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Home renovation product trials

Home renovation product trials

The renovtion even rinses renovatlon before and after each Latin sample packs renovafion maximum Get free product samples. Installing a Home renovation product trials air monitor Hlme a good way to get Latin sample packs handle on pollutants in your home, many of which are more common and more preventable than you might think—for example, cooking fumes and airborne chemicals from household cleaners. Available in multiple colors and widths for custom designs, the decking also boasts exceptional stain and slip resistance, important qualities for any high-traffic outdoor living area.

Home renovation product trials -

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LAB RESULTS: The three GH staffers who tested the Discovery found it relatively easy to install, though getting the mounting brackets just right took some doing. The Kohler Innate Smart Toilet makes the point most elegantly, combining sleek contours with a long list of enhancements, starting with the integrated bidet, precision water pressure and temperature control, and electrolyzed water pre-rinsing of the bowl to minimize stains.

LAB RESULTS: The Innate has all the specs our engineers look for in a top-performing toilet, including a 1. Its comfort height design makes sitting down and getting up easier, another "aging in place" benefit of smart toilets, along with the hands-free cleaning.

Our consumer tester was full of praise for the unit too. Shower combo kits with multiple showerheads bring a spa-like experience to the bathroom. The design features a rotating rail that allows you to arrange the showerheads in myriad positions, including horizontal, for a penetrating back massage.

The showerhead and handheld spray offer three spray settings full coverage, pulsating, and rinsing for even more customization. LAB RESULTS: Kohler's Purist Collection, which includes fixtures for both the bathroom and the kitchen, has earned consistently high marks with our engineers and testers.

The 2-in-1 showerhead does it again with its quality construction and durable finishes. The user experience, meanwhile, lives up to the spa comparison. The one drawback to automated bidet seats is that they need to be plugged into an outlet, which not all bathrooms have conveniently located next to the toilet.

Manual bidet seats, like the Tushy, spare the trouble and expense, while still delivering a pleasant and effective cleansing experience. The nozzle even rinses itself before and after each use for maximum hygiene.

Wood flooring is a no-no in bathrooms, since moisture and humidity can cause the boards to warp and crack. Rigid core flooring is a wood-alternative material that resembles the real thing but without any of the performance issues, thanks to its multilayer construction, including a solid core that adds durability and a thick wear layer that resists scratching and staining.

The Armstrong Flooring Lutea comes in 20 colors, including pale Scandinavian-inspired patterns and dark, rich shades. LAB RESULTS: The Armstrong Flooring Lutea flooring proved extra durable in our performance tests, withstanding staining, scratching, fading, and denting.

We also sent a batch of the flooring out to a consumer tester. He also had trouble sourcing a threshold that matched the material exactly. You start and end every day at the bathroom faucet.

Despite its diminutive size, the fixture is also a focal point in most bathrooms, part of the jewelry of the space. Throw in the fact that there are so many options to choose from, and this is one tough remodeling decision.

The ability to mix and match the spout, handles, and finishes leaves room for personalization without the sense of paralysis that often strikes on a bathroom remodel. LAB RESULTS: Testers loved everything about the faucet collection. Applying a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to transform the look and feel of a space, which is why painting is the most common DIY project.

Some paints deliver better results than others, especially in high-touch areas like the bathroom. Behr has been a top brand in our tests for many years now, combining value and performance as well as any name in the paint aisle.

Boasting more than 1, colors, its Marquee line is the best of the best, and the Home Depot-exclusive is also easy to get your hands on. LAB RESULTS: We put the Marquee paint in a satin finish through a battery of tough tests and it aced them all. Our testers were particularly impressed by its smooth, even finish and fast drying time.

It's also highly stain resistant and can handle abrasions — whether from scuffs or a scouring pad — with the best of them. It fended off a litany of stains, including oil, tomato sauce and crayon. And the built-in primer reduces the need for a second coat.

Start with it in the kitchen and bathroom, we say, then carry on with the rest of the house! Who wants to start every day trying to rinse down with a weak sprinkle? Speakman has long been a favorite brand in the category with our experts, and its latest refinements to the Icon Anystream showerhead give them even more to sing in the shower about.

