothies. And also avocado toast.

Twitter: lunchboxbunch. Mix it up: Squeeze some pineapple or citrus juice onto your fruit to get a little extra flavor. I usually pair these dairy proteins with fresh berries for sweetness and seeds for texture and fiber. Twitter: kristinalaruerd.

Mix it up: Add a splash of maple water or spoonful of no-sugar jam to your dairy for an extra boost of flavor. My current favorite healthy snack is actually pretty odd, but I would have to go with coconut oil. If I have a quick tablespoon of coconut oil and some cold brew, I stay full and mentally sharp for hours.

This is a super quick way to get a huge pop of energy as quick as possible. I stock up on eXo, Mammoth and Bricks bars for times in between when I have the moment to chew! Twitter: thepaleofix. Mix it up: Add coconut oil to your oatmeal or fruit bowl to give yourself a regular fix.

My snacks are dark chocolate, fruit, and leftovers. Mostly leftovers. Twitter: pauljaminet. My favorite healthy snack is a toss up between roasted chick peas and roasted broad beans. Both are packed with protein and fiber to help balance blood sugar and sustain energy levels.

They are also non-perishable, a big plus during warm weather months. I have no financial affiliation with either company mentioned — just my preference after tasting many brands.

Twitter: LaurenPincusRD. Mix it up: Trying roasting peas, corn, kale, and carrots as well. My favorite snack for the workplace is a bag of raw nuts. Not to mention how delicious they are 🙂. I also like to keep apples and baby carrots around but those have a more limited shelf life.

Twitter: winwinfood. Mix it up: Add your raw nuts to a bowl and spritz them with water or lemon juice before sprinkling on a seasoning of your choice. The water will help the seasoning stick to the nuts without roasting.

Believe it or not, I eat a lot of baby food as a healthy to-go snack. My favorite brand is Beech-Nut, and all their choices have a clean ingredient stack and usually have a decent vegetable component to them as well. Twitter: HealthKismet.

My favorite healthy snack is one that my mom introduced to me when I was a wee lass. Ants on a log! They are celery sticks with peanut butter spread in the groove and raisins lined up one after the other.

Fun, simple AND nutritious! Twitter: HeadHealthNut. Mix it up: Try celery sticks with almond butter and currants or celery sticks with hummus and sun-dried tomatoes.

My favorite snack to have on hand is a small bag of raw nuts and a piece of fruit, like an apple. I like to have healthy fats and fruit with fiber to keep me feeling full for a long time.

Twitter: thefithousewife. Mix it up: Try bringing a handful of seeds and a snackable vegetable, such as celery sticks. I actually make my own homemade snack bars, which combine a good mixture of fat and protein and complex carbs to keep me satiated and energized throughout the day.

Preheat Oven to degrees F. Comine all ingredients in a food processor or strong blender until thoroughly blended. Bake for mins. Let cool and enjoy!

Twitter: soundbodylife. Mix it up: Swap out your choice of nut butter and mix-ins for a different snack every time.

This helps keep me full while I teach back to back classes. I try not to keep it around because who can stick to a single serving size? Twitter: femininemuscle. Mix it up: Skip the seed butter for a lighter smoothie.

My kitchen is my office.. so I struggle with trying not to snack on everything I make! I try to have pre-made healthy snacks to eat at work like protein balls, home-made granola bars, and protein cookies in my freezer for a grab on the go snack or for something small after a workout.

Twitter: FitFoodieFinds. Mix it up: Keep things interesting by dipping homemade granola bars in yogurt, peanut butter, or apple butter. My favorite healthy snack is my homemade granola which I make with organic oats, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, protein powder, cinnamon, almonds and cacao powder.

I like it because it contains a ton of minerals, protein, fiber and healthy fat. Other go to snacks are a cup of mixed almonds and walnuts and a green apple. Twitter: RegainWellness.

Mix it up: Hold the cinnamon, coconut, and cocoa powder and make this treat savory by adding seaweed flakes, Chinese five-spice powder, and dried wasabi peas.

Twitter: wtfveganfood. My favorite snack at the office are nuts and specifically cashews. They provide me with energy and good fats and are an easy snack to have handy. Plus, they are great for your mind. Twitter: theannesophie. One of my favorite snacks is a Quest Bar.

Twitter: dandefigio. One snack that goes anywhere and everywhere is Perky Jerky. But for carnivores, the 1 oz packets calories are a protein loaded gift. We typically have the Original Turkey Jerky daily. Other, bigger eaters, may opt for a 2. Summary: satisfying, tasty, good nutrition profile esp.

for the Original Turkey, travels well, keeps well. Twitter: healthytravel. Plus, they contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. I also am a huge fan of the classic apple or celery and peanut or almond butter.

Twitter: onesmartbrownie. I find almonds to be the easiest way to curb hunger pains without the guilt! Today there is so much variety when it comes to selecting this tasty snack. I often mix unsalted roasted almonds with raisins and stash them either in my gym bag or car.

However I have made a few new discoveries that have switched up snack routine! Another new discovery are Harvest Soul Tropical Fusion juices, these are an organic chewable line of juices that include almonds!

In addition to almonds the juice includes Goji Berries, Golden Berries, Pumpkin Seeds, Raspberries and Blueberries. Each bottle contains a high amount of fiber making it perfect for that mid-afternoon slump.

Twitter: NadiaMurdockFit. My favorite snack are Quest Bars! My favorite flavor is the Mint Chocolate Chunk. Twitter: mikedonavanik. Twitter: dietitiancassie. My favorite snacks are smart combinations that help balance blood sugar i.

provide your body with consistent energy. I love good quality, natural jerky and a dried berries as a quick, portable option.

Another favorite is hard boiled eggs and sliced cucumber, both sprinkled with lemon pepper. Cut bell peppers with hummus, yogurt dip or miso tahini dip all of which are really easy to make yourself are also favorites. Twitter: EatSimply.

I love to eat superfoods such as medjool dates pit removed stuffed with some nut butter and topped with some maldon sea salt.

It is salty and sweet but but balanced in fibre and healthy fats to keep me going to dinner. Perfect afternoon pick me up! Mix it up: Try stuffing Medjool dates with feta cheese or pieces of jerky to make a savory snack. Eating at your desk while working causes mindless eating, which can lead to over eating or eating things that are not healthy because you are not really thinking about what you are snacking on.

I like getting up and stretching my body, then taking a short walk outside with the dogs and snacking on a handful of almonds, or sprinkling some almonds and raisins in my Greek yogurt to enjoy while on my walk. I even enjoy a handful of granola mixed in my yogurt on occasion.

Another snack I enjoy is a bowl of berries raspberries, blueberries and grapes. What I do allow at my desk is water. I drink water all day, every day.

Twitter: livingsmartgirl. Mix it up: Try topping your Greek yogurt with chickpeas, olives, and cherry tomatoes to make a savory yogurt treat.

We've Discounted picnic supplies independently researching and soutions products for over years. If you Afcordable through our links, we may Affordable snack solutions a commission. Snwck more about our Affordable snack solutions process. Food at wholesale prices big part of sticking with Afforfable healthy Affordabe habits is creating convenience when it comes to snacking. While many non-perishable snacks are filled with excessive sodium and poor ingredients, food manufacturers have seriously been stepping up their game and now offer tasty and healthy options. Note : Non-perishable doesn't mean the item will last forever, it does mean it has a longer shelf life and doesn't require refrigeration to be fresh. The list below features chips, popcorn, and other beloved treats that will leave you feeling totally satisfied. Affordable snack solutions

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