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Sample event promotions

Sample event promotions

You can then prootions Low-priced menu selections link to promotionw event page in your company Sanple post, Sample event promotions as in the first LinkedIn event post example below Free product giveaways the image to see the live post. An in-depth understanding of your audience can help you determine what marketing channels, promotional tactics, and messaging will set you up to successfully reach, engage, and convert potential attendees. This October, discover everything you need to succeed in the 🌎 of accounting and finance.


Business Event Promo Video Template By Joe Evennt April 23, updated Sample event promotions 28, We've compiled the best event marketing templates Savings on affordable exotic cuisine structuring timelines promofions Sample event promotions attendance promotilns an event. Plus, learn how to write an event marketing plan. Download a Sample Event Marketing Plan Template for Excel Microsoft Word Adobe PDF PowerPoint Google Docs Google Slides Google Sheets. Download a Blank Event Marketing Plan Template for Excel Microsoft Word Adobe PDF PowerPoint Google Docs Google Slides Google Sheets.

Sample event promotions -

If your budget allows, go for paid promotion as well. This will generate quick returns for a small investment. Cross-promote the event with an event marketing partner who has considerable influence in generating buzz and increasing registrations. X Formerly Twitter is another widely-used medium in the events industry.

There are many ways through which you can promote your event on X:. Create a catchy hashtag for your event and find creative ways to get it trending. You could even devise a competition, encouraging registrants to retweet and include the event hashtag for the chance to win a prize!

Event organizers also leverage LinkedIn as an effective promotional tool to entice more event attendees. Given its huge professional user base, LinkedIn can help attract the right audience to your event.

You can:. Many users visit your event website, but for some reason, they get distracted and click away from the landing page. You need to hone in on the users who are clearly interested but perhaps have shorter attention spans. Ad retargeting across your Google AdWords account and on the ticket sales page will continually remind visitors of your event as they visit other websites.

You need to consider the following points while attempting ad retargeting:. Identify your audience- do you want to target those who clicked off during checkout? Maybe you want attendees from a particular geographical area only? You can use Google Tag Manager to manage codes, tags, and pixels for your retargeting campaigns.

Different ads work on different websites and devices. Instead, come up with new, creative messages, images, and colors to maximize your ad retargeting results. If there is one way to push your event into the spotlight, it is to create a performance that has the potential to go viral.

This could include putting your own spin on popular challenges think back to the Ice Bucket Challenge or the early Blindfold challenge , organizing a flash mob, filming a video featuring adorable puppies… Get creative! Remember, the messaging should be smart and subtle.

Quick response QR codes have been around for some time now. You see them on packages in the grocery store, consumer goods, magazines, and brochures.

Given their ease of convenience, they have also become quite popular in the events industry. Most smartphones include built-in QR app readers, so there are several ways to make the most of this technology to come up with some cool event promotion ideas.

For example:. Include a QR code with the digital or printed sponsorship material handed out at your event. Since printed matter becomes outdated in a matter of days, the QR code can provide attendees with the latest news on your event with just a simple scan.

Whether you are marketing your event through digital or traditional billboards, including a QR code allows any person to scan it and get more details about your event. Visual content is important to boost social engagement and promote your event. Incorporate storytelling in the form of infographics to provide all the information about your event in a simple, fun manner.

Given their high shareability value, infographics are an effective, low-cost visual tactic to generate more buzz around your event. Never underestimate the power of a cute mascot! A great way to promote your event is to incorporate mascots that represent your event values as well as send positive vibes to attendees.

People will want to take selfies with the mascot and share it on social media, thus increasing the brand value of your event. This option, however, should only be considered when your event is spread over days. Another cool event promotion idea is to hand out exclusive merch such as branded caps, T-shirts, tote bags, or digital paraphernalia such as pop-sockets to attendees before, during, and after the event.

It incentivizes people to sign up for your event year after year because, after all, everyone loves free stuff! Today, it is no longer a question of whether AR should be incorporated into an event, but how it should be done.

Brands also achieve higher visibility by sponsoring prizes or including logos in AR advertisements. Geolocation is the new buzzword in event marketing, as marketers are finding new ways of reaching customers through location-based targeting.

Even the aforementioned technologies, such as AR advertising is based on the concept of geotagging. Combine AI and predictive analytics with geotagging to narrow down the behavioral patterns of target audiences and match them to their niche desires. This allows you to take personalization to the next level, by tapping into regional content and local influencers.

Ensure to incentivize data collection by highlighting perks and benefits — consumers can be understandably concerned about privacy!

Create a highlight reel of the best moments from past versions of your event, or release a teaser trailer of keynote speakers and planned activities for an upcoming one.

You could even include a celebrity guest cameo! Promotional highlight reels can be short, sponsored videos shared across all social channels; this will certainly create a lot of interest around your event.

A study by Social Media Today shows that influencer marketing delivers an 11x higher ROI than traditional banner ads.

Nowadays, influencer marketing forms an integral part of any event promotion campaign. We're kind of a species of "mindless swipers" — globally, an estimated billion non-cash transactions are made each year.