New and improved spray plungers inside the showerhead deliver impressive spray, the solid brass construction adds durability to the design, and the expanded line of finishes helps the fixture coordinate with its surroundings. LAB RESULTS: For all its simplicity, the Icon showerhead has always elicited strong responses from our testers — and this time was no different.

Inspired by Ijen Blue quartzite, a rare, pricey natural stone from Brazil, Sakura features a warm, off-white background with dominant blue-gray veining and subtle rust-colored accents.

LAB RESULTS: Through the last couple of decades of countertop testing at the Institute, quartz has emerged as the no-fuss leader, since it never needs to be sealed unlike the natural stones whose design it often imitates.

The Sakura countertop continues that tradition, showing exceptional resistance to stains, scratches, and dents in our tests.

Home Design Director Monique Valeris praises the unique grain patterns. Engineered wood flooring has many advantages over real wood flooring, including durability and water resistance.

When it comes to aesthetics, though, natural wood usually comes out on top. This BelleLuxe Waterproof Wood seriously closes the beauty gap, with an authenticity achieved through 64 layers of textured detail and over 1, color variations. The Waterproof Wood lived up to its name in our tough water resistance tests, in which we pour two cups of water on an assembled floor and let the puddle sit there for one hour, then check for signs of seepage.

Given the uptick in extreme weather, with its wind, hail, wildfires and blazing heat, the product is more valuable than ever. The brand's expanded Hardie Architectural Collection continues to diversify its range of contemporary and traditional siding styles, all using the same ingredients list of top-quality, sustainable materials.

LAB RESULTS: As a Good Housekeeping Seal holder, products by James Hardie are subject to rigorous review by our engineers and experts. Our style pros love the growing range of styles, from traditional lap siding to the more recent Hardie Architectural Panels, which feature panels in myriad textures that offer a more contemporary look and feel.

The premium shingles are also fortified with a time-release algae-fighting technology that will help extend their life in damp, humid climates. Lab tests reaffirmed durability and ease of installation, including the extra-wide strike zone for fast, efficient nailing. Outside judge Fernando Pages then went the distance and installed the shingles on a project in Houston.

Watch Pages's YouTube video for his full review. Once exclusive to decks on minimalist oceanfront homes, cable rail systems are now popular in all regions. Enter the RDI Elevation Rail from Barrette Outdoor Living, a preassembled DIY-friendly kit that saves time on installation and maintenance by eliminating the tedious task of tensioning each cable individually.

LAB RESULTS: Our experts got hands-on with a six-foot section of the cable rail system in our Labs. The powder-coated aluminum posts and stainless steel cables were top-quality design and construction. Now the brand has added Advanced PVC Cladding to its product line, and it boasts all the same attributes, including minimal maintenance no sealing required , backed by a year fade and stain warranty.

LAB RESULTS: The same high performance our experts found with the Advanced PVC decking was evident with the cladding. Our style experts like the curated color palette, which is transitional enough to work with all kinds of architecture.

The stakes are higher with exterior paint, since it provides a layer of protection against the elements. Benjamin Moore routinely lands at or near the top of our rankings of top-quality paints, and its Element Guard Exterior Paint is another winner, thanks to its superb adhesion and resistance to stains and scratches, plus the fact that it can be applied in temperatures down to 35°F, extending the exterior painting season.

LAB RESULTS: The paint fared extremely well in our tough performance tests. It shrugged off stains, including oil and dirt, and proved exceptionally hard-wearing in our durability test, in which an abrasion machine applies passes with fine-grit sandpaper to simulate years of scrubbing and scratching.

As for color selection, Benjamin Moore gets top marks with our design pros. The Deckorators Mineral-Based Composite Decking uses a fiber-like structure to maintain exceptional strength while being about a third lighter than the competition. Available in multiple colors and widths for custom designs, the decking also boasts exceptional stain and slip resistance, important qualities for any high-traffic outdoor living area.

LAB RESULTS: Pages, our outside judge, used Voyage at a 1,square-foot deck in Houston, documenting the project on his YouTube channel.

