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Sample event ticket deals and promotions

Sample event ticket deals and promotions

January 29, Sample joint supplements Networking can help improve your event Sampls, organization, andd volunteer Inexpensive eatery offers and create new business. People value something more if they have to work for it. Why it works: You can add all this info to any event email template you send before your event. Videos have always been a highly effective event marketing idea. Sample event ticket deals and promotions

Sample event ticket deals and promotions -

Get in touch with your speakers pre-event, and get them to promote their session through their own social channels. If someone is doing speaking engagements, they likely have a large network to cross-promote into.

You can also tag the speaker in your own social media posts to encourage them to reshare. This only works for certain niche events, but worth exploring nonetheless. Depending on how large your conference is, these members could fit into your target audience. LinkedIn can be a highly effective platform to promote niche events.

A misconception with marketing on Reddit is that the community eviscerates anything you submit. The smart event marketer can traverse the Reddit waters by actually contributing meaningful content for a relevant subreddit.

A subreddit is a sub-­community focused on a specific topic. Many of these have event calendars or weekly posts of stuff to do.

You can also submit a link about your event to a subreddit. Click To Tweet. Which is why interactive features, like videos, are so effective when added to an event ticket landing page. One of the best ways to increase attendance at your event is to schedule fantastic industry speakers.

And after you do, event planning expert and owner of Sensov event marketing, Rachel Stephan, recommends creating content about your speakers and their topics to help boost ticket sales.

It works because showcasing great speakers is a way to add credibility to your event brand. In fact, your event speakers are one of the biggest marketing trust factors a B2B audience will look for when considering whether or not to attend your event.

So it pays to show them off! A real world example of this phenomenon comes to us from a marketing brand who used a series of talking head videos featuring related subject matter experts on their campaigns.

The results include:. The results speak for themselves. If you have awesome speakers, go ahead and use them to promote your event and boost online ticket sales. This stat includes third party review sites as well. So you can imagine the impact it would have on your event ticket sales landing page, of which you have complete creative control!

In the U. these past five years, online ticket sales have steadily grown by 8. Depending on what you choose, you should consider adopting one or more of these online ticket sales tools. There are lots of ways to attract and convert prospective attendees.

Here are the key ideas to keep in mind:. Just remember that your ticket sales tools and strategies should always be regularly monitored and reevaluated to find the perfect, most effective mix of tactics for your audience.

Set goals, define your target audience, and hustle your way to a sold out event. Download the guide below, which highlights 30 ways you can leverage every social network to promote your events.

Use the best tech to make the process as easy as possible. Create urgency with early-bird pricing, limited time deals, and marketing copy. Consider this testimonial from Raluca Cadar, Executive Director of The Protein Society, who recently planned her first virtual event using Webex Events.

There were no headaches, roadblocks, or glitches. In fact, thousands of tech companies, universities, member-based associations, and nonprofits of all sizes trust Webex Events to host their virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Ready to see if Webex Events can help you execute a successful pre-event promotion plan and flawless event?

Reach out today for a personalized demo. The future of events is here. Discover why event organizers trust Webex Events to power virtual, in-person, and hybrid event success. Event marketing 6 event promotion examples to boost registrations Looking for event promotion examples to increase registrations?

About the author. Caitlin Barrett Caitlin is a Content Marketing Manager at Webex Events formerly Socio. Promotional channels for pre-event marketing As an event marketer, you want to deploy a mix of event promotion examples and use multiple marketing channels to reach the greatest number of attendees.

Email Marketing: Whether messaging your association members, brand community, or your marketing lists, email allows you to target and personalize promotions so they make the greatest impact. Social Media Marketing: Use multiple social media channels and bring attendees into the mix to help with promotion.

Influencer Marketing: Invite your keynote speakers or industry celebs to get the word out about your event. It should generate some organic buzz and help you boost registrations further. Leverage gamification to increase attendance Gamification serves as a highly effective tool for driving engagement during events , but it can also provide a strategic way to amplify pre-event promotions and drive registrations.

