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Outdoor Sample Offers

Outdoor Sample Offers

Seaboard Beige. TimberTech Composite Offesr Collection Antique Leather 3 more colors available. Porch Collection Coastline® Outdoor Sample Offers Ofefrs colors available. Please read and follow all recommendations below. Be certain the butyl tape is centered on each deck underlayment seam. Use an approved mildew stain remover at the first sign of stains starting to form.

Outdoor Sample Offers -

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Always follow safe work practices, wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and understand requirements for chemical usage. Please consult with the manufacturers who supply each separate component of the subfloor system to ensure compatibility and possible conflicts with installation practices.

All products must be allowed to acclimate for at least 24 hours prior to installation. We do not recommend installing product if the temperature is below 60° Fahrenheit.

All flooring material must be properly stored prior to use. Please keep in a dry environment, in a temperature range between 60° - 85° F.

If the product is delivered on a roll, ensure the product is rotated every three months to avoid flat spots. Please do not stack more than three rolls high and do not store upright.

For long term storage, we recommend rolling the product square and tight on the original core, and secure with stretch wrap. Do not store material folded, or without a center core the full width of the material as it can cause flat spots or ripples.

Adhesive and flooring must be acclimated on-site. The minimum temperature should be no less than 60 ° F for 24 hours before, during and 24 hours after installation. Wood is a cellulose material which is in a constant state of seeking moisture equilibrium with its surrounding environment.

Dimensional changes depend on the moisture level of the decking. It expands when the humidity is high, which adds moisture. It shrinks when conditions are dry, which releases moisture. The average moisture percentages vary based upon the geographic area.

This variation affects the stability of the decking and may transfer to the finished flooring. Please consult with the wood decking underlayment supplier for moisture content guidelines and tolerances.

Apply butyl tape or adhesive sealant caulk, such as ChemLink® M-1 Marine sealant to each crossmember. Be certain the butyl tape is centered on each deck underlayment seam. When caulk is used, apply a double bead and ensure adequate coverage spans unbroken through both underlayment edges.

Inspect underlayment and cull sheets for damaged edges. Any excess can be utilized as fill sections for aft, fill or bow decking. Apply sealants to the plywood seam edges.

Make every effort to seal seams to prevent moisture from having contact with flooring and adhesives. If floor is made of multiple wooden planks, ensure that the entire floor is level and that there are no gaps or unfilled spaces between planks. Joints between planks should be level and smooth.

Proper screw placement and spacing is a priority to firmly anchor the decking to the crossmembers. Along seams, screws are recommended at six inch intervals, offset distance from each other.

Screw spacing should not exceed twelve inches apart. Center the screws on crossmembers or structural components. Ensure that screws are secured with the heads just below the deck surface.

Lightly sand the decking underlayment joints to ensure they are flat and even, spot sand other areas as required. Care must be taken not to over sand or dish out the underlayment surface.

Apply a flexible waterproof patch to spot fill substrate imperfections. Ensure the filler is applied smoothly or sanded flat. Allow adequate time for the filler to gain hardness prior to application of adhesive. This is necessary to avoid cross contamination of filler and adhesive. Please consult with the patch manufacturer for suitability, compatibility and usage instructions.

The application rate must be monitored to yield 40 to 50 square feet per gallon. Stir the adhesive prior to use and every 2 or 3 hours to ensure the contents are blended.

Keep the pail lid secured when not in use to protect from drying. After spreading the adhesive, allow a minimum of five minutes open time for the adhesive to gain green strength.

More open time is required for cooler temperatures or high humidity. The adhesive should just start to develop a skin. Place the flooring flat and smooth on the adhesive, avoid trapping air or forming ridges.

Roll in length and width with a seventy-five pound weighted roller as soon as the material is set in to the adhesive. For best results, re-roll after one hour. Flooring must maintain contact with adhesive until curing is complete hours.

To facilitate proper contact, secure the edges by stapling around the entire perimeter of the boat and floor penetrations and install the edge rail.

You must use an appropriate marine grade adhesive. Follow specific manufacturer recommendations. Chemical Technology Incorporated Groesbeck Highway Warren, MI Unroll the G-Floor® Outdoor and Marine flooring and position pattern side up.

Align the pattern edge with the length of the surface, allowing for excess to trim on all four edges. It may be preferred to center patterned flooring on the surface by balancing the design along both side edges. Excessive moisture content in plywood substrates could cause seam swelling, resulting in buckling or stretching of the finished flooring.

Improper placement of screws too few screws, screws spaced too far apart, screws driven too deeply into the plywood can disrupt the integrity and holding power of the underlayment. Applying adhesive too quickly after patching substrate imperfections can cause cross contamination. Always monitor the adhesive application process to ensure sufficient coverage.

The minimum temperature should be no less than 60 ° F for 24 hours before, during after installation. Therefore, adhesive selection is very important to use a marine based adhesive. The composite decking is then laid on the crossmembers. Assure decking is in contact with all the crossmembers.