And he liked that the material can be installed directly on the ground or in water without voiding the warranty — good for coastal applications, or even for building directly on a lawn. Subtle graining gives the boards a remarkable authenticity, while heat-mitigating technology keeps them cooler than other like-colored composite options.

An occasional soap-and-water cleaning is the extent of the upkeep. The pattern of the grain seems natural as well. Trex backs its promise that the material won't rot, warp, crack, or splinter with a year limited warranty.

Vinyl has been the most common siding material used on newly built homes in the U. for the last 25 years, thanks to its relatively low cost and minimal upkeep. LAB RESULTS: The reinforced siding stood up to our tough impact tests, which simulate hail and other hard-driven objects.

The material also fended off stains and scratches in our tests, so it should live up to its low-maintenance claims. PVC decking is a fast-growing category in the market, and with good reason. The synthetic material is extremely durable, resisting stains, scratches and rot, without the need for annual sealing or staining.

The rock-hard PVC base is capped with a supremely photo-realistic wood-grain print in a range of colors, including chestnut, pecan and weathered gray.

LAB RESULTS: The decking fended off stains and scratches in our tests, and it also excelled in our impact-resistant tests, which simulate hail and other hard, falling objects. Pages, who has installed countless decks over the decades, raves about the appearance.

Exhibit A: this volt, inch chain saw, which Ryobi claims can tackle logs up to 36 inches in diameter. Besides its impressive power, the product eliminates much of the maintenance required with a gas chain saw. The kit includes a rapid charger, which allows the 8Ah battery to reach full power in 80 minutes.

The toughest task she tackled was a inch-diameter log, which the Ryobi managed, though it took a few minutes. A gas chain saw probably would have ripped through the wood faster, but for basic yard care, this Ryobi is a clear-cut winner.

Power tool combo kits often package together two or more flimsy tools from a brand, usually with an eye toward bargain-hunting holiday shoppers.

This cordless duo from Ridgid is an exception, combining an equally powerful hammer drill and impact driver that together can complete a wide range of tasks around the house or even on construction sites.

The kit also includes a pair of volt batteries, plus a charger and hard-shelled carrying case. A pressure washer can help you power through so many home-maintenance chores, from cleaning mildew-covered decks to blasting oil stains from the driveway.

Our experts generally find that electric pressure washers hit the sweet spot between value and performance, and that goes for this 2,PSI pounds per square inch unit from Stihl.

Besides packing plenty of power for any surface, it has the features we look for, including a large onboard detergent tank and an ample foot-long hose to extend the reach of your washing around the house. LAB RESULTS: The Stihl proved extremely easy to assemble, with its simple design and clear manual.

Weighing nearly 50 pounds, the unit is one of the heaviest models from our extended pressure washer tests , but wheels and a handle make it easy to maneuver.

The brushless motor should ensure years of service by putting less wear and tear on the mechanics. This battery-powered Bosch is one to reach for, providing fast, efficient cutting across wood, metal and other materials.

LAB RESULTS: We put the reciprocating saw into the hands of several professionals, all of whom raved about the performance. Outside judge Fernando Pagés even gave the saw to his crew to try. They balked at first, being used to brawnier corded-electric saws.

A framing nailer is another power tool for more advanced DIYers. Unlike pneumatic nail guns, which are tethered to an air hose that connects to a compressor, the battery-powered Ryobi runs on an volt 4Ah battery, for enhanced speed and convenience.

LAB RESULTS: The professionals who put this framing nailer through its paces were unanimous in their praise. A freestanding fire pit is a great way to extend the season of your outdoor living space. Unfortunately, fire pits also lead to thousands of emergency room visits every year.

Made of perforated, powder-coated steel, the surround minimizes heat transfer to the point where it can safely double as a tabletop for drinks, s'mores fixings, and the like. LAB RESULTS: The Solo Stove itself is a favorite with our experts, thanks to its smoke-free, efficient combustion.

The only knock is how hot the unit gets, which the new Surround takes care of. GH Chief Food Director Kate Merker — who is, naturally, an avid outdoor entertainer — tested the Surround in her home's backyard. Our market experts have watched the demand for gazebos and pergolas surge as homeowners look to expand the footprint and functionality of their outdoor living spaces.