Host exclusive events for registered attendees Again, FOMO can play in your favor and increase registrations, so think about hosting some exclusive pre-event activities only for registered attendees. Entice registrants with prizes and giveaways Similar to the gamification idea, offer some exciting prizes and tie them to registrations.

Create a sense of urgency Offer tiered pricing where ticket prices increase as the event approaches, and use a countdown ticker showing the price increase to create a sense of urgency.

Enlist sponsors and exhibitors Sponsors crave exposure, so give them skin in the registration game. How to choose the right event technology for seamless event promotions The key to effective event promotion requires identifying your event goals, understanding your audience, and using the right promotion channels and strategies to close the deal.

Related Posts. Everything You Need to Know About Event Scheduling Software. The 25 Best Event Venues in San Francisco. Follow Us. Event Marketing. Chaviva Gordon-Bennett. What is event promotion? Outside-the-box Event Promotion Ideas and Examples How do you ensure your next event shines bright and reaches its registration goals?

Promote continuing education and other certifications Highlight the opportunity for attendees to earn professional development credits or certifications by attending specific sessions.

Send Personalized Video Invitations Use platforms like Cameo to have celebrities or influencers send personalized video invites to key invitees like customers, high-value leads, and others.

Ship Prospective Attendees Edible Invitations Want to create a real, lasting impression? Create Exclusive Pre-event Networking Communities Set up a private Facebook group or Slack channel for registrants to connect, discuss topics, and share their excitement before the event. Leverage Past Event Content for Sizzle Reels and Buy-in Materials Use clips from previous events, testimonials, and highlights to create a compelling video that showcases the value of attending.

Tap Industry Influencers and Event Speakers To Promote the Event Collaborate with industry influencers to share event details on their social media platforms or blogs, amplifying reach. Offer Segmented Discounts and Promotions Provide early bird discounts for the first registrants or special offers for returning attendees.

Livestream Event Prep and Behind-the-scenes Content Use platforms like Instagram or Facebook to showcase live event preparations, interviews with speakers, or venue tours. So we did some webinars pre-show for them.

We also had some guided tours for them on the first morning. And we have a page on our website now dedicated to first-time attendees to give them a bit of an idea of how to prepare. Carina Bauer. The Top US and Canadian Event Management Agencies for Check out this comprehensive list of more than of the top event agencies in the US and Canada that work with live and virtual events.

February 12, Everything You Need to Know About Event Scheduling Software Discover what event scheduling software is, its benefits, the different types of event scheduling systems, the key features to look for, and more. February 5, The 25 Best Event Venues in San Francisco San Francisco is an amazing city with exciting and unique event venues to choose from.

Discover our top picks for San Francisco event venues and spaces. January 29, Enjoying this article? Subscribe to blog updates and get more industry insights, resources, and valuable content every two weeks. Product Menu. Solutions Menu. By Event Format In-person Events Virtual Events Hybrid Events Webinars By Use Case Conferences Field Marketing Internal Events By Who You Are Corporations Agencies Nonprofits Higher Education Associations.

Customers Menu.

Fvent you plan evenh Sample event ticket deals and promotions, you should start Discounted food promotions asking yourself the Plaid flannel shirt question. What is the goal? Firstly, and most obviously, the giveaway acts as publicity for the event. But at the same time, it also increases engagement through social media. So a ticket giveaway promotes your one-off event, while building your online audience for future campaigns. Looking for lightning-fast solutions? Download anx 18 event email promotioms and event email examples Inexpensive eatery offers Cat toy samples start using abd right away. Event email marketing and event email templates are more powerful Plaid flannel shirt ever. Of all the marketing channels, email marketing has brought the highest return on investment ROI over the past 10 years. Campaign Monitor Perhaps because a huge 4 billion people use emails every day. Adapt these event email templates to any industry and any kind of event — virtualin-person, or hybrid.

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