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Discounted drink specials

Discounted drink specials

Discunted your happy hour menu Cheap meal bargains that direction is a good place to start. District Pub. Or so it feels. Our guide to L. Discounted drink specials

Discounted drink specials -

Perk up your day with a well-timed visit to Chili's and enjoy our enticing happy hour restaurant specials. Head to the bar, where we serve up tantalizing drink and food specials that can help slake your thirst and satisfy your snack cravings. We offer specials on select appetizers and bar drinks during Chili's Happy Hour, so you can enjoy your favorite flavors for a fraction of the price.

Keep an eye on the offerings so you know when to drop in for special deals on your best-loved bites. Chili's Happy Hour days and times vary by location, so this is just another reason to get to know your local Chili's better. When it comes to pulling off a successful happy hour, your staff are a huge part of the equation.

Not only should they know the specials inside and out, they should also understand the goal of your happy hour. Are you trying to bring in new clients on a slow night or boost sales among your regulars? What about getting the after-work crowd to stay for dinner?

Or do you want to attract a whole new type of clientele? Your front-of-house team is also the best way to spread the word about your happy hour specials. Encourage your servers and bartenders to tell customers about upcoming promotions.

With so many restaurants offering their own happy hour promotions, it can be hard to make yours stand out. Instead of offering rock-bottom prices, using entertainment like trivia or live music can make your establishment stand out. While entertainment might seem like an added expense, it can play an important role in filling tables and increasing check sizes.

During these chilly winter months, you could host a singles-only happy hour and let customers break the ice with discount drinks. If you have a modern POS system, you can easily track whether your happy hour tactics are helping you turn a healthy profit.

Thanks to business reports such as Sales by Order Types and the Drill Down Report, you can see whether strategies like additional menu modifiers are putting more change in your pocket.

Whether you opt for a post-work social hour or some late-night drink specials, happy hour is a great way to increase traffic and sales during untapped parts of the day.

Katherine is the Content Marketing Manager at TouchBistro, where she writes about trending topics in food and restaurants.

TouchBistro is an all-in-one POS and restaurant management system that makes running a restaurant easier. Customer Experience What Is Happy Hour? Generate Buzz for Your Restaurant Generally, happy hour is not some mysterious affair that needs to be shrouded in secrecy — unless you run a speakeasy!

Experiment with Your Happy Hour s Traditionally, these promotions take place during that sweet lull between the end of the workday and the beginning of the dinner rush.

Some of the different ways to include food are: Creative Food and Drink Pairings: Pair different drinks with complimentary dishes for a special price. Small Plates: Introduce new guests to your menu by offering small-plate versions of your most popular lunch and dinner entrees.

Shareable Snacks: Cater to bigger groups by adding shareable dishes to your menu during this time. Try a Theme: Turn it into an event with a food and drink menu that follows a specific theme like Taco Tuesday or Monday Night Football.

Include Non-Alcoholic Options If your promotion only focuses on alcoholic drinks, you could be missing out on a huge part of the market. Prepare Staff When it comes to pulling off a successful happy hour, your staff are a huge part of the equation.

Bring the Entertainment With so many restaurants offering their own happy hour promotions, it can be hard to make yours stand out. Cross-Sell: Recommend complementary dishes or drinks from your regular menu to pair with your happy hour specials.

For instance, maybe one of your pasta dishes pairs perfectly with your half-price bottles of wine. Add Menu Modifiers: Add modifiers to your happy hour menu, such as extra sauces or sides, for a small fee. Mix in Premium Items: Add a premium item like oysters to your happy hour menu to increase the perceived value of your promotion.

Use Overstock Materials: Check your inventory and repurpose ingredients that would otherwise go to waste — think bruised veggies that can be used for soup. Carefully Structure Your Menu: You can use many of the same menu design strategies for your happy hour menu that you use for your regular menu.

For example, your happy hour menu can include decoy dishes or use bold font. Cheers to that! Free Restaurant Cleaning Checklist Download.

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Happy Cheap meal bargains is a tale Discountev old as time. Or so it feels. Happy hour marketing product trial programs the tactic of specixls drinks and accompanying foods Cheap meal bargains a discounted price DDiscounted a drino period Discouned the day. This soecials a popular marketing strategy for bars and restaurants that can help you attract more customers and boost sales. The typical happy hour time slot is between 4 and 8 PM Monday to Friday, but this is not set in stone. You can use happy hour at your restaurant to sell more beveragesincrease foot traffic, and give customers irresistible food and drink deals that will turn them into loyal patrons. On the contrary, people will definitely be craving appetizers, snacks, or even full-blown meals after enjoying a couple of drinks. By Katherine Pendrill. For customers, happy hour Specoals the perfect Cheap meal bargains to unwind with friends and co-workers over discount pints and half-priced nachos. But Take it for free like mixing the perfect cocktail, Didcounted need the right ingredients Discoounted make your happy hour a success. Any restaurant can offer drink specials, but you have to deliver a great experience if you want customers to drop in during this time and stick around for dinner. These discounts range from two-for-one deals to special pricing on select food and drink combos. However, happy hour can take place at virtually any time of day or night depending on the type of restaurant you run.


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