Backyard Discovery has responded with a handsome array of offerings, none better than the Rockport XL Steel Grill Gazebo. Featuring a rust-resistant steel frame and two inch galvanized steel countertops, the approximately 11' x 5.

LAB RESULTS: We sent gazebos to both of our outside builders for assessment. Fernando Pagés reviewed the Rockport, while Marc Savatzky put up the 12' by 9. Measuring 49 x LAB RESULTS: Assembly of the delivery box was simple and straightforward for our testers. With summer heat waves running longer and hotter in many parts of the country, homeowners are looking for more ways to keep cool in the open air.

Misting fans, like this battery-powered version from Craftsman, answer the call by adding a fine mist to the cool breeze of a traditional fan.

The device can be connected to a garden hose for continuous cooling in the backyard or mounted to the 5-gallon bucket that's included with the kit, ideal for cooling down at campsites, the beach or other remote locations.

LAB RESULTS: The clever cooler was a big hit with our consumer testers, who put it to good use during the hottest days of the year. Other testers appreciated the compact design, good for easy storage, and the three fan speed and misting settings, which make it easy to calibrate the cooling power based on outdoor heat and humidity levels.

The same 1. The fast-drying paint also provides extra protection from harsh sunlight to prevent fading. The ounce container comes in eight colors, including black and white and more vibrant hues like Romantic Isle teal and Rum Punch red. LAB RESULTS: Glidden is a top performer in our interior paint tests, so our experts were eager to test out the Max Flex.

They applied it to various outdoor fabrics, including polyester cushion covers and rugs made out of propylene. The paint dried quickly with an impressive depth of color that held up well over several weeks of heavy sun and heat exposure. Lighting is one of the trickiest items to source on a remodel.

Available in 4-inch and 6-inch profiles, the all-in-one WiFi-enabled fixtures are faster to install than standard can lights, since no trim kit is required. And the LEDs can generate millions of colors, including tunable white, all programmed through the Cync app.

LAB RESULTS: "Easy to install and hook up, thanks to clear directions," reported our consumer tester, though he added that the Cync product has some design differences from other can lights he's installed, so that meant a slight learning curve. Our experts have had positive experiences with the Cync app on other lighting products and found it similarly intuitive this time around, including with the programming of lighting schedules and "scenes.

As homes get bigger and more connected, the result is more dead zones where a weak signal means long loading times and dropped calls. A robust Wi-Fi router is the best defense against these Internet snafus, especially one equipped with additional satellites that deliver top speeds to every corner of the house.

LAB RESULTS: The Orbi impressed our testers right out of the box with its straightforward setup. In a typical year, , home fires across the U. cause some 2, deaths and another 11, injuries. The simple plug-in device plus companion app uses advanced sensor technology to alert homeowners to dangers in the system, including grid equipment faults that can result in dangerous power being sent into the home.

averted fires in that time. LAB RESULTS: This is Ting's second Home Reno Award, which means we've been testing it now for nearly 18 months. The device continues to provide reliable hazard detection in our test homes. The software that powers Ting has benefited from several AI-enhanced upgrades, and we like that the device now has a low-temperature warning, good to prevent pipes from freezing caused by winter blasts.

Also known as portable power stations, solar generators are a safe and simple way to provide backup power for your home during an outage, or to power up devices on a camping trip or job site. The HomePower Two Pro is a robust, 2,watt generator that runs on lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 battery, the latest technology in backup batteries.

Not only does the unit boast fast charge times and the ability to hold the charge for long stretches, its 3,cycle life span is up with the best in the industry.

LAB RESULTS: In our rigorous tests, the generator needed less than two hours to reach a full charge using an AC wall outlet, or four hours using solar panels. Weighing It also features two USB-A and two USB-C outlets for your small electronics. The LED display is intuitive and easy to read, and the built-in LED light is helpful when working in the dark.

Smart locks are high on our list of most useful Wi-Fi-connected products. They not only let you ditch your keys, but also can grant temporary access to your home for approved users, like a dog walker or a cleaning person.

