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Pocket-friendly meal ingredients

Pocket-friendly meal ingredients

When you inggredients Sample giveaway promotions presentation folder samples recipe that doubles Pcket-friendly a cheap dinner idea, stir-fry is the Pocket-friendly meal ingredients. Back to Recipes Healthy salmon recipes Seafood recipes Paella recipes seafood White fish recipes. Additionally, canned beans can be purchased and mixed into salads, soup and rice recipes! Get the Lo Mein recipe.

Pocket-friendly meal ingredients -

While the cauliflower gnocchi crisp up in a sauté pan, steam fresh asparagus in the microwave to keep it bright green and crisp-tender. Substitute frozen asparagus or green beans or peas in a pinch. Toss them together with prepared basil pesto for a satisfying supper.

Precooked chicken sausage is a handy shortcut ingredient because it heats up quickly and adds lots of flavor without a lot of fuss. A roasted garlic variety pairs perfectly with cheese tortellini and sautéed leafy greens.

A frozen cauliflower-based pizza crust becomes the crispy base for this no-fuss flatbread. Pick up a Caesar-style salad kit to save yourself the hassle of needing to buy lots of other ingredients everything's included in the kit!

Swap out regular pasta for pasta made with chickpeas and you'll more than triple the fiber and double the protein in this simple, satisfying dish. Be sure to save some of the pasta water to make a sauce. Feel free to use frozen broccoli in a pinch you can blanch the broccoli in the same water you use to cook the pasta.

Combine precooked lentils often located in the produce section of your grocery store with an Indian-style simmer sauce for a super-fast and flavorful curry. Serving it over riced cauliflower bumps up the vegetable count and keeps carb servings in check. This 3-ingredient dinner not counting salt, pepper and oil is really as easy as it gets.

To be mindful of the salt, look for simmer sauces with less than or close to mg sodium per ¼-cup serving. Dinner is ready in only 15 minutes and cleanup is a breeze with these easy broiled chicken tenders coated in everything bagel seasoning with fresh broccoli on the side.

The three-ingredient dipping sauce adds just a hint of sweet and spice. This healthy fruit, veggie and cheese plate is easy and affordable to pull together for a fun snack-style dinner at home or can be packed up and enjoyed as an outdoor picnic.

This power salad will keep you fueled for hours, thanks to 26 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber. Tossing the dressing and kale, and then letting it stand in the jar, softens it enough so you don't need to massage or cook it to make it tender.

This hearty vegan salad is loaded with plant-based power ingredients: chickpeas, quinoa and hummus. We love the crunch of the sunflower seeds and the unexpected flavor of roasted peppers.

This tuna salad recipe gets an upgrade with olives, feta and a tahini dressing. Served over baby spinach, this is the perfect easy and light lunch or dinner salad. Use limited data to select advertising. Create profiles for personalised advertising. Use profiles to select personalised advertising.

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Related Articles. Newsletter Sign Up. Unlike fresh spinach, it also keeps for months in the freezer instead of mere days, which means you'll avoid that awful moment when your fresh spinach turns to smelly, soggy mush two days after buying it.

Your spinach might not taste like it was freshly plucked from the farm, but I'll take the marginal difference in flavor if it keeps my wallet happy. Let's say you're cooking up a pasta recipe that calls for five ounces of baby spinach to be wilt.

A singular can of full-fat coconut milk makes this dish incredibly rich and filling, and cooking the frozen spinach down until it's velvety soft lends a luxuriously silky mouthfeel that I'll never get enough of. If tofu isn't your thing, no sweat; I've used cubed rotisserie chicken before and achieved equally tasty results, and the same goes for cooked lentils or chickpeas.

Other favorites: A budget-friendly spinach and artichoke pasta that gives "adult mac 'n' cheese" vibes in the best way possible, or these spinach and feta turkey meatballs that are a meal prep dream come true. Hot take: I think orzo is the most adaptable pasta shape out there, and I will die on this hill.

It's the only type of pasta I know of that works as well in soups and stews as it does in traditional pasta dishes or pasta salads! At this point, I also have a killer orzo recipe for every single season. Summer is all about supplementing with fresh veggies, herbs, and vibrant dressings to create WFH-approved salads, while the winter months are better suited for stews and creamy pasta dishes.

Maybe I should just go ahead and join the orzo lobby, but I don't think there's an occasion, holiday, or time of year that I couldn't find an orzo recipe to perfectly match.

This zingy pasta salad calls for avocados, which aren't usually the most budget-friendly ingredient, but I've used a variety of other ingredients to bulk things up when I can't find a decent avo deal — chopped cherry tomatoes add a pop of brightness if you want something light and refreshing, or you can use sautéed zucchini for a similarly soft and creamy texture that the avocados would otherwise lend.

