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Reduced costs for fresh produce without compromising freshness

Reduced costs for fresh produce without compromising freshness

Fof produce loses carbohydrates to the air as CO 2consumers Food promotional coupons flavor and shelf life, and the produce appears shriveled. The handwashing sink is located to the rear. Those same items deliver homemade flavors that customers really appreciate.

Reduced costs for fresh produce without compromising freshness -

OneThird has technology that determines the shelf life in under one second. All you have to do is hold the handheld scanner against the skin of the fruit or vegetable and a non-destructive light enters the item.

From this simple action, you can see the number of days remaining on a connected smartphone or tablet. One of the best ways to prevent food loss and waste is to perform quality control checks upon receiving your produce. The best approach is to use an objective assessment because subjectivity can lead to misguided decisions.

Spectroscopy is so helpful because the shelf life prediction is not up to the subjectivity of the inspector. This way you can ensure your employees make the right decisions, regardless of their level of training and judgment. However, imagine having the ability to know which batches will survive a long-haul shipment.

You could then send batches near expiration to local customers and those lasting longer to further customers. Excessive or rough handling can bruise and damage produce. Bruising causes your produce to spoil faster. This way they clearly know how to properly handle your items and have a reference to look back on.

When your trucks make stops and open the doors, this also introduces temperature changes to the produce. Still, if one of your pallets of items is blocking the airflow then your products will not be properly cooled.

Your temperature monitoring equipment may be able to help if you have enough thermometers and know the position of each. Just like the above tip, pre-cooling helps to keep the products at a consistent temperature. The best logistics operations have pre-cooling down to a science, and for good reason- it keeps their produce fresh.

From the moment an item is harvested, keeping it consistently cool is crucial to maintaining long shelf life. Multiple factors can lead to a shortened shelf life when shipping fresh produce using a reefer truck. Below are three ways to mitigate these factors.

The ideal storage temperature varies for each type of produce. You should load items with similar ideal temperatures together when shipping. This guide to reefer commodities and temperatures should help you decide which products to group. If you load your produce under meat or fish it can lead to cross-contamination and food safety concerns.

The study zeros in on the question: What does more to stop food from being wasted from grocery stores — food waste diversion systems or smart pricing strategies? The results point to the fact that stopping waste at the source is more effective — environmentally and economically.

The study found that dynamic pricing could reduce food waste from grocery retailers by 21 percent. Meanwhile, roughly 25 percent of adults reported food insecurity in All of this food waste — 35 percent of the U. Across the country, states have begun to implement strategies to divert food waste from their landfills.

Vermont established a universal recycling law that requires separation and diversion of food scraps from the waste stream. Several states, including Minnesota , Texas , Pennsylvania , and Massachusetts have food recovery systems to collect and donate edible food to food banks.

California, which has a reputation for leading on environmental issues, has a goal to divert 75 percent of food waste from landfills by by mandating residential and commercial organic waste collection systems and edible food recovery programs across the state.

While creating such systems, especially the infrastructure to separate food waste to turn into compost, are critical to the fight against climate change, there is also a growing emphasis on prevention.

Sanders sees all of these efforts as necessary to effectively reduce waste. Some think asking large retailers to change their pricing structures in such a significant way, however, is too large of a task. But with proper education, Sanders thinks that dynamic pricing could be used as an opportunity to help more customers understand the meaning of these discounts.

Technology can and does play a significant role in managing inventory data, which can also be labor intensive and inconsistent. Barcodes, one of the bigger barriers to implementing dynamic pricing, could be used to communicate to grocery retailers not only when to mark down their food items, but how often.

But this technology actually exists — GS1 extended barcodes — you often see it used for expensive things. At the grocery store level, technology varies with each retailer, making a transition to a more nuanced system to track individual items a challenging task.

Errol Schweizer, an industry expert who led the national grocery program at Whole Foods for almost a decade, says that what this study points to is the pitfalls of inventory management, notoriously a weakness amongst grocery stores in terms of forecasting and holding on to the right amount of inventory.

Do they have the labor? For a grocery store to be able to change prices throughout the day means either paying someone to apply markdown stickers in real time, or investing in the technology to automatically adjust the price displayed. Companies like Wasteless , a startup based in Israel and the Netherlands, have helped stores in Europe and soon, in the U.

Using an algorithm, the technology is able to understand how fresh products move and take into account how customers react to freshness and respond to discounts. He explains that in residential areas where people shop once a week, they might look for products that have a longer shelf life than stores where people shop daily or multiple times a week.

Wasteless reports that hundreds of its partner stores have reduced food waste by 39 percent. Wasteless will be put to the test soon when it launches its service at a Midwestern supermarket chain later this year.

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