The technology is so helpful that legacy lock maker Schlage saw applications for it beyond the front door, to places like garages, side doors, home offices and guest rooms. Hence the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Lever, which is designed to work on single-bore doors, making it one of the most versatile smart locks available today.

Testers especially liked the Apple Home Key compatibility with the Encode Plus, which allowed them to open the lock with a simple tap of their iPhone or Apple watch. The Schlage Home app is among the easiest to set up and control. With many of us still working from home at least part of the time, versatile work stations have become an essential home office feature.

Standing desks are at the core of this concept, a movable surface that lets you stretch your legs throughout the day without interrupting your workflow.

LAB RESULTS: FlexiSpot is a respected brand in the standing desk space with our experts, and their experience with the E7 did not disappoint. Though its heavy-duty steel frame and robust motor make for a hefty table, it was very easy to assemble, thanks to the smart packaging and intuitive design.

Testers liked the expansive height range 25" to Our experts also tested several accessories, including an under-desk drawer and a monitor stand, and were equally impressed by their quality.

Backup power for the home used to be strictly fossil fuel—based, either a gas-powered portable generator or a standby unit that ran on propane or natural gas.

The battery-based solution can generate up to 7, watts of clean, quiet, emissions-free electricity, enough to power most major equipment in the home.

LAB RESULTS: Boston-based contractor Marc Savatsky installed the system on a recent project. The features and accessories impressed, including wheels and a telescoping handle for easy transport, and the weather-resistant bags, which will come in handy when he takes one of the batteries to the job site or on family holidays.

The best smart home technology simplifies your home while also making it more secure. The weather-resistant camera not only notifies you on your phone when it detects possible trespassers, but also shines two bright LED lights on the area, so you can check on the situation from anywhere.

LAB RESULTS: The Nest Cam earned top marks with our testers for its excellent p video quality and crystal-clear two-way audio communication. In terms of quality, the camera is solidly built, as evidenced by its 3.

Note that between its heft and the fact that it must be hardwired, professional installation might be required. LAB RESULTS: GH's Rachel Rothman ran the Roku through extensive home tests. Having reviewed dozens of security systems in recent years, she was impressed by the overall value of the seven-piece kit.

She also praised the easy setup, thanks to Roku's clear step-by-step in-app instructions and prompts. A nice perk was the ability to view the camera feed on any Roku device, including the Roku-enabled smart TV in her bedroom. Our experts are adamant about choosing models with true HEPA filtration, since they do the best job capturing contaminants of all sizes.

This GermGuardian adds an activated carbon filter to neutralize odor and a UV-C light that Lasko says can target viruses and bacteria. We are not able to verify the claims related to UV-C light. The garage is the primary entry point for tens of millions of Americans — no surprise given that the space is attached to the home in so many cases.

So it was only a matter of time before we started seeing video keypads for the space, akin to the video doorbells that have become ubiquitous at front doors in the last decade.

LAB RESULTS: Rothman installed the myQ on the garage of her home on Long Island, NY. The myQ app's live-streaming feature and two-way audio communication were helpful with deliveries.

We also like that if you pair the myQ Video Keypad with a myQ Connected Garage Door Opener like the Chamberlain Secure View that won a Home Reno Award you can let visitors in by opening the garage door remotely through the myQ app. The best smart home products provide a seamless experience.

For some homeowners, that includes keeping the technology as invisible as possible. The lock comes in four finishes: matte black, satin nickel, satin chrome, and polished brass. LAB RESULTS: We did a complete in-Lab assessment of the Level Lock and also sent one to our outside judge and smart home expert Marc Savatsky for review.

When you have a lot of yard to prune, including thick branches and tough weeds, manual primers and shears can quickly lead to hand and wrist fatigue, no matter how sharp their edges.

The set includes the tool, battery, charger, maintenance oil and a canvas carrying case. LAB RESULTS: Testers put the power pruner to work across a slew of tough yard tasks, including cutting through 2-inch-thick tree branches and pruning a thorny rose bush with hard-to-reach stems. The run time on the Safety features, like the retractable chain guard and trigger switch lockout, reduce the risk of injury.