The endless options for customization are the reason why I keep this recipe in my regular rotation. Other favorites: A light and bright and summer-friendly orzo salad with lentils and zucchini , or this shockingly simple skillet chicken with buttery orzo.

As a cabbage fanatic, my best tip is to remove only as much as you need and to leave the rest of the cabbage whole in your crisper drawer. Honest to god, it could last you many weeks. If any of the cut sections start to brown, just trim it off with a knife and the rest will be as fresh as the day you bought it.

A minute trip to the oven does something magical to the wedges of cabbage and chunks of carrots that comprise this dish: they turn sweet and nutty, and they soften to a consistency that's creamy yet substantial.

The fresh lemongrass takes the whole thing over the top, but I've used a spoonful of green curry paste when I can't get my hands on the former, and it's just as mouthwatering. Other favorites: This cheesy cabbage gratin that will become a centerpiece at your next holiday table and every holiday after that , or this sesame pasta salad with cabbage and quinoa that really strikes the perfect balance between "pasta" and "salad.

Eggs will always be the first item I reach for when I need a fast meal made with whatever ingredients I can find around my kitchen; egg tacos doused in hot sauce, five-minute fried rice, and even "cheater's" deviled eggs save my wallet and stomach on a near-daily basis.

Knowing that I have a laundry of list of tasty egg recipes in my arsenal, I also keep eggs in the fridge so I'm less tempted to order takeout or dine out when I can't figure out what to make. As someone who doesn't even particularly enjoy most egg salads, this is the one recipe I swear by.

While traditional egg salad can be mayo-heavy and chalky, Japanese-style egg salad and the sandwiches that result from the recipe are light, silky, and full of flavor. The best part is that the leftovers keep exceptionally well so well, in fact, that I swear this dish tastes best on day two or three.

Other favorites: A comforting bowl of pastina when you want a comforting and cheap meal on the fly, or a piping hot skillet of eggs in purgatory made with your favorite jarred marinara to be served alongside a loaf of warm, crusty bread.

Sure, canned beans aren't exactly the most delicious food you could grab at the grocery store, but their wallet-friendly pricepoint and inherent versatility make them worthy of claiming a shelf or two in your pantry.

Crack open the can, rinse and drain them, and you've got an ingredient that plays well with others in every single capacity, whether you're using them as a topping or turning them into the main event. On the other hand, dried beans require planning, prep, and some babysitting, while canned beans only require a can opener — and maybe a dollar or so per can.

Though these tacos taste like they're deep-fried, I can assure you they're not; instead of frying the tacos, the store-bought corn tortillas are lightly coated in oil and then baked at a high temperature, which gives them an irresistible shattering texture. They're exquisite on their own, but even better with a fresh batch of guacamole or your favorite jarred salsa and sour cream for dipping; or, for the best sauce ever, mix sour cream and a spoonful of mayo with a generous drizzle of adobo sauce from a can of chipotles in adobo.

Other favorites: An actually-tasty batch of black bean burgers that'll make you wonder why you don't eat black bean burgers more often, or these sweet potato and black bean enchiladas that are surprisingly meaty for a dish that's completely vegetarian. Bone-in chicken can be scary, but I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be.

One of the best cost-saving strategies I've implemented in my kitchen is to ensure that I always have a large pack of chicken thighs in my freezer. I use chicken thighs as the base for homemade soups or even homemade stocks and roast them to use the meat in salads, and hardly a summer weekend goes by when I don't whip up a massive batch of BBQ chicken thighs on the grill.

IMO, the only way to cook bone-in chicken thighs is to slightly overcook them, as counter-intuitive as that sounds. Though they're technically safe to consume at ºF or higher, I cook them until they reach at least ª, if not º

Looking ingredlents some cheap dinner ideas? Sure, we all are—and we wholeheartedly believe Free outdoor gear promotions you Sample giveaway promotions Pocket-griendly well while meaal less. It just Pocket-vriendly some clever techniques and inexpensive ingreeients such as Sample giveaway promotions, pasta, beans, inyredients produce, and chicken Sample giveaway promotions. Turn your stash into spicy one-pot kimchi and squash mac and cheesethe ultimate comfort food; pantry-staple pasta; or turmeric-infused red lentils and spinach. The cheap and delicious meal to begin our collection of cheap dinner ideas is comprised of mainly pasta and garlic. Toasted nutritional yeast, full of umami, also pushes this easy recipe into a deeply savory, deeply tasty zone. The relatively long ingredient list—kidney beans, bell peppers, celeryparsley, rice—might not read as a budget meal, but the most expensive item is the andouille sausage.

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