Screw through the deck and into the cross members around the exterior edge to hold deck in place while the adhesive cures. The cure can take up to 24 hours. Each screw is slightly counter sunk just below the deck surface.

Place a small amount of ChemLink M-1 Marine sealant on each screw head and use a putty-knife to smooth the surface. Once installed, deck and subfloor must be completely smooth and free of debris. Voids and uneven subfloor will show through the finished product if not sealed and leveled properly.

Align the pattern edge with the length of the boat, allowing for excess to trim on all four edges. It may be preferred to center patterned flooring on the boat by balancing the design along both side edges. The material may be installed by securing only the edges or fully adhered to wood or concrete subfloors.

Please read and follow all recommendations below. All seams must be sealed to create a waterproof barrier. This will prevent damage to the flooring and adhesive.

Seams can be sealed by either heat weld or cold weld techniques. When choosing material, make sure to use vinyl compatible components that are rated for exterior use. Additionally, all edges should be finished with railing or other edging product to ensure protection from weather elements.

After placing the flooring and trimming to fit, simply secure edges by stapling around the entire perimeter of flooring. Edges should be finished with proper edge rails to protect from weather elements.

Acrylic- or water-based adhesives that are rated for exterior applications are required. Ensure that chosen adhesive is appropriate for vinyl flooring and concrete. Follow all adhesive manufacturer recommendations when installing. Ensure concrete is fully cured and flat. Clean any staining as best as possible.

Any stains may affect adhesive performance. Any cracks or expansion joints should be patched and allowed to fully cure before adherence. Failure to properly prepare subfloor may lead to its defects showing through the material. Material should be unrolled hours prior to installation to allow the vinyl to relax.

Material may initially have ripples that will dissipate over the allotted time. Once the mat lays flat, it may be placed in the area to be installed. The vinyl can be trimmed to fit with a straight edge and utility knife. When G-Floor® Imaged or Clear material is not fully adhered, it can be subject to blushing.

Blushing is a chemical reaction produced by moisture being trapped between the material and subfloor. In more extreme cases, an alternate heat source or high powered fan may be needed to help dry the moisture.

It can be cut to fit with a utility knife. The flooring is laid on a clean, dry plywood deck, adhesive applied to one half of the floor at a time and rolled smooth with a weighted roller. Your floor can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water.

A leaf blower can be used to remove debris. If a stain appears, use our recommended cleaners and the top-coated surface will look great for years to come. It will not rot, peel or crack. Provides a protective barrier for the subfloor keeping moisture out.

The topcoat acts as a shield to protect against staining and sun damage. You should install the flooring in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Make sure that you are out of direct sunlight. The humidity level can affect adhesives and the installation process.

Some orders over 25 feet will ship via truck freight. You must be home at the time of delivery for orders shipped via truck freight. You can adhere the flooring to cement, wood, and aluminum with the appropriate adhesive.

For watercraft, make sure the actual decking is marine grade plywood. If you are using aluminum or any other substrate please check your adhesive. You will need an adhesive that is suitable for both the substrate and the flooring. At GFloor. com your satisfaction is our highest priority.

If for some reason you need to RETURN A NON-DEFECTIVE ITEM that is not related to a warranty issue, we offer an easy Day Money Back Guarantee. To expedite your process, please note the following simple procedures and policies:. To request a return for any reason other than a warranty issue see the Warranty section of this website for more information , your request must be placed within 30 days of the original delivery date of your order.

com will accept returns on Standard Stock GFloor. com items ONLY. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on by-the-foot custom cut flooring, clearance products, discontinued items, or accessories trim and adhesives unless product is defective.

Return requests may be made within 30 days by calling our GFloor. com Customer Service toll free line at or by email to customerservice gproductsllc. One of our friendly service representatives will be happy to help you with questions and with steps to proceed with the return process.

They will assign you a mandatory Return Merchandise Authorization RMA number and supply you with return address information.

Home Newest Sampld Freebies FAQ Contact. Gourmet Food Samples Free Site Samplee Freebies, Free software, Offerrs Stuff. Login Register. Outdoor Sample Offers Latest Freebies Our E-Mail Service Link to Outdoor Sample Offers Offers A Outdoor Sample Offers Our Awards Our Free Newsletter. Free Stuff Free Mobile Phone Items Newest Free Stuff Other Free Offer Sites Free Personals Services Free Postcards Prizes and Contests Free Samples Free School Stuff Free Services Seasonal Free Offers Free Software Free Sounds Free Stickers Free Technical Support Our Twitter Feed Free Web Space Webmaster Freebies Free Women's Offers. Search Search TheFreeSite. Compare colors, finishes, Ofvers materials, and see the real Offdrs Outdoor Sample Offers of TimberTech composite Free pet toys in your Outdoor Sample Offers space. No Outdoor Sample Offers are available. Visit your local dealer or retailer to see this product up close. Try Before You Buy Curated Color Sample Kits Compare colors, finishes, and materials, and see the real wood aesthetics of TimberTech composite decking in your outdoor space. ORDER FREE SAMPLES. Popular Choice Stays Cooler.


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