And knowing how often we whip out our cards, German relief NGO Misereor decided to put our bad habit to good use with its charitable giving billboard.

It was what they called SocialSwipe. Set up in airports, these digital posters would display images of some problems that Misereor works to resolve — hunger was depicted with a loaf of bread, for example. Even cooler? Needless to say, this experience required a lot of coordination — with banks, airports, and a mobile payment platform.

Because of that, the experience couldn't just be a one-time occurrence. The people who interacted with it were later reminded of it during a pretty common occurrence: receiving a bank statement. To celebrate Pride Month, Lululemon worked with MKG to create an immersive, thoughtful experience that combined an engaging social media campaign with real-life community-centered events.

The brand shared their responses via images and video on Lululemon's Instagram page throughout the month. Next, the brand created an art installation at Hudson River Park that reflected those same responses.

This space, which stayed in the Park for two weeks, encouraged passersbys to read and reflect. That's not all, though — Lululemon also created a community-focused yoga practice in the same park, which aimed to raise money for The Trevor Project. Image Source. The booth included a swing playfully alluding to tennis , which encouraged famous tennis players, models, and influencers to take pictures to post on social media — a good opportunity to collect user-generated content and expand their reach quickly.

Naming itself "the official ice cream of Wimbledon", Häagen-Dazs created a commercial for the limited edition flavor, as well:.

Facebook — who also owns Instagram — has always understood how much data it has on how people use these platforms. For that reason, it created the Facebook IQ Live experience.

For this experience, that data was used to curate live scenes that depicted the data. Among them was the IQ Mart: A "retail" setting that represented the online shopper's conversion path when using social media for buying decisions.

There was also a quintessential Instagram cafe, chock full of millennial-esque photo opportunities and people snapping them — latte art and all. The campaign wasn't just memorable. But what makes those insights so valuable?

Momentum Worldwide, the agency behind Facebook IQ Live, puts it perfectly : "When we understand what matters to people we can be what matters to them. And by creating this experience, Facebook was able to accomplish that for its own brand. In creating this experience, it also created a positive brand perception for a few audiences — including, for example, the people who might have been unsure of how to use the platform for business.

Recently, Vans hosted House of Vans pop-up locations at skateparks within major cities like NYC and Chicago. This gave skateboarders a place to meet up, connect, listen to live music, and shred. Vans also used these skatepark-based popups to promote the launch of their new shoe line which honored David Bowie.

With Vans being a leading shoe line of skateboarders, pop-ups in and near skateparks seem like a natural fit for an experiential marketing experience.

By marketing primarily on social media, the company was able to get the campaign to go viral. People began following where the Rickmobile was via a live destination page on the adult swim site. When the Rickmobile hit major cities, people flocked to it to take a picture with Rick's face and enter the mobile where they could purchase products related to the TV show.

In Zurich, during the FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola placed a VR experience in front of a train station. With the experience, you could stand in front of a screen and see a popular soccer player next to you.

You could then practice a soccer move with the athlete or compete in your own mini soccer tournament. While VR isn't accessible to many marketers, this experience did have a few scaleable strategies associated with it. Clearly, taking some very calculated risks worked out pretty well for these companies.

So when it comes to creating an experience with your brand, don't be afraid to think outside of the box — and don't be afraid to work together on it with someone else.

Invest some time into thinking about the ways people could interact with you, even if it seems a little nutty. If it's aligned with what you do and executed thoughtfully, people will be talking — in the best way possible.

Supercharge your marketing campaigns with this customizable template. Marketing software that helps you drive revenue, save time and resources, and measure and optimize your investments — all on one easy-to-use platform. Braden Becker. Experiential Marketing Experiential marketing, also called 'engagement marketing', is a marketing strategy that invites an audience to interact with a business in a real-world situation.

We're committed to your privacy. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our Privacy Policy. Marketing Campaign Planning Template Drive business growth with strategic marketing campaigns.

This template includes sections for: Campaign Strategy Budget and Resources Metrics and Analytics And more! Download for Free. You're all set! Click this link to access this resource at any time. Access now. Learn more. Unique Marketing Campaigns Refinery 29Rooms Red Bull: Stratos Misereor: Charity Donation Billboard Lululemon: Proud and Present Zappos: Google Cupcake Ambush Coca-Cola: FIFA World Cup VR Experience.

Topics: Brand Experience. Don't forget to share this post! How to Make a QR Code in 5 Easy Steps. How to Identify a Brand Character for Your Company. What Is Brand Essence? Everything You Need to Know About Brand Experience.

Everything Marketers Should Know.

Looking Sample event promotions promotional inspiration? This list features event egent email Sampld that promotoons what goes into turning invites into attendees. But how do Economical grocery finds create the veent invitation email? The short answer: Low-priced menu selections is no such thing as a perfect email. That said, email marketing success is possible when you craft an email around a goal, such as generating event registrations or downloading a new piece of content. Whether hosting a virtual event or getting back to in-person eventsyour event email invitation is your ticket to convincing and converting. Looking at samples of event invitations before writing your own can be incredibly beneficial for several reasons:. Sample event promotions

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