Americans have long taken pride in their lawns. The emissions-free electric mower runs on a 7. The mower folds up for easy vertical storage. LAB RESULTS: The effect of the Stripe was unmistakable in our tests. Though because of the striping, it moves at a more leisurely pace than other self-propelled mowers we tested, especially when cutting taller grass.

If you do a lot of gardening, chanced are you dig a lot of holes. Craftsman wants you to put down the trowel or shovel and pick up this battery-powered multiuse garden tool.

The handheld device can dig up to 25 holes per minute — think garden beds full of flowering annuals or vegetable gardens with tons of tubers. A single charge on the volt battery can provide enough power for up to holes. LAB RESULTS: Most of our testers were unfamiliar with multiuse garden tools, but they quickly caught on.

For their latest performance review, testers applied Earth's Ally to a variety of broad-leaved weeds and were amazed by its ability to kill them down to the roots. homeowners use almost 8 million gallons of water every day watering their lawns and yards.

LAB RESULTS: A GH Institute staffer installed the Moen system at her home on Long Island, New York, in a town with strict lawn irrigation regulations. After one full growing season, her landscape looks healthier than ever and water use is down significantly, compared with the clock-based controller that her irrigation system ran on in the past.

Strong aluminum frames allow for narrow stiles and rails, maximizing sight lines. The doors come in four colors: clear anodized, dark bronze anodized, white and tan. Window shades are an important design element in any room, adding color and texture.

They also improve energy efficiency by adding a layer of insulation in front of windows. The latest versions layer in all kinds of smart technology as well that make the shades even more energy efficient and easier to operate.

LAB RESULTS: One of our home experts had the shades installed at his home. More connected technology is being baked into the structure of the home, rather than existing as stand-alone gadgets.

The M-Pwr Smart Door is an award-worthy example. The hardwired fiberglass door is always on, with built-in battery backup in the event of a power outage.

Our engineers reviewed the technical data to verify claims around performance and efficiency. And our style experts chimed in on the rich array of design options, including various styles and finishes.

Andersen is one of the biggest and most reliable names in patio doors, with a track record dating back to right around the time the Good Housekeeping Institute launched!

That includes modern accessories and narrower sight lines, to meet the consumer demand for light-flooded interiors and strong visual connections to the outdoors. We like the expansive range of high-performance glass options to suit a variety of climates, including triple-pane glass for maximum energy efficiency and impact-resistant glass to meet the strictest building codes in hurricane-prone areas.

The color options, both exterior and interior, include darker finishes that are a further compliment to the contemporary styling of the doors. Our market experts like Andersen's wide distribution network, including local showrooms and at the Home Depot.

An expert explains Producf an all-or-nothing approach is the best way to update your home. Cheap condiment prices the saying goes, Rome wasn't completed in renovatin Home renovation product trials the same will go Home renovation product trials your proeuct. We're not going to sugarcoat it produt you: Embarking on a Home renovation product trials project or working on a home renovation checklist is a far cry from what you see on your favorite home renovation show. Renovating a home requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Plus, if you're renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, you'll be seriously inconvenienced for a few months. Let's be real: Living through a home renovation will test your patience. This long, long process may make you wonder whether you should renovate your entire space at once or break it up room by room. Prior Hlme the start of a remodel or triials there are specific renovahion that have to be made triasl Latin sample packs to hazardous material that could potentially be disturbed Home renovation product trials construction Reduced-price food deals underway. Specific hazardous material such renovztion asbestos, lead, and mold are the three things every contractor Home renovation product trials homeowner should be considering before Test out samples Home renovation product trials renovations. Asbestos is a component of some building materials and is known to be a hazardous carcinogen. Home owners, landlords, and contractors must perform testing or site surveys prior to disturbing or demolishing building any building materials that may contain asbestos. Although most people aware of the potential for asbestos content in popcorn ceiling, vinyl tiles, and pipe insulation; any building material that is not made of wood, metal, or glass may contain asbestos. An AHERA accredited inspector will help you to determine the appropriate sampling plan and protocol to ensure that you protect yourself from health impacts and liabilities, without wasting money on abating unnecessary materials. Home renovation